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  1. Skiing Date: Logan Cooper and Edith Labelle
  2. Zoo Date: Takashi Hollingberry and Violet Banner
  3. Magic Carpet Ride Date: Archer Burton and Imogene Nepman
  4. Boat Ride Date: Alex Burn and Cheyenne Matthews
  5. Ice Skating Date: Friedrich Pendergast and Lindley Tate
  6. Wizard Rock Concert Date: Ryuu Andrei and Ashlyn Gray
  7. Rollerskating Date: Shay Roberts & Jordyn Pierce
  8. Circus Date: Thomas Reyes and Kyleigh Manning
  9. Cookding Lessons Date: Sebastien Welton and Anneke Becker
  10. Petting Zoo Date: Tim Prexton and Sapphira Adams
  11. Quidditch History Museum: Derek MacDougal and Sonia Vargas
  12. Living History Museum Date: Carter Phillips and Brynn Pierce
  13. Aethonan Riding Date: Colin Roderick and Hayley Moon
  14. Wizard Rock Concert Date: Easton Rhodes and Gabrielle LeBlanc
  15. Beach Get-away Date: Rylan Seong and Ayumi Takahashi
  16. Sledding Date: Demetri Vladislav and Violet McCoy
  17. Wizard Rock Concert Date: Julian Mae and Sarah Griffin
  18. Modern Art Museum Date: Wesley Todd and Hadley Willowgrass
  19. Little League Quidditch Match: Benjamin Doherty and Lyra Black
  20. Tour of Ancient Petra Date: Junichiro Sasaki and Paris Greenwood
  21. Scavenger Hunt Date: Riley Sinclair and Daphne Green
  22. Dragon Watching Date: Jack Hart and Sky-Light Nightingale
  23. Swan Boats Date: Bradley Wills and Pepper Kendrick
  24. Ballroom Dancing Date: Marshal Romalotti & Tamara Scamander
  25. Sledding Date: Riley Newcomb and Cecelia Tillstorm
  26. Arcade Date: Keegan Black and Evelyn Flores
  27. Ballroom Dancing Date: Viktor Brown and Heather Malfoy
  28. French Bistro Date: Joshua Carter and Candi Powers
  29. Aethonan Riding Date: Breese Summers and Ashley Green
  30. Paintballing Date: Jethro Nicollet and Amy Lynch
  31. Rollerskating Date: Oliver Jenkins and Aubrie Hampson
  32. Fishing Date: Armen Recard and Roxanne Carter
  33. Flea Market Date: Jonathan Bennett and Stefanie Kay Gerlovich
  34. Aquarium Date: Edvard Roslund and Shelby Westerfield
  35. Touring Petra Date: Dorian Tamerlane and Juliet Macho
  36. Magical Modern Art Museum Date: Charles Prewitt and Auruoa Penta
  37. Poetry Jam Date: Corineus Vanderbilt and Alena Parkingston
  38. Wizarding History Museum Date: Simon Bennett and Eunice Izumi
  39. Art Museum Date: Michael Barry and Abigail Vanderhausen
  40. Whitewater Rafting Date: Brylen Anderson and Macey Croydon
  41. Hang-gliding Date: Gregory Freedman and Hailey St. James
  42. Scuba Diving Date: Andrew Rose and Vicky Daniels
  43. Skydiving Date: Ryunosuke Hollingberry and Iridesca D'Ann MacMillan
  44. Skiing Date: Lazar Fischer and Millie Caxton
  45. Trail Riding Date: William Williamson and Alysson Zookara
  46. Canoeing Date: Jason Brise and Halle Chung
  47. Canoeing Date: Hunter Keone and Ruth Flitzpatrick
  48. Ice Skating Date: Toby Van-Der-Bilt and Erika Slade
  49. Rooftop Dinner Date: Cairán Black and Alexia Carlton
  50. Beach Get-Away Date: Indigo Bunbury and Angela Dawson
  51. Hot Air Balloon Date: Everett Scabior and Isabis Elba
  52. Hot Air Balloon Date: Roscoe Bole and Natasha Warrington
  53. Italian Restaurant Date: Dominic Denton and Mandie Elliot
  54. Boat Ride Date: Harvey Gunter and Gabriela Schultz
  55. Horse Drawn Carriage Date: Derrick Vanderbilt and Eliza Tohsaka
  56. Horse Drawn Carriage Date: Jasper Somerhalder and Meadow Grace
  57. Magic Carpet Ride Date: Jack Lupin and Nicole Botts
  58. Flea Market Date: Atticus Aldredge and Caedwyn Howard
  59. Circus Date: Dimitri Burton and Demetria Webster
  60. Fishing Date: Nikolaos Fakiris and Hilda Jarvi
  61. Potterymaking Date: Maximillian Patterson and Rhiannon Todd
  62. Zoo Date: Marcus Lawson and Alessia Lupa
  63. Aquarium Date: Stefan Taylor and Violet Lane
  64. Karaoke Date: Adam Humming and Katrina Rayne
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