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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cecelia "Cece" Murdoch

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Super Slytherin Buddy - ⅓ She-Snake Trio || EVIL Healer

Face Claim: Ali Larter

The Basics:
Name: Cecelia "Cece" Elizabeth Murdoch (nee Tillstorm)
Age: 40
DOB: December 25, 2047
Year of Graduation: 2066
Years Attended Hogwarts: 2059-2065
2065/66 (Term 19) Attended and graduated from Belle’s School of Magic for Young Witches since Hogwarts had been divided that year. Still considers herself a Hogwarts graduate.
Former House: Slytherin
Heritage: Pureblood
Wand: 11" Eucalyptus with a Unicorn Hair core, sturdy
Patronus: Armadillo
Boggart: Dying alone and unloved
Relationship Status: Married on 8/11/2084

Husband: The very handsome Waylon Murdoch
Children: None
Father: Loki Tillstorm, 60
Mother: Athena (Walker) Tillstorm, 60
Siblings: None
Cousins: Jacen, Zoe, Romulus

Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'9"

Cece is a tough if not hard as nails kind of woman. With all her healer training and practice being done in the Swedish Army of Magic she has little to no tolerance for weakness. She believes all children should respect their elders as well as one another. She will not tolerate disrespectful, defiant children who think they do not have to do as she asks or tells them to do.

Hogwarts History:
People Who Attended Hogwarts with Cece:
Althea Schirmer (2059-2060)
Josephina Hadley (2059-2061)
Dash Scabior (2059-2061)
Gemma Cerulean (2059-2061)
Seren Bentley (2059-2065)
William Williamson (2059-2065)
Oliver Jenkins (2059-2065)
Waylon Murdoch (2059-2065)
Vanora Newlin (2059-2066)

Education & Work History:
2059-2065 - Student and PROUD Slytherin at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft & Wizardry
2065-2066 - Student and still PROUD Slytherin at Belle’s School of Magic for Young Witches
2066-2070 - Studied to be a Healer at Wizarding University in Italy
2070-2072 - Completed Healer training in S.A.M.
2072-2076 - Full time Healer in S.A.M.
2076-Current - Hogwarts Healer
2082-Current - Slytherin Head of House

SPOILER!!: History and Stuff
Cecelia or Cece as her friends and family call her is an only child who was born to Loki and Athena Tillstorm. Her father being Swedish while her mother British she grew up in Sweden until the age of eleven when she got her letter that she was accepted to Hogwarts School, the very school her mother had graduated from. During her breaks from school she would go back home to Sweden. Her father is a member of the 5th Cohort in the Swedish Army of Magic (S.A.M.) where he is the head healer. Following in her father's footsteps Cece went on to become a healer. Once she finished school she went back home where she joined S.A.M. and cared for those that were wounded in training.

Coming home from work one day she was tracked down by an owl she had never seen before. Taking the letter from it she opened it with excitement as she seen the Hogwarts Emblem on the envelope. Why would she be getting a letter from Hogwarts? It had been ten years since she graduated from there. Quickly reading through the letter she couldn't believe what she was reading. They wanted her to be their new healer?

After thinking on the matter for a few days she decided she would go. As much as she loved being a healer in S.A.M. she was ready for a new adventure, and what better adventure is there than caring for a school full of children.

2076/2077 Term 30
This was Cece's first term as the new healer at Hogwarts and she was excited to find out she would be working with former crush housemate and new CoMC Professor William Williamson along with the new groundskeeper Mr. Waylon Murdoch. The person she was not so happy to work with was the new Ancient Runes Professor Oliver Jenkins. He was still the same big headed jerk he had always been to her when they were students together. Once term started it didn't take long before the infirmary was filled with students needing care. From allergies to broken bones and everything in between Healer Tillstorm was kept busy taking care of the students. She did somehow find the time to go on a blind date with the handsome Riley Newcomb, Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment shop owner, whom she was still dating at the end of term. She also landed herself in the school gossip paper Aparecium which did not make her happy at all. It seems a couple of friends can't be seen dancing without a boat load of rumors starting.

During the summer months she went back home to Sweden and volunteered her healer services for S.A.M. She may have left that position to work at Hogwarts but her heart is still in the army where her career began. She also made sure she spent plenty of time with Riley. Well as much time as she could considering summer is his busy time of year.

2077/2078 Term 31
This term proved to be a rather stressful one for the healer. Not only did she have the everyday situations to deal with in the infirmary, she also had the dilemma of the students and staff that seemed to be freezing in time. These occurances were quite the mystery as they just seemed to happen at random times to random people. It wasn't until she smashed a mysterious orb against the wall of the infirmary that everyone came out of their coma like state. Relieved that Professor Williamson everyone was okay, she went back to her normal life of taking care of the daily bumps and bruises along with the occasional broken bones. She also continued dating Riley and would go off to visit him whenever she had the chance. If someone would have told her last term that she would still be dating Riley today she would have told them they were crazy. The only reason she even went on that first date was to try and forget the one man she knew she would never have. Who would have guessed that Riley would be the one to accomplish this task. Her dating Riley still didn't stop her from once again being a subject in that gossip paper Aparecium thanks to the Librarian Mr. Kitridge.

Summer time brought good news to Cece. She learned that her very dear friend Vanora Newlin was going to be the new Care of Magical Creatures Professor at Hogwarts. This news helped relieve some of the pain she was still feeling about the departure of the previous CoMC professor, as well as the former groundskeeper, two of her best friends from when she was a nerdy student at Hogwarts. It was this summer that she also formed an ever lasting friendship with Hecate Lafay. Much to Hecate's surprise, Cece volunteered to help her family through a terrible time they were going through. Even though Hecate said she couldn't ask Cece to do what she offered, Cece wouldn't take no for an answer, and thus a great friendship was formed that day.

2078/2079 Term 32
Cece's third term as healer found her riding the train back to Hogwarts for the start of term. Due to certain circumstances she was not able to travel any other wizarding way, or more like she refused to travel by apparition, portkey or the floo network. However, when the train broke down she was forced to find a different way to get to the school. Enter second year Slytherin West Odessa and his brand new broom which he offered to let the healer use. So, while everyone else on the train was traveling to Kings Cross by portkey, Cece along with her younger cousin Jacen traveled the rest of the way by broom.

The first half of the term found the healer to be a bit more moodier than normal. Just ask the librarian, Mr. Kitridge. He soon found himself on the wrong end of one of her mood swings when he attacked her planted that unwanted kiss on her in the Great Hall. The very kiss that landed him with a slap across the face. Things seemed to be getting better for her after the birth of Hecate and Alexander's baby, who happened to be born on her birthday. Even though the child wasn't hers, Cece couldn't think of a better way to spend her birthday than with the very family she had been helping out for the past several months.

As the year progressed things started to go downhill for her in her personal life. Her and Riley were growing apart from each other. Seeing how happy the Greingoth's were with their family made her start wanting a family of her own. Riley on the other hand had made it clear to her that he didn't want children. The more she thought about things the more she realized they didn't want the same things out of life. It was with a heavy heart that she wrote him a letter telling him exactly how she felt and that she couldn't go on any longer with their relationship.

Over the summer Cece went on a much needed vacation to St. Lucia. The vacation was a gift from the minister and his wife for everything she had done for their family over the past year. It only seemed fitting to her that she take Sierra on this vacation with her after the eventful year they'd both had. It didn't really take too much convincing to get the Minister and his wife to agree to let their daughter spend time the healer. After the vacation she made sure she spent time at home with her parents and also convinced William to come visit her in Sweden, after he got over being angry with her for what she had done for the Greingoth family that is. He may not have known it but it was really nice having him there with her. No matter how bad things seem to be for her, just having him around helps.

2079/2080 Term 33
This term was rather uneventful for Cece. It was pretty much the same thing in the infirmary every day. Bumps, bruises, a LOT of bruises, broken bones thanks to quidditch, and the occasional child who was actually sick. While all the professors were having to deal with the Board of Governors candidates invading their classes and watching their every move Cece was left alone in her own little corner of the castle.

During Spring Break she spent her time in Romania with a certain Dragonologist. Although they are still only at that "friends" stage she's finally accepted the fact they'll never be more than friends she had a really great time with him. Not only did she get to see where he's living now, she also got to see exactly what it is he does. Knowing what he does and seeing it first hand has really done nothing to stop her from worrying about him though. Yes, she now knows how careful he is and just exactly how much it is he loves what he's doing, but still, he works with DRAGONS, who breathe FIRE! Like up close and personal.

During the first week of the summer holiday she ran into William in Diagon Alley. The friends chatted about their summer plans, William told her about a promotion he was up for, then he invited her to visit him in Romania again. He then had a change of heart and took the invite back. Feeling crushed that he decided she should wait to visit, Cece did her best not to let him know how hurt she was even if she did put the idea in his head. She agreed to wait until she heard from him again before she visited. A few weeks later she ran into Waylon in DA. After hearing that he was planning on renting a room at the Leaky Cauldron, she invited him to move in with her. She had just rented a house in Hogsmeade that had an extra bedroom so there was no way she was letting him live above a dingy bar. As the summer went on Cece and Waylon became even better friends than they were before. Towards the end of summer she wrote to William telling him about Waylon rooming with her and that she wouldn't be coming to visit him. William wrote her back demanding to know what was going on with Waylon living with her, and poor Waylon who did absolutely nothing wrong ended up getting a howler from what seemed to be a very jealous William. Needless to say, things didn't end so well and Cece did not go to Romania this summer.

2080/2081 Term 34
Returning to Hogwarts for her fifth term as Healer, Cece found herself employed only part time due to some financial difficulties the school was having. As if having her hours cut wasn't bad enough, all the furniture from her office and the waiting room, along with most of the beds from the healing areas were repossessed by those nasty little goblins from Gringotts.

Having no office, no patients in the infirmary, and a lot of free time on her hands, Cece could be found at her home in Hogsmeade when not at the school. Of course she didn't mind all the time she got to spend at home now that Waylon was living there. As time went on, Cece and Waylon's friendship grew stronger and stronger. For his birthday she took him to the Swiss Alps to go skiing. This would be one ski trip she would remember for the rest of her life. It was during this trip that Waylon kissed her for the very first, and definitely not the last time. Things did get a little awkward with them but they didn't let that stop their friendship, and their feelings for each other from growing. For her birthday, and Christmas, he took her to Seychelles where he taught her how to surf. Their feelings for each other seemed to be growing stronger and stronger, yet they both seemed to be fighting them, which caused more awkward moments. Even with the awkwardness, this had been the best birthday for Cece. Things continued like this throughout the remainder of the school year. She would come home on her days off, they would fight their feelings for each other as they grew even closer.

Once summer arrived, the two of them set off on what turned out to be the most amazing summer vacation of a lifetime. They traveled to all the different Disney parks in the world. That's right, one summer, five parks, and two adults with the whole summer off work, Oh yeah, and let's not forget the two students that met up with them at Disney Florida. Recently graduated headboy, Oakey Gunter and his girlfriend, Ariana Logan. Things again were awkward, only this time not between Cece and Waylon, but between Cece and Ariana because the girl had it in her mind that Cece hated her. Thankfully, Oakey and Ariana did not accompany Cece and Waylon for the whole summer. After a few days in Florida, Oakey and Ari went on their way as did Cece and Waylon. They still had four parks to visit, without the company of students. As the summer came to an end, it was very safe to say all awkwardness was gone between the two, not to mention they were now officially dating. Yes, this had turned out to be a very good summer indeed.

2081-2082 Term 35
Returning for her sixth year as healer, Cece was now back to full time status. She still didn't have her furniture back, but she was being paid to work full time again. Of course now that her and Waylon were dating, it didn't make her too happy that she wasn't going to be able to see him as much as she did last school year. They didn't let a little work stop them from being together though. She went home as much as she could to spend time with him. It really helped too that business in the infirmary had been slow this year.

For the Christmas holiday this year they went to Sweden to spend time with her family. Of course her parents already knew Waylon from when they went to school together, but now they were meeting him again as an adult, and the man who was dating their daughter. Their visit to Sweden ended on a very happy note, as her parents both approved of her and Waylon being together.

Going back to work after the holidays, Cece could be seen with a smile on her face, something that was a rarity for most to see. She might have even been seen being nice to students, or so that little gossip paper would have everyone believing. She didn't let that bother her though because she knew in her heart that Waylon WAS the reason for her happiness.

For the summer, instead of traveling, Cece and Waylon decided to stay home. They would spend several days at a time not leaving the house, just enjoying each others company. On occasion when they did leave, they could be seen around Hogsmeade. There were even a couple times they ventured as far as Diagon Alley. It was on one of their trips to DA that Cece told Waylon her great news. No, she's not pregnant, she had been offered the position of Slytherin Head of House, and she had accepted.

2082-2083 Term 36
Cece returned to Hogwarts not only for her 7th term as school healer, but for her first term as Slytherin Head of House. A position that had become available with the departure of her dear friend and co-worker, Professor Hecate Lafay. Things didn't seem the same without her friend there but she still kept in contact with her throughout the year. And of course that little gossip paper didn't waste any time accusing her of threatening her way into the Head of House position. Just let her find who wrote that article and she'll show them what a real threat is.

And as if it wasn't bad enough that she was accused of not actually earning her position as head of house, now she was being accused of trying to romantically pair up her students. Seriously, where do these idiots get their information? Since when is trying to teach students to get along considered romantic pairing? It didn't stop there though. Oh no. It seems those gossip seekers had no one better to write about this term when they found the time to accuse her of not knowing the difference between her student leaders. See if she ever offers to give her students a party again because clearly this lie had to come from one of her own. Not nice snakes. Not nice.

It's a good thing Cece didn't focus on all the lies being told about her because she needed to keep her mind focused on all the aging students and staff she was seeing in the infirmary. And we're not talking aging as in having a birthday. We're talking getting old and wrinkly like a shriveled up prune aging. At first she thought it was students just messing around with aging potions, but when the effects didn't start wearing off she started to get concerned. By the end of the term and with the help of healers from St. Mungos and the Ministry, it was confirmed that the aging was the result of a potion gone wrong that had been given to a professor by his personal healers.

In March Cece went home looking for Waylon when he didn't show up to a quidditch match. It wasn't like they got to spend a lot of time together, so when he was a no show she got worried, then angry. How could he stand her up like that? It was hard for her to stay mad at him though when she found him at home and he asked her to buy a house with him. This was HUGE. He was letting her know he wanted to take their relationship to the next level, something she thought would never happen.

Over the summer Cece and Waylon traveled around the world looking for the perfect house, which they finally found in Naples, Italy. A perfect four bedroom home big enough to have a family in. Not that they really ever talked about having children, but Cece was hopeful that someday she would be a mum. They spent the whole month of August painting and decorating their new home. The home they owned together. As in it was theirs. Cece didn't think there was anything in the world that could make her happier than she was at that time. She was now a homeowner with the man she loves.

2083-2084 Term 37
Well here it is. Cece's 8th term as healer and 2nd term as Slytherin Head of House at Hogwarts and she was in no way ready to return to work. She wanted to stay in Italy with Waylon in their new home, but if she wanted to keep that new home with him, they both needed to go back to work. The bills had to get paid.

With the news of Quidditch being cancelled, Cece was all set to have a great term. No more sports related injuries to have to deal with. No more Quidditch players thinking they were invincible. Being about the only person who was happy to hear that barbaric sport had been cancelled, Cece was now really looking forward to the coming term.

The first few months of term were pretty quiet for her. The infirmary didn't see much action and believe it or not, the students of Slytherin were being very well behaved making Cece a very happy Head of House. On top of that, she was able to get away from the school a little more often than planned to go spend time with Waylon. She was even able to surprise him on a couple of his film locations. Then it happened. WINTER had come early and before anyone knew what was happening, they were snowed/frozen in. With all the snow and cold, Cece's quiet term was over. The infirmary was busy with students and staff members with ailments from colds to frostbite to even being comatose.

As the days, weeks and months went by, Cece could feel some depression setting in. She didn't like going this long without seeing Waylon, let alone not even being able to communicate with him through owl post. She hated not knowing how he was doing or even where he was. Then one day at the end of May, she entered her office to find... WAYLON there. At first she thought she was seeing things because she was missing him so much. Once she realized that he really was standing there she didn't think she could feel any happier. Boy was she wrong. What could make her even happier than seeing the man she loves? Why that said man proposing to her. Yes that's right people, Waylon Murdoch had asked Cecelia Tillstorm to be his wife.

The end of term could not come fast enough for her. All she wanted to do was get away from the school to start planning her wedding. A summer wedding that ended up being a very private ceremony in Seychelles with two of their best friends standing up for them. Hecate Lafay and William Williamson. And of course, Oliver Jenkins who got wind of the festivities decided he needed to gate crash. Lucky for him he was on his best behavior meaning Cece, or for that matter, Hecate didn't have to hex him into another universe. After a night of celebrating with their friends, Cece spent the remainder of the summer honeymooning with her husband.

2084-2085 Term 38
As the start of the term grew near, Cece found that she was seriously considering not returning to Hogwarts. Being a newlywed, she was not ready to leave her husband to go back to a job that wouldn't allow her to be home on a nightly basis. It was her husband though that convinced her she should go back to work. After all, it wasn't like he was going to be home on a nightly basis either since his job kept him on location for weeks at a time.

Of course this term started like any other. Nice and quiet with several new students and some new staff members. It didn't take long before Cece was taking advantage of the quiet and leaving the school to go spend time with her husband. Every chance she got she would go see him.

As much as she loved being away from the school to spend time with Waylon, she realized just a little too late just how much her absences had affected the students of Slytherin. Disappointed with he students, Cece didn't even bother going to the end of term feast. She didn't feel they deserved a farewell speech from her and she sure as heck didn't feel any of them deserved to be congratulated on anything. For Slytherin house to come in dead last in the house cup race was unacceptable to her. Not to mention, she was not about to show up to the feast dressed in that HORRIBLE getup Flamsteed had picked out for her. Call her a sore loser if you want, but there was no way she was letting the whole school see her dressed like some pink fairy!

Needless to say, Slytherin students WILL be expected to do much better next term. Healer Murdoch will be around a lot more to make sure her house does not fail her again!

2085-2086 Term 39
When term started, Healer Murdoch was in a really good mood as she returned for her tenth term as healer and her fourth term as Slytherin Head of Houe. She had just spent a really great summer with her husband doing absolutely nothing but enjoying each other. Well, they did go to New York for their anniversary, but other than that, they spent their whole summer at home enjoying their life as a normal married couple. This was really refreshing considering their lives are anything but normal during the months of September through June. Of course her good mood was soon ruined by Professor Morgan and those damn cats she always insists on bringing to the Great Hall, where food is served. And to make things even worse, Astronut Flamsteed decided he didn't like the outfit she was wearing so he took it upon himself to transform her clothes into THIS horrible getup. Did he honestly think she was going to stay in that monstrosity? There was a reason she hadn't made an appearance at the end of term feast last term. After placing the pink atrocity on Professor Morgan, she went back to her seat. This night had to get better right? Wrong! From defiant Slytherin students losing points that hadn't even been earned yet, to Slytherin students fighting at the Ravenclaw table, this feast was turning out to be the worst one Cece had ever attended.

Once the feast was finally over, Cece held a mandatory house meeting in the Slytherin Common Room that ended in even more points loss for the snakes. Things did start to look up in the coming months. The students were staying out of trouble and actually earned enough points to put them in first place. This made Healer Murdoch very happy, but alas, that happiness was not meant to last either. Towards the end of January, a fourth year Slytherin student chose to be stupid in the forbidden forest and got himself killed by an angry bunch of acromantulas. So much for the snakes turning themselves around this term. By the end of term the snakes had gone from first to third place in the house cup standings and had managed to land in last place in gobstones.

With term finally ended, Cece HAPPILY went home to Italy to spend the entire summer with her husband and their baby... Biscuit.

2086-2087 Term 40
Cece returned to Hogwarts for her eleventh term as school healer. Who would have guessed that the woman would make it this many years at a school full of children? Not her that's for sure. Not only did she return as healer, but she returned for her fifth term as Slytherin Head of House. Both jobs she takes very seriously. Some, okay most, may see her as a cranky, not friendly person, but in truth she can be very friendly when she wants to be which isn't very often. And as much as some of those snake children irritate her, she would protect them with her life. Especially after last term. There is no way she is letting another one of her students die on her watch. Which thankfully didn't happen this term, even though one of them had gone and gotten herself caught up in an acromantula web out in the Forbidden Forest.

Once again Slytherin house landed in third place for the house cup and last place in Gobstones. This really did not please Cece, but she was willing to overlook it due to the fact that none of her students died this term.

Once term was over and the spiders had been taken care of, Cece happily left the school and went straight home where she spent the entire summer with her loving husband.

2087-2088 Term 41
If you found it hard to believe that Healer Murdoch made it through eleven years on staff at Hogwarts, you'll find it even hard to believe that she made it through twelve. She also made it through her sixth year as Slytherin Head of House.

With the term being so quiet, Cece was able to spend a little extra time with her husband. This made for a rather happy, not cranky healer when she was at school. The only thing that would have made her happier would have been Slytherin winning the house cup. But alas, that didn't happen, again. Once again they landed in third place behind Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. The only plus to this seeing Hufflepuff come in last place. Then there is Gobstones where Slytherin came in second place, behind those puffers. Cece didn't like seeing this, but she didn't give it much thought because they did beat the puffs in the house race, and to her that is more important than some silly game.

Like every summer, once term ended, Cece wasted no time leaving the school to be with her husband.

2088-2089 Term 42
In the making

SPOILER!!: Marie Jade Salazar

Model: Cassie Scerbo

Name: Marie Jade Salazar
Birthdate: April 13, 2058
House: Slytherin
Graduation Class of: 2076
Heritage: Pureblood
Wand: 11.5 inches-Cherry-Phoenix Feather-Twirly
Patronus: African Golden Cat
Appearance -
i. Hair colour: Blonde
ii. Eye colour: Green
iii. Height: 5'9"
iv. Weight: Like I'd tell you

Background -
She is part of the Malfoy family on her mums side. Her father is a Salazar (no relation to Salazar Slytherin) which is why her last name isn't Malfoy. Her great grandfather is Draco Malfoy, grandfather is Scorpius Malfoy. Up until she graduated she lived with both of her parents who would do anything for her as she is their only child.

Now that she is graduated she lives in Sweden with her prince charming, fiance and love of her life, Matthias 'Matty' Gardner. She is helping raise his twin cousins along with helping him take care of family obligations while his uncle is out looking for his aunt who has been missing for over a year now.

Personality: Will add later

Hogwarts History:

1st Year: The first friend she made was none other than a Hufflepuff who turned out to be a member of the Potter family. Naturally that friendship didn't last and Marie moved on to become friends with girls from her own house. Of course this didn't happen until towards the end of the term. Marie was a quiet girl who stayed to herself a lot during this time. That quiet girl wasn't going to be sticking around for long though.

2nd Year: On the train ride back to school all ties with former Hufflepuff friend Kay were severed when she failed to defend Marie when her (Kay's) boyfriend started spreading lies/rumors about her. Marie finally realized then that Kay could not be trusted as a friend.

At the age of 12 Marie got her first boyfriend, Evan Cartwright... more like a very close male friend. Things were going great for them up until the Christmas holiday when he went home and never returned. Marie spent months looking for him, trying to figure out if he had been one of the students that had 'disappeared' that term. During this time was when she met Carter Phillips who became one of her best friends and even helped her in her ventures to find Evan.

The summer after second year Marie was in Diagon Alley and happened to spot Evan... kissing his ex girlfriend. Not bothering to stick around to find out where he had been or why she hadn't heard from him in over six months she turned around and ran off. Carter happened to be there with her and followed her to make sure she was alright. Evan, having seen her run off followed her too. Not in the state of mind to listen to him, Marie officially broke up with him. Sure he said he didn't want that to happen but all she kept seeing was him kissing Fallon. Running off again, Carter once again followed her. Sitting in the courtyard of the Leaky Cauldron Marie kissed Carter. After that things were a bit awkward for them.

Will edit in more later...
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