View Full Version : Brennan Cooper Era

  1. Level Three Lifts and Watercooler
  2. Department Head's Office of Magical Transportation
  3. Security HQ
  4. Car Dealership (Plot for Improper Use of Magic/ Misuse of Muggle Artifacts)
  5. Abandoned Warehouse (Plot for Accidents and Catastrophes)
  6. Inspections Commitee Division Head's Office
  7. Department of Magical Education Conference Room
  8. Improper Use of Magic and Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office
  9. MLES and Wizengamot Administration Office
  10. Department of Magical Education Head's Office
  11. Office of the Senior Secretary for the Minister of Magic
  12. The Office of the Invisiblity Task Force and Experimental Charms Committee
  13. London - Muggle Prime Minister's Office
  14. A Spare Room Inside Gringott's Bank (MoM Voting Polls)
  15. Ministry of Magic Voting Polls
  16. The Center of Courtroom 10
  17. The High Benches of Courtroom 10
  18. Department Head of Magical Creatures ( May 2009 - Sept 2009)
  19. The Office of Sophia Vivaldi - Dept Head
  20. Bella Greingoth's Office
  21. The Forbidden Forest (Level Four Mission)
  22. Department Party
  23. Brennan Cooper Campaign Headquarters
  24. Independent Campaign Headquarters
  25. Reagan Taylor Campaign Headquarters
  26. The Law Enforcement Secret Campground
  27. Department Party
  28. Jessica Peaches' Office
  29. Mona Quigley's Office
  30. Getti Forde's Office
  31. Department Head Lounge
  32. IWC - Ministers' Break Room
  33. Magical Law Enforcement Roundtable Discussion
  34. International Magical Cooperation Roundtable Discussion
  35. Department of Education Division Head's Office
  36. IWC Opening Ceremonies Stage
  37. IWC Opening Ceremonies Guest Seating
  38. Foreign Ministers' Arrival/Departure Area
  39. Office of the Assistant to the Magical Transportation Department Head
  40. The Louvre (Aurors and MLES Mission)
  41. Magical Maintenance and Security Offices
  42. Office of Teal Andrus: Department Head
  43. Gringott's bank [Auror; MLES; HitWizard mission]
  44. Level Seven Lifts
  45. Crime investigation scene
  46. Bride's Dressing Area
  47. Gift Table
  48. Reception Hall and Dance Floor
  49. Visitor Entrance and Security Check-Point *START HERE*
  50. Guest Book and Memory Penseive
  51. Ceremony Guest Seating
  52. The Ceremony
  53. Moronic Magical Wonders
  54. Ministry Gift Shop
  55. Detention Center
  56. Office for Level Eight Department and Division Heads
  57. Quibbler Headquaters [IMC & CMC]
  58. Honeydukes Sweet Shop [Hit Wizards Mission]
  59. Level 9 Corridor
  60. Level Three Corridor and Watercooler
  61. London Shopping Mall [Mission for Department of Accidents and Catastrophes]
  62. Diagon Alley Post Office [MLES mission]
  63. Graham's Village warehouse (No muggles in sight)
  64. The Market
  65. The Park
  66. The Raven's Claw
  67. Elijah Wright's Office
  68. Apparition Practice/Testing Room
  69. Magical Maintenance and Security Meeting Room
  70. Level 9 Break Room
  71. Floos & Visitor's Entrance
  72. The Lifts
  73. "Magic is Might" Fountain
  74. Theo's Secretary
  75. Magical Security Desk
  76. Department Liaison Desks
  77. Transportation Conference Room
  78. Holding Room
  79. Being Division: House-Elf Relocation, Goblin Liaison & Werewolf Support Services
  80. Beast Division: Werewolf Registry & Capture Unit
  81. Beast Division: Centaur Liaison & Dragon Research/Restraint Bureau
  82. Multiple Division Conference Room
  83. Level Four Break Room
  84. Office of Aricca J. Silverstone: Department Head
  85. Corridor Outside the Courtrooms
  86. Minister of Magic's Office
  87. Level-wide Conference Room
  88. Level 2 Breakroom
  89. The Time Room
  90. The Planet Room
  91. Conference Room
  92. Department of Magical Education Head's Office
  93. Department Head's Office
  94. Forensics Lab/Evidence Room
  95. The Office for Magical Equipment Control
  96. Wizengamot Administration Services
  97. Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects Room
  98. The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Room
  99. The Hit Wizard Station
  100. The Magical Law Enforcement Squad Office
  101. Level-wide Conference Room
  102. Auror and Hit Wizard HQ
  103. Offices of Improper Use of Magic
  104. Level Five Breakroom
  105. Syd Wordsmith's Office - Department Head
  106. Division: International Magical Trading Standard Body
  107. Department Head's Office
  108. Theodore's Office
  109. Division: International Magical Cooperation-British Seats
  110. Magical Maintenance Supply Closet
  111. Ludicrous Patents Office
  112. Magical Maintenance and Security Breakroom
  113. Official Gobstones Club
  114. British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters
  115. Level Seven Breakroom
  116. Office of the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic
  117. Level One Breakroom
  118. Division: Portkey Office
  119. Division: Floo Network Authority
  120. Division: Broom Regulatory Control
  121. Division: Apparition Office
  122. Committee on Experimental Charms
  123. Invisibility Task Force
  124. Department Breakroom
  125. Muggle Worthy Excuse Committee Office (M.W.E.C)
  126. Accidental Magic Reversal Squad Office
  127. The Origami Room, aka the Office of Ben Cobblesten
  128. Outside:: The Department of Magical Transportation
  129. Operation: Priest Confession - (Dpt. of INTand Dpt MLE)
  130. Outside the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
  131. Junior Head of Department's Office
  132. Senior Undersecretary to the Minister's Desk
  133. Department Liaison Desks
  134. Level Seven: Ludicrous Patents Office
  135. Level 9 Break Room
  136. Level Seven: British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters
  137. Ministry of Magic Cafeteria
  138. Official International Translators For the Magical Governments
  139. Gregoria Matos' Office
  140. British Seats of the International Magical Office of Law
  141. Multitcultural Lounge (Break Room)
  142. International Magical Affairs Room (Conference Room)
  143. Wizengamot Administration Service
  144. Misuse of Muggle Artifacts
  145. Improper Use of Magic
  146. Elevator Lobby
  147. Security Desk / Golden Gates
  148. Atrium / Fountain of Magical Brethren
  149. The Brain Room
  150. Apparition Coordinators
  151. Port Key Officials
  152. Broom Regulatory Control Area
  153. Ye Olde Faerie Cakes
  154. Gray MacTavish's Office
  155. Accidental Breakroom (RPG)
  156. Muggle Worthy Excuse Committee (RPG)
  157. Obliviator's Headquarters (RPG)
  158. Minister of Magic's Office