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Old 10-07-2006, 03:21 PM
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Default OLD Professor and Student Files

Archived: Professor and Student Files
2050-2089 | 2090-2100's | Professor / Staff: A-M & N-Z

This thread is a listing of student & staff characters transferred from the Professor and Student Files thread to this one following their departure from the school. Canonically, the first official school term for the SSRPG opened during Term 2-3 (2048-50). This makes the characters' actual age and name during the 2050's uncertain due to the lack of threads archived from before Term 5. More information can be found at Hogwarts A History. This post will be updated with links to the many diverse characters to have entered and exited the SSRPG.

NOTE: If you notice any errors, need to update seventh year bios, or requesting a student/staff's biography code to save, please contact: Charely Potter and they will get to it ASAP.

*denotes uncertainty in age & lack of reference.
*Gobstones was absent this term.
*Quidditch was absent / NPC Captains appointed this term.
*no Head Boy or Girl was appointed this term.
† = character deceased while on Hogwarts grounds

SPOILER!!: Class of 2050's: (Term 3 - 12)

Class of 2050-56: [Term 3-9]**Class of 2057: [Term 10]**Class of 2058: [Term 11]**Class of 2059: [Term 12]*
SPOILER!!: Class of 2060's: (Term 13 - 22)

Class of 2060: [Term 13]*Class of 2061: [Term 14]*Class of 2062: [Term 15]*Class of 2063: [Term 16]*Class of 2064: [Term 17]*Class of 2065: [Term 18]*Class of 2066: [Term 19]*Class of 2067: [Term 20]*
  • Alicia Cruze
  • Amie Curley
  • Brianna Evans
  • Emily Renee Hadenson
  • Erinelle Landon
  • Randver Scoil
  • Emily Watson
Class of 2068: [Term 21]*Class of 2069: [Term 22]
SPOILER!!: Class of 2070's: (Term 23 - 32)

Class of 2070: [Term 23]Class of 2071: [Term 24]Class of 2072: [Term 25]Class of 2073: [Term 26]*Class of 2074: [Term 27]Class of 2075: [Term 28]Class of 2076: [Term 29]Class of 2077: [Term 30]Class of 2078: [Term 31]Class of 2079: [Term 32]
SPOILER!!: Class of 2080's: (Term 33 - 42)

Class of 2080: [Term 33]Class of 2081: [Term 34]Class of 2082: [Term 35]Class of 2083: [Term 36]Class of 2084: [Term 37]*Class of 2085: [Term 38]*Class of 2086: [Term 39]**Class of 2087: [Term 40]**Class of 2088: [Term 41]*Class of 2089: [Term 42]*

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rayna C. Thorne
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Astara S. Hornebolt (Ash)
♥My Very 1st Tag | ~Filofax:Forever~ | ~Evil Slythie~ | Chris' Caretaker♥

Name: Leticia Darya Dubois (Pronounced; dy-bwah)
Age: 15
Birthday: April 14th
Year: 5th
Blood: Half-blood; Austrian, French, and Lithuanian bloodlines.
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Hazel Green
Lives : Skye
Height: 5' 8"

House :

Appearance: Leticia; preferably called Lettie, is now a gangly teenager built in the image of a popsicle stick. She has dark blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders and large hazel green eyes, (that many of her family members also possess). She has light skin, but it has a delicate sun-kissed glow to it after Lettie spent many hours outside during the summer months.

Background: Leticia has a very large family, and they stay in touch quite frequently. She has lived a fairly normal life and enjoys what a lot of other girls her age do, playing with friends, learning, reading, animals, the outdoors, hating to shop...then again, maybe she is a bit different.
Lettie spends as much time as she can with her family, and because of this, she has found out a lot that she did not want to know. Including more information about her older cousins sudden death.
Her family lives in a medium sized home in the center of Skye, where they have charmed the property to keep it hidden from muggle eyes; though a party with their close muggle friends is fairly common.

Leticia is attending Hogwarts after her aunt and grandmother decided not to school her anymore. Saying that she needed to 'experience what it was like to attend a public school with children her own age.'

Personality: Leticia loves everything, she adores being around people and getting to know others. She's very bubbly, but can also have her moods, (like everyone else). Lettie enjoys experiencing new things, and doesn't mind causing trouble now and again just to see what she is capable of doing. She messes with people and is a button pusher, just to test the waters most of the time to see what she can and can not get away with.
The girl is not very spoiled, but even though she has an older brother (and obviously not an only child), she can get away with a lot because her dad calls her a 'princess' and pampers her daily.
Despite being fourteen, Leticia needs to grow up. She's been babied a lot and taken care of by her family for most of the time that she has lived with them, relying on her parents for most of what she needs and wants.

Family: Mother- Sarah H. Dubois (40) (Maiden; Lore)
Father- Connor R. Dubois (41)
Brother- Olivier P. Dubois (19)
Grandmother (M)- Lara Lore -- Grandmother(P)- Giulia Dubois
Grandfather (M)- Justin Lore(D) -- Grandfather(P)- Matas Dubois

Aunts(P)- Clara, Kimberly, Trisha, Jennifer, Helmi
Aunts(M)- Sofia, Lisa, Lina
Uncles(P)- Joshua, Livio, Erik, Daniel
Uncles(M)- David, Jesse, Rokas

Cousins (No particular order; all not included): Felix Dubois (24), Hollis Dubois (D;18), Adam L. (20), Robin L. (17), Linus (10), Maria (13), Chloe (7), Charlotte (16), Riley (16), Madison (15), Paige (5), Louane (18), Sara (22), Jessica (9), Erin (18), Oskar (7).

Likes: Green, the ocean, birds, sailing, trees, exercise, reading, writing, talking, learning, pranks, sleeping late, her family.

Dislikes: Stupid people, mean people, snobby people, slugs, dog hair, boredom, smelly food, working too hard, failing.

Stongest subject: Defense against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies

Weakest subject: Herbology, Divination

Pets: Ornlu; a large and very furry dark brown tabby Maine Coon cat. Watch out, he bites.
Photos!: Images

OOC: Freya here. *waves* I'm a college student with a weekend job and I'm very easy to get along with. I'm also an equestrian who loves working with large animals and spending lots of time outdoors.
This will be my fourth (4th) term RPing in the school roleplay, and my second school character.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ellette "Ellie" Spencer
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Persephone Stuart
Magical Law Enforcement
Haunted Lollipop ☛ Powerpuff Girl

Name : Ellette Spencer
Age : 11
House : Ravenclaw
Appearance -
i. Hair colour : Blond
ii. Eye colour : Amber
iii. Height : Tall for her age
iv. Weight : Fit
v. Defining physical features : Almost always had her hair in a high, loose ponytail.

Background - Ellie comes from a long line of Pureblood wizards and has virtually no knowledge of muggle habits. Her family lives on a small farm in the English countryside where they grow magical crops for profit. Her family is reclusive, visiting wizarding communities only for trade. She is a hardy farmer, awaking very early to assist with chores.

Personality - Ellie is an outgoing and spirited young girl. She loves to run around and cause all sorts of mischief. She is not interested in academics, but she is excited to explore the new world of Hogwarts. Ellie lived a very sheltered life, one she is fully satisfied with. She loves running around barefoot and the feel of grass between her toes. Ellie has a fascination with creatures and hands-on activities, like catching bugs and small animals, though not hunting. Though her father often returns with fresh meat, Ellie is repulsed by the thought of taking any being's life.

She always wears her blond hair in a ponytail to keep it back during activities. Her wardrobe is simple, plain T-shirts and jeans. Fashion doesn't interest her, actually it annoys her. All her clothing must be comfortable, as a result she hates formalwear and uniforms. She has a terrible fear of heights, and hopes to never mount a broom as long as she lives.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Hugo Jermaine Woods
Seventh Year
avant-garde Mrs. Nick Jonas

{ H u g o J e r m a i n e W o o d s }
(yes, he's cooler than you...)

all images by Laura <3
Name: Hugo Jermaine Woods
Age: 17
House: Slytherin
Year: 6th (supposed to be 7th year - was dropped a year)
D.O.B: 14th February
P.O.B: London


Hair Color – Blonde, fluffy, *grabby hands*
Eye Color – A deep sea green, very cheeky alluring.
Height – 6”1
Weight - *gasp* you should never ask someone that! *pokepoke*
Defining physical features – CHEEKBONES TO DIE FOR.


Hugo was born into a wealthy family in London, and was utterly adored from a very young age. The large Woods’ mansion was a wonderful place for a child with such spirit to grow up in, yet he was a rather odd child to say the least. With an inexplicable curiosity for all things bright and colourful, he was full of life and an absolute joy…sort of. Being a child of five, Hugo learnt that he had to fight for attention: and was rather good at it. At the age of eleven, he believed he would go to Hogwarts…but was disappointed. His father kept him at home for a further three years – home schooling him – before finally permitting him to go to Hogwarts. Due to his vague schooling, he was dropped a year and started Hogwarts as a third year. Immediately sorted into Slytherin, Hugo settled in straight away with his best friends Evolette, Miles and Terry.


It is widely known that, in general, good looking boys are rather vain. I would like to tell you that Hugo is the exception, but he is not. He is the extreme. Yes, despite having a golden heart and a rather lovely side to him, Hugo Jermaine Woods is the vainest of the vain. He can be selfish, stubborn, arrogant and downright annoying. He is often flamboyant and quirky, but to those who love him mostest – he’s an absolutely angel. Having an uncanny ability to melt people hearts, Hugo is definitely a softy underneath his “I’m super awesome” outer image. A fierce friend and a confident people person, he is an utter darling to be around. He also is Superman. Hehehe.

Mother – Clarabella Woods
Father – Oscar Woods
Brother – Joey Woods (aged 21)
Sisters – Claudia (aged 12),
Cressida and Cordelia (twins – aged 11) Woods

Tawny owl – Wanda
Pygmy Puff - Coco


I’m Amy. Peace.

Just two seventh year flirts who happened to fall in love
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Diagon Alley Employee:
Maia Denton
Daily Prophet Reporter
x5 x2
Yay, Hamlet! • Cathopper • Disney Fanatic • I was normal once...

Miss Reese Upstead

Full Name: Reese Selena Upstead
Nicknames: Ree-La, Reeses Pieces, and Raisin
DOB: September 1st 2052
Age: 17
POB: Sutton Coldfield, England
Heritage: Half Blood
Wand Type: 12.5 inches Willow, Dragon Heartstring

Hair Color: Blonde Brunette
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Weight: 107 pounds
Height: 5'7

Reese is also known as Crazy Woman. Some people might know her as being mean/evil; others might know her as being sweet/kind. It all pretty much depends on if she likes you or not. To her friends, she is really sweet and kind. To the people she doesn’t like...well...she shows her true Slytherin side. There aren't much people that Reese doesn’t like; she loves making friends and doesn’t really like having enemies.

Reese was born in Sutton Coldfield, England to Mr. and Mrs. Jake Northway. She also had one older brother, Ryan, who was 3 years older than her. Ryan didn’t go to Hogwarts. It turned out he was a squib, so he attended a nearby private muggle school as well as he began to start skateboarding career. Her dad, Jake, was a muggle who was a Slytherin in his school years. After his graduation, he worked at the Ministry in the Magical Transportation department. Her mom, Victoria, was pureblood who was a Ravenclaw in her school years. After her graduation, she was a stay-at-home mom.

Reese has since moved from the Northway house and is now living with the Upsteads. She has been adopted by Heath Upstead, which lead to her name change. What to know more of her history? *points to the spoiler thingy underneath this paragraph*

SPOILER!!: more in-depth history of Reese
A year after Reese was born, Victoria left Jake. She had enough of her husband and was just ready to get out. She left both of her children with Jake and just left. No one knew where she went or where she was going. Jake got remarried 6 months after Victoria left. He married Lillian Matthews, who’s married name was Lillian Northway. Ryan wasn’t very pleased that his dad got remarried, but Reese was too young to understand. So, Reese grew up her who life thinking Lillian was her real mother. Ryan was too scared to tell Reese the truth, because their dad kept lying and telling them that she was their mother. Why? We never really know why he wanted to lie to Reese, we just know it happened.

Eleven years passed by and Reese Northway was ready to head off to school. She had already got all her school stuff and was just ready to leave. Finally, she got to Hogwarts and was sorted in Slytherin. Her school life was great. She was making a lot of friends and even got her first boyfriend boyfriend.


One day during her first year, Reese got a letter from her dad saying that her brother, Ryan, had died. This was just a horrible time for Reese. She couldn’t stop crying and she just wanted to go home. A few months passed and it was finally time to go back to home. She left Hogwarts and went back to her family. Lillian and Jake were now starting to think about adopting a brother for Reese, since she needed an older brother there for her. Then, they adopted Reno during that summer before Reese’s 2nd year. Let’s just say, he wasn’t really the brother she needed. He was abusive to her and it finally drove her away from home.

During the summer before her 3th year, Reese moved away from her house in London. She went to live with her godmother, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Turner and her husband. Her husband worked a lot, so Reese barely ever saw him. She lived with the Turner family for about 1 ½ - 2 years. Before she went off for her 4th year, she learned a little secret her dad had been keeping from her. She found this old photo of her family that was taken the day after she was born. She noticed that the lady in that picture didn’t look like her mom. She asked her godmother and she finally got the real story about her mom leaving and her dad remarrying and about how her dad lied to her all these years. And for the first time in her life, Reese got to talk to her mom. She wrote her mother a letter before she left for school and she kept writing to her throughout her 4th year. Her mother had finally came to the decision that she was going to MAKE Reese move to Ireland to live with her. But, Reese didn’t want to move; she wanted to stay in London. To make it worse, her mom started thinking about sending her to a private school instead of Hogwarts. Why? No one knows.

Also, Reese had found out her brother didn’t really die; her mom just came back and got him when she went off to school and since her dad didn’t want her to know about Victoria, her dad lied to Reese and told her Ryan had died. Why didn't Victoria get Reese? Because she was at school.

Through all this bad stuff, a miracle happened:

During the end of the term feast in her 4th year, Victoria (Reese’s mother) met Heath Upstead. They ended up getting married during the Spring and Victoria moved back to London to live there with Heath and his son Dale. Reese went to go live with them and it turned out that she had been related to Jake Upstead, who she went to school with. Heath had also adopted Reese and Ryan as his own children, which legally made them change their last name to Upstead. Happy ending, right?

Isabella the cat
Icee the owl
Cam the dog (named after Cam Karsten)
Bubbles; a pink pygmy puff.

Lillian Northway-StepMother (no communication)
Jake Northway-Dad (no communication)
Reno Northway-Adopted Brother (no communication)

Victoria Upstead-Mother
Heath Upstead- Father
Dale Upstead- Brother
Jake Upstead-Brother
Ryan Upstead-Brother

Spiders; especially tarantulas.

Chocolate frogs
Converse shoes

OOC: I'm Cat, but also known as Kitty Cat If you everrrr want to RP, just drop me a PM.

_______________________________You may hate me, but it ain't no lie: bye bye bye.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Lola Jones
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Rainbow "Rain" Boogie
1/2 of the Poo Brigade MAN!BUGG<33

Full Name: Cameron Karsten
Nicknames: Cam, Poke Boy Cam, anything related with crazy or demented
DoB: February 6
Age: 13
PoB: Manchester, England
Heritage: Muggle-born
Strongest Subject: Herbology, CoMC
Weakest Subject: HoM, Divination

i. Hair colour: Dark-brownish
ii. Eye colour: Light brown
iii. Height: 4’7”-4’8”
iv. Weight: 87 lbs
Wand: Swishy, 11 1/4'”, Cherry Wood and Salamander Scale

Personality: Cam started off from a normal-ish playing boy from the star (as in before starting Hogwarts) but eventually progressed into a hyperactive, psychotic boy. He has some of the Slytherin traits; ambitious and well a tad bit cunning but also shows the few negative sides such as selfish-ness and most of the times will care more about himself than anyone else. He’s very crazy... often having odd theories and ideas of things but it doesn’t mean he’s smart—just lazy when it comes to most things as in he won’t do something… without getting something back.

He has proven a love for nature since the start of his 2nd year when something just… clicked. So yes, he does hug trees and he is a proud green Slytherin.

History: Cam was born in Manchester, England from two muggle parents, his mum being a worker in a zoo and his dad a toy factory worker. He was a complex child and very hard to understand, which meant that he had only a few friends. Often being bullied in school for that reason, he always had his own little revenge and playing pranks on those people. Pranks were really his only enjoyment, being a complex child didn’t mean he had a complex life as well—he found boredom everywhere.

Soon enough, at the age of 10, he would discover his magical powers. Making a school bully’s hair go on fire or making explosions around the school were just a few of what happened, he didn’t tell his parents anything until he got his letter. They thought it was just a rubbish load of junk but really, ignoring those letters proved to be a very, very bad idea.

After getting his wand all of that wizardry stuff, he soon found a habit of poking people. Pokepokepoke. It was a way to check if someone was a flesh-eating ghost but soon enough, it was just for pure pleasure. His first year at Hogwarts made him go crazy. And he liked crazy. So crazy it was.

Cam’s second year though, proved to be more exciting than the first with all the flooding. At the end, he was one of the people that would save the Merprincess and save the school and HUZZAHHHH. He attended the assembly at the end of the term which uh… he didn’t like it at all.

• Pets: He gave his pygmy puffs to his sister, but now has two pygmy mouse lemurs, Mosi and Nakato, who were originally Juniper Goodwin’s pets before she… *sniff* moved.

• He cannot swim. He’s hydrophobic now ever since that mermaid invasion.

• He knows Mermish, can fully understand but still trying to learn how to speak it.

• He’s crazy.

• He has several theories in a lot of things—from stuff about Bunbury like her being a cannibal to stuff about how the extinction of hobos would cause the Apocalypse.

-Annabeth Karsten (mum)
-Bart Karsten (dad)
-Fiona Karsten (little sister)
ooc: Hiiiii I'm dingDong but you could call me Dot
______________________________________________lola jones currently in america
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The REAL Sorting Hat: "Ravenclaw!" This monkey is bananas.

William Zephran Cullack

birthday: December 10th , 2057
Age: 13
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 3rd

Height: 5'5
Weight - Wouldn't you like to know?
Eye Color - Sky blue
Hair Color: Blond with natural brown highlights

Parents: Julia Cullack and Timothy (Trivian)
Siblings: none
Other relatives: Ariana Castior Recently graduated Hogwarts and now lives in Romania where she is learning more about dragons.
Jaoni Hareadez - A cousin who lives in Romania and who gave Ariana the chance to work with him.
Emily Castior - Ariana’s mother, Julia Cullack’s sister.
Joshua Castior - Ariana's brother
Kaitlynnh G.C.K Mae - Distant cousin from his fathers side.
and a whole bunch more


William was born on a blistery cold morning in December. His mother was traveling to London to move in with her husband timothy when she received news of his death. William was a bright boy from birth; he seemed to know something was wrong with his mother and was very quiet, often going hours without crying. Julia did her best to raise him as a single mother and found herself having two jobs just to pay rent and food. It was a very trying time for them and he soon found out life doesn’t always go the way you want. He doesn’t know much about his background, only that he is the last member of his fathers side of the family.

Extra In-Depth Analysis -

He showed magical ability when he was 5. He was outside in the backyard on his swing set when suddenly there was no swing underneath him. He began crying and Julia ran out of the house and saw said swing ten feet away in a puddle. She screamed happily and hugged him. William remembers being very curious about what was going on and why he could do things other kids his age couldn’t and it wasn’t until his cousin, at the time 7 years old told his he was magic.

When he was old enough he went to a public muggle school to begin his teachings. There he met someone who knew about magic and they soon became close friends. He was a ruffian however, often getting into trouble for things he couldn’t control. He once turned his principals face bright green just by looking at her, which resulted in the school psychologist coming in and giving him a test to find out if he was gifted or not. Obviously he was but he faked his way through the test knowing he could be leaving his mother if he didn’t.

When his cousin Ariana started Hogwarts William grew jealous and began rebelling. He was at the age when he had to have his own way and would often find himself alone in his tree-house, until the time came to leave his childhood home and move into a small one-roomed apartment overlooking Diagon Alley. Times were hard; Julia loosing both jobs and finding work in the ministry, which sadly didn’t last long. Her talents for finding truth seemed to work wonders however and she found herself a journalist for the magazine Quibbler.

At the age of twelve he learned he had a knack for defense and potion making. IT has become his ambition in life to become an inventor, or scientist.

Personality -

William is very outspoken. When he can he will talk until he can’t talk anymore, usually about random things like butterflies and fairies. He’s developed his cousins shy side, though it quickly passes once he gets to know you (usually five seconds) He’s very inquisitive, often going to the library to read up on the latest trends or the earliest history he can find. He has a temper though and when it comes out he doesn’t remember doing whatever it is he did. William never holds a grudge, often finding that a good, well placed dung bomb is often the best approach.

Likes: Creatures, books, writing and reading, day dreaming.

Dislikes: Snotty people, people who ignore him when he’s right there. People who talk behind his back when he’s right there, centipedes

Allergies: Pineapple

Obsessions: chocolate Frogs.

Pets: A tarantula named Goldie
A black owl named Zima
A light brown Crup named Graziella.
A cat named furball
A purple Pygmy Puff named Zirbal.
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Fortress of Brilliance ღ Mommy Quad

1. Your character's name: Savannah N. Mae-Diggory

2. DOB: May 5th, 2050

3. Year/Term he/she graduated from Hogwarts: Term 21 (2068)

4. Accomplishments while at Hogwarts (eg. prefect, captain, member of quidditch team, top points earner, most detentions, etc.): She was a Beater for her house team during her third and fourth term at Hogwarts, during her second year as a Beater she filled in as Sub-Captain for Jack Langley for the first session of the Slytherins vs. Hufflepuff match; She also played as a Reserve in her fifth term. Hufflepuff Prefect and Editor of the informative Common Room paper "The Hufflepuff Herald" in both her fifth and sixth term, after which she stepped down from her beloved position due to worry that she would fail Professor Shackleton or her NEWTs from lack of time (In other words, Gracie got modded ). Never once lost a single point or recieved dentention.

5. What he/she is doing now (job, hobby, relationship, etc): After leaving Hogwarts Savannah married Curt Diggory, her boyfriend since third year and fiance since seventh during the summer of 2069 in Milan, Italy?. Since then they have settled into a home in Bristol, England; Vannah went to school for Magizoology and became a Creature Healer upon graduating from London Wizarding University. Besides pets, she and Curtis have three children: Hayley Ann Diggory (b. May 31st, 2071), Noah James Diggory (b. June 4th, 2076), and Skylar Natasha Diggory (b. August 6th, 2078).

6. Any plans for further character development: Of course. *plans to edit*

7. Link to a character bio: here

8. If possible, a picture of the character model or at least the name.
SPOILER!!: Alexis Bledel

1. Your character's name: Kaitlynnh G. C. K. Mae

2. DOB: February 14th, 2057

3. Year/Term he/she graduated from Hogwarts: Term ? (2075)

4. Accomplishments while at Hogwarts (eg. prefect, captain, member of quidditch team, top points earner, most detentions, etc.):

5. What he/she is doing now (job, hobby, relationship, etc):

6. Any plans for further character development:

7. Link to a character bio: here

8. If possible, a picture of the character model or at least the name.
SPOILER!!: Then: Mackenzie Rosman. Now: Katharine McPhee
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I love you all,
Class dismissed.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Daniel Sychev Jnr
Fourth Year

Daniel Sychev

Age: 18
Year: Retaking 7th
POB: Birmingham , England
Blood Status: Pureblood
Parentage:Father: Dmitry Sychev ( Pureblood, Russian ) Mother (deceased) : Nicola Torbinski ( Pureblood, Russian)

Dans school life has been fairly fragmented, with bit part grades. He has never really excelled in anything inparticular, hes not dumb, hes just not overly intelligent. His family life hasnt exactly helped him concentrate at school , he doesnt like to bleat about it , or to moan about how tough his life is, and even if he did he has few freinds that he could actually moan too. During his second year his Mother died, since then hes schooling went down hill, the result is that he is having to retake his seventh year at Hogwarts.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Tahir Kovac Khatri
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Payton J. McNiven
Ama!Nabs IS NAMED MINHO & Is SO Black Panther Right Now

Daphne Hopton
2054 - Present

Nicknames: Daff, Daffy, Daphadil [Notice: The use of these nicknames are only permissible to a select few and the consequences of using said nicknames without proper permission being granted could lead to unpleasant consequences of one kind or the other.]
DOB: January 20th, 2054
Age: 15
Star Sign: Capricorn
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel [Green-Brown]
Height: 5’ 1”
Heritage: Pureblood
House: Gryffindor

Family & Background:

Daphne Hopton is the first daughter of Rome Hopton and Judith McAfee. Judith was the youngest daughter of a couple from the upper middle class of the Wizarding society. Judith has an older sister, Eleanor, whom she has forbidden mention of in her home. Rome is also the youngest in his family, having two older brothers named Wisconsin and Emery.

Rome and Judith don't usually entertain guests, even family, therefore Daphne hasn't had the chance to develop any strong bonds with her uncles. Any sort of relationship with her Aunt Eleanor is entirely impossible seeing as the woman is not allowed to visit them ever. The only way Eleanor and Daphne come together is in a sentence uttered by Judith when comparing the two unlikely humans to each other.

Recently, Miss Hopton has acquired a younger sibling; a male younger sibling to take his proper place as the Hopton heir. Isaac Hopton celebrated his first year in life this past summer [Summer of 2069] in his manor surrounded by family, friends of family and the help. [Not to mention the half a dozen nannies that Judith and Rome like to keep around.]

Simply noteworthy
Daphne plays the Cello and rather well. She doesn't broadcast this information seeing as it isn't in her nature to boast about qualities she doesn't deem particularly special. She loves almond cookies, herbology, classical music, her best friend and favorite girl in the world: Celandine Toussaint and Quidditch Arms. ^__^

Amaris (Ama hehe whichever)

Profession: Erm. Couch Potato.

Favorite HP character: Close tie between Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood?

Brief Biography:
I am 22 years old. I have an Associates Degree in Communications. I live in Puerto Rico with my family and err--I like animals. hehe. *keeps it short and mysterious*

Snitchseeker: I am. An. Admin. Yes.
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Hiss!Roar!Growl!Caw! | Hermione's Double | The Little Three | Alecate

Name : LouAnn Lavender Starbucks Heathrow October Purple
Age : 15
Birthday : July 19, 2054
Born : Dorset, England
Lives : Unknown
House : Gryffindor
Current Year : Fifth
Pets : Lilac, a snowy white owl, and Violet, a black cat.

Appearance -
I. Hair colour : Dark Brown
II. Eye colour : Dark Brown
III. Height : 5'4"
IV. Weight : 115 pounds

Background - LouAnn is the pureblood daughter of Luis Antonio ("Antonio") Purple, Jr. (a former Ravenclaw from Caguas, Puerto Rico) and Lavender Andromeda Purple (a former Slytherin from Dorset, England). LouAnn has one sibling, a nine-year-old brother named Lucas Sebastian Purple. Both LouAnn's paternal and maternal grandparents are living. Her paternal grandparents, Luis Antonio Sr. and Isabel _____ (last name unknown), reside in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Her maternal grandparents, Trenton and Laura-Rose Newcomb, live in Dorset, England. Although once very close to all four of her grandparents, LouAnn has neither seen them nor contacted them in the past five years.

Extra In-Depth Analysis - My name is LouAnn Purple, and I don’t exist. I am but just a body in the population…existing amongst them, but not with them. There are no public records that indicate a little girl by my name was ever even born on July 19, 2054. My entire being has been wiped off the face of this Earth almost as if there was never even a 'me' to begin with… – from the story "LouAnn Without a Last Name" Sa13+

When she was ten-years-old, LouAnn and her younger brother Lucas, then age five, witnessed a very high profile wizarding murder in the woods just outside their Dorset, England home. Shortly afterwards, both children were placed in the Wizarding Protection Program, and LouAnn and Lucas, along with their parents Antonio and Lavender, disappeared without a trace. All public records that indicated they’d ever existed were wiped away, and the family was instructed to change their surname and relocate to a new country every two years. LouAnn has previously been known as LouAnn Starbucks, LouAnn Heathrow, and LouAnn October, before recently going through her fourth surname change. If you ask her, though, LouAnn was born a "Purple" and has been called such since the day she was born. Oddly enough, the same story was told with all three of her previous fake last names.


Name : Anna, which has come to be such a special nickname for me. It was the name of my very first charrie, and when I first joined SS (nearly two years ago), everyone started calling me by that name. So, Anna!

Birthday : March 17, 1980
Profession : Third grade teacher
Favorite HP character : Severus Snape, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. Luna is kind of growing on me, too, though.

Brief Biography : I live in Louisiana, USA, but I hope to move to Southern California at some point in my life. I enjoy being a teacher, but my greatest loves are acting, dancing, singing. I like to listen to Pop, Rock, and R&B music, and my current favorite artists are Katy Perry and Lady GaGa. I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but I do have a current favorite TV show---Glee!

Snitchseeker : I joined the site on November 8, 2007, which means I'm about to celebrate my two year SS anniversary! My favorite parts of the site are the RPGs, but I really enjoy SS as a whole and visit other areas of the site quite often. I was hired as a Diagon Alley and Ministry of Magic RPG moderator on July 8, 2007, and I'm really enjoying that! It makes me feel as if I'm giving back to a site that has truly given so much to me. I enjoy making new friends and love to roleplay, so feel free to PM me!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sinead Murphy
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Daisy Kiera Fields
Feathery Thingywhatsit | BookSnake

Full Name: Tobias Astor Rivers
Gender: Male
D.O.B: March 17, 2058
Wand: 10 ½ inches, Thestral hair, ash
Pets: Small Siamese cat named Akane
Best Subject(s): Herbology/Potions/Astrology
Worst Subject(s): Charms/Transfiguration
Physical Description: Tobias has straight, dark hair that he prefers to keep on the short side, with the exception of his fourth year. (His first three years at Hogwarts, he had curly hair due to his Aunt thinking he’d be cuter that way. At breakfast before his first visit to Diagon Alley, she slipped a long-term curly hair potion into his morning juice.) His eyes are hazel and shift around on the brown scale – no magic needed. Tobias is built thinly and is of average height for his age.
Personality: Tobias is a mild, gentle Slytherin. Although not power hungry, his lack of money inspires him to be resourceful in all aspects of life. Self-preservation and protection of what he cares for comes first. He has ambitious goals to own his own Apothecary – a larger version of his mother’s Healer job in their village. He is determined to succeed in this regard. Tobias never met his father, since he left Beatrice Rivers before the birth of his son. This desertion convinced Tobias that he will never let anyone down if he can help it. As kind and caring as he is, Tobias can also be temperamental. Rude or harsh people often push him over the edge, and then he lashes out.
Motto: Use what you have and take what you can get.
Background: In 2056, in the Scottish town of Nairn, the rich and charming Maxmillian Rose started a relationship with the new family physician – the beautiful but poor Beatrice Rivers. Where Beatrice hoped for true love and bettering her position in life, Maxmillian saw only a no-strings-attached relationship. So when Beatrice became pregnant, Maxmillian had her dismissed and banned from Nairn without warning.

The strong and independent Beatrice made her way back to her hometown, a small Cotswold village called Melusine Grove. The town, a poor magical community hidden from Muggle eyes and intrusions, is home to Beatrice’s slightly crazy sister Mabel. She moved into Mabel’s clean and simple home to await the birth of her child.

Tobias was born a few months later. During the day he stayed with his aunt, helping her garden, cook, and clean as he got older. This left his mother free to administer potions and medical aid to the townspeople; when Tobias was seven, her position as town Healer was accented with the annual check-up of village protections against Muggles. Beatrice’s job provides a meager income for the family.

By age eight, Tobias was actively helping his mother and aunt concoct potions. Mabel gave him a plot of land to grow what he wished, on one condition – each year, he must grow a hedge of blue roses around his garden. Happy to comply, Tobias started growing ingredients for himself and his mother.

Beatrice tries to spoil Tobias as much as possible, buying him used Herbology and Potions books, occasional Chocolate Frogs (Tobias has a small card collection), and (very occasionally) semi-rare plants.

Tobias is happy with his life, but attending Hogwarts is a change he cannot wait to make. He has high hopes to learn all the Herbology and Potions possible; after graduation, he aims to own an Apothecary.

Mabel has felt since Tobias’ birth that the boy should have had curly hair.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Professor McFarlane

Name: Maidee Lette McFarlane

Age: 24

DOB: 10th Oct 2044

Hogwarts: 2055-2062

Marital Status: Single

Growing up in Scotland, Maidee was more likely to be found swimming along the bottom of the Ness, hunting for Nessie, and running around than to be studying, but as a Ravenclaw she was fairly smart, though it was usually in how to get out of trouble than anything people really found "important". That didn't matter to her, however, as she always knew she was bound for something great.

She got an internship at NASA in the United States a couple years early due to her fire and adventure, but was unable to pursue much more due to speculations on the part of her more jealous peers, and the rumor mongering that was the result of said speculations. After she returned home, she enjoyed her time running about and heard about the opening at Hogwarts.

Personality: She's usually bubbly and fun-loving, but when angered will explode (all that red hair and all)

Appearance: blue/green eyes, curly red hair and pale-white skin

Height: 5ft 5"

Hair: long, red, and curly

Eyes: blue/green


We'll always be together cuz we're both under the moon
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
NeeNee Omniscient Omnipotent Pie Maker

Name: Professor Julian Dominic Kade
Nicknames: Julian, JD
Age: 36
Date of Birth: November 1st 2034
Place of Birth: Rye, Sussex
Years at Hogwarts: 2045-2052
House: Ravenclaw
Marital status: NOOOOO THANK YOU!
Current Occupation: Charms Professor
Previous Occupations: Standup Comedian, Political Satirist – Now that Cooper is out of office he has a lot less to make fun of, Short Order Cook, Fisherman - it's the family business.
Mother: Bernadette Kade
Father: Richard Kade
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Bluish-Grey
Height: 6’ 1”
Best Subjects: Charms and Transfiguration
Worst Subjects: History of Magic and Potions

Personality: Back in school, Julian was that mouthy kid that spent a lot of time in detention. He was intelligent, but it was a well guarded secret. Most of his talent and intelligence was applied to making people laugh or finding new ways to create havoc and mayhem. He still loves a good joke and some people would consider him a bit outspoken and unorthodox, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Julian is by no means an over achiever, the Ravenclaw in him is more his wit than his work ethic, and people who go the extra mile don’t impress him.

Interests: Julian likes theatre, Zane Grey stories, true crime novels, rock music, Muggle video games, hockey, Quidditch, all things nautical, politics, and math for some strange reason. He likes wearing new socks, hates when they have holes in the toes.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Mercer Branxton
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Genevieve James
Minister's Office

x7 x8
Made of Awesome | Ern-la the Best-wa | TZ's Apogee

Gaellen Lennox Tate

Nicknames: Casey/Case, Tate
Age: 36 (as of 9/1/70)
Birthdate: September 1, 2034

Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown, worn short
Height: 6'2"

Years at Hogwarts: 2045-2052
House: Gryffindor

History: (A table for Kris's benefit)
2052-54: Travel
2054-2050: Special Services for the International Confederation of Wizards (1 year of training)
2060-2062: Recruited by International Task Force and sent to Tibet for Yeti Patrol
2062-2067: Promoted to the Voldemortist Task Force in Europe
2068: Promoted to European Field Commander

Gaellen "Casey" Tate is the youngest son of Madog and Miriam Tate by more than a few years. His three older brothers were out of the house by the time he came along, leaving Tate to be the amusing afterthought for two older parents. His dark looks and broad build are a significant departure from the fair, slim Tates; it has always been obvious that Case is adopted. His mother was fond and affectionate; his father was willing to put up with her whims and treated Case with amused detachment.

At Hogwarts, Case was a bit of a troublemaker and much more interested in enjoying his time at school than in really learning anything. He was a known prankster, although his broad Gryffindor streak kept him from actively bullying anyone. It was at Hogwarts he developed a clear sense of right and wrong (which he interpreted loosely for himself) and a broad streak of fatalism. After school, Case's father paid for his son to follow in the family tradition of spending a year abroad in an attempt to get to 'know himself'. One year turned into two, but in due time, Case found himself training for the International Wizarding Convention's Special Services, a highly regarded security detail. The job was not at all what his parents had envisioned for Case, but he found it a heck of a lot more interesting than any desk jobs.

After only 5 years at IWC, Case was recruited by the International Task Force, an elite international law enforcement body with a broad review. He started at the bottom rung, on Yeti patrol in Tibet, but after only a few years, he garnered a sweet assignment in Europe. As late as spring, 2070, Case was Field Commander, overseeing the team seeking Voldemortist. Unfortunately, due to some political fallout, Case had to choose between a demotion to Northern Canada as what is fondly known as a "Sasquatch Sitter" or acting as handler for Voldemortist at Hogwarts next year.

For the most part, Casey has retained his good-natured and playful ways. He can still be a jokester, although he has a better sense for when it is welcome. After his time in law enforcement, however, Case is very task-oriented and all good feelings disappear when there is important work to be done. He can go very quickly from being your chum and buddy to pulling rank when it is called for, and he has a very clear sense for structuring the hierarchy of leadership. He is ultimately thick-skinned and doesn't take most things personally, but Case is also loyal to a fault and will beat your face in if you look askance as someone he feels protective of.

In his past jobs, and now at Hogwarts, Case feels clear boundaries for making what is work WORK and leaving play out of it. He has definite opinions about relationships with those you work with, and about on-duty behavior, and those will probably come out during the term. Aside from a bit of interaction through the years, Case has almost no experience working with children and will probably struggle with not treating them like some of his officers. Part of his Gryffindor streak includes a certain stubbornness and belief in his own infallibility, which means there will be some headbutting next term. BRING IT ON.

* The Casey nickname (actually K.C. for those who care) is an old family nickname that somehow manages to sneak back into usage wherever he goes. Feel free to call him by whatever name feels most appropriate to your character. The story behind it is colorful... and he doesn't tell it. Don't ask him. But you could ask me.
* Casey has a son who is now about 16 and lives in Italy. It probably will not come up in RP, but I just like knowing these things. (If you point out to me that he was only 20 when he had this son, I will bite you. I KNOW.)
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Hiss!Roar!Growl!Caw! | Hermione's Double | The Little Three | Alecate

Gabriella Jayne Ashford
Model: Reese Witherspoon

Full Name: Gabriella Jayne Ashford ("Ellie" to family and people who know her well)
Date of Birth: December 25, 2039
Current Age: 30, but she'll turn 31 on Christmas Day [in the RPG]
Years Attended Hogwarts: 2051 - 2058
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Current Hogwarts Staff Position: Healer
Former Occupation(s): Healer School student, University student, Broadway actress

Father: William James Ashford ("Will") - Slytherin
Mother: Emma Jayne (Newcomb) Ashford - Gryffindor
Siblings: Two older brothers (twins) and two older sisters (twins).
William "Austin" Ashford (Born 2037) - Slytherin
Zachary James Ashford (Born 2037) - Slytherin
Jennifer Lee Ashford (Born 2035) - Ravenclaw
Melissa Ann Ashford (Born 2035) - Hufflepuff
Pets: A short-haired tan Chihuahua named Burrito and a snowy white owl named The First Noel ("Noel").

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Marital Status: Single

Personality: For the most part, Ellie is very outgoing and easy to get along with. She's one of those people who usually have a good attitude and a smile on their face, qualities that are very helpful when it comes to healing. She treasures her friends, and once she gets close to you, you'll end up having a friend for life.

She's competitive by nature, though, and when she senses a good competition, she'll often times unknowingly go above and beyond in her endeavors. She also has a very tough interior beneath that good attitude and smile and has no problem standing her ground when she feels as if she's been mistreated or misled.

History: In December of the year 2039, Will Ashford moved his family of six (Ellie had yet to be born) to Manhattan, New York in order for him to further a business deal he'd struck with a former Hogwarts classmate. A few weeks later, Gabriella Jayne Ashford was born, making her the only Ashford child to have ever been born outside Great Britain. Oddly enough, she's also the only Ashford child who doesn't have a twin sibling. Perhaps that may have contributed to her uniqueness then early success in show business, for it was sometime during her second Broadway show when she received the letter inviting her to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Intrigued by the opportunity to learn magic and meet other magical children, Ellie convinced her parents to allow her not to be home-schooled like the older Ashford children. Will and Emma Ashford didn't need too much convincing, though. The two purebloods had been having a difficult time raising so many magical children in a city so heavily populated with muggles. After convincing Will's business partner to relocate the business to Great Britain, the Ashford family of seven packed up and moved back to Great Britain to send all five of their children to Hogwarts.

A Gryffindor, Ellie attended Hogwarts from 2051 - 2058. During a Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff game in 2057, a Hufflepuff beater accidentally knocked a bludger right into Ellie's chest, knocking the Gryffindor keeper right off her broom. When the accident required immediate attention from the school's Healer and Ellie had to spend the remainder of the day in the Hospital Wing, she decided that she just might want to consider a future career in healing. The deal was sealed just after her graduation from Hogwarts, when she was accepted into Healer School at the age of seventeen.

Upon graduating Healer School in 2061, Ellie moved back to Manhattan to once again try her luck in theater while she "found her place in the world." She played a minor role in a small Broadway show while working at Starbucks a few days out of the week. Ellie also attended a muggle university, where she studied a variety of topics from mathematics to botany to history. It was during her university years when she met and then briefly dated a muggle man by the name of Ryan Ashton Collins, a med school student with a promising future. When Ryan unexpectedly grew terminally ill and Ellie couldn't heal him the old-fashioned muggle way, she realized she missed healing and knew that she belonged back in the wizarding world in the career she had originally set out to be in. When she was notified of the Healer opening at Hogwarts school, Ellie immediately applied for the position. She was hired to fill the open spot shortly thereafter and made a permanent move back to the world she was born to be a part of.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cora Dredworth
Sixth Year

connoisseur of comfort ❅ Crayola's Wibby Mrs Alex Turner ❅ Netflix and meow

Name: Mildred Pilliwickle.
Date of Birth: 27 July, 1983.
Occupation: Transfiguration Professor / World Pro Knitter.

Hair: Despite countless years of using various Primpernelle’s products to keep the gray at bay, Mildred finally gave in. She know sports a nice, blue-rinsed perm and is quite happy – if it was good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for her.
Eyes: Big, warm and dark brown.
Height: 5’3”
Weight: ... that’s a bit too nosy.
General appearance: For her age, Mildred is in fairly good shape and health, albeit a little hunched over thanks to years of gravity. She’s a little short and dumpy ... or in her own words – cuddly. Wrinkles have gotten the better of her, as have the age spots that cover her hands and face.


Mildred Pilliwickle was born in Yorkshire, England to your average, pureblood wizarding family. She had a happy childhood and attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Placed in Helga Hufflepuff’s house, Mildred attended the magical school during the same years as the famous Harry Potter.. she kept herself to herself during her school years, and despite the war managed to graduate with some of the top grades.

After leaving school, the young Mildred had various small odd-jobs.. but it wasn’t until her mid-thirties that she came out of her shell. She raised quite a scandal and was the subject of much gossip in the wizarding world when she married Minister of Magic candidate, Wendell Pembroke who was double her age. What a coincidence the marriage ended when Pembroke didn’t get the top job. To this day, Mildred denies rumours of using him for material benefits and she kept the old copies of the Daily Prophet that reported the news. Hey, not everyone can say they graced the covers of the popular newspaper, can they?

Having made quite a name for herself thanks to her highly driven attitude, and being a bit of a socialite, Mildred was soon scouted out by Gladrags Wizard Wear, home of designer robes – she was quite a dish in her younger years, you know – and modelled some of their more sophisticated ranges of clothes and accessories. She appeared in many fashion magazines, including Fashion or Finite?.. and yes, she’s got cuttings of those stored away too. Age soon got the better of her though, and despite the aging spells and beauty products she used, Gladrags eventually had to let her go.

It wasn’t until the year 2043, when she reached the ripe old age of sixty that Mildred planned on marrying again – this time to Herbologist, Herbert Digby. Before they had a chance to marry however, Digby died in a freak accident and was eaten by the Venemous Tentacular he had been trying to tame.

Knitting became a passion of Mildred’s, and nowadays she likes nothing better than to sit down with a cup of hot cocoa and just ... well, knit.


Mildred Pilliwickle went from a good-natured teen, to an ambitious, social-climbing young woman.. and finally to your typical, lovable oldie. She can be extremely sweet – sometimes to a rather sickening degree. She’s very tolerant and patient and rarely ever loses her temper.

Being on the older side, Mildred can sometimes appear a little slow and forgetful.. she’s genuinely kind-hearted, and simply says what’s on her mind – which is normally just nonsense. Not having any children on her own, Mildred loves nothing other than to Mother EVERYONE. She’s notorious for smothering poor, unsuspecting people with giant hugs.

Mildred often comes across as a bit of a crazy, batty old lady, but actually she .... no. She IS a crazy, batty old lady.



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Ministry RPG Name:
Dmitry Konstantinov
International Cooperation

Ministry RPG Name:
Joshua Falsworth
Accidents & Catastrophes

x1 x2
cœur perfide | super prosecutor | Ameh's Squishy

Alexander Hyeung

Father=Young-Jae Hyeung
Mother= Elise Hyeung nee McCarthy

Sister= Alexis Hyeung (younger)
Brother= Young-Soo Hyeung (older)

Alex(preferred), Lex(by his younger sister)

fourteen going on fifteen or fifteen going on sixteen in Korea



September 4th 2055

Seoul, South Korea


11 inch willow with crushed basilisk fang core



Alex was born in Seoul to his American mother and Korean father at their apartment. He had a tricky birth which left his mother weak for months. Because of this Alex lacked the nutrients normally gained in these first few months, having been put straight onto formula. However he was a healthy child and only suffered the normal scrapes one would expect from falling off a broom and getting into fights with an older brother.

When Alex was six his mother gave birth to his sister Alexis who he adores with every fibre of his being. Alexis' birth was also tricky putting strain on his mother and because of this she was forbidden from having any more children. Because of this all three children were spoiled to make up for the large family his mother had originally wanted.

When Alex turned ten he got accepted into a prestigious magic academy in Korea which he attended until now. The school followed the same curriculum as Hogwarts does but added in several "muggle classes" such as muggle defense, woodworking, English, Music and cooking. These classes were the electives and a person had to choose three of these to take to pass every year. Alex decided to take defense, English(because he knew it would be an easy pass) and Music. Through these classes Alex became a black belt in Karate as well as discovering his talent for singing. He has a phenomenal range but is actually embarrassed about the ability and doesn't tell many people about it. It is more something he enjoys doing in the shower than in front of other people. This is probably the only area in which Alex is shy, normally being a rather confidant person.

Alex's family moved to England early in the summer of 2071 due to his parents starting up a muggle business which was going global. While Korea would always be the HQ of the operation they had decided to open up a branch in London and as his parents were perfectionists when it came to their business they decided to oversee the first years of the branch. That said they moved the whole family, the two children they still controlled, to England with them where it was decided that Alex would start at Hogwarts as a fifth year student. A decision Alex wasn't entirely overjoyed about when it was first announced. However the idea has slowly grown on him and he now looks forward to attending the school and making new friends.
Alex is rather self-assured and is fond of being alone. While he enjoys spending time with a group he also treasures the quiet time that he doesn't too often get to enjoy when dealing with his sister. He is friendly when it comes to meeting new people but there is often something reserved in the way he speaks to them. If he meets you and isn't reserved at first then you are a rarity and it shows that he believes that he can trust you from the first impression that you've made.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Giselle Barrington
Third Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sable Ileana Armstrong
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Skye Tamerlane
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Jemma McCrae
Minister's Office
x5 x3
Shoe!Girl │ Rebel Ravie │ Confundus Queen │ RP Addict

Name: Adrienne Renée Mercer

Age: 17

Birthday: February 19, 2053

Year/House: Seventh/Ravenclaw

Heritage: Pureblood

Wand: Holly, unicorn tail hair, 12 inches

Best subjects: Charms, Divination

Worst subjects: Ancient Runes, Potions

Patronus: a winged horse


Height: 5’6”
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: crystal blue


Parents: Steven Mercer and Rose (Devereaux) Mercer
Siblings: Christopher Mercer (20)
Riley Alexander Mercer (17 - twin brother, Slytherin)
Grandmother: Marie Devereaux (lives in France)

Best Friend (sort of surrogate sister): Chloe Audrey Sullivan (17, Hufflepuff)

Other Friends: Torin Kane (Hufflepuff)
Raven Athlon (Slytherin)
Miles Vorkosigan (Ravenclaw)
Fia Allister (Hufflepuff)
Phoebus McAllister (Ravenclaw)

Pets: Rochester, a snowy owl, three pygmy puffs named Christian (red), Tory (pink) and Dolce (purple), and Renoir (Renny), a Granian colt who lives at her grandmother’s estate in France.

Personality: Growing up the baby of the Mercer family, not to mention the only girl, Adrienne developed a bit of a tendency to act a little spoiled sometimes, as well as a feistiness that only comes from having a twin brother who constantly looks for ways to annoy her. While she was sorted into Ravenclaw upon entry to Hogwarts at eleven years old, and she reflects that house’s love of books and learning, as well as its intelligence, there is also a little streak inside her of the Slytherin (which is less curious when you consider her twin brother was sorted into Slytherin). Her claws especially come out when someone threatens her shoes or pets, since she is extremely protective of both. Sometimes though, it may almost seem she cares about her shoes more. But in general, she is a friendly, polite, intelligent sixteen-year-old girl, with the inherited ability of Legilimency which she tries to hold back on using even though she's developed a good amount of control of it over the years, which is willing to give most people the benefit of the doubt. She values her friendships, and would do anything for her friends and family (even if sometimes they drive her up the wall). She also doesn’t overlook the usefulness of a good prank now and then, as long as it’s not done to her, and is a bit clueless when it comes to knowing if a boy likes her.

Background: Adrienne was born on February 19, 2053, two minutes after her twin brother Riley, and started her life as the only daughter of Steven and Rose Mercer. Rose, originally known as Rose Devereaux, was a star chaser for the Quiberon Quafflepunchers when she was younger, but gave that up a few years after meeting Steven, who works for the British Ministry in the Department of International Magical Cooperation. After they got married, Rose moved with Steven to England, where they currently live on a fairly large estate with their three children and any pets.

At a young age, they discovered their daughter had inherited the Devereaux ability of Legilimency, which had skipped over Rose, although her mother Marie had it and was fairly skilled with using it. So the annual trip to the Devereaux estate in France started, so Marie could help little Adrienne learn about her ability and use it more appropriately. At first, Rose went with her, taking both twins, but as Adrienne got older, she was allowed to travel on her own. Mainly after her and Riley turned eleven and started going to Hogwarts, since her being sorted into Ravenclaw convinced their parents she was responsible enough to be trusted to go to France on her own.

At Hogwarts, things were made easier since Adrienne had her best friend Chloe there with her, even though Chloe had been sorted into Hufflepuff. Oddly enough, her brother’s best friend, Phoebus McAllister, had ended up a Ravenclaw along with her, which certainly made things interesting among the foursome, although it still sort of remained split along gender lines. But Adrienne has managed to make a niche for herself at school, playing Quidditch and going to classes when she isn’t doing something or other with Chloe or anyone else. And, going into her seventh year, the foursome of Adrienne, Riley, Chloe and Phoebus has gotten more confused, which is something that is on Adrienne's mind often. Not to mention the stress of dealing with NEWTs on top of the fact she was made Quidditch Captain.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Canaan Prescott
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Rhett Weston
The Disappearing Girl | | Swooping Bowtruckle

Alexander Williamson

Nicknames: Xander, Xanderman, Superman
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 4th
Age: 14 (Turning 15)
DOB/POB: January 14, 2055; Belfast, Northern Ireland
Blood: Half
Wand: Oak with an Abraxan hair core, 12 inches
Pet: None yet.
Physical description: Shaggy brown hair, brown eyes
More About My Character:
Xander is an extremely flirtatious youngin'. He loves to be around people of the female gender (especially Sylvia Parker and Brody Summers), and tends to make a fool of himself. It doesn't really matter to him though, because it's all in good fun. He has no best friend, which may be surprising. But it doesn't bother him, because he has a lot of friends anyway (like Torin Kane).

His family is not rich, nor extremely poor - but average. He is the oldest and has three younger sisters, two of which are twins. His parents are Liam and Bella Williamson, of which his mother is a pureblood and his father is a Muggleborn wizard.

Xander tries his best in school, and is not the smartest in his year. He tries his best, and that always seems to work out just fine for him.

He's still branching out. SAY HAI TO HIM x3

Favorite Subjects: Potions and Transfiguration
Least Favorite Subjects: Ancient Runes and Arithmancy
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Potterdom Mod
Book Club Mod

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Posts: 56,902

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Moritz Schultz (#0f667e)
Sixth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nancy Schultz (#ac6f77)
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Jabari Rahal (#c54031)

Ministry RPG Name:
Calloway Bennigan (#b8b323)
Accidents & Catastrophes
x11 x1
curly haired prefect - "sometimes I get angry!" - 30/90 - *chicken emoji* - probably @ Disney - I speak dog

Jack Fritzera - Head Boy

Name: Jack Tyler Fritzera
Date of Birth: March 1st 2053
Age: 17
Eye Color: Brown/Hazel-ish
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 6'1"

Personality: Jack is a very easy going type of guy, more content to sit back and watch drama unfold than get involved in it himself. He is very talkative and likes getting to know everyone, and he tries to be as nice as possible to everyone he meets. He loves making people happy and when people dislike him, he tends to let it go to his head and often does stupid things trying to win their acceptance again.

History: Jack comes from a large family--he has two older siblings named Jeremy (who is a successful potions researcher) and Jennifer (who is a professor of Charms at Beauxbatons) and two twin siblings who are a year younger than him--Justin and Jasmine, both of whom are in Hufflepuff and the complete opposites of Jack personality wise.

Jack was born and raised in Leeds, England, and is the very distant descendant of two Hufflepuff families--the Macmillans and the Fritzeras. Everyone in Jack's family had been sorted into Hufflepuff, except for Jack, who for some unforeseen reason was chosen for Gryffindor instead. This made him the black sheep of the family, and ever since he has been trying to earn the respect of his family by making his mark in Hogwart's history.

Up until his fifth year, Jack was a complete loner, often lurking in the back of the classroom observing others. However, when his OWL year came around he was sick of hiding in the back and decided to try and break out of his shell a bit. He tried out for Quidditch and was later promoted to Captain, finally earning some respect from his sport loving father. He managed to make a few friends and over the past two years has become more outgoing and talkative with his classmates. However the stress of his Quidditch position and his recent invitation to join the Ballycastle Bats once he graduates has made Jack a bit of a worrier, and ever since his OWL year he has struggled with stress and anxiety (but don't worry, he has an inhaler!)

Over the summer, Jack made the decision to resign from his Captain post and was later promoted to Head Boy. He's looking forward to lending a helping hand to the staff and other prefects while doing his best to earn as many points as possible, earn his NEWTs and keep his spot on the Quidditch team--without having an anxiety attack.

Simply noteworthy: Jack LOVES astronomy. LOVES LOVES LOVES it. If it floats in space, he is fascinated by it. He is also very good at Herbology and absolutely rubbish at History of Magic and Potions. He has a frog named Jupiter, who was a runaway Transfiguration experiment who jumped into his bag after class one day. He also has a cat named Jinx, who spends more time with his siblings in the Hufflepuff common room than with him. He finally has an owl named Xavier who has stayed at home this semester due to poor health.

OOC: What up what up? I'm Lissy

Birthday: December 12th, 1990
Profession: College Student/Professional Fangirl
Favorite HP character: Neville Longbottom fo shooooo!

About Me: I'm a 19 year old college student who is currently attending school out in the middle of a cornfield in Illinois. I am studying to get my History degree with a minor in German, and someday I would like to work in a museum of some sort, but since I'm kind of iffy on what I want to do I'm still pursuing my teaching certification, just in case When I'm not on SS, I'm probably watching a movie since I am a HUGE movie buff, or the Chicago White Sox cause I'm a die hard fan. I'm also a bowler, although currently I'm taking a break since I've been doing it non-stop for the past four years for high school.

Snitchseeker: My previous charrie, Cale Newell, was prefect for three terms, and once Jack got here, he was promoted to Quidditch Captain for a term and a half Now Jack has been bumped up to Head Boy, and I totally love being in a prefecting position again (sort of ) Outside of the RP, I'm also a Department Head for Level 3 in the Ministry, and I've been there since we started about 2 years ago. I also making graphics in my shop in MM's "Late Night Cosmic Bowling" and I'm a writer for the Quill and the Yearbook. As if I am not busy enough I also am the VP for the Neville Longbottom FC and the Pressie of the Matthew Lewis Fan Club. If you ever want to RP just give me a shout! Jack loves making new friends
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rishi Kapoor
First Year
Film Addict! | ♥ Suraj Sharma ♥| TIGRESS!

Name: Lucy Dawn
Nicknames/Aliases: Auntie Lucy , Missy Lulu (Super-heroine name), Cy-Cy, Hauntress.
Age: 15
DOB: October 8, 2054
Location Born In: Singapore
Location of Residence: Ireland
House: Ravenclaw
iii. Height: 5'7"
iv. Weight: 125lbs

Background -
Constance Dawn, a half-blood witch, and Robin Dawn, a muggle met in an unknown situation that has never been revealed to their daughter. While vacationing out in Singapore, Constance, Lucy Dawn. However, at the time of her birth, Constance had passed, leaving Robin to take care of and raise Lucy. Before her passing, Constance revealed that she was a witch and that their daughter will most likely have magical talent as well. Her last words to her husband were "Raise her to be the best there is out in our world."
At first, Robin was keen on leaving her at an adoption center until he realized how much his love for Constance and her haunting words had brought him to grow more guilty with every thought or desire of casting Lucy away. As time went on, Robin became more and more accepting of Lucy's possible magical talents, noticing the strange things that occurred as she grew older. He loved her unconditionally, and had made sure to keep his promise on raising Lucy well.
Before moving to Ireland, Lucy and her father resided in New York, New York.
Lucy had always known from the age of 2 that she had magical talent so that by the age of 11 before her letter had arrived, when her father sat her down to explain how her mother was a witch and that she, herself, was one, too, Lucy immediately "Daddy, I don't think this conversation is necessary. I know my mom was a witch. I am, too!" and walked away before Robin could say a word. Prior to attending Hogwarts, she attended 5 years of elementary school in New York, never making any friends, fearing the idea that her magical talent might be unleashed and known to those who knew her well.
Her first four years at Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw were spent by herself, mainly, as a quiet and independent girl. It wasn't until this year that she decided to bring herself to be well-known at school. What that means for herself and everyone else, no one knows...

Extra In-Depth Analysis -
Lucy Dawn is an independent, strong, calm, and quiet young woman who has grown up cheerfully and has always been noted as a bright child. She's not well-known in school as she rarely ever brings attention to herself. The only people that do seem to notice her are her professors and, of course, her father, Robin Dawn who is proud of her more than anyone in the world. Having attended five years of muggle school, the habits of solitude that she built up there were continued at Hogwarts. Lucy has always wanted to make time to create friends but it has always been her fear that the moment she made social interactions, her academic life will be disturbed. However, her father has sat her down multiple times throughout the years that it has finally sunk in to her brain that it is necessary to create social relationships with those her age in order to succeed in life. Maybe not trust them, but at least be comfortable with them enough to trust them to some sort of extent.
Growing with just a father has never been an issue for Lucy and tends to something she's rather proud of. While most people her age tend to whine and complain about not having a mother, father, or both, she admires the fact that she is missing something in her life, though once in a while, she will secretly desire a motherly figure in her life, however, she never realizes it or has given such thoughts much attention. Nevertheless, life has never been so tough for her but that's not to say she's a spoiled child.

Likes: Ice Cream, Sugar cookies, brick walls, glass, sitting on the floor, clouds, being a super-heroine.

Dislikes: Pie, the color orange, crowds, germs.

Pets: She has one Ural Owl named Artemis. She was named after Artemis Chosen, one of the two shopkeepers at Eeylops Owl Emporium. She also owns a pink pygmy puff named Chartreuse, and a yellow pygmy puff named Teal.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cullen Maximus Pavus Trevelyan
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Zacharias David McMillan
Minister's Office
Science Freak | Royalty in Love

Name: Daniel Robert James Potter Kaiser
Birthday: November 18
Age: 16
House: Gryffindor

Heritage: Pureblood/Romanian/English Bloodlines
Family: No blood relatives
~Father: Vis Count Alexander Stalin Kaiser (D)
~Mother: Anastacia Ginevra Copernicus Potter (D)

i. Hair Color: Black Hair (original)
ii. Eye Color: Ebony eyes
iii. Height: 6' 1"
iv. Weight: Approximately 168 lbs.
v. Defining Physical Features: Toned and fit

Wand: 12" Maple wood with Phoenix feather core
Patronus: Bald Eagle
Special skills: Morphomagus (From his father's heritage; and which he don't show) and Animagus - but not yet perfected.

Strongest Subjects: Transfiguration, DADA and Charms
Weakest Subject: Muggle Studies

Personality: Silent-type person. But once you know him better, he was corky and with a great sense of humor. He is also loving, caring and ready to stand for other and for himself is threatened.

Background (nutshell):
Daniel was born and grew up in their manor in Eastern Romania. He was well taken cared of by his father who is an Auror and his mother who is a Ministry of Romania employee and a scientist.

After his parents died when he was 9, he was left with a big house and a fortune. He was accompanied by the family butler Ramses, and was looked after by his godfather, Daniel Henry Smith. He used all his time practicing what his father taught him. He practiced his being an eagle animagus and also his talent of being a morphamagus.

When he was at the right age for school, he left Romania and settled in England, where he is currently studying at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

He is now currently in love with a Slytherin girl, Raven and is steadily dating. He is planning on rejoining the Quidditch team this year and excelling in academics after the OWLs.

Kristoff (snow Owl)
Cookie and Marshal are owls
Salamander was a Snake
and Spot is a dog

House elves:
Kroony, Shasha and Torik

OOC; I am jay

Birthday: November 28, 1987
Profession: Nurse, IT specialist and Professional Internet gamer
Favorite HP Character:

About Me: I live int Phillipines Australia. I love reading and writing and singing and arts and crafts. But nowadays, I am hooked to the graphic designing.

SnitchSeeker: I joined SS December 2004 and was not too active back then. I joined my first term of 2005 and got into troubles with other students and didn't had the time to RP back then so, stopped and now Daniel is about to graduate!!!
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Antipodean Opaleye
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Maggie Woods
Sixth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Levi Jourdan
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Hwang Minji
Games & Sports

Ministry RPG Name:
Finlay Bracken
x4 x2
PHILOMATH ❅ not one atom, but two ♪ ♪ made of starstuff ❅ def main():

Thank you Cassirin!

Name: Rachel Danielle Rider
-Nickname: Rach, Rachie, Ray (only by her uncle and not used very often)

Date of Birth: The fifth of April, 2053

Year in School: Seventh *sob*

House: Ravenclaw

Heritage: Muggleborn

Home: Hogsmeade

Wand: Mahogany, dragon heartstring, 11¼ inches

Pets: In Hogwarts with her - A snowy owl called Sky and a HUGE FATcat called Cloudy.
At home - A dog called Russ (Sirius)

Physical Description:
-Height: 1m 70
-Build: Athletic and skinny
-Hair colour: Brown
-Eye colour: Grey (the tone depends on the lighting)

More About My Character:

-Personality: Rachel has changed quite a bit from the shy, scared first year she used to be. She's much more confident and allows herself to do stupid things for the fun of it without thinking about it too much. She is a very broad minded person and does not tolerate stereotypes, even thought she occasionally uses them herself. As a typical Ravenclaw, she tends to over analyze unimportant things in her head; but when it comes to serious matters she regularly blurts out what she thinks – and usually believes that those comments are stupid (very inconvenient, but true). She's very talkative as opposed to what she used to be, and has many great acquaintances at Hogwarts that wouldn’t be able to live without.

Rachel is an extremely self-judgmental person, and always worries about how she might appear in front of others. Back in her younger years, that only included verbal comments and jokes but lately she has grown to care a lot about her appearance and tries a lot harder to look pretty than she used to.

She dislikes overly-confident people, people who believe that they are above everyone else except for Willow Kovak and can get really annoyed when someone acts stupidly on purpose. She can tolerate people who aren't particularly smart, but she absolutely loathes talking to people with no common sense or a sense of what's going on around them. Unless they're hilariously funny, in which case she excuses them as simply slightly "ditzy".

Rachel takes her school work and duties very seriously, and being a Prefect only boosted that (she was prefect from her fourth year right through to her sixth year - three whole years). She likes the idea of helping out others, although she will be more inclined to assist those who come and ask for help rather than the ones who just expect the Prefects to help them with anything. She is exceptionally sharp-eyed when it comes to spotting those shy young first years who would love some help but are just too timid to ask for it, as she once was.

Her experience with boys over her previous years had taught her a lot about herself, what she can and can't tolerate and just how vulnerable she can be. Entering her last year, Rachel is hoping to be able to fit in some 'Rachel' time as well as studying for her NEWTs.

-Strongest Classes: Astronomy, Charms, Arithmancy, Transfiguration

-Weakest Classes: Herbology, Divination

The Whole Shebang
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cassidy Burke
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Léopold Bouchard
Magical Creatures
x6 x3
SPNer | Whovian | Sherlockian | | Artist | Cornhusker | Blackhawks

Made by LezleighD

Name: Pierre Antoine Devereux
Age: 17
House: Slytherin

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Wand: 10 and 3 quarter inches, cherry wand, with unicorn hair core, swishy

Mother: Penelope Devereux
Father: Francis Devereux
Info: Pierre grew up in a small muggle neighborhood in France. He went to Beuxbaton's as soon as he was old enough. He became top of his class immeadiatially and no one even came close. Then, his father got a job at the English Ministry and he was forced to move to England with his family. Pierre is very resentful towards this as he was guaranteed to graduate in the top spot. Now, he has to start all over and try and make his way back up.

Other Things
Best Subjects: Potions & Transfiguration
Worst Subjects: Astronomy & CoMC
Pets: Pierre had a cat that died recentally. He just purchased a new pet ferret named Hermes.

SPOILER!!: Hermes

OOC: I'm Sarah. I'm 16 and I live in the US. I will also respond to Grape. Feel free to VM or PM me if you want to RP.
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Formerly: itsgisselx3
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Amari Rey
Fifth Year
Bashful Bowtruckle ♥ ♥ Lassie's Sweet Pea

Name : Whitney Ashford
Age : 15
DOB : May 27, 2055
House : Slytherin obviously

Appearance -
i. Hair colour : Brown
ii. Eye colour : Brown
iii. Height : 5'1
iv. Weight : 110 lbs.

SPOILER!!: Background

Whitney is "half and half." Her father was a wizard while her mother is a muggle. She was born in London, England, which is also where she is currently living (when she isn't away at Hogwarts). Not long before her 11th birthday Whitney found out about the death of her father. Before Whit was born her father was in some "bad business" but stopped dealing with it when he met her mother. Twelve years later "they" went looking for him and, sadly, they found him. Since then, Whitney and her mother who were once very distant, have slowly been growing closer and closer.

Personality- Hyper is the one word that truly describes Whitney. During her first year at Hogwarts she was very shy but by her second year she had broken out of her shell and has been pretty outgoing ever since. She is one of the nicest people anyone could ever meet, she is hardly ever upset at anyone, and she generally always has a smile on her face.

Whit is definitely clumsy and she's met most of her friends by bumping into them. Whenever she sees one of her friends, whether she's close to them or just met them the other day, she will automatically run up to them and give them a huge hug. Everyone likes to feel missed, right?

  • Finding Nemo!!!
  • Orange
  • Fanta
  • Her friends
  • Singing
  • Lima and the Lemurs
  • Helping others
  • Smiles (:
  • BOYS, of course
  • Heights
  • Bullies
  • Chocolate Frogs (normally)
  • Heights
  • Spiders
  • Scary things
  • Embarrassing herself
  • Arithmancy
3 Pygmy Puffs:
Cinnamon (orange)
Toast (yellow)
Crunch (red)

SPOILER!!: Family & Friends

Richard Gabriel Ashford (dead)
Rebecca Becky Ashford

  • Whigalima Lima Whiggmeister - Graduated
  • Reese Northway Upstead
  • Olivia Livvy Zhang
  • Cameron Karsten
  • Keith Epperson
  • Shana Millers
  • Amanda Lesalle - Graduated
  • Raven Athlon
  • Torin Kane
  • Lucy McLean

ooc: Hello, I'm Gissel, I'm 16 and from Texas. I have a few nicknames but most people just call me Gissel. If you want to RP or just talk or anything whatsoever just PM, VM, or UN me (: <3
the class clown, a jokester, you like to make people smile,
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