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Carsyn Rose

Post Color: plum | Twitter Handle @thecoolercrose

"I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you surely don’t deserve me at my best."
- Marilyn Monroe
❧ Basics

Name: Carsyn Kimberly Rose
Nicknames: Syn
Date of birth: 16 April 2085
Age: 18
Place of Birth:
Current place of residence: Wales
Nationality: Welsh
Fluent in: English, Welsh
Relationship status: Single
❧ Appearance
Height: 5'9"
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Face Claim: Aroa Renau (young), Taylor Hill (current)
❧ Magical Info
Heritage: Half-blood
Wand: 9 3/4 inch brittle Spruce with Fwooper Feather
Boggart: sister dying/dead
Amortentia: Fresh air, salt water,
Mirror of Erised Reflection:

❧ Family & Relationships

Father: Alex Rose
Mother: Rhiannon Todd-Rose
Best Friend: Carys Rose (Twin Sister)
Close Friends: Mark Gunter, Elias Diggory, Cole Vance, Nora Barrie
Friends: Józef Kowalski, Josephine Monroe, Orion Thornhill, Lucas Dakest, Cordelia Winklebleck, Stella Starson, Eron Rutherford,
Dormies: Josephine Monroe, Stella Starson, Cora Dredworth, Islay Moreau

Mongolian Gerbil, named Cleo

❧ Education
School: Hogwarts 2096-2103
House: Gryffindor
Achievements: Wales U-14 Seeker, Wales U-17 Seeker, Prefect
Classes Taking: Astronomy, CoMC, Charms, DADA, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration {Jess will due her best to attend all classes she’s able though, regardless}
Extracurriculars: Art
Organizations: Drama, Dueling Club, Bookworms, Health and Wellness, The Quill,
OWLs: Astronomy - A, Charms - E, CoMC - A, DADA - O, Herbology - E, History of Magic - E, Potions - E, Transfiguration - A
Strongest Subjects: Flying, Transfiguration, Potions
Weakest Subjects: History of Magic

❧ History

SPOILER!!: Early stuff
Born on the 16th of April in 2085, to Alexander Rose and Rhiannon Todd, were the beautiful twin girls of Carsyn and Carys. It was a no-brainer that on their eleventh birthday they received their Hogwarts letters. What begged to be discussed was where these two young girls would end up sorted. Ever since Carsyn was a young girl, she always pictured herself in her father's role as Gryffindor Seeker. And yet the importance of wisdom had Carsyn thinking she belonged in Ravenclaw House, as her mother. Where the twins differ though is Carsyn's affinity for adventure and thrill-seeking activities. She loves to travel and there's nothing more exciting than new experiences. When sorting time came, Carsyn found herself seated on the stool, the sorting hat falling over her eyes and waited. Waited. Waited some more. Until finally, it decided on Gryffindor! Which was fine by her, only it meant one thing was that she knew her twin wasn't a Gryffindor in any sense of the word. Something that was proven shortly after when Carys was sorted into hufflepuff. Perhaps it wasn't the first time she knew she was different from her sister, but seeing her head off to the Hufflepuff table and the fact that they'd be sleeping in different dormitories was scary? She at least had Elias Diggory, longtime family friend, a year older than her.

SPOILER!!: Fourth Year... at Beauxbatons

This was the year everything would change, Carsyn decided. It was when she would get her first kiss (or not), but more importantly she was determined to have that kiss be between herself and either Calyx or Gunnar. Except Calyx didn't seem interested when she asked him to the Valentines Ball, saying they needed to get to know each other or something first.... Which was whatever, except when she walked on him and Nina in the greenhouses a few months later, it made sense. Sort of. What did Nina have that she didn't have? Whatever. There was still Gunnar. Except the irritating boy from her sister's house, Orion, who didn't appreciate being a Hufflepuff decided to ask her to the ball and not wanting to be the one without a date, she accepted. That was until chaos happened and the ball was cancelled and they were going to get kicked out of Beauxbatons but then they weren't because there was a dragon that the snobby, good-looking french kids smuggled in. So confusing, really. Not as confusing as all the end of the year stuff, when she and Eron were in agreement to go adventuring back to London instead of taking the carriages. They'd explore the beaches and camp and hike their way through miles of countryside. Closing feast was a ball and Carsyn was not in the mood, which was shown by her arriving in cut-off shorts, casual shirt and boots - attire that was not appreciated and the headmaster prompted her immediately to go change. Ridiculous but she reluctantly obliged, throwing on a casual yellow dress instead, keeping the boots on though. That was when she saw Eron there with her sister as his date ???? OKAY? So were they ... could she still go traveling with him the very next day for about four weeks? Apparently, yes. She'd already owled her parents and told them she wouldn't be back in London for about a month, so even if he still didn't want to travel and hike with her, she would go on her own. He did go with her, because turns out they could still be friends ... weirdly having a guy say he crushed on your sister was actually easier to deal with than someone random.

Arriving home a month later was when Carsyn received TWO big surprises thus far in her fifteen years of life. An official letter. One she thought might be punishment for not returning home via the carriages but instead .... it was a letter offering her Gryffindor Prefect. Get ready fifth year for Prefect Rose - times two.

The second surprise was that she'd been accepted to join Wales' Under-17 Team as their seeker, which she'd forgotten about her tryouts when she agreed to her traveling adventures with Eron and thus has missed the first three matches. Fortunately the week she returned, Wales had a bye which allowed Carsyn to get up to speed on trainings and her first match against Scotland the end of July, she caught the snitch which continued Wales winning snitch streak for the season. Sadly didn't do as great in the next two matches but finished out her final two matches for the season with wins. Overall not too shabby for getting off to a late start and being grateful they kept the spot open for her.

SPOILER!!: Fifth Year

SPOILER!!: Sixth Year

SPOILER!!: Seventh Year

Possessed by ghost.

❧ Personality

Personality Type: Entertainer ESFP-A
SPOILER!!: Brief Description

If anyone is to be found spontaneously breaking into song and dance, it is the Entertainer personality type. Entertainers get caught up in the excitement of the moment, and want everyone else to feel that way, too. No other personality type is as generous with their time and energy as Entertainers when it comes to encouraging others, and no other personality type does it with such irresistible style.

❧ Extras

Astrological Sign: Aries
Name Meaning: The name Carr is of several derivations. It is from the Middle English and Scottish car, carre (marsh, mossy place), from the Welsh caer (a fort), and from the Gaelic carr (rock).
Favorite Ice-Cream: Anything with chocolate
Favorite Candy Bar: Anything with chocolate
Favorite Sport: Quidditch
Favourite Team: Gryffindor Quidditch Team
Broom Comet 1080
Personal Goals: Making Gryffindor Seeker, Becoming Famous, Kissing Gunnar McCarthy and/or Calyx Morgan-Bott, Kissing SOMEONE

Previous Characters
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Dominic Denton [Terms 20-23]
Aaron Rose [Term 24]
Josephina Hadley [Terms 25-38]
TiaMarie Mancini [Terms 39-42]
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