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  1. How loyal are the movies to the books?
  2. Casting
  3. Which HP Movie Best Describes You?
  4. OotP: Terrible line: "... Something worth fighting for."
  5. OotP: Why The Order of The Phoenix-Movie Failed [VIDEO]
  6. HBP: Romance in Half-Blood Prince
  7. Which death would you change in the movies?
  8. PS/SS: Were Rupert, Dan, and Emma the right picks for the trio?
  9. Which changes from book to film did you like and dislike most?
  10. DH: Slytherins to the dungeons?
  11. CoS: Most loyal film?
  12. Favourite Original Movie Moment
  13. DH: The Malfoys
  14. DH: Lavender Brown's special scene
  15. DH: The Final Showdown
  16. DH: Bellatrix vs. Molly
  17. DH: Ron/Hermione Kiss
  18. DH: If You Could Change ONE Thing About DH Pt. I
  19. DH: Harry/Hermione Dance
  20. DH: What disappointed you?
  21. DH: The Split
  22. DH: Epilogue Kids
  23. HBP: Burning Down the Burrow
  24. How long before the entire series gets remade?
  25. DH: Death of our Beloved Characters
  26. Who are your favourite HP actors?
  27. DH: Hogwarts Changes Again
  28. Chemistry with the Couples
  29. Which Dumbledore do you prefer?
  30. What is your favourite line from the movies?
  31. HBP: What should David Yates have done differently?
  32. Which movie would you like to be in and as who?
  33. Which character is least like the book version?
  34. PoA: Super Hermione
  35. PoA: Boggart Scene
  36. What is your favourite scene?
  37. OotP: Why remove the portraits?
  38. Ollivander's Rules and Guidelines
  39. Who is the best cast actor in Harry Potter?
  40. OotP: Dumbledore vs. Voldemort
  41. PoA: The (Missing) Quidditch Final!
  42. OotP: A bit of a let down...
  43. What movie should they redo?
  44. GoF: Why so much Harry and Hermoine?
  45. OotP: Harry/Cho Kiss
  46. PoA: Hermione's Punch
  47. GoF: What is your favourite task?
  48. OotP: Penseive scene is in!
  49. Who's your favourite character in the movies?
  50. GoF: Do you think GoF was a bit rushed?
  51. GoF: Movie Mistakes in GoF
  52. Who is the best director?
  53. GoF: Neville, Ginny, and the Twins
  54. GoF: Yule Ball Scene
  55. GoF: Voldemort
  56. What is the cheesiest scene from the movies?
  57. Met or seen any of the cast?
  58. GoF: Victor Krum
  59. GoF: Dobby and Winky
  60. GoF: Clothing in the movie
  61. PoA: Beginning of PoA
  62. GoF: Weird Sisters
  63. PoA: School Uniforms
  64. PoA: Movie Mistakes in PoA
  65. Who is the most annoying person in the movies?