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  1. Speculation & Theory: Is Dumbledore secretly evil?
  2. Which Character Grew the Most During the Series?
  3. Did Sirius Black deserve more spotlight in the books?
  4. Barty Crouch Jr: Evil or not?
  5. The Quidditch Rules
  6. Would you be interested if Harry Potter was written for a boy in a different country?
  7. Potterdom Guidelines
  8. House Points - Are they a good idea?
  9. Why didn't Dumbledore send muggleborns home in Chamber of Secrets?
  10. Are Dolores Umbridge and Rita Skeeter similar?
  11. Why was Voldemort never suspicious of Dumbledore?
  12. Speculation & Theory: Why did the Death Eaters Enter Hogwarts at the end of HBP?
  13. Speculation & Theory: Harry Potter: A Journey Through ....
  14. Are the books too dark for a young audience?
  15. Is there a character which you dislike?
  16. Umbridge - Good deep down?
  17. How come Quirrell could shake Harry's hand in the Leaky Cauldron?
  18. Mature: Would Voldemort have taken the Muggle world?
  19. Speculation & Theory: What if Voldemort picked Neville?
  20. Speculation & Theory: What if Harry was sorted into Slytherin?
  21. Mature: Harry's Upbringing
  22. Mature: Do you think that there is more to Bellatrix?
  23. How do you think couples would cope in a muggle magical mixed relationship?
  24. Speculation & Theory: Couples AFTER Dealthy Hallows
  25. Was the relationship between Remus and Tonks rushed?
  26. What was your first reaction when you finished?
  27. Speculation & Theory: Do you think Lucius ever killed anybody?
  28. Are all Slytherins bad?
  29. Romance in the Half-Blood Prince
  30. The Yule Ball: Ron's Reaction to Hermione
  31. Speculation & Theory: Which House do you think Rita Skeeter was in?
  32. Who is your favourite character?
  33. What's your favourite HP book?
  34. Who introduced you to the HP books?
  35. Is JK your favourite author?