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  1. Speculation & Theory: For what purpose did the death eaters enter Hogwarts
  2. Why was Voldemort never suspicious of Dumbledore
  3. Speculation & Theory: Why did the Death Eaters Enter Hogwarts at the end of HBP
  4. Unpopular opinion
  5. Speculation & Theory: Why did the Death Eaters Enter Hogwarts at the end of HBP
  6. Speculation & Theory: Why Moaning Myrtle Lived In The Toilets?
  7. Speculation & Theory: Harry Potter: A Journey Through ....
  8. Featured: How do Hagrid and Kettleburn's approaches to CoMC compare?
  9. Are the books too dark for a young audience?
  10. Underage magic
  11. Mature: Using Avada Kedavra
  12. Voldemort's Patronus?
  13. Is there any character which you dislike?
  14. Umbridge - Good deep down?
  15. How come Quirrell could shake Harry's hand in the Leaky Cauldron?
  16. Mature: If war had erupted...
  17. Speculation & Theory: What if Voldemort picked Neville?
  18. Speculation & Theory: Snape, Harry a slytherin
  19. Mature: Harry's Upbringing
  20. If Snape had found love?
  21. Mature: Do you think that there is more to Bellatrix?
  22. Muggle/Magical Families
  23. Speculation & Theory: Narcissa Malfoy - mean or nice?
  24. A rose by any other name...
  25. Mature: Voldemort
  26. Mature: Crime and Punishment - Unforgivable Curses
  27. Mature: Deathly Hallows and WWII
  28. Mature: House Elves and Slavery
  29. Tales of Beedle the Bard
  30. Mature: Political Corruption
  31. Quidditch Through the Ages
  32. Speculation & Theory: Why do you think that Riddle picked Ginny?
  33. Is it just luck that Harry got Snape's old book, or did someone plan it that way?
  34. Speculation & Theory: Couples AFTER Dealthy Hallows
  35. Snape's Reaction
  36. Slytherin House
  37. Remus & Nymphadora
  38. Dudley Dursley
  39. Snape and Harry's eyes
  40. The Next Generation
  41. Harry and Lupin
  42. King's Cross
  43. Harry's Progression
  44. Severus Snape
  45. What was your first reaction when you finished?
  46. DH Deaths
  47. Ships
  48. The Epilogue
  49. How do you create spells like Snape did?
  50. Your favourite introduced character?
  51. Dumbledore and the Mirror of Erised
  52. Why suspect each other?
  53. Speculation & Theory: Lucius - has he ever killed anyone?
  54. Peter: A Captive Rat
  55. Lily and Ginny Similarities
  56. Speculation & Theory: Snape - drama queen or coward?
  57. Invisibility Cloak
  58. Which book had the most humor?
  59. Speculation & Theory: So who else was in Godric's Hollow that night?
  60. Complete Book 7 Theories
  61. Speculation & Theory: Is Malfoy really evil?
  62. Tonks' Metamorphmagus
  63. Are all Slytherins bad?
  64. Most powerful wizard?
  65. Dumbledore's Boggart
  66. Romance in the Half-Blood Prince
  67. Odd plot in the Philosopher's Stone
  68. Dudley's worst memory?
  69. Mature: The Veil
  70. Neville's Role
  71. The Mirror of Erised
  72. How did Voldemort get his wand back?
  73. Aunt Petunia jealous?
  74. The Yule Ball: Ron's Reaction to Hermione
  75. Speculation & Theory: Which House do you think Rita Skeeter was in?
  76. Something about the Malfoys?
  77. Why was Remus Lupin on the train?
  78. Cho Chang
  79. Neville coming into his own
  80. Your favourite character?
  81. Portkeys?
  82. What's your favourite HP book?
  83. Who introduced you to the HP books?
  84. Is JK your favourite author?