View Full Version : Upper Floors

  1. Detention: Reese Prichard; Derfael Ashburry-Hawthorne
  2. Fifth Floor: Gregory the Smarmy
  3. Fifth Floor: Prefects' Bathroom
  4. Fifth Floor: Weasley Swamp
  5. Fifth Floor: Boris the Bewildered
  6. Fifth Floor: Fifth-Floor Corridor
  7. Sixth Floor: Music Classroom
  8. Sixth Floor: Boys' Bathroom
  9. Sixth Floor: Sixth-Floor Corridor
  10. Sixth Floor: Battlements
  11. Sixth Floor: Spare Office
  12. Seventh Floor: Room of Requirement
  13. Seventh Floor: Bronze Knocker
  14. Seventh Floor: Owlery
  15. Seventh Floor: Fat Lady's Portrait
  16. Seventh Floor: Seventh-Floor Corridor