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Name: Hanna Sybil Newton
Nickname: Han
Birthday: February 20th 2083
Age: 15
House: Ravenclaw
Heritage: Mixed Blood
Wand: 9 2/3" Hard Acacia, with Unicorn Hair
Strongest and Favourite Subjects: Potions, Herbology, Transfiguration
Weakest and Least Liked Subject: Divination
Height: Slightly on the shorter side of average
Weight: Slim
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Likes: Dancing, cookies, making friends, cats, learning, and travelling (to Norway!), Quidditch.
Dislikes: Being bored, people who just rock up and take over everything. Being cold - winter. Being scared of large animals.
Hanna was the first child of Adrian and Elyde Newton, born in Oxford England on February 20th, 2083. As part of the Newton family she was often surrounded by family - her 13 aunts and uncles, 7 great aunts and uncles, and 9 cousins (and counting). She was joined three years later with a sister Lena, four years later with Mikayla, four more years with Elsie, and three years after with a baby brother, Oliver. Growing up she happily took on the role of Older Sister. She took care of her younger siblings. She listened to Lenaís problems and worries, often covered for Mikaylaís naughtiness, and even though Elsie and Oliver were born whilst she was away at Hogwarts, thus missing much of their development, she made sure they were both cuddled, happy, clothed, and fed to help her parents out.

She was first enrolled into ballet at age four where she flourished. Having been getting under the adults feet with twirling, leaping, and kicking, her parents figured it would be a good outlet for her artistic energy. For the seven pre-Hogwarts years, she attended four weekly lessons, performed in as many shows as she could, basically living and breathing dance. Struggling very much after first starting at Hogwarts, and no longer having the strict dance routine and classes to attend, she felt rather lost and out of sorts. Practicing by herself was what she did at home, and was able to do at Hogwarts, but she lacked a teacher. After returning home following the first year, she didnít want to go back. She missed dance. It was only after meeting with her teacher and being told she could participate in all of the summer and Christmas holiday classes, and even perform, that she decided she did like Hogwarts and wouldnít want to miss out. Now, Hanna practices her dancing through the castle - often in unused classrooms, or the music room, polishing all of the moves she learnt in the holidays, at least four nights a week.

Academically, and living up to the intelligent and creativity of Ravenclaw, Hanna loves learning. Even if itís Divination, which she doesnít believe in. Her favourite subjects, right from first lesson, are Potions, Herbology, and Transfiguration. Speaking of Potions, Hanna spent time pre-Hogwarts under the home-teaching of her family, particularly former Potioneer at Hogwarts - her Great Uncle Art. Having retired from working, and spending the majority of his time caring for his grandchildren (Liesel and Orville) Art offered his teachings to his family. Hanna, the oldest of all her cousins, embraced the learning of magic. She attended a local muggle school during the day, and after school whilst her parents were at work, she would go back to Gruncle Artís house and learn the ways of Magic.

Not only loving Dance of all kinds, Hanna enjoys playing Quidditch. Letting out her energy playing Beater was always fun, but she was offered the position of Chaser on the Ravenclaw team. She played during her third and fourth year.

During the summer following her fourth year, Hanna was delighted in opening a letter by her Head of House, presenting an offer of Prefectship with a lovely blue and bronze badge.

Parents: Adrian and Elyde Newton
Siblings: Lena Newton (12-years-old - Ravenclaw), Mikaela Newton (8-years-old), and Elsie Newton (4-years-old), Oliver Newton (1-year-old)
Pets: Black and white cat, Gigi
Grandparents: Walter and Mara Newton
Cousins: Liesel Newton (b.2090) and Orville Newton (b.2097)
Other: Uncle Scott and Auntie Joanna (Henry, Joshua, Peter, and Rosalyn + Gaston)
Uncle Art and Auntie Minnie (deceased) + (Sidney + April, Johan, and Josephina)
Uncle Sam.

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