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Louise Bones

Basic Info:
Full Name: Louise Esmeralda Bones
Date of Birth: April 25, 2087
Place of Birth: London, UK
Current Residence: Hexagon Alley, London, UK
Post Color: #C70039
Hair: fiery red
Eyes: greenish blue
Height: 4’9”
Build: small and slender
Distinguishing features: dotted in light freckles:
Model: Sadie Sink
Magical Info:
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Rowan, Unicorn Hair core, 9.5", springy
Boggart: a giant red snake
Patronus: TBD
Amortentia: TBD
Family Info:
Mother: January Pennifold Bones (b. 2047)
Father: Ludovicus Bones (b. 2044)
Siblings: None
Pets: a small white cat named Lucy
For a thirteen year old, Louise is very strong willed, thanks to her parents. She can also be very stubborn, a little bit snobbish, and a smidge uptight. In her opinion, Louise thinks there should be less time for play and more time for reading and magic. Louise is independent and likes to do things on her own, but when she selects her friends, she is fiercely loyal to them. Being so independent and thinking she knows best, Louise sometimes has issues with authority figures, including her parents and doesn’t take well to being bossed around.
Louise was born an only child, and somewhat of a miracle, in April 2087. Her mother had several fertility issues and was not able to carry a child, until, several dozen treatments later , when she was finally pregnant with Louise.

Louise grew up in Hexagon Alley, a bustling wizarding community in London, where she was able to play and make friends with people like her. Being an only child, though, Louise had a hard time learning how to share and play nicely and often sent her “friends” home in tears due to her stubborn and particularly feisty personality.

Louise began school at Hogwarts in the Fall of 2099 as a second year, but due to the boggart infestation that occurred on the grounds, her first term was actually spent at Beauxbaton.

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