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Vera Brinley Thanatos
Seventh Year

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Mandrake Beery
Third Year

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Ece Arslan
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Everytime I think Iím better

NICKNAMES: Ev, E, Little Nam
AGE: 17
DoB: January 10th, 2091
STARSIGN: Capricorn
BLOOD-STATUS: Muggleborn
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good
CURRENT ACADEMY: Graduated, 2019
PREVIOUS RESIDENCE(s): Boston, Massachusetts, Busan, South Korea
PLACE OF BIRTH: Busan, South Korea
FLUENT IN: Korean, English, Japanese, teaching himself to be conversational in French
PET: Jasper (10) - family Aussie shepherd, Jinx (7) - brotherís cat, Pascal - Sister's chameleon, Padme - cat (3)

Picking my head up, getting nowhere

SCHOOL: Hogwarts
HOUSE: Ravenclaw
YEAR: Seventh
WAND: 11 inches, Holly w/ Phoenix Feather
PATRONUS: incorporeal
AMORTENTIA: New books, burning wood, smores, fresh pine
AGROTENTIA: Sweat, lavender, onion
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Would like to learn Occlumency
BEST SUBJECT(s): Arithmancy, Astronomy, Muggle Studies
WORST SUBJECT(s): Flying, Ancient Runes

Arithmancy - O
Astronomy - O
CoMC - O
Charms - O
Divination - O
Herbology - O
History of Magic - O
Muggle Studies - O
Potions - O
Transfiguration - O

EXTRA CURRICULAR: Gobstones (prior), Chess, Creatures Club, Reading Club

Take me back to the basics and the simple life

HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: Who cares?
HAIR COLOR: Currently dark brown (changes often at school)
HAIR TYPE: Holds too much oil
EYE COLOUR: Dark brown
BUILD: tall and lean
LATERALITY: Left handed

Tell me all the things that make you feel at ease

FATHER: Alexander Nam
MOTHER: Mi-kyong Nam (nee Kim)
SIBLINGS: Noah (22), Maya (16), Lisa (15)
EXTENDED FAMILY: Cora Nam, Chase Spenley, Chin-hae Kim, Aziel Graham, Mycelia Kim
THE CLOSE FRIENDS: Mamie Turov, Ashley Fox, Dahlia Donovan, Ivy Grimm, Claudine Blaze, Jude Anders, Valentina Nichols, Christianna Rivers, Blake Keller, Chalcedony Ainsley, Chiyo Koizumi, Samuel Summers, Ignacio, Cailyn Cooke, Wyn Cooke (more once RPer remembers)
ENEMIES: Neo-Alliance

Your touch, my comfort, and my lullaby

STRENGTHES: Focused, Driven, Loyal, Protective
WEAKNESSES: Aloof, Easily frightened, Holds grudges, Blames others
LIKES: His family, learning, reading, astronomy, playing Jedi with Lisa, tutoring with Maya, hanging out with his friends, the color blue, cooking with grandma, kimchi, drawing, traditional dance, listening to music
DISLIKES: Hugs (will accept from family and close friends only), discrimination, magic, the Room
SPOILER!!: Seventh Year Bucket List

- Blow bubbles from the Astronomy tower
- Explore the stairwell opposite the slug pit
- The Room of Requirement (planetarium)
- Skip class
- One foot into the Forbidden Forest
- Hogwarts Scavenger hunt
- Hogwarts Hide and Seek
- Prank Peeves
- Stay Out all Night
- Figure out how much of the trick stairs is a trick
- Read a Forbidden Book
- Use gillyweed and explore the Great Lake more

SPOILER!!: Expanded History

Born to Alexander Nam and Mi-kyong Nam (nee Kim), Evan was the second born of 4. He is the youngest male of the family and quite looks up to his older brother. When Noah turned 11 he received a scholarship to attend a prestigious boarding school. Evan was excited for his brother and his opportunity, but he was sad heíd be gone for so long. That first year he decided to devote himself to studying so that he could attend the same school as his brother when he reached 11, although he didnít know too much about the place as his parents and brother were fairly vague in describing it.

Evan did begin to notice weird things start to happen around him when he was 9/10, things would disappear or seem like they would move closer to him unexplainably. Always figuring he was just exaggerating things in his mind, he never said anything to his family. And then even if he wanted to, they were packing up to move to Manchester for a new work position for his dad. Evan was, selfishly, excited because they would be moving away from Noahís school and maybe they would get to attend the same one now. But again, Noah received a scholarship to a boarding school in the UK and Evan was left to public schools with his younger sisters.

On his 11th birthday, however, Evan received a letter from Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry inviting him to attend come the next fall. He laughed at first, thinking it was a practical joke, and showed it to his parents. They looked at each other and asked him not to show the letter to his younger sisters and that Noah would be better equipped to explain things to him. The boy didnít understand what that meant but immediately began sending post to his older brother, whom unfortunately at the time was confined to Hogwarts which had disappeared off the map.

Noah returned home that summer, and he and Evan's new friends Solana Kennedy and Chiyo Koizumi were able to catch the young male Nam up on a lot of the wizarding world, introducing him to Diagon Alley and shops and magical items. His favorite quickly became magical candy.

Evan's first term was fairly uneventful, as he kept himself occupied in his new Common Room, having been sorted into Ravenclaw, and read as many books as he could get his hands on there and in the library. He spent a good deal of time wandering the halls too, learning the layout of the castle and taking time to talk to the various portraits who truly had a lot of wisdom to share. Before he knew it, the year was over and while some scary things were afoot at Hogwarts, he did his best to remain ignorant so that he could enjoy his summer and look forward to returning the in the fall with TWO of his siblings, as Maya had also received her acceptance letter.

The three elder Nam's returned Hogwarts for Noah's Seventh year, Evan's second and Maya's FIRST year. Evan was disappointed his sister was sorted into Slytherin, quite hopeful she'd be in his house, but he didn't have time to dwell as Hogwarts was already getting scarier and scarier with a take over, confiscation of all items letting them talk to home, and the obvious disdain for muggles and the muggle born. He was determined to lie even lower this term than his first, however his blood status did not allow him to do so due to the blatant targeting by the school's newest staff members. By mid year, his wand had been confisicated and he was thrown into a room with all the other muggleborns and halfbloods, only let out for classes (which he hardly wanted to attend) and twice a day for exercise. Over the year he grew to hate magic and the magical side of who he was, though there was nothing he could do to change it.

By the end of his second term, a war had erupted at Hogwarts and many were injured and killed alike, including the parents of his best friend Solana. Though he could not explain exactly how it happened, upon finding the bodies it was determined Sol would go home with them for the time being and when none of her family was able to step up and take her in full time, his parents began the process of adopting her into the Nam family. Due to Solanaís pureblood status and another change in an already crazy and hectic year, Evan was not pleased with this change in the family dynamic. Though as he knows that isnít anyoneís fault, just his personal feelings, he tries to remain closed off and quiet regarding it so as not to make anyone feel bad.

He was not at all looking forward to his third term at Hogwarts, however it was a calmer year than he had thus far experienced and he was able to put himself out there and make more friends as the year progressed. Socially, it was a good developing year for Evan and getting to watch his sister in the production of Peter Pan had been a high light after some of the crazy that happened.

For his fourth year, Evan had no expectations nor nowhere near as much dread as he did before. Which as it turned out to be a pretty decent year, vines and curses excluded. He focused a lot more on making friends and spending time with people, and not using extra study as much in order to prep for not burning out his fifth year.

His Owl year, Evan secluded himself away from most people in order to devote himself fully to his studies. A task that had clearly paid off, as he managed to score all O's for his exams that year. His social life suffered, but it was nothing he couldn't make up for in his sixth year.

Which was exactly what he did. Dance planning committees, classes and plenty of time to hang out, it was a quiet term for the Nam male. However as he headed into his seventh, he was absolutely looking forward to brushing up on his socializing skills (read: learn them) before heading off on a sailing excursion post school before university.

SPOILER!!: First Year at a Glance
Spent majority of his time in his common room and the library, reading and absorbing as much information as humanly possible on this new world he was apart of.
OOC: Not played on site

SPOILER!!: Second Year at a Glance
The term of the Neo-Alliance. Spent his term scared to talk, and trying to remain as unnoticable as possible. Became much more cynical and closed off after The Room.
OOC: Not played on site

SPOILER!!: Third Year at a Glance
Finally made some friends, worked backstage in the play. Ate a lot of bread, and grew to be immensely suspicious of Healers.
Position on Leaderboard: 4th
Total Points: 183

SPOILER!!: Fourth Year at a Glance
Gained a social life. Made more friends, and spent time with them. Got up close and personal with vines; a lot. Had his first date.
Position on Leaderboard: First
Total points: 340
Was a Tremendous Transfigurer

SPOILER!!: Fifth Year at a Glance
Studied, studied and studied more. Received all O's due to his dedication.

SPOILER!!: Sixth Year at a Glance
Nothing of note. Attended the dance with his best friend and was present with all planning committees.

SPOILER!!: Seventh Year at a Glance
Spent the majority of the time frolicking as an alpaca. Ate more homework than he completed. Barely scrapped by in Newts (by his standards).

Holdin' on tight and sleepin' at night

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