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Full Name: Beau Francis Montague
Nicknames: Beau-ey, Beau Baby, Baby Montague, Beau-ey Fran, Beau Go Go
Date of Birth: November 2nd, 2081
Place of Birth: Oxford, England
Place of Residence: Oxford, England
Blood Status: Half blood
Wand Type: 12 inch flexible Spruce with Phoenix Feather
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Hogwarts Year: First
Class of: 2100

Education to Date: St. Woboldoís Wizarding Primary School (- 2093), Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (2093 Ė Present)
Languages Spoken: English (fluent), French (fluent, but whatever)

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Best Subjects: ?????
Worst Subjects: ?????
Extra Curriculars Joined: Troll (2093 - Present), Latin (2093 - Present), Magical Theory (2093 - Present), Mermish (2093 - Present), Flying (2093 - Present), Gobbledegook (2093 - Present), Magical Debate (2093 - Present), Wizard Card Collectorsí Club (2093 - Present)
Sidenote: Beau probably will not keep up with all of the extra-curriculars joined in his first year, but likes to do everything that interests him when it interests him. His attendance will most likely be sporadic in those that bore him until he decides to just stop going -- Iíll update the spreadsheet and the list in his bio as and when.
Class of: 2100

Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 4 feet and 10 inches
Current Face Claim: Levi Miller

Personality Type: ENTP-T
Likes: sweeties, attention, having two homes, bragging about who his mother is, two lots of presents at birthdays and christmas, being an ACTUAL wizard, getting into places he should not be, having a lot of cousins, quidditch (he wants to be a keeper one day...when he isnít in his sisters shadow), sHOUTING, more shouting, Iím sorry what is personal space, hello my name is Beau Montague and it is nice to meet me, HELLO HELLO HELLO
Dislikes: Smeliane being mean to him (arenít big sisters supposed to be NICE?!), girly smells, people who DONíT like chocolate, people who have allergies (like seriously how inconvenient), WALLS being in his way (who invented hallways JEEZ), cabbage, roll on deodorant (why is it wet), ,
Habits: personal volume is at an all time high always, clicks his tongue when deep in thought, claps his hands loudly to garner attention,

Beau has been impulsive, quick and loud from the get-go. He does not think before he acts, nor before he speaks and often has the issue of understanding personal space or volume. His parents often refer to Beau as ĎBeau Go Goí as he struggles to sit still for longer than a minute, choosing to literally bounce off the walls in the hallways of both of their homes. He is known not to consider the feelings of others before going through with his behaviour. Beau feels an awful lot at the same time and can go from feeling to FEELING to feeling within seconds.

Thousands of considerations and thoughts swarm around his brain every moment and he does not have the largest attention span to isolate them and focus on one, meaning that he gets distracted easily. When distracted, Beau finds ways to make as much noise as possible in any way he can - clapping his hands, clicking his fingers, tapping his fingers on tables, clicking his tongue and stamping his feet being his favourite of the bunch. But any way to make ALL OF THAT NOISE is all Beau enjoys. He has a love of learning new things, but wants to be learning EVERYTHING at the exact same time as soon as he decided to learn them. This results in him joining many clubs, making many friends, but not being able to keep up with them all because there really is not 50 hours a day. He is fickle with his dedication to classes, people, hobbies, interests and foods. The only thing he TRULY is dedicated to is his Quidditch team. Beau Montague LOVES the Tutshill Tornadoes, despite the Wimbourne Wasps supporters and players in his family.

Mother: Kaia Bianca Aphrodite Beatrice Daphne Alischa Dakota Barnard, born April 5th 2059. Currently playing Beater for the Wimbourne Wasps.
Father: Chandler Armande Jacques Cyprien Montague, born March 21st 2059. Currently a Police Sergeant in Oxfordshire. Played by Tibz.
Siblings: Liliane Kaidah Ellie Montague, 2nd year Gryffindor. Born September 12th, 2080 and played by RachieRu.
Grandparents: Edmond Andre Montague (paternal grandfather, b. 2023), Jeanne Montague nee Sordeau (paternal grandmother, b. 2026), Cody Francis Barnard (maternal grandfather, b. 2038), Amethyst Leigh Barnard nee Palinger (maternal grandmother, b. 2038)
Family Tree: Montague/Barnard/Stemp
Relationship Status: What?

Pre Hogwarts (2081 - 2093)
Kaia Barnard and Chandler Montague met when they both transferred to Hogwarts. To begin with, they did not get along but slowly built a friendship which turned into a relationship. The two Hufflepuffs had a hard relationship, being teenagers, and split up multiple times after innocent kissing of other people, a miscarriage in 2074 and exam-related bickerings. After they graduated from Hogwarts in the summer of 2077, Chandler began his police officer training and Kai took up a reserve beater position with the Romford Ravens. The two managed to steady their relationship in post-graduate life, leading to their engagement in the October of 2079 and becoming man and wife just a few months later in the January of 2080.

Beauís older sister Liliane Kaidah Ellie Montague was born on the 12th of September in 2080 to the happily married Montague couple, with Beau arriving just over a year later in early November of 2081. Life in their family home began well, but conflicting work schedules when Kaia began to play beater for the Wimbourne Wasps led to cracks in Beauís parents relationship. Eventually, in the year 2085, Chandler and Kaia decided to separate, with Chandler moving out of the family home whilst they tried to mend their relationship by making extra effort in spending time together as a couple and as a family of four. However, this lasted only a year before they officially filed for divorce. Beau moved to a new house in Oxford with his mother and sister, just a few streets away from where his father was now living in his own house.

Beau has a close relationship with his mother, father and sister and finds that he much prefers his parents being able to get along as friends which they do now.
First Year (2093 - 2094 / Term 47)
Second Year (2094 - 2095) / Term 48)
Third Year (2095 - 2096) / Term 49
Fourth Year (2096 - 2097) / Term 50
Fifth Year (2097 - 2098) / Term 51
Sixth Year (2098 - 2099) / Term 52
Seventh Year (2099 - 2100) / Term 53

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