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Katrina Hudson
Slytherin Head Girl

Full Birth Name: Katrina Marie Hudson
Nicknames: Kat, KitKat, Kitty Kat, Katty, Dazzler
Age: Seventeen
Date of Birth: 1 June, 2064
Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada
Current Residence: London, England
Blood Status: Pureblood
Relationship Status: In a relationship with Clement Belrose
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Green
Skin tone: Tanned
Build: Curvy
Height: 5'10"
Weight: No, thank you.
Model: Erin Heatherton
Katrina is just one of the normal witches you'd know. She likes winning, but who doesn't like being victorious anyway? She is a total fan of magical games, but she loves Quidditch above all of them. She plays Quidditch for her house team, which makes her rather sporty. Katrina also has high hopes and aspirations, and would like to be able to achieve them in some point in her life. Despite being a Quidditch player, she does have some issues when it comes to getting dirty. At first, it was no big deal to her but as she grew up Katrina started to be really conscious of her appearance. She believes a lot in making first impressions and how it could last a lifetime, so she makes sure that she gets things done right. Katrina is also friendly and is very protective of her friends and fellow Slytherins. She can be a bit flirty (something that came when she started her fifth year) but that rarely shows as she sees boys as her equals and just friends. If you're worthy and lucky even, you might just end up in Katrina's hotlist. Although she is a Pureblood and a Slytherin, she respects everyone from different walks of life and blood statuses. She does not see herself superior over anyone in the Wizarding and Muggle worlds. Katrina likes to read, but she really isn't fond of studying (reading and studying are two different things). Katrina strives for the best of everything. In fact, she is a budding leader. Period.
Father: Jordan M. Hudson (deceased, former Ravenclaw)
Mother: Clarissa I. Hudson (former Slytherin)
Sister: Aldianna N. Middleton ('nee Hudson, former Ravenclaw)
Brother: Alexander D. Hudson (Durmstrang attendee)
Brother-in-law: Robert Middleton
Nephew: Gale Middleton
Pets: An owl named Chase and a toad named Bob (which is an acronym for "Because of Bliss")
  • Victory
  • Quidditch
  • Books (but not textbooks used for learning)
  • Cookies & Cauldron Cakes flavour in Florean Fortescue
  • Chocolate (not too much)
  • Slytherin
  • Her beater's bat (a gift from fellow Slytherin Ariana Logan)
  • Her Keeper gloves (a gift from bestie Elise Fairfield)
  • Shoe brand "Vans"
  • Gifts and presents
  • Being prefect AND head girl
  • Losing
  • Getting dirty (except during Quidditch)
  • Dirty nails
  • Smell of dung
  • People who think it's funny when they annoy her
  • Being compared to others
Wand: 10" ebony with a dragon heartstring core and a spinnable quality
Patronus: Cheetah
Boggart: Corpse of her dead father
Amortentia: New books, freshly picked strawberries, rain
Best Subject/s: Flying, Potions
Worst Subject: Ancient Runes
Just like any other pureblood witch or wizard, Katrina was raised knowing that she could do magic. Because she was born to the world of witches and wizards, Katrina knew that sooner when she turned eleven that she would attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn the things she needed to know in order to become a better witch. When she was a year and four months old, her brother Alexander was brought to the world. At the young age of three, Katrina was already able to show signs of magic like burning things when she was furious and, in worst cases, blowing up home appliances without meaning to. She'd often change her hair colour when she was young defining her mood. Katrina also learned how to fly a broom when she was five. Her father was the main influence for her love of Quidditch, taking her to different matches whenever they had time. Jordan was her rock and source of strength back in the day because for some unknown reason, her mother Clarissa did not bother to even lay her eyes on her daughter. It was only until Katrina was eight when Clarissa started to care for her child, making up for the years she neglected her duties and responsibilities as a mother. On her eleventh birthday, Katrina received her Hogwarts letter a few hours after she woke up. She was really excited about finally getting to attend Hogwarts like her parents and sister that she slept with her letter that night. Her mother took her shopping for supplies and her uniform on August that year.
First Year
Term 29; September 2075 to June 2076
Katrina, just like every other Hogwarts student, rode the Hogwarts Express on their way to the school. On the express, she met her first ever Hogwarts friend, Beatrice Castell. As the term progressed, Katrina got to meet even more students and became acquaintances with a fair number of them, like Erin Heyman and Elise Fairfield who soon became Katrina's best friend. Her parents had bet on which house Katrina would be sorted into: Jordan for Ravenclaw and Clarissa for Slytherin. To her mother's pleasure, Katrina was sorted into Slytherin House. The term was really crazy, considering that the Kitchens were closed and her sister had been telling her stories since she was a little girl that the house elves liked to, bake cookies and stuff. Katrina grew fond of duelling and some of the classes while she was in Hogwarts. She participated in the "Around the World in a Hogwarts Day" event, which was something she really enjoyed. There wasn't much that happened in her first year, but what she found out by the end of term feast was that the Kitchen was only closed because there was a new baby elf. Cute, right?
Second Year
Term 30; September 2076 to June 2077
Minutes before the Hogwarts Express left, Katrina went to get some food at the Western Concourse only to find out that her friend, Erin Heyman, was hiding from her Aunt behind some of the shelves. She was able to witness this and then soon the pair began talking and complimenting each other about their hair. Afterwards, they both boarded the Hogwarts Express. A few weeks progressed through the term, but Katrina wasn't feeling well. Probably it was something she ate back then? Hogwarts sent her home due to this sickness, fearing that the poor little second year would infect the other students. Katrina stayed at home for the rest of the term trying to recover from her sickness while she caught up with the lessons through a private tutor.
Third Year
Term 31; September 2077 to June 2078
After recovering from the sickness she acquired last term, Katrina expected herself to return to Hogwarts. She spent her summer in France with her cousins Savannah and Gweneth. The third year found out that she would be spending her third year of magical education inside the boundaries of Beauxbatons Academy. Although it was something worth looking forward to, Katrina started to miss the company of her Hogwarts friends and professors. She finished her third year in Beauxbatons and, in time, she started to become homesick. Thinking that it was best for both Katrina and their family, Jordan and Clarissa talked about it and brought them back to their old home in London. Katrina's Aunt Melanie had bought her supplies for her upcoming fourth year, which she would be spending again in Hogwarts finally.
Fourth Year
Term 32; September 2078 to June 2079
Two terms away from Hogwarts was a long break for Katrina. She was really excited to finally be able to come back home. This term, she found the guts to try out for Quidditch. She did, and got into the Starting Roster. Katrina was able to make friends with the Slytherin Quidditch Team and later on extended to most of Slytherin House and finally reached to the other houses at Hogwarts. During the term, Katrina played a total of three different Quidditch positions (chaser for Slytherin vs. Gryffindor, beater for Slytherin vs. Ravenclaw, and keeper for the scrimmage match again Gryffindor) before settling with playing Keeper for the rest of her Hogwarts years. The term consisted of a new Headmistress who had a major love for pink, and who lost her precious brooch. Katrina was also one of the victims during the Great Lockout of 2079, when she fell on her bum after an invisible force threw all the Hogwarts students out of their common rooms before they all assembled in the Great Hall. She, too, was one of the many volunteers for search parties and without anyone knowing, they all found the spirit Isfret in the library. You know what that meant? Yes, a destroyed library and almost-eaten Ravenclaw Quidditch Captains. In this term, Katrina developed feelings for her fellow Slytherin teammate West Odessa. It took her until the End of Term feast to finally admit it to him, which made it awkward for the fourth year whenever he was around her. Lots of pea shooting and butt-squishing happened and finally, it was goodbye.
Fifth Year
Term 33; September 2079 to June 2080
During the summer before her fifth year, Katrina met up with her friends. She visited Beezus's house, which was an unexpected visit for the Ravenclaw. She was also able to meet up with West at the Three Broomsticks, since he had sent her an owl. It was unexpected while during their conversation, they started mentioning about kissing. Later on, they actually shared a kiss. It was awkward, but it was one thing Katrina wouldn't dare forget as it was her first kiss. The thing between her and West did not interfere with Quidditch tryouts (she got the position of Keeper) and practices. Once West started dating Bliss, the fifth year found it best that she moved on and she successfully did. Another thing she did not see in the cards was another boy who was lucky enough to have grabbed her attention. Prior to the match against Ravenclaw, Clement Belrose told Katrina that if they won he would give her a surprise. And surprise it was. Slytherin won the match and when Katrina came back to the common room, she had Clement's lips on hers. Starting that day the fifth year had feelings for him, but later denied and dropped them since she made OWLs her top priority. Oh, the effects of #BodyByDylan on people. This term too revolved around the Hogwarts Board of Governors, which was something Katrina wasn't interested about. It was to her dismay when she saw candidates in almost every single class she attended. By election time, Katrina did vote and hoped for the best of the candidates she voted for.
Sixth Year
Term 34; September 2080 to June 2081
Her sixth year was, in general, a huge surprise. Katrina had never expected that she would take Sierra's place as Slytherin's female prefect after Sierra’s graduation. At first Katrina didn't believe it and felt like she wouldn't really be as great of a leader as Sierra was, but all she wanted was to make sure Slytherin was alright and that victory was in their favour. When the term started, she tried her best to be welcoming to the newly-sorted Slytherins. It was a tough and tiring job, but that was all good. Lots of weird things happened in Hogwarts that year, first with the Welcoming Feast when the whole castle was awfully dirty and the food wasn't as delicious as it used to be. It became even worse when they found out that there were turnstiles in almost every place in Hogwarts and the common rooms were as messy as everything else. It definitely wasn't the best way to greet the new school year and her prefect duties were all put to the test. Making it three years in a row, Katrina signed up for the Quidditch tryouts and got in the Slytherin team as Keeper once again. This term, Katrina had admitted her oh-so-deep feelings for Cle and the two began dating on March 2081 until now. Slytherin won the Quidditch Cup just in time for their captain Dylan Montmorency's final year in Hogwarts. During the End of Term feast, the sixth year bid her goodbyes to the graduating students. They found out that the turnstiles would all be taken away the following term and Katrina is so relieved about it. Indeed, the term ended with a big bang.
Seventh Year
Term 35; September 2081 to June 2082

This part of the history is currently in progress.
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