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  1. OotP: Cedric's parents
  2. Books vs Movies Character Portrayals
  3. would snape be a good father?
  4. How Many Times Have You Read the Books
  5. Alternative Endings
  6. Are the books too dark for a young audience?
  7. Spoilers: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Screenplay Novel
  8. Pottermore Presents: 3 new Harry Potter e-books
  9. The Cursed Child
  10. Magical Creatures?
  11. The Cormoran Strike novels by Robert Galbraith
  12. The Casual Vacancy
  13. PoA: How useless are the Weasley twins?
  14. What if Snape never said that?
  15. CoS: Lockhart's First Lesson
  16. Voldemort's Patronus?
  17. Is there any character which you dislike?
  18. Umbridge - Good deep down?
  19. PS/SS: How come Quirrell could shake Harry's hand in the Leaky Cauldron?
  20. Can metamorphmagi turn into animals?
  21. PS/SS: How did Quirrel get Voldemort's head on the back of his head?
  22. DH: What about McGonagall/Snape duel?
  23. What if Voldemort picked Neville?
  24. PS/SS: Snape, Harry a slytherin
  25. GoF: How did you feel when Harry's name came out of the Goblet?
  26. Tales of Beedle the Bard
  27. DH: Did you like the duel between Harry and Voldemort?
  28. Quidditch Through the Ages
  29. CoS: Why do you think that Riddle picked Ginny?
  30. HBP: Is it just luck that Harry got Snape's old book, or did someone plan it that way?
  31. PoA: Why does Snape make Lupin the Wolfsbane potion if he hates him so much?
  32. PoA: Why does Harry only hear his mothers death?
  33. DH: Couples AFTER Dealthy Hallows
  34. OotP: Harry & Cho
  35. PoA: Snape's Reaction
  36. DH: Slytherin House
  37. DH: Remus & Nymphadora
  38. DH: Dudley Dursley
  39. DH: Snape and Harry's eyes
  40. DH: The Next Generation
  41. DH: Remaining Questions
  42. DH: Harry and Lupin
  43. DH: King's Cross
  44. DH: Harry's Progression
  45. DH: Severus Snape
  46. DH: What was your first reaction when you finished?
  47. DH: DH Deaths
  48. DH: Ships
  49. DH: The Epilogue
  50. HBP: How do you create spells like Snape did?
  51. OotP: Your favourite introduced character?
  52. CoS: Should Dobby be able to Apparate?
  53. PS/SS: Dumbledore and the Mirror of Erised
  54. PS/SS: Difference between Philosopher's & Sorcerers?
  55. PoA: Why suspect each other?
  56. HBP: Why would Ron laugh?
  57. PS/SS: Was Voldemort there in the Philosopher's Stone?
  58. Lucius - has he ever killed anyone?
  59. PoA: Peter: A Captive Rat
  60. Lily and Ginny Similarities
  61. HBP: Snape - drama queen or coward?
  62. Invisibility Cloak
  63. Which book had the most humor?
  64. PoA: Peter Pettigrew's debt to Harry Potter
  65. James - Head Boy?
  66. So who else was in Godric's Hollow that night?
  67. DH: Complete Book 7 Theories
  68. HBP: Is Malfoy really evil?
  69. Tonks' Metamorphmagus
  70. Why are the Potters so rich?
  71. Are all Slytherins bad?
  72. Most powerful wizard?
  73. HBP: Where did snape go and what will he do?
  74. DH: Romance in Deathly Hallows
  75. OotP: Cho and Ginny
  76. Forum Guidelines
  77. HBP: Dumbledore's Boggart
  78. HBP: Missing Sentence
  79. HBP: Harry's Attitude
  80. HBP: Death/s in the Half-Blood Prince
  81. HBP: Romance in the Half-Blood Prince
  82. PS/SS: Odd plot in the Philosopher's Stone
  83. Harry's parents' occupations?
  84. OotP: Dudley's worst memory?
  85. How did Voldemort get his wand back?
  86. PS/SS: Aunt Petunia jealous?
  87. CoS: Detention with Lockhart
  88. OotP: What is the Veil?
  89. Why did the Dursleys keep Harry?
  90. PS/SS: Why didn't Professor Snape tell?
  91. GoF: The Yule Ball: Ron's Reaction to Hermione
  92. GoF: Which House do you think Rita Skeeter was in?
  93. CoS: Something about the Malfoys?
  94. How did Tom Riddle get into Slytherin?
  95. GoF: The Riddle House
  96. PoA: Why was Remus Lupin on the train?
  97. GoF: Cho Chang
  98. Wizarding Pictures
  99. OotP: Love in OotP
  100. HBP: Neville coming into his own
  101. Your favourite character?
  102. GoF: Portkeys?
  103. What's your favourite book?
  104. Who introduced you to the HP books?
  105. Petunia--a Squib?
  106. OotP: Strange Things in Book 5
  107. OotP: The Book 5 Death
  108. Is JK your favourite author?
  109. OotP: Funniest Parts of OotP
  110. OotP: The Prophecy Discussion