View Full Version : Reagan Taylor Era

  1. Storeroom by the Conference Room
  2. The Office of Chloe Everhart, Department Head
  3. The Office of Leonardo De la Buena, Department Head
  4. The Office of Samuel McDean, Department Head
  5. The Final Room
  6. Conference Room (Begin here)
  7. Challenge Eight
  8. Challenge Seven
  9. Challenge Six
  10. Challenge Five
  11. Challenge Four
  12. Challenge Three
  13. Challenge Two
  14. Challenge One
  15. Ground Level Challenge
  16. The Enchanted Window
  17. Inter-Department Break Room
  18. The Trophy Room
  19. The Game Room
  20. Ministry-wide Breakroom
  21. Terrarium Along the Corridor
  22. The Haunted Cloak Closet
  23. The Office of Sebastian A. Bailey, Department Head
  24. Fifth Level Corridor
  25. The Book Shelves
  26. The Mail Room
  27. The Office of Alexandra Carlton and Wesley Kutcher
  28. Twelve Elevators
  29. A Dark and Quiet Corner
  30. Display of Magical Plants
  31. Stained Glass Window
  32. The Snack Cart
  33. Sculpture of Mnemone Radford
  34. The Office of Syd Wordsmith, Department Head
  35. Level-wide Conference Room
  36. Level Wide Conference Room
  37. The Office of Antigone McArdle, Department Head
  38. The Office of Christian Trumbull, Department Head
  39. Interrogation and Holding Cell
  40. The Office of Wesley Kutcher, Department Head
  41. Office of the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic
  42. Magical Maintenance Office
  43. The Office of Chad Stryker, Department Head
  44. Level wide conference room
  45. Level-wide Conference Room
  46. The Office of Mrs. Becca Lee, Department Head
  47. The Conference Room
  48. Office of Counterfeit Magic & Equipment Control
  49. Minister for Magic's Office
  50. The Office of Liliana Hunter, Department Head
  51. The Atrium
  52. Spirit Division
  53. Beast Division: Pest Advisory & Disposal of Dangerous Creatures Office
  54. Department of Magical Education Examinations Authority
  55. Department of Magical Education Inspection Committee
  56. Visitors' Entrance to the Ministry of Magic
  57. Corridor Outside the Employment Office
  58. The Locked Room
  59. Division: International Magical Office of Law
  60. Level Six Breakroom
  61. Obliviator Headquarters
  62. The Hall of Prophecy
  63. The Death Chamber