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  1. Featured: How well do the creature designs in the movies match the book descriptions?
  2. Which HP Movie Best Describes You?
  3. Terrible line: "... Something worth fighting for."
  4. Romance in Half-Blood Prince
  5. Which death would you change in the movies?
  6. How do you feel about casting in respect to character role?
  7. Slytherins to the dungeons?
  8. Speculation & Theory: How loyal are the movies to the books?
  9. Favourite Original Movie Moment
  10. The Malfoys
  11. Lavender Brown's special scene
  12. The Final Showdown
  13. Bellatrix vs. Molly
  14. If You Could Change ONE Thing About DH Pt. I
  15. What disappointed you?
  16. The Split
  17. Epilogue Kids
  18. Burning Down the Burrow
  19. Speculation & Theory: How long before the entire series gets remade?
  20. Death of our Beloved Characters
  21. Who are your favourite HP actors?
  22. Hogwarts Changes Again
  23. Chemistry with the Couples
  24. Speculation & Theory: Which Dumbledore do you prefer?
  25. What is your favourite line from the movies?
  26. What should David Yates have done differently?
  27. Which movie would you like to be in and as who?
  28. Which character is least like the book version?
  29. Boggart Scene
  30. What is your favourite scene?
  31. Why remove the portraits?
  32. Who is the best cast actor in Harry Potter?
  33. Dumbledore vs. Voldemort
  34. The (Missing) Quidditch Final!
  35. A bit of a let down...
  36. What movie should they redo?
  37. Why so much Harry and Hermoine?
  38. Harry/Cho Kiss
  39. Hermione Granger: All things about "the brightest witch of her year"
  40. What is your favourite task?
  41. Penseive scene is in!
  42. Who's your favourite character in the movies?
  43. Do you think GoF was a bit rushed?
  44. Movie Mistakes in GoF
  45. Who is the best director?
  46. Neville, Ginny, and the Twins
  47. Yule Ball Scene
  48. Voldemort
  49. Speculation & Theory: What is the cheesiest scene from the movies?
  50. Met or seen any of the cast?
  51. Victor Krum
  52. Dobby and Winky
  53. Clothing in the movie
  54. Beginning of PoA
  55. Speculation & Theory: Weird Sisters
  56. School Uniforms
  57. Movie Mistakes in PoA
  58. Who is the most annoying person in the movies?