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Default OLD Professor and Student Files

Character Biography Archives
2050-2089 | 2090-2100's | Staff

This thread is for those student & staff characters who have graduated or departed from Hogwarts. The biographies are transferred from the main Character Biography thread to this one following their departure.

Canonically, the first official school term for the RPG opened during Term 2-3 (2049-50). This makes the characters actual age during that time uncertain due to the lack of threads archived from before Term 5. More information can be found at Hogwarts a History.

NOTE: This post will be updated with links to the many diverse characters to have entered and exited the RP. If you notice any errors, please contact Charely Potter, Daemon, or laurange and we will get to it A.S.A.P.

*denotes uncertainty in age & lack of reference.
*Gobstones was absent this term.
*Quidditch was absent / NPC Captains appointed this term.
*no Head Boy or Girl was appointed this term.

SPOILER!!: Class of 2050's: (Term 3 - 12)

Class of 2050-56: [Term 3-9]**Class of 2057: [Term 10]**Class of 2058: [Term 11]**Class of 2059: [Term 12]*
SPOILER!!: Class of 2060's: (Term 13 - 22)

Class of 2060: [Term 13]*Class of 2061: [Term 14]*Class of 2062: [Term 15]*Class of 2063: [Term 16]*Class of 2064: [Term 17]*Class of 2065: [Term 18]*Class of 2066: [Term 19]*Class of 2067: [Term 20]*
  • Alicia Cruze
  • Amie Curley
  • Brianna Evans
  • Emily Renee Hadenson
  • Erinelle Landon
  • Randver Scoil
  • Emily Watson
Class of 2068: [Term 21]*Class of 2069: [Term 22]
SPOILER!!: Class of 2070's: (Term 23 - 32)

Class of 2070: [Term 23]Class of 2071: [Term 24]Class of 2072: [Term 25]Class of 2073: [Term 26]*Class of 2074: [Term 27]Class of 2075: [Term 28]Class of 2076: [Term 29]Class of 2077: [Term 30]Class of 2078: [Term 31]Class of 2079: [Term 32]
SPOILER!!: Class of 2080's: (Term 33 - 42)

Class of 2080: [Term 33]Class of 2081: [Term 34]Class of 2082: [Term 35]Class of 2083: [Term 36]Class of 2084: [Term 37]*Class of 2085: [Term 38]*Class of 2086: [Term 39]**Class of 2087: [Term 40]**Class of 2088: [Term 41]*Class of 2089: [Term 42]*

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alfred Edgar Milton
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Nikolai Vannacutt
Nabs!Ama | | The Happy Hufflepuff

Character Biography Archives
Students: 2090-Present

*denotes uncertainty in age & lack of reference.
*Gobstones was absent this term.
*Quidditch was absent / NPC Captains appointed this term.
*no Head Boy or Girl was appointed this term.

SPOILER!!: Class of 2090's: (Term 43 - 52)

Class of 2090: [Term 43]*Class of 2091: [Term 44]*Class of 2092: [Term 45]**Class of 2093: [Term 46]**Class of 2094: [Term 47]**Class of 2095: [Term 48]*Class of 2096: [Term 49]*Class of 2097: [Term 50]*Class of 2098: [Term 51]*Class of 2099: [Term 52]***
SPOILER!!: Class of 2100's: (Term 53 - 62)

Class of 2100: [Term 53]Class of 2101: [Term 54]Class of 2102: [Term 55]Class of 2103: [Term 56]Class of 2104: [Term 57]
SPOILER!!: Class of 2110's: (Term 63 - 72)

Class of 2110: [Term 63]
  • -insert student-
SPOILER!!: Class of 2120's: (Term 73 - 82)

Class of 2120: [Term 73]
  • -insert student-

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alfred Edgar Milton
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Nikolai Vannacutt
Nabs!Ama | | The Happy Hufflepuff

Character Archived Biographies
Staff: 2050s-Present

Sorted alphabetically by character's surname


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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alfred Edgar Milton
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Nikolai Vannacutt
Nabs!Ama | | The Happy Hufflepuff

Okay, here's the confirmed bio of my character. I'll have to post it now because I'm off for a few days starting Monday.

Name : Natasha Thalia Blaylock
Age : 38 (as of term 18)
DOB : September 22nd 2026
Student life : Was a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts (2037 - 2044)
Previous Occupation : Co-Owned a bookstore specializing in Divination with her grandmother.
Marital status : Married
Death : 27th May 2064

Appearance : 5 feet 2 inches tall, messy auburn hair, green eyes and a smattering of freckles over her nose. She always wears a tigers eye medallion given to her by her grandmother for her protection and also to help focus her mind.

History/Background :
Natasha was born to a muggle father and a squib mother. Her grandmother is a seer, and Natasha grew up with her grandmother as her own parents died in a car crash when she was a child.

Tasha has never been very social, as a child she was unsure of how to behave with her peers as her only interaction with people had been with her grandmother and her grandmother's friends. As an adult, she still fears that she will not fit in with her peers and tends to keep to herself. She stutters when she's nervous, and most things make her nervous. But the other half of the time, she spends blabbering away as her mind tends to wander off without her.

She decided to accept the post of teacher as it seemed the best way for her to work, with children. She's not afraid of them, and she's quite knowledgable in the art of Divination, so it's quite the perfect thing for her to do.

Term 15: This was the year that Natasha met her soon to be husband, Professor Armand Erikson. A strong attraction was established the very first night they met (at the Opening Feast), and they found themselves being strangely in need to see each other constantly. Several disastrous attempts were made to read each other's futures, with them both experimenting in different Divination techniques.

The night of the Campfire by the Lake, their relationship took a step further and they moved on from friendship into what was clearly a very quick courtship. Wagers were made, seeds were planted (the seeds of the multi-coloured plant, of course! What are you thinking? *spanks*) and vows were soon (very soon) exchanged.

Her death: One evening, at the end of Term 18, Natasha was with her son in her office in the Tower when she received an owl. It was supposedly from her husband, asking her to join him at their cottage in the Highlands with their son immediately. Sensing danger (although the wrong kind), she took the Floo Network without hesitation. Her own lack of foresight (oh, haha) became her downfall.

Waiting at the cottage, was one vindictive man/monster - Goya. The man and the woman he was working for, had a score to settle with Armand and Natasha found herself and her innocent son caught in the crossfire. Armand arrived on the scene... too late. Taunted before her death, tortured and forced to hear the threats against her son and husband, this trusting woman was cruelly taken from her family. Not long after... her own son joined her.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Maximus O. Vindictus III
First Year
No Touchy! ♥ demented_teacher

Maximus Orion Vindictus
played by Brad Pitt

Date of Birth: 18 JANUARY 2018
Hogwarts: 2029-2036, Ravenclaw Beater
Significant Other: Janelle Marie Pierzina Vindictus
Children: Plymouth Morgan, Ethan Alexi Fabian Vindictus (24 JUN 2061); Taylor Adonis Vindictus (1 JAN 2067); Morgana Isobel Vindictus (1 MAY 2069)
Height: 6’4”
Hair: Blonde with hints of silver
Eye Color: Blue
Patronus: Wild Boar*

*The wild boar symbolizes a leader, but one who rushes head-log into things . . . which is typically Max.

Current Hogwarts Staff Position:
  • Flying Instructor - 2060 to present
  • Quidditch Official - 2060 to present
  • Ravenclaw Head of House - 2063 to present
  • Yearbook Adviser - 2071 -2072
  • Deputy Headmaster - 2071 to present
  • Professional Quidditch player (Beater) for the Heidelburg Harriers for 22 years.
  • Five Quidditch World Cup appearances for England
  • Fully certified Quidditch Official and member of the International Association of Quidditch.
  • Head Official at the 2070 and 2074 Quidditch World Cup
  • Former Quality Quidditch Supplies Shopkeeper

Misc. School Notes: Spent as much time in the dungeons as he did in the classroom, so it's a bit surprising to many that he actually graduated Hogwarts and managed to complete two university degrees all while playing Quidditch. If you look carefully in the corner of his office, you will find his favorite chair . . . the chair he spent many hours sitting in (which he took from the dungeons during his first term teaching).

Personality: Max loves to have fun as much as he loves his wife and children, and Quidditch. He is a good-natured man, but he can't abide students/individuals who snap their fingers or are outright rude to him.

Personal History:
Max is the youngest child in the Vindictus family, and has a twin brother, Marcus Kostandin Vindictus, (who is 1 minute older than him), and an older brother, Rex Altair Vindictus. His father, Reginald Kostandin Vindictus (Reg is the only son of Swedish singing sensation [and one-hit wonder] Kajsa Regina Henriksson), a Durmstrang alumnus, was the head coach of the Vratsa Vultures for 45 years. Max’s mother, Maureen Fiona Vindictus, a Hogwarts alumnus, is a homemaker and a garden-design specialist. Brother Rex is the current Head of Magical Games and Sports in the Ministry of Magic, and twin brother Marcus is a Healer at St. Mungo's in the Artefact Accidents ward.

When Max and Marcus were two years old, their older brother Rex decided to show the twins how to fly on their toy broomsticks and it was revealed that little Marcus was not gifted in the flying department (this incident explains why he currently lobbies for safer flying methods, including the use of a patented flying harness for broomsticks). However, little Max was a natural at flying and proceeded to break all vases in the house to his mother’s chagrin and his father’s delight. Childhood summers were spent with the entire Vindictus family visiting their Irish cousins (Maureen’s sister married a Shackleton) and traveling to watch Reginald train his Vratsa Vultures.

At the age eleven, like hundreds of wizarding children before him, Max received his letter and arrived at Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat had an easy time placing him in Ravenclaw and the adventure began. During his first year, he became friends with Fabian Clark and Doyle Branxton. It was also during his first month at Hogwarts that he earned his very first detention with Valon Kazimeriz (he broke the man’s favorite teapot). It was the first of many detentions with Kazimeriz who seemed to appear wherever Max happened. His third year at Hogwarts saw Max make the starting Quidditch team, captained by his brother Rex, as a Beater. He had to learn quickly how to balance homework, detention and practice, and became quite good at it. Whatever the strategy was, it seemed to work because Max earned 9 OWLs and 5 NEWTs before graduating from Hogwarts.

Hours after graduation, Max tried out and made the reserve squad of the Heidelberg Harriers to the delight of his father. To appease his disapproving mother who told him to use his brain and get a degree, he enrolled in the local university and worked as a model for a German sportswear company so that he could pay the bills. Two years passed before Max finally made the starting squad as a Beater. From then on, the sky was the limit for Max who was considered one of the fiercest Beaters the sport had ever known.

After twenty-two years of playing Quidditch and five Quidditch World Cup appearances for England, Max decided to hang up his bat and broom, and try something else less physical instead – he bought Quality Quidditch Supplies and decided to run the store on his own. He had only been in Diagon Alley for two years when one day, a nervous-looking Cassandra Rae-Branxton approached him and offered him the position of Flying Instructor and Quidditch Official at Hogwarts. At first, he thought that Doyle had put his wife up to playing a joke on him, but after a few uneasy moments of silence he realized she was serious and he accepted the job.

Max's goal when accepting the Flying and Quidditch position at Hogwarts was to improve the flying skills of the students, reinforce safety when flying, teach them proper broomcare techniques, and to re-live flying history. Creative lessons have been the norm for him - from Creaothceann lessons with falling marshmallows and trying to fly on carpets to Quodpot and bashing pinatas. Even the final exams left some students with a healthy dose of respect for flying. Quidditch, however, has been his biggest challenge because the teams are always in a constant state of change. Max set forth the rules and enforced them. It's not uncommon for him to be seen watching team tryouts and practices, or pulling student-athletes to one side and making sure they were staying out of trouble and keeping their grades up. Same thing goes for the Ravenclaw students - Max is always keeping an eye out on his Ravenclaws, especially since becoming Head of House.

Time Line
2018 - Born at the stroke of midnight in London.
2020 - Shows off Quidditch skills by bashing mother's vases.
2026 - Given his first Beater's bat - immediately goes outside and smashes Gobstones against the house so that he could see how big he could make the goo explosions.
2029 – First year at Hogwarts. Became friends with Fabian Clark and Doyle Branxton. Broke Kazimeriz’s favorite teapot and earned his very first detention. 24 hours later, earned second detention after his older brother Rex dared him to yell “KAZI IS SMELLS LIKE CHEESE” from the top of the stairs – which he did.
2030 – Second year at Hogwarts. Started off in style and earned detention in which a splinter from the detention chair became lodged in his gluteus maximus.
2031 – Third year at Hogwarts. Earned detention before the train could even leave Platform 9 ¾. Makes the starting lineup on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team captained by his older brother Rex; the infamous Vindictus broom-smashing incident in the Ravenclaw Common Room (look carefully, and you might find a large sliver of mahogany jutting out of a section of the stone wall to the right of the fireplace).
2032 – Fourth year at Hogwarts. Paid a female student to steal three clean pairs of Clara Belle's underpants and ran them up the flag pole.
2033 – Fifth year at Hogwarts. Earned a 2 month detention for replacing the pewter cauldrons with plastic ones.
2034 – Sixth year at Hogwarts. Sprinkled dragon dung in the planters beneath various staff member offices (was only caught because he forgot to wear gloves and the smell coming off his hands was atrocious)
2035 – Seventh year at Hogwarts (helped Doyle pull a prank on Brennan; actually kissed Clara Belle as a diversion; served his 57th detention at Hogwarts…with Kazi)
2036 – Graduates. Makes Heidelberg Harriers reserve team; enters university at mother’s insistence that he quit wasting brain cells. Makes extra money as a model
2037 – Another year as a Harriers reserve. Continues at university. Makes extra money as a model.
2038 – Finally makes starting roster of the Heidelberg Harriers. Graduates at the end of the Fall semester with a degree in Wizarding Aeronautics (completed 4-year degree in two; attends ceremony then suits up for a game)
2042 – QWC Appearance #1
2046 – QWC Apearance #2
2050 – QWC Apperance #3
2051 - Rex forced Max to play Seeker in a game against the Grodzisk Goblins (unnamed sources claim that Rex had paid the opposition to 'take out the Seeker' per the first rule in Brutus Scrimgeour's Beaters Bible).
2051- Meets Haylan Morgan
2054 - QWC Apperance #4
2058 – QWC Appearance #5; Retires from the sport; Buys and operates Quality Quidditch Supplies; begins dating Janelle Pierzina
2060 – Begins teaching at Hogwarts; marries two weeks before starting new job
2061 - Ethan is born
2062 – Assistant QWC Official; Ravenclaw Head of House at Cooper's School
2063 - Becomes Ravenclaw Head of House when Angelica Lainey leaves Hogwarts
2066 – Assistant QWC Official
2067 - Taylor is born
2069 - Morgana is born
2070 – Head QWC Official; Celebrates 10th anniversary
2072 - Officially becomes Deputy Headmaster
2074 - Head QWC Official; finds out that Plymouth Morgan is his biological son
2075 - Spends half of the year possessed by the ghost of Captain Barnabus
2076 - Order of Merlin, Second Class (for his contributions to Quidditch); Autobiography is still being penned (with a ghost writer) and scheduled to be released in the summer of 2077.

Check out the non-HP topics in the Leaky Cauldron today!

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Name : Allegra M. De Luca
Age : 30 O__O
December 29th, 2033
Student Life: Medici School for the Gifted Witch and Wizard
Marital Status: Single and not looking for an airhead.
Appearance: Allegra stands fairly tall at 5'7" and has a slim build to her. She has dark hair and pale green eyes. She pays extreme attention to detail so she always dresses to impress.

History: Allegra was born and raised in a village right outside Venice, Italy. Her parents were always out on business ventures so she was pretty much raised by the nanny hired by her parents to watch her while they were away.

As a child, Allegra was always focused on her grades and her appearance. People around her always saw her as arrogant because of her tendency to ignore pretty much everyone. She did this for a reason, though. Allegra thought her classmates were pretty much idiots. She always hoped to have intelligent friends in school, but she never got them. She was labeled antisocial and a bookworm since she got decent grades. Now that she's older, she's a bit more talkative but people in general still tend to get on her last nerve.

Allegra is slightly obsessive compulsive but she would never admit this to herself. She will jump down someone's throat if they move any of her personal belongings even an inch from where she had them before. She also has very rapid mood swings every once in a while. She could be your best friend one day and your worst enemy the next day. It would be wise not to get on her bad side when she's having one of her bad days.

She decided to become a teacher because of her want for intellectual conversation and her want to give something back to the world since she feels she has taken so much from it. Teaching is her way of sharing her knowledge with the future generations. After all, she thinks the world could use some more smart people.

Allegra has recently gotten in touch with her mafia roots. She commanded the powerful Moretti mafia for an entire year and is now the ex-donna of the mafia since her cousin Leo has taken over as boss. However, she still remains Leo's most trusted official when it comes to what kind of jobs they should go through with and who deserves a hit. She still acts like the donna of the mafia even though she's now Leo's advisor. Her mafia secret is only known by a couple people and she wants to keep it that way. The students don't need to know about it in her opinion.

Allegra has also found out about yet another relative. Her aunt Maria De Luca, who died before she was born, is the mother of Armand Erikson, or Drago Carracio. Her and Erikson are cousins as well. Are there more relatives to uncover? We'll see. Right now Allegra and Armand are coming to terms with this new revelation about their pasts.
you've got me loosening up my grip on the plot.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Toni Wheeler
Third Year
Resident Hippie

Name : Danni Suzanne Pride
Age : 28
DOB: April 14th, 2034
Student Life: Slytherin at Hogwarts
Marital Status: Single
Appearance: Danni is 5'8", slim but muscular figure and shortish, very dark red hair. (picture coming eventually)

Family History:
Daughter of a wizard pirate but, unfortunetly, she can never admit her father is a pirate for legal reasons. She passes herself off as the daughter of a sailor. Her life was spent on her fathers ship sailing the sea and pirating up until she was 11 when she attended Hogwarts school, and after school she spent her time studying the magical seacreatures that can be found in the ocean. Father descided she needed to go to Hogwarts after she set the sails on fire for the 28th time. She was in Slytherin and was a very good flyer due to the fact she had a very good sense of balance, which led to her being on the Slytherin Quidditch team for 5 terms as Seeker, two term as captain. Along with being a trouble-maker, she also learned how to disguise what she was doing and, to the professors, appeared as a model student, little did they know she was behind most of the unpunished pranks around the school. She excelled at Transfiguration not only because it interested her how one could conjour something out of nothing, but it was also a nice threat and or punishment for a unrully (sp?) crew member, not only are you shocked your suddenly a crab, but then you get dive-bombed by seagulls. Another of her favorite passtimes was sitting in the shadows off Muggle fishing ports and transfiguring fish into various items or other animals, completly confusing and scaring the muggle fishermen, but before they could draw any attention, she would return the fish to normal and slink off. This enabled her to become very skilled at quickly and efficiently transfiguring things. Danni was probably responsible for half of the psych ward in most tiny fishing towns.

Though she has grown up a bit, she cant help but slide back into her pranking ways once in a while. She inherited her father excentricity, resorcfulness and cheeky side, she is not afraid to speak her mind and you dont want to get on her bad side. When she really wants to be, she can be the most charming person in the world. Her mother (muggle) died when she was eight and she feels slightly of place on land, also, when shes excited or angry she has a tendancy to slip into 'deck talk'.

After taking lessons for six years, Danni has finally achieved an Animagus form. She takes the form of a boat-billed Heron, a small, colorful, seafaring bird.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sirius Potter
Fourth Year

Name: C. S. Tolkien (Jack)
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Blood Status: Adopted by muggles at birth so parentage unknown
Birth date: April 23, 2024
Place of Birth: Unknown
Residence outside of Hogwart: Edinburgh, Scotland
Position: Charms Professor (2060)
Wand: Willow, Heart Sting of a Hungarian Horntail, 14 1/2 inches
Pet: Snowy Owl
Marital Status: Single

Appearance: Tolkien is rather tall at 6'6". He has sandy reddish hair with green eyes. He is somewhat handsome but he really doesn't know it.

Personality: His demeanor is almost shy, because he is a watcher. He can talk with anyone, but they have to start the conversation. He likes to sit back and watch a crowd to see the interactions of others before entering a room or conversation. His eyes catch the small things around him.

Hobbies: Tolkien is a reader. He favorite place outside his quarters and office is the library. So much so he was allowed to help in the Restricted Section his seventh year at Hogwarts. He has a keen interest in Herbology and Potions.

History: Jack attended Hogwarts but his letter was a shock. Jack knew strange things happened around him but, much like Harry, he didn't understand them. He was sorted into Slytherin as a first year. He was an all-around good student. He was never quite a fit in Slytherin due to the fact his blood-status was unknown. He was a prefect and in his last year Head Boy. After Hogwarts and OWLs, he took a job with Gringott's as a curse breaker. He worked there until approached late in the summer by Doyle and Rae, when when Macdougall decided not to return to Hogwarts. Jack knew both Doyle and Rae while at Hogwarts and is also well known to the Wizarding Community as the Head of Gringott's Curse Breaking Division for the last 5 years. The Daily Prophet selected him as one of the top single males in the wizardary world in 2059 which caused him much embarrassment.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Theodore James
First Year
believe in yourselves | dream | try | do good | everything will be okay

Name: Julia Agoobwah
Age: 15
House: Ravenclaw
Pets: A crup by the name of Jeff

Appearance: Julia's almost 5'6" with auburn hair that's always worn in a ponytail and reaches the middle of her back. She has eyes that tend to change according to her mood... but most of the time they're a shade of deep blue. She's light and bouncy which makes her such a good Seeker. Instead of walking into a room, Julia usually does a James Bond roll into the room. She likes the dramatic effect it brings. Oh and also, she always wears a blue Bugs Bunny Cape. Because she's cool like that.

Personality: Despite her love for causing chaos, Julia's actually quite intelligent. Amazing, right? She tends to be sort of rude to younger students if she doesn't know them, unless she sees something in them that tells her to be nice to them. To those few who she claims as her best friends, she loves them to death and would do nearly anything for them. She's immature and a child at heart, so she's always running around, looking for some fun. If she doesn't find any, she causes it. Watch out for those exploding blue carrots.

Huzzah! =D
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Elijah Wilde
Farmer Carter | | Ama's Secret

Name: Trent Hirty
Age: 44
Birthday: 19th August 2017
Previous House: Hufflepuff
Previous Occupation: Hotel Owner
Homeplace: Scotland, Glasgow

History: Trent was a muggle born and a Hufflepuff in his school years. His parents were both shocked at his letter and thought it some practical joke, Trent knew a bit better; he had done unexplainable things in the past and this had just summed it up. When he left school with 6 OWLS and 3 NEWTS he worked in a restaurant in a hotel. He loved the atmosphere of the hotel industry and later owned his own quiet one in Glasgow's city center. Reaching his current age he decided he wanted the last half of his life to be a bit more quiet, but busy all the same and took on as Groundskeeper.

Personality: Trent is a good natured man, but can raise a temper if provoked too much and can be a bit odd. He likes to see his services put smiles on peoples faces and is always polite and mannerly to people he is just starting to know. Jokes of Trent are a conversation killer and people tend to laugh at his excitement over the joke rather than the joke itself which just encourages him.

Other useful fact: Trent means thirty. T.Hirty spells thirty. His cat is called TNT (Three 'n' Ten = thirty). He might do a couple of things like chew his food thirty times that sort of thing (but I dont plan on over-doing this, because it will just get boring very quickly).


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all that I see is

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Kitty Momma Rachel's Brain Twin

Name: Onyx Xavier Frost
Half and Half
39 - 40 (As of 2062, term 16)
Birth date:
November 22nd 2022
Place of Birth:
Wolverhampton, England
Current residence:
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Arithmancy Professor (2061 – Present)
Hogwarts Years:
2034 - 2041
Firm but pliable 13” reed wand with a single small Hebridean Black [dragon] spike core.
None, yet...
Marital Status:
Single, and up for grabs! XD Taken by Prof. Pride, me thinks. Mmm'hmm.

Professor Onyx Frost stands at six foot one and a half inches and has short-ish spiky black hair and midnight-blue eyes. He is of average skinny build, but more on the muscular side. He is light skinned but not quite pale and has fairly pronounced cheekbones. His jaw is strong and mildly squared, as is his chin which is partly obscured behind a neatly kept goatee.


Onyx is a well-mannered English gentleman, although he tends to be a bit childish at the best of times. Not whiny or anything of the sort, but playful and mischievous (think mildly of Fred and George Weasley “grown up” here people lmao). Despite this, he can be rather firm and strict when needed. He is not often found to be in a foul mood, although he does have his moments – as do we all. (I might make a few changes to this, but I don’t know yet... *pokes it*)

His main hobby is, of course, solving the mysteries of numbers through Arithmancy and some other muggle study called Numerology. He is fairly fond of brewing Potions as he finds it quite relaxing, but he also enjoys reading – quite a bit. Well alright, loves it in the extreme and has an obsession with fairly large and ancient libraries. So there is a good chance you might find him lurking about Hogwarts’ fine library on more than a few occasions reading books on just about anything.

Onyx was born on November 22nd 2022 to Mr. and Mrs. Frost and is an only child. His muggle mother was quite the Numerologist, and his father an accomplished Arithmancer. Unsure of whether their son would be a wizard, muggle or squib, they decided to instruct Onyx on everything they knew on both subjects in the hopes that he might grow up to be a Numerologist or an Arithmancer.

He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 2034 to 2041 as a Gryffindor and achieved Outstanding grades in Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Astronomy and Divination and managed to scrape up quite a few O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts. But his top two best subjects of these by far were Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. He wasn’t much interested in History of Magic, Muggle Studies, Herbology or Defense against the Dark Arts, but he was quite fond of Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms and Transfiguration and achieved decent grades in all four subjects. He was appointed Gryffindor House Prefect in his fourth year and also Chaser on the Quidditch team.

After his years at Hogwarts, Onyx worked in Gringotts as a Curse Breaker and Cryptomancer alongside his father (2041 – 2055). However fifteen long years of being down and about under that there bank can grow tiresome and weary. And so, he decided to travel abroad and put his Arithmancy and Ancient Runes skills to more less than usual uses for a wizard as an Archaeologist for the next three years (2056 – 2060). A short while after returning to the UK, the Ministry of Magic contacted him offering a job as their Arithmancy and Ancient Runes consultant but he turned them down as he wasn’t cut out for office life and instead returned to Hogwarts where he applied for his dream job as the Arithmancy Professor and is now happily settled.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Robert Allyn Winchester
First Year
Runs With Vampires

Name : Adam Dresden
Age : 27
DOB: 26th May 2034
Student Life: Attended Hogwarts, Slytherin House
Hogwarts Years: 2045-2051
Marital Status: Single, still carrying baggage from previous relationship, has some trust issues.
Pet: Black male kitten named Kasabian (will be purchased in Diagon Alley)
Appearance: Adam is 6ft tall, with naturally black hair (part of which is currently dyed blue), brown eyes and a small piercing in his left nostril. Adam is of lean build and not very athletic. Clothing wise Adam prefers jeans, a t-shirt and his favourite hooded sweatshirt, although he will dress up on occasion. He's always felt more comfortable in muggle clothes.

History: Born into a pureblood wizarding family, it was no surprise to Adam's parents when he got the letter to Hogwarts. They were however surprised when he was sorted into Slytherin house when their family had been in Hufflepuff for generations. Perhaps the sorting hat knew something they didn't?

Adam displayed a natural flair for potion making, and often altered the set instructions to create improvements on the already taught potions. His parents, seeing his gift at potion making suggested he train to be a potions professor, but Adam had different ideas. A skilled drummer, he joined a wizard band (The Horntailz) after leaving Hogwarts and enjoyed some limited local success. His romantic involvement with the bassist's younger sister caused
animosity to develop within the band and their inevitable break up (after 3 years, so when Adam was age 21). The relationship lasted a couple of months after that, until Adam found out she was being unfaithful. It was the wake up call he needed to go back and train to be a Potions Master. He graduated 3 years later (age 24) and spent the three years after that studying medicinal potions in South Africa. When he heard the Hogwarts Potions Master position was opening he applied for it and was pleasantly surprised when he was successful.

Personality: Although first impressions may paint Adam as a non-conformist rebel of sorts, he really does have a heart of gold. He has trust issues and is initially wary of new people he meets, but once he gets to know them he is a good friend.

Hobbies: Apart from working on creating new potions (including the one for the colour in his hair currently), Adam likes listening to rock music, both wizarding and muggle, and he might have his old drum kit stowed away somewhere in his chambers.


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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Bueller B. Betsworth
Fifth Year
Jor!Jor! Queen Hermidana

Name: Maddison Calixta Daaé
Age: 27 (For Term 17)
Birthdate: October 27th, 2036
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (2048-2055)
Favorite Subjects: Herbology & Muggle Studies
Least Favorite Subjects: Ancient Runes & Divination
Wand: 10 ¼ Ivy wood with a dragon heartstring core
Marital Status: Single
Pets: A Black Cat named Styx
Previous Occupation: Secretary at her Father’s Law Firm

Appearance: Maddison is 5’7 in height with a slender build. She has long, black silky hair; blue eyes and porcelain like complexion.

History: Born in La Jolla, San Diego, California to Baron and Penelope Daaé; Maddison is the fourth born of the Daaé clan. Although she is of Muggle descent, the news that their Daughter was of magical abilities was not a surprise to Baron and Penelope. Their three other children also posses magical abilities as does Baron’s older brother.

Maddison’s parents decided to send her to Hogwarts (rather than the American Wizarding School) because they felt that she would obtain a better education there. After seeing the education that her siblings received, they decided to break the mold with their last child and send her to a school of worth.

While at Hogwarts, Maddison was sorted into Ravenclaw. She was outgoing and involved in all school activities. She was especially active in the Herbology Club. Maddison has a great respect for nature and all things that grow. Though she was never very talented when it came to Quidditch, she attended every match and cheered on her fellow house mates with enthusiasm and passion. While an excellent student at Hogwarts, Maddison was never sure on what her ultimate career goal would be. However she did know that her future career would have to involve being outdoors and dealing with nature.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Maddison returned to the states and continued her education at California State Polytechnic University. Upon graduating with her Bachelors degree in Landscaping and Groundskeeping, Maddison returned to La Jolla and worked at her father’s law firm.

When she received the offer to be Groundskeeper at Hogwarts, Maddison was more than thrilled. She immediately accepted the position and took the necessary measures to ensure that her transition from life in the states to that abroad would be nothing but smooth.

Personality: Maddison is a sweet, friendly individual who loves life. Her feelings towards little people (children) have changed somewhat since arriving at Hogwarts. She is open minded and very health and environmentally conscious. When not at Hogwarts Maddison can be found in London at her newly purchased flat. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, and painting among other things. Maddison loves doing yoga and strongly encourages everyone she meets to try it at least once.

mischief managed.
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First Year

Name: Ophelia Harmony Maline
Age: 29 30
15th June 2032

Hogwarts House: An Ex-Slytherin
Favorite Subjects: CoMC and DADA

Least Favorite Subjects: Muggle Studies and Arithmancy
Wand: 9 and a half inches willow, dragonstring core
Marital Status: Single, previously engaged but her other half was killed in a raid on her home due to his blood status.
Pets: A hunting hawk, rarely seen. Anna her snake, Perry the spider Monkey, and a mengarie of others.

Previous Occupation: A Hippogriff breeder
Appearance:Tall, thin and willowy, Ophelia has long, golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes, her skin is lightly tanned thanks to her being outside so much.


Ophelia, twin sister to Rosalie Landon (Mother to Erinelle Landon) was the more ditzy and fun loving of the two sisters. Unlike her sister, Ophelia was more interested in the outdoors than inside yet was always very close to her twin.

Born in London, Ophelia and Rosalie would often be told off for their fascination with muggles and with magic. Until the twins finally got to the right age for Hogwarts. Ophelia excelled in Care of Magical Creatures, and her love of the outdoors and of the creatures that dwelled in it grew too. Hogwarts is also where she met her first and only love Benjamin Ruthermond, and the pair, much like Ophelia and her twin Rosalie became inseparable.

Although one for the outdoors, Ophelia was never one for sports, however she did cheer on her house when it came to game times. She never liked flying upon a broom and preferred Threstrals, Abraxans or any other animal with wings as her mode of transport.

Ophelia also began to develop her love of bean bags and soft lighting techniques in Hogwarts. She is now not seen with out a bean bag to be sat in and has developed a certain distaste for chairs unless used to enforce a serious action. Such as punishment.

Upon graduating, Ophelia became a Hippogriff Breeder and loved her job very much, her colleagues found that the ditzy Ophelia was also developing a deeper, wiser side to her rather bubbly character and the two mixed together made for a strange personality, yet one to love all the same.

Once receiving the invitation to teach at Hogwarts, Ophelia is still found in her kitchen, trying to remove the food stain from the ceiling after realising that jumping up and down and squealing with a glass of thick hot chocolate in your hand, isn't good.


Loving, warm, and caring, Ophelia is willing to listen and learn. Extremely passionate about her subject, she loves to see any one as enthusiastic as her. Ophelia can also be quite chatty, and can often be found in her office or outside with someone to talk to.
Graphics made by: Thumper

Zoe loves Imi the most!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kyle Erikson
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Armand Erikson
Environmental Protection

Ministry RPG Name:
Slade Erikson
Slytherin by heart

(Novel Warning... I seem to have written a little much.)

Name: Drago Salvatore Carracio (Armand Erikson)
Age: 38? (lost track)
Birthdate: April 21st 2026
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Favorite Subjects: Herbology, Potions
Least Favorite Subjects: History of Magic, Muggle Studies
Wand: 14in ebony, dragon heartstring
Marital Status: Widowed
Significant Other: Natasha Blaylock-Erikson (deceased)
Children: Jasmine, Damian (deceased)
Pets: None
Previous Occupation: Experimental plant breeder
Appearance: 6'7", 178lbs. Pale complexion (at least, for someone who's outdoors often). Straight, long black hair, blue eyes. Hair often in a low ponytail. Interested in latest fashions and extravagant clothing.

Best image I have right now, I'll get a better one later: Modern Nights - Kindred of Today


Armand was born under and unknown name in Rome, December 15th 2026. His parents died when he was an infant and he wound up in a muggle orphanage. A wizard family vacationing in Italy came upon him running from other children who claimed he was a witch. They thought it to be general stigma until suddenly appeared at the top of a tree to get away from them. He was adopted and they were told he was only called Lamia, the Latin word for witch... and vampire. They named him Armand, after a Cardinal Priest they had seen in the last museum.

Against his parents' wishes, he became vengeful towards muggles. They insisted there was nothing wrong with them, but he insisted in return that his childhood had proved them different already. Once he'd had more control over his abilities, they spent more time among muggles. Usually in shops and parks. With time he became indifferent. He had no wish to harm them, but probably wouldn't stop to help one of them either. His main interest was their gardens, which he hadn't seen many of in his area of the wizarding world. They weren't fantastical, and they didn't do anything special, but the placement of each plant seemed to make the plant special somehow.

Once attending Hogwarts, Armand took an interest in transfiguration, potions, and especially herbology. It was easy tending to plants in the muggle world. None bit or scratched, and those that were poisonous were fine so long as he didn't eat them. Well, aside from poison ivy and oak. That one he'd learned quickly. But so many special cares and cautions needed to be taken with most magical plants. And so many were just wondrous on their own.

Hogwarts was the first place he met muggleborn wizards (that he knew of), and he first began to take an interest in muggle items. Particularly in his fourth year when he met a first-year Slytherin named Slade. At the time, Armand had taken it upon himself to "initiate" new Slytherins into the house. Most had expected it, and even those that hadn't went along with it. Slade, however, had no interest in being Slytherin, being at Hogwarts, or even being a wizard. Armand paid "special" attention to him, calling him "Little One," training him in what it meant to be a wizard, and especially what it meant to be Slytherin. And as he did so, he learned much from Slade. Of movies, muggle stories and songs, and of video games. The odd interactive device being the most interesting to Armand.

Armand and Slade eventually became close friends. Nearly inseparable. Slade however, Armand hated to admit, seemed to attract the most girls. Even at the age of 17 Armand managed to maintain a baby face, immature and feminine. He was the taller of the two, but Slade grew into a more masculine appearance easily by the age of 14. He also quickly became one of the teachers' favorites. Armand wasn't sure whether to be jealous or proud. By the time he graduated, at the age of 18, Slade had become what Armand considered to be a model wizard. They kept in touch, even after going their separate ways.

Armand, of course, pursued a career in herbology. His main interests were combining some of his favored traits of plants. A few beauties, a few failures. But he enjoyed making each one. Slade entered the Ministry. And of course, as both became busier, they found less time to spend among each other. Communication became narrowed to written correspondence. Armand then got conflicting letters. One was an invitation to join the staff of Hogwarts. The other was to work in the Ministry. As interesting of a position as was offered, the idea of Herbology teacher intrigued him more, and he felt he still had a debt to pay to Hogwarts.

Recent Events:

Term 15
After a very strange turn of events, Armand has taken his place at Natasha's side with plans for marriage... which terrifies him. He's currently conflicted between the love he feels for Natasha and the very fact that he's never had plans for a family before. Normally an outrageous flirt he feels connected somehow to Natasha and only has eyes for her.

Term 16
Leo heard some interesting news from his family over the summer. Armand's real name is Drago Carracio. His father was Franco Carracio, and his mother was Maria De Luca. Allegra De Luca's aunt! Armand, of course, is still learning more about what happened, but it seems that Franco angered the wrong people.

Term 17
With most of the chaos behind him, he became more focused on the students... with Slytherins in particular. He could never lose his bias for his old house and in seeing them struggle he began Slytherin 101classes. This angered Forrester, which begat a sort of rivalry between them. In the final of the more secretive classes he was challenged by Xana. Intrigued by her, he introduced her to Slade, who was instantly interested. Armand became close to her for the sake of his best friend, though became jealous of the attention given her.

Term 18
Over the summer a powerful force was invoked which brought back a dark past shared by Armand and his best friend, Slade. Both of them wanted to keep this past from affecting their families and Xana, who had become like a daughter to the triad (Armand and his wife, as well as Slade). Though the consequences were harder than expected, and Armand lost his wife and child, as well as made a few new enemies.

Term 19
Erikson became rather scarce, though upset at the separation in schools was determined to help the students rebel where he could. Meanwhile his fractured mind and attentions were held elsewhere. At the end, whatever had been going on had finally ended, though it left him hollow. Xana had long moved on, and frightened of him, stopped contact with him. And he's been mysterious as to what happened. All he would admit to is that The Game was won, though he doesn't seem happy about it.

Term 20
Armand decided over the summer that he needed a change, and started by changing to his birth name: Drago Carracio.


His undue sentiments about muggles are long-gone, but he can still be stubborn in his ways. Aside from gardening and video games, his interests in muggles is rather limited, and he doesn't deem anything beyond those areas worth speaking to muggles for.

As Armand's appearance became more masculine, he also became more flirtatious. He hasn't shown true interest in a relationship, as his love of herbology has often taken most of his interest, but he's begun to find himself less and less interested in how women view him. Whether or not he's ready to settle into a relationship is uncertain, even to him.

As a teacher he's rather serious about his class, but relaxed when plants aren't involved. He believes that competition is healthy and pushes students to do their best. His style of teaching may be a little experimental until he finds what really works.

Updated: Armand is becoming slightly fractured. He wants to still be a good teacher, though his mind is faltering. He can sometimes be seen arguing back with whatever is going on in his mind. Very likely the guilt that he was unable to stop the death of his family.
Attached Images
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Kyle Erikson
A prodigy in his father's name.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Levi Thomas
Fourth Year

Name: Richard Mercury (Ringo)
Age: 15
Birth Date: April 9th
House: Gryffindor
History: Ringo was born to a deatheater family. His mother's parents are relatives of the Nott line of purebloods and were desperate to keep it that way. The line destroyed by his mother. She had no desire to continue being a deatheater and keep up her pureblood reputation, so she betrayed her parents by sleeping with the lowest of the low (a house elf). She died when Ringo was born and his father has yet to be found and if he was, it's likely he wouldn't be alive. He was raised by his grandparents from then but they had no intention of teaching him to become a deatheater. He was an abomination and a freak in their eyes, so they failed to see his human side and treated him like the filthy servant his father was.

Personality: He's pretty quiet and shy, but if you get to know him, he's really sweet, helpful, and loving. He's not very brave and hates getting into trouble. He's not popular at all and mostly is found alone, looking daydreamy and zoning out. As well as being abused, he's been sheltered and tends to let people walk all over him. He does have his moments of defending himself, though. He regrets them later.

Appearance: He has unkempt brown hair (he hates when people muss it and try to look at his ears) and long bangs that are sometimes in his eyes, he has huge brown eyes and they look dreamy most of the time, his skin is very pale, he has a long nose(it's not inhumanly long though, it's kind of like Ron's), and he wears fingerless gloves to cover injuries on his hands.
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School Character
Name: Natalie Aveline Lestrange
Birthday: 21st January
Birth place: London, England
Lives: London, England

Natalie was born into a well known pureblood family, the Lestranges. They take pride in being pureblooded and involved with the Dark Arts. They look down on anyone who is less than pure and blood traitors.
She was born in London which is where she has lived her whole life in the Lestrange manor untill she went to Hogwarts.

Her father was sent to Azkaban when she was three for torturing aurors, he was caught in the act and there was no denying it. However, with the help of the Mercury's he escaped from Azkaban when Natalie was 15.

When she was 14 her mother was sent to Azkaban for torturing muggles. However, Natalie's Aunt Lydia proved herself usefull and erased the victims' memories, there was no evidence and when it came to Aveline(Natalie's mother)'s trial, she was found innocent and set free.

When Natalie went to Hogwarts she expected to be sorted into Slytherin, but to her great suprise she was sorted into Gryffindor. In her mind she had always been a Slytherin and it was hard adjusting to life as a Gryffindor. Her family were dissapointed and angry at her for getting into Gryffindor, which is why her father is rather angry at her.

As time went by, Natalie saw some qualities of a Gryffindor in her, but she was still true to her family. She is still very proud of being a Lestrange, hoping to keep the family name up.

Natalie is viewed as the heir of the family, so when she fought with her cousin, Eliza Malfoy, Eliza was the one to be disowned from the family, not her.

Long, straight but sometimes curly, black hair, pale skin, medium height, bright silvery eyes, vivid red lips, quite pretty. Her mother is part veela so Natalie gets the prettiness from her.

She's quite independant, but knows she can rely on her family for the mere fact of pride. She prides herself with her skills in the Dark Arts, so far she's only had a taster, but she craves power.
However, she does have a soft, caring side which not a lot of people get to see. Only her nearest and dearest. She sometimes feels fed up with her family and just wants to run away, escape everyone.
Her father's dissapointment in her tends to upset her very much.
She is quite attracted to the Dark Arts, but is unsure of what she wants to do after Hogwarts.
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Ministry RPG Name:
Akasha Balathzar
At the loony bin ❣ Ubiquitous ❣ Brain!nvader ❣ !Wake The Dead¡

Hogwarts School RP Character:

Name: Lua Estrela Stone
Current Age: 17 (Seventh year)
House: Gryffindor
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown with red highlights Currently Black.
Height: 5'5"
Wand Type: 10 inch oak wood with wolf's hair
Number of Detentions: 4

Lua Estrela Stone was born in London, England on July 29th, 17 years ago. At the age of 1 her family moved to Paris, France. She remained there till the age of 12 when her parents who were having trouble with the french MoM, moved back to London. She spent her first 2 years of schooling at Beaubatons Academy of magic then spent the last 2 years at home being home schooled with her identical twin Sol, due to the disbandment's of rave and the special schooling of Serena.

Lua has an identical twin sister names Sol.

Their parents finally decided the twins needed to mingle with other purebloods since they have shown excellent heritage of the family principles (or their father seems to think so ) and were sent of to hogwarts.

Lua has been sorted into Gryffindor and Sol has been sorted into Ravenclaw.

Lua has three sisters, her identical twin Sol, and her older twin sisters Raven and Serena.

Lua and Sol are completely Bats and bollox and are fairly quiet but like to socialize. They are rather far more intelligent than their age and like to use their peers for experiments.They are also extremely mischievous. They mingled with muggles all the time without their parents knowledge, because they are good at deceiving. They are born to break rules, and almost inseparable.

Sol and Lua have a very loyal assistant called Yara-Ma. He is very loyal and extremely polite to the twins (and everyone else) and is always with them. Yara-Ma was in the family for many generations; their father gave them Yara-Ma as their assistant when they got accepted to hogwarts. The twins also have a dog called vaerulf, and he was given to them as a gift on their 3rd birthday from their grandparents.

Lua has also adopted two very obese cats on her second year at hogwarts school, she named one Fat Louis and the second Sulphur. Sulphur has been murdered by Lord Voldemortists (may his sould rest in peace) on her fourth year at Hogwarts.

On her fourth year, Lua has created the Stone Map with the help of her older sister Rave Stone. There are two copies of that map that resides with one of the Stone Sisters.

At the begining of her fifth year, Lua has introduced a Penguin that she smuggled into the School and sent to Lainey as a present from a secret admirer. The penguin currently resides in Professor Danni Suzanne Pride's office, who took mothership adoption to it and labeled it as waddles.

Lua began dating Leonardo Fabrizo Moretti. a fellow hufflepuff during the end of her fifth year. Their relationship steamed up exponentially during that summer and officially became lovers at the begining of their sixth year and since been called Leoula.


I actually have pictures of Lua growing up HAHA, yup i make a doll of her every year .. GOOD MEMORIES!.
Not to scroll the thread imma link the images *nods*

α Young Lua
α Young Lua & Twin
α Stone Family Portrait
α Lua, Sol & Rave in quidditch uniforms
α Lua after common room destruction hair-cut:
α Twins together in 3rd year
α Lua in 4th Year
α When she was Quidditch Captain.
α Lua in 5th Year
α Lua in 6th Year & 2 -= Hair gone Black=-

α Leoula & Leoula2
α Yara-Ma & vaerulf.
α Fat Louis & Sulphur

My current Lua at the age of 17 - 7th year:
α α

Glasses gone, thanks to the miracle of contacts! & Leo XD

Happy Rping!

≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡

Other RP Characters:


Fabian Clark
Favorite Classes:
Arithmancy & Potions
Classes: Charms & Astronomy
Quidditch Keeper

Fabian is tall and medium built, his body is muscular due to intense quidditch practices. He has tanned skin with short black hair and an extremely sharp nose.

Personality: Fabian is sharp witted, arogant, and social. He's very loyal to his friends, and goes beyong his call of duty in time of need.

History: Fabian originates from an italian pureblood family that moved to england in the past 100 year.
Fabian and his family live in london, england. Both of his parents attended hogwarts and were sorted into slytherin.
He's an only child, his mother tends to pretty much spoil him, while his father tries to be strict with him and raise him to the family prestige.

Mermaids, Zombies,...Blackbeard.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Elisa Marie Potter
Seventh Year
x8 x7

Ministry RPG Name:
Valeray Étienne McLeod

Ministry RPG Name:
Darej Ethan Patterson
Magical Creatures

Diagon Alley Employee:
Bradley Antonio Davidson
Quality Quidditch Supplies
• HuffleStud • Knight of The Zodiac • Manly Beard-Grower • Cicatrice de Harry •

Name: Paul Charles "Charely" Hawkins
Age: 17
House: Hufflepuff
Pets: None, allergic

Appearance: 5'6 and slender built. He wears his hair long but keeps it tied back into a ponytail. Loves wearing dark and baggy clothing.

Personality: He goes by the name Charely. He's profeccient in the subject of Potions and Astronomy. He likes to impress the ladies with his creative works of art and writing. Raised by laid back parents he feels like he can do whatever he wants and enjoys that feeling. If someone looks like they are in trouble he'll offer a hand and not expect much in return.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Aanya Agrawal
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Rhea Singh
Wonky Knee

The Profile picture by the amazing Ashlie (Hermion_loves_Ron)

Name: Sabrina Marie Evanstar
Year: 3rd Year
Age: 13
D.O.B: 13th August
P.O.B: London, England
Bloodline: Half-blood
Wand: 10 3/4 inches, Unicorn Hair, Ebony


Height: 5’
Hair: Long, straight at roots, curly towards the tips and blonde
Eyes: Deep green with a dash of blue
Build: Slender and small


Sabrina’s mother was a muggle-born while her father is a half-blood. Her mother died when she was around two years old. She is an only child and her father owns a big publishing company which publishes books for both muggles and wizards. Once her mother died, things around them started to change. Her father grew more affectionate and fond of her and he would occasionally take her to other parts of the world for a holiday with him. She lives in a huge mansion which is located outside of London and was first made by her great (into 10) grand parents. The house was renovated over the years and it now looks like a lavish modern home.


Sabrina is generally a very nice and sweet girl. Being an only child, her father made sure she got what she wanted. Almost all of her needs and wants were looked after, but her father also made sure she didn’t turn into a brat. She can occasionally be very conscious about her weight, even though she has a slim body. Conscious or not, that does not stop her from eating junk food.

She is a little slow on taking things in, so if you are frowning and she doesn't notice, don't get mad. She's just not very attentive, that's all. She is not really the type of person who would keep her feelings to herself much. She is a people pleaser -- generally. With a little pushing on your side, she would tell you what you wanted to know. It is quite easy to worm things out of her, but if you tell her it is something important and must not be told to anyone, you can count on her to keep the secret. Sabrina is very clumsy and inattentive to her surroundings. It won't be unusual if you find her tripping over everyday. In fact, the chances that she doesn't fall over the rock or your feet are very slim. She gets annoyed very easily and worries too much, but she barely ever cries. In fact, the last time she cried for an emotional reason was when her mother had died. Of course her incapebility to walk without finding something to trip over caused her phycial pain more often than not, but now she is so uced to it, that she doesn't even cry over that. The girl also tends to blame everything on herself -- or people she doesn't like.

However crazy she may be, she likes to do her a good job in whatever she does. Obviously the girl is a terrible flier. She'd fall off the broom in about three minutes of actually being on it. And running is not her thing. She doesn't mind long walks. Sabrina loves dancing. Somehow, when she dances, she lets everything go and just focuses on having fun. Therefore, surprisingly, she can dance very well without too many accidents.

Pets: She has one male snowy cat called Snowball.

Favourite Colour: They change quite frequently, but her favourite colour at the moment is a tie between pink chiffon and turquoise.

Extra: She is a vegetarian. Don't offer her meat if you already know this unless you want to be glared at.

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Ministry RPG Name:
Akasha Balathzar
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Name: Fabian Gwalchmai Clark
Age: 45
DoB: August 16, 2018
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Black, Shoulder length
Height: 6”1
Skin Tone: Tanned
Status: Widower
House: Slytherin
Favorite Classes: Arithmancy & Potions
Hated Classes: Charms & Astronomy
Pets: Fex the Goat

Fabian is sharp witted, arrogant, and social. He's very loyal to his friends, and goes beyond his call of duty in time of need. Athletically built, with very handsome features inside and out.

Fabian originates from a Deutch pureblood family that moved to england in the past 150 year. Fabian and his family live in london, england. Both of his parents attended hogwarts and were sorted into slytherin.
He's an only child, his mother tends to pretty much spoil him, while his father tries to be strict with him and raise him to the family prestige.

Post Hogwarts, he pursued his dream and found himself a career in Quidditch. Plastering his face over various Magazines worldwide, Fabian was labeled with ‘hands of steel’ for being one of the most talented Keepers in Quidditch history. One of his famous awards was being dibbed as the most handsome bachelor in Britain. With all the fame he built for himself, Fabian was terribly injured in one of the world Quidditch Championships sending waves of disappointment to all his fans and mostly to himself since it disabled him from carrying his career as a Champion level Quidditch player.

After a few years of healing, his long time friend Brennan Cooper pulled strings and fetched Fabian to come work with him at the Ministry of Magic. Working a few years in the Department of Magical Games & Sports, he later was promoted to head of that Department when Cooper was renowned as Minister of Magic.

During his Ministry years, Fabian has met a co-worker that changed the ways he viewed life making him change his behavior, actions, and ways year after year. This of course made him fall in love with her, and later be wedded. During that period, Fabian was starting to meddle with Cooper in certain risky affairs and that unfortunately caused the death of his wife.

Post his wife’s death, Fabian has grown to resent the Ministry and its ways and tried with all his power to leave it in one way or another. But Brennan Cooper not accepting his resignation and always finding ways on sticking him back to his post made him more furious and anti-ministry. On his later attempts to file his resignation Cooper accepted his resignation but under one condition and that is to take a post on at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Accepting that post blindfolded, Fabian knew this would be the best way to leave the ministry and live his own life. On the bright side, going back to Hogwarts would be the best cure for him, especially in rebuilding his life in a much healthier way since this was the place where it all started....

Mermaids, Zombies,...Blackbeard.
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Ministry RPG Name:
Esme Bass

Diagon Alley Employee:
Brett Carlen
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Name: Angela Kohan
Nickname: Ang (used only for closest friends)
Position: Librarian
DOB: 2032
Years at Hogwarts: 2043-2049
Age: 36
Hair: Honey blonde, wavy, though usually has a bit of uncontrollable frizz. Her hair is slightly below shoulder length and she can usually be found wearing it in either a loose bun or ponytail.
Eyes: Green with flecks of gold
Skin Type: Fair. After all, she does spend much of her time indoors.
Height: 5’9”
Miscellaneous Appearance: Angela enjoys wearing funky accessories, showing off a less serious side to herself. Scarves are her favorite, especially ones with printed designs, particularly snitches and lions.
Pets: A black kitten with white paws known affectionately as Raven.

Personality: Passionate about books, Angela spends much time conversing about various genres and offering advice about a good read. If one is lucky, they can persuade her to spin a tale of her own or to read from past stories that she has written herself. She’s more than willing to give a helping hand, whether to colleague or student, though she is sometimes reluctant to take part in confrontation. It depends upon the situation. Though friendly and welcoming, Angela can’t, and won’t, tolerate any disrespect in any manner or form, whether it be to her or to the library.

Background: Born in Ireland, Angela still retains the softest bit of accent from earlier days. She’s a pureblood, an only child, and her father is employed at St. Mungo’s. Her mother died in an unfortunate accident when Angela was only three, the circumstances behind it still a bit of a mystery.

A Gryffindor when attending Hogwarts, Angela had instances where she thought that she should have been a Ravenclaw, for her thirst for knowledge exceeded that of her classmates. Her interest in library work began with the death of her grandfather. Though saddened by the event, for the two were very close, Angela soon became immersed in the puzzles that her grandfather had left behind for her. Often, the two would sit together and attempt to solve riddles, and were successful in many. Now the ones that they did not solve were up to her.

Time passed and eventually Angela decoded all but one. Dedicated to solving this last reminder of her grandfather, Angela worked her hardest and was finally able to crack it. The prize? Access to her grandfather’s library where she spent hours a day poring over the books.

Eventually, Angela began to assist a local librarian, while attending a university to gain a greater understanding of libraries and information management. Nurturing this love of information, Angela made the decision that she wished to share this passion with everyone that she could; particularly children.

Ministry Affiliation: No direct ties to the Ministry lies in Angela's past, though she has a strong opinion that the Ministry should only step into a situation or conflict that warrants it; not jump into every situation that arises just because they have the power to do so. When such a time occurs, the Ministry should take a background seat, allowing for the main parties to work towards a solution. If, and only if the situation turns extreme and a satisfactory agreement can't be met, then the Ministry should step in and make a decision.

Since the Ministry's separation of the school into Belle's and Cooper's, Angela has acquired the attitude that the Minister is a man whose decisions are those made to show him in the best light; and for that, she has lost respect for his position.

Philosophy: Books allow the imagination to soar; opening unexplored worlds to the mind and allowing for hours of entertainment.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Theodore James
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Name: Kyle Benjamin Carter
Position: Muggle Studies
DOB: January 8th, 2032
Age: 30 years old
Years at Hogwarts: 2043-2049
House: Ravenclaw
Blood: Muggleborn
Favorite Classes: Muggle Studies and Astronomy
Least Favorite Classes: Ancient Runes and Divination
School Activities: Ravenclaw Keeper
Appearance: Kyle is 5’11”. Not very tan. He’s not very muscular either, but he’s certainly not a wimp. He has straight blonde hair that is an inch above his shoulders; deep blue eyes; has a cute half-smile that rarely shows his teeth, and a freshly shaven face. Kyle usually smells of light spearmint and wears casual, trendy robes, but with his fascination with Muggles, he prefers their t-shirts and jeans to the wizarding look any day. He has a tattoo of an eagle on his back that he got when he was 22, but it’s not like anyone can see it anyway. His wedding ring is gold and never taken off.
Personality: Kyle is very laid back and loves sports. He does play favorites, especially with Ravenclaws. Despite being a bit quiet and thoughtful at times, has a great sense of humor and never seems to take anything seriously.
Family Background: Kyle came from a family of Muggles. His father was a school teacher and his mother worked as a pilot, so she was hardly ever home. He is an only child.
Marital Status: Married to one of his childhood best friends that he met when he was 4 years old, named Emily Peterson.
Brief History: Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, Kyle lived there until he was 11. Emily Peterson moved into his neighbor’s house when they were both 4 years old, and since Kyle was an only child, Emily naturally became his best friend.

They were both the children of Muggles, and when they received their Hogwarts letters they were thrilled to be going off to the same school together – again. But after he got accepted to Hogwarts, Kyle moved to the London area where he lived with his grandfather. Even though Kyle moved away from her and were in separate houses (Kyle was a Ravenclaw and Emily was a Hufflepuff), they still spent every moment they could together. The two met Angela Kohan, a Gryffindor, in their very first week of their first year at school. For all of their seven terms at Hogwarts, Kyle, Emily, and Angela did everything together. It did not really bother him that he was the only male out of the trio.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Kyle and Emily got married in France and officially moved to Kyle’s grandfather’s house when he passed away. They lost touch with Angela and haven’t heard from her since. Immediately after the marriage, he applied for a job at the Ministry. They accepted him and he worked in the Department of Magical Games and Sports up until he heard that Hogwarts needed a Muggle Studies Professor. And that brings him to where he is today.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Michael Alexander DeLarge (a.k.a. Mick)
Fifth Year
Ravenclaw The Addams Family(no pun intended)

This is Wednesday October Addams.

Personality:She speaks in sarcasm most of the time and has a way of making people laugh. But, she also has a darkside; the kind of darkside that seeks revenge and acts scary beyond no reason at all. Wednesday is a bit weird, but you'll learn to love her. She's smart, intellectual, witty, plays the piano and the gutair, a bit crazy, loves to read, has a love for horror movies, and sneaky.
DOB:October 31
body type:slim, strong, and short (what Wednesday calls the Triple S)
race:half and half, fully British
Nickname(s):Wednes, Nes, and Nessy
Family: Wednesday has four brothers, namely Brandon, Ryan, Paul and Friday. Wednesday's mother, Tish Marie Paris(muggle), is deceased and her father, Christopher Cross Addams(wizard), is an aristocrat. On the father side of the family, it's a long line of aristocrats and upper-class relatives. Wednesday and her family resides at the Addams Mansion in the country-side of England.

This is Ryan January Addams.

Personality:Ryan lives in his own world. Like Wednesday, he speaks in sarcasm most of the time. He's smart, thinks of horror movies as comedies (don't ask), hates phonies (then again who doesn't), he's dim-witted, and sneaky. There's nothing much to say about Ryan.
DOB:January 22
body type:slim, tall, and not so strong
race:half and half, fully British
Nickname(s):Ry and January

This is Brandon September Addams

Personality:He loves the stage, but the stage hates him. He loves to read and loves horror movies. You'll never see Brandon walk out the house or room without his video camera because he loves making short, silent films.
DOB:September 13
body type:slim, tall, and strong
race:half and half, fully British

This is Paul November Addams

Personality: Paul is a free-loader. Don't ever trust him with money because you'll never see it again! Paul is the definition of hustler and money hungry. And he never had good luck with women.
DOB:November 7
body type:a bit husky, medium height, and strong
race:half and half, fully British
Nickname(s):Scum (every girl he knows gave him that nickname)

This is Friday October Addams

Personality:Friday doesn't speak a matter of fact, he hardly speaks at all. You'll be lucky if he says 3 or more words to you. He loves to read, watches horror movies(usually the old ones), plays the base, and usually stays in his room all day long. (And he's Wednesday's fraternal twin.)
DOB:October 31
body type:slim, short, and not so strong
race:half and half, fully British
Nickname(s):Fry, Silent, and Silent Fry

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Name: Flynn
Age: 43-ish
Height: 196cm (6' 5")

About: Flynn is a rather mysterious man. No one knows exactly where he comes from, or much about him. Chances are if he has told you about something in his life, it was probably a lie or at least an embellishment. He doesn't particularly like cleaning up after people, making it the most disliked part of his job. He's not always friendly, and likes to torment people.

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