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  1. SSRPG: The Personal Thoughts of Azura Snow
  2. SSRPG: The fall and climb of Kevin Hirase - Sa13+
  3. SSRPG: The Mordaunts - Sa13+
  4. SSRPG: A Lesson on Loss - Sa13+
  5. SSRPG: The Macmillans - Sa13+
  6. SSRPG: Forrest Charlton's Trial With 'Unfair' Life - Sa+13
  7. SSRPG: Kiwi Adventures - Sa13+
  8. IC Books: Magic Moments - Sa13+
  9. IC Books: Eyes Wide Open; The Art of Teacher Survival - Sa13+
  10. IC Books: Nanny Croydon's Complete Guide to Infancy - Sa13+
  11. IC Books: Joining Ink - A Collection of Poetry
  12. IC Books: A Trolls Guide to Surviving the Muggle World
  13. SSRPG: The Diaries of a Teenage Emily Browne - Sa13+
  14. SSRPG: Fluxweed and Wormwood and Doxy Eggs…Oh my! Sa13+
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