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Old 07-12-2011, 09:46 PM
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Default The Deathly Hallows, Part II (2011)

Have you been lucky enough to have seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 already? Are you itching to review the final blockbuster? If so, this thread is for you!

To see SnitchSeeker's review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, click here.
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I saw the film today on the Israeli premiere. I'm kind of surprised that it comes out in the U.S. two days later, since usually it takes a long time after the U.S. release for a film to be available in Israel.
Anyway, the film wasn't bad. It was much better than the sixth, but still far from being as cannon as the seventh movie was. The sad scenes were really moving and well done, and I think they were the best in the whole film. However, many scenes (especially after the forbidden forest) were competely different from the book, and I can't say they were better. More "action" was added, but the best scenes from the book were non-existant/delayed and not as exciting. And Dumbledore's past isn't shown at all. The only thing that the watchers get to know is that he had a sister named Ariana and that he died in a young age. Aberforth also said that she was a stepping stone for Albus in his path to gain more power, but that's.. nothing. And it's a pity, because I liked that flashback part - it gives us a completely different view on Albus.
However, there was one thing different from the book that I really liked - the addition of Nevill/Luna. It was well-executed, and made me smile in the middle of the dark scenes.
Well, even though I just complained quite a lot about the film, it still got me so excited that I couldn't help but let my SS-nostalgia overcome me, and now I find myself back here after more than a year and a half of absence. And I'm not sorry at all! =]

I'm back after a year-and-a-halh hiatus! If anyone still remembers me.
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I saw it with the Australian release at the 2D midnight showing, technically 2 days ago. Overall I thought the movie was amazing, epic. There were a few things, as said above ^^, that they could have done a bit better like Dumbledore's past, though not too big a fan of Dumbledore and his past, it didn't bother me too much. The action scenes were amazing, the special effects and the general atmosphere.

The funny moments were quite funny, and most were at the right moments. McGonagall was hilarious, making everyone in the cinema grin and laugh. This movie made me fall in love with Neville His lines, and overall character was just amazing.

The Princes Tale... While I imagined it different, and think that the actor choice for young Sirius and James could have been done a bit better, it was beautiful and make me want to cry... OK, I did cry. Alan Rickman's acting all throughout the movie was amazing, but it was here he really shone.

I have only a few complaints with DHpt2, which is more than I can say about HBP and DHpt1. I was for once almost completely happy with the movie
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I also saw it last night, and came here as quickly as I could to share my thoughts. First off - the 3D isn't QUITE needed, but added some nice effects to the film and I found it bearable. Other than that... this film wasn't great. As a movie independant from the book it was classically made, with lots of action sequences and little bits of humor and romance here and there. The battle scenes were EPIC and stunning to watch, and the little funny parts that they inserted literally made the film (there's a nice one with McGonagall that I enjoyed). In regards to the romance: Ron/Hermione kiss was AMAZING, while the Ginny/Harry one was severly lacking.

But if you take the book into account, then I cannot count HOW many times I was all "ZOMG NO WHY DID YOU CUT/CHANGE/EDIT THATT???!?!! ". One of the things that I LOVE about the book was that, amidst all the chaos of the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry's search for the diadem still has elements of subtleness in it while they completely destroyed that in the film. He just kinda BURSTS into Hogwarts, does his bit and you know the rest.

Snape's part impressed me, I have to say. The young actors (apart from James and Sirius - but they already botched up their teenager actors so I wasn't expecting too much) were REALLY good and I found myself tearing while all of that was going on. When he died... *sniffles* I thought that was the best bit in the film. They cut out all of Dumbledor's past - and also Kreacher's, now that I recall - although Aberforth was brilliant and I enjoyed the small references. Ariana's portrait was good too.

Ron and Hermione were AMAZING. We actually got to SEE the chamber of secrets bit, unlike the book, which I was really happy about and although they kiss there and not in front of Harry (so no, no "OI! there's a war going on!"), I thought it was perfect and oh so adorable and cute. From that point onwards, they were an absolute treat to look at whenever they were onscreen. Not that they weren't before, but you know...

Anyways. Snape's memories, Harry's realisation and that whole bit in the forest was COMPLETELY different but I thought it was ok, considering the rest of the alterations made in the movie. The scene after Harry "dies", in King's Cross, was excellently made and I enjoyed it. After that... Well, lots of booms and bams that weren't really in the book (like that bit from they trailer when Harry sort of puts his arm around old Voldiepants and they fall down - made me giggle and go "SEE?! PHYSICS PREVAILS - GRAVITY DEFEATED THEM!" ...) BUT Molly's SS-inappropriate line was there and well excecuted.

The deaths. OH MY ROWLING the deaths. POORLY done, and that's an understatement. I was expecting to have to use a bucket for my tears, but honestly they made such a little deal out of all of them (Tonks, Remus... Even FRED) that I didn't. I swear, I felt a bigger snag inside when Crabbe/Golye - I can never remember which one's which in the movies - dies than when Fred did. Snape's death hit me the most, out of all the ones in the film as like in the book, it's the most heartbreaking. And Voldemort's death was just WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Oh, and the bit before they got to Hogwarts - with Gringotts and the goblin and all of that - was ok. They missed out some parts but generally it was acceptable.

OVERALL - after all the ranting and whining and that which I have a lot more of - it was a good film because I reckoned it captured the ESSENCE of the book. The nineteen years later part was cute and I was left with a bittersweet taste in my mouth, just like when I finished the book. I can't believe it's all over, to be honest... This is the LAST film. The LAST potter-related thing that had yet to come out. After so long, it's all over. The end of my childhood, the end of Harry Potter...

Now I need to go watch it again. XD <3 Love you all!
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If a movie is going to be split into two parts, then why can't everything be included! There's one particular storyline I'm VERY upset with. I'm just going to cut to the problems I had with the movie. I could go on and on about how Alan Rickman's performance was amazing (which it was, I was bawling) or that the battle scene was epic, but I think I'll just critique the problems I had because there were moments that were cut took away from the heart of the story.

1. THEY RUINED LUPIN AND TONKS STORYLINE! Okay this post is about to contain major SPOILERS (though if you're reading this thread it should be expected). Anyways as soon as the Trio began leaving Shell Cottage, I was most disappointed. It was sad enough that there wasn't the scene in Pt. 1 at Grimmauld Place between Lupin/Harry, but I thought they'd make up for it in Pt.2. I couldn't be more wrong! The next time you'd see them would be at the Battle of Hogwarts. Lupin had a clever line and then there was no explanation to Tonks' arrival. Next thing you know you see them lying dead in the Great Hall. As you know Harry resurrects Lupin and Harry says, "I'm sorry about you son," and Lupin goes to say,"He will know what his parents did here...etc." But, never once prior to that moment was it mentioned that Lupin and Tonks actually had a baby. I asked my friend who hadn't read the books if I had missed something, and she was like, "No, I was totally confused by that! When did he have a son?" Exactly! It was just thrown in there and I don't even know why the editors decided to put that in anyways because it didn't make sense at all! And to top it off during the epilogue Teddy was missing as well. I'm just so disappointed how the movies have butchered this beautiful relationship. I liked how J.K. Rowling wanted to create a parallel between Harry and Teddy's lives as orphaned children and that image was never created. I just don't understand why even mention of Lupin and Tonks' son in the forest if he wasn't mentioned AT ALL before!

2. Mrs. Weasley vs. Bellatrix. This was a scene I was looking most forward to. Though in the book it is short described, in the movie I was expecting much more, but found it disappointing. It all started with the line, "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU *****!" It was delivered rather dull and without passion. I was expecting a courageous declaration, and it was below par. And the battle between them was just a bunch of flashes. It should've been a moment of cheering and it was more of a moment of jeering.

3. The Grey Lady was awful! I always pictured her as embarrassed and ashamed of her mother's diadem, but that wasn't even explained that she had stole it and the whole story line with her and the Bloody Baron. Instead she came off as cruel and bitter. She was practically yelling at Harry and was such a waste of time. I thought Luna could've delivered a better performance then her! It just felt like wasted time and a space filler that should've been more productive and another explanation to Voldemort's intentions.

4. Harry explains the way the wands work very well with who becomes the! Anyways, MAJOR SPOILER, he takes the Elder wand and breaks it and throws it off a cliff. Um...Harry what about your own wand? That was one of my favorite moments in the book where he takes the Elder Wand and fixes his own because he doesn't want to the owner of it and returns it to Dumbledore. And from there I go to another Deathly Hallow...

5. What is the movie/book called again? Oh, that's right Harry Potter and the DEATHLY HALLOWS! Not once did they mention that Harry could be in possession of all three, or at least that he was the owner of the Invisibility Cloak. That whole store about how he and Tom Riddle could be related through the Peverells was completely thrown out the door. I was hoping that at least when Harry and Dumbledore are speaking at King's Cross it would be mentioned why Dumbledore was in possession and how he examined it to concur that it was so. I just wish the other Deathly Hallows were mentioned more. This movie could've been called Harry Potter and the Elder Wand because that was practically all that was highlighted.

Anyways...that's all I can think of now, but I'm sure when I watch it a second time I'll think of more.
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Yesterday I watched, what is in my opinion, the best of all the HP movies!
The trio, Neville, Luna and Draco are at their best! I loved the Neville moments they added. And Daniel Radcliffe seemed at his most Harry-ish this film
The Gringotts scene was quite good. I felt so sorry for the dragon!
Prince's tale - very well done, I cried and I'm not even a huge Snape fan!
King's Cross - quite a few of the lines were kept more or less the same, so that was nice. And I love the fact that Harry is wearing jeans while he's in this heaven/limbo thingie
Battle - EPIC!
Deaths - Voldie and Bellatrix just going 'poof' into bits of pieces was kinda weird Tonks and Lupin's deaths aren't really dwelled upon, but I think it's sweet that they made it look like they were holding hands. And we just see Fred's corpse and people mourning around it.
Resurrection Stone - Lily also saying "Always" So perfect, I was in tears.
Voldie death - I'm disapointed that Harry's whole dramatic speech isn't there
THE kiss - So cute and Romione-ish! Giggle and all
3D or not? - I watched it 3D and at the beginning it makes no real difference. Some of the stuff looks cooler in 3D, but no need to commit suicide if you can't see it 3D
Mrs Weasley's line - It's there and Julie Walters said it magnificently
Hermione as Bellatrix -
All in all, I enjoyed it very much

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Just saw the midnight premiere and I can't breathe. It was the best movie I've ever seen.I think they really out did themselves with this one. The actors were spot on, the effects were beyond imagination, the 3-D glasses were even potter glasses!

I loved the way they did the prince's tale bit. It was just as I imagined! I loved everything about t except for the choice of actors for James and Sirius. But then.again they never seem to get that right. I don't even like Snape and I cried during his death scene. It was done beautifully and I'm so happy with it!

Although Bellatrix vs Molly wasn't as I was hoping. She just sort of "said" the line. I though the epic line would be yelled but it was sort of hushed. I love however most of the battle scenes because they looked wonderful!

They killed Lavender!?! What! I cried for her too. I don't even liked her but I cried. Then I think they did Fred justice with his bit. But however I don't think they captured tonks and remus' death too well. And they certainly didn't explain and talk about Teddy.

The Ron and hermione scene in the room of requirement wS AHMAZING! The kiss. How can I even start talking about it? It was awesome. I'll tell you that. But the Ginny and Harry kiss was disappointing.

Overall it was perfect. It was funny, sad, exciting, really everything you could ask for in a movie. I loved it and I'm planning on watching it over and over and over again.
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Overall, I’m so emotionally drained that I’m not sure how to feel. The weight of my childhood ending — yes, I do believe I felt it actually happen as the camera faded to black — is overpowering me. Add the fact that it’s now past 6 in the morning, and I’m pretty spent. I feel completely drained and dry from the amount of crying.

I have mixed feelings on the film. It was epic and a lovely ending to a beautiful collection. I went in prepared, knowing that they had changed things to make it more cinematically appealing. So some of my gripes aren’t too bad since I prepared myself for them. So I suppose I’ll start with the less-than-positive parts first…

I knew the final battle would be more action-packed from the look of the trailer so I wasn’t too surprised. I think there was such a beautiful, chilling, powerful factor about the book’s battle — Just Harry and Tom Riddle; no theatrics, no drama. Just the two of them talking and matter-of-fact. I felt like the action took away from the impact the books gave that moment.

Same with Voldemort’s death — it felt anti-climactic. I didn’t really get or like how he evaporated. The whole point of Voldemort’s death is to achieve what Voldemort tried to avoid; the reason Voldemort made Horcruxes in the first place is so that he wouldn’t be a dead body. So when Harry won, he was the thing he tried to avoid his entire life, something all mere mortal men become — a dead body. I think having him go the way they did felt cheap to the weight of the series.

There were little things here and there that I wish had been added, but I let them go. Even the battle and Voldemort’s death can be forgiven.

The one thing that I absolutely HATED, and I will never forgive them for putting in, I don’t care what Jo approved, is that HARRY TELLS RON AND HERMIONE HE’S GOING TO BLEEPING DIE. There’s a specific reason he doesn’t tell them in the books. When he told them, I felt a surge of anger that took me out of the film for a moment because it was so out-of-canon, it was distracting. I hated that they added it; I hated that Ron didn’t get to hug Harry since, you know, RON IS HARRY’S FREAKING BEST FRIEND, THE THING HE’D MISS MOST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Plus, it took away the moment in the book when Harry is still pretending to be dead and can hear Ron and Hermione and Ginny over the crowd, calling out his name, just ripping out your heart. They stole that from the audience, to have Ron and Hermione see and be shocked that Harry is dead in Hagrid’s arms. That’s the one thing I cannot and will not let go or forgive about this film. Sorry, Jo, but even your approval can’t change my mind.

Okay…now the good…

* GRINGOTTS - What a spectacular scene! The dragon was absolutely stunning, and the multiplying objects was really well done. I didn’t really mind that they didn’t burn, it was intense enough. And the whole confrontation (and eventual death) of Griphook was fantastic. Helena playing Hermione playing Bellatrix was hilarious; what an actress! Rupert in that beard just made me want to jump on him to be honest. And while I rolled my eyes that Hermione was the one to jump on the dragon’s back (she’s terrified of the idea in the book), the dragon ride was great. It just looked wonderful.

* RETURN TO HOGWARTS - That whole section with Aberforth was nice. (I wasn’t too bothered about not going into Dumbledore’s story. With the focus on these last two, it wasn’t vital.) But when Harry entered the Room of Requirement, and everyone started clapping, I couldn’t stifle my sobs. Seeing all those familiar faces was just really wonderful. And to see how Hogwarts under Snape is so formal and dark and reformatory-like was chilling. But I absolutely loved when Ginny comes and says “Harry.” And he replies, “Ginny.” And they just look at each other hungrily; loved that.

* MAGGIE SMITH - This woman was going through intensive chemotherapy during the filming for this last film. She’s weathered Hell, but she made sure she was there for it to end. Watching her take control of her school was so moving and meaningful. Another BIG cry moment, for me, was when she told Harry it was good to see him. I couldn’t stop the tears. She was legitimately kick butt throughout the film, and it was a pleasure to see McGonagall show that off.

* THE DIADEM - The whole part with Helena Ravenclaw was really well done. The actress was perfect; I would have loved more detail and in-depth story with it, but I thought it was well done overall.

* RON AND HERMIONE KISS - First of all, all of their bits in this film were brilliant. Rupert Grint is still, in my opinion, the best actor of the three, and so even though Ron and Hermione were more in the background in this one (and rightly so), he still commands a presence. He and Emma have fantastic chemistry no matter what they’re doing so… But the kiss was lovely. Since we couldn’t go the book route since they never properly introduced SPEW, this was natural and organic. The fact that they had a beat after destroying the Horcrux before just going at each other was perfect. It really had a “Alright, that’s it; we can die at any moment, I’m in love with you, I have been for seven years, and all I want to do right now is kiss your face off…so I will” vibe to it, which was perfect. It was wonderfully longer than I expected; I just wish they positioned it a little better so Rupert’s head wasn’t mostly what we saw. But how he holds her face (or shoulder?), while her arms are on his chest was so intimate and special. And I appreciated the little laugh at the end. Like Emma Watson said, it was like “Finally! We should have done this ages ago. We’re so silly.” It was very them, and I thought Rupert and Emma did a fantastic job together.
The other Ron and Hermione moments were fantastic — holding each other, holding hands, “THAT’S MY GIRLFRIEND!” etc. I LOVED when Harry smiles at the two of them holding hands, and they’re like “Yup, it finally happened.”

* RON WEASLEY - He’s my favorite and always will be, but I was pleased (other than the part mentioned that I won’t forgive) that he is Ron in this one too. He takes initiative; he’s brave and ready to fight and die for Harry and Hermione. Rupert’s acting was phenomenal as usual, and I just thought he was perfectly used (again, minus the part I mentioned) since the last part is all about Harry.

* NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM - Excuse my language, but I would mother that guy’s children. I’m so happy they featured Neville’s turn from bumbling child to "gangsta" (as my friend would say), brave man. I wish they had used the line “We’ll join you when Hell freezes over,” but his speech was wonderful. Him slaying Nagini was inspired. Matthew Lewis did a fantastic job. So proud of him!

* “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU [W]ITCH!” - Julie Walters, Molly Weasley, you are both bada**es. The delivery was absolutely it. She didn’t just throw out the fancy, shocking line and go about it; No. You could see right in her eyes that she was just up and ridiculously angry the hell off. Her son is dead, her other children are in mortal danger; she’s not putting up with it. She’s going to kill this horrible woman. This moment got the biggest applause in my theater, the KISS getting the second, Neville bringing up the close third.

* FIENDFYRE - Well done, that whole sequence. And I’m glad they kept Ron’s line in as well! “If we die for them, I’m going to kill you.” Looked great!

* DEATHS - I loved the execution of the deaths, minus Voldemort’s. I know some people are miffed that Fred’s death wasn’t more of a big deal, and I can understand that. But, for me, it felt true. Yes, I’m disappointed that he (along with Lupin and Tonks) didn’t get big death scenes, but that is the point of war. It’s chaos. It happens. I found it slightly more heartbreaking to see George cry out (my heart shattered) and grab Ron…to see that whole family stand over, sobbing, Fred’s dead body. (Rupert was especially powerful. Wow. Another big cry moment.) Tonks and Lupin dead, almost holding hands undid me. It was so tragic. And then we come to the stand out of the film, in my opinion….

* THE PRINCE’S TALE: This is why I can forgive all of the other little issues I had with the film (minus the big one I mentioned earlier). Alan Rickman is an acting god. The fact that this man has known the ending since he began the films ten years ago just adds to the performance, for me. First off, the snake attack was PERFECT. I LOVED that they didn’t show Nagini attacking, they just showed the closed door with blood splattering — it made it more chilling and emotional because it left something to the imagination. Watching the death scene was almost too much. After he said “Look…at…me,” I saw that he started to say something else, and I almost got really angry, but then he said - “You have your mother’s eyes,” and all was forgiven. If you’re going to change his last words, this was an acceptable addition, in my opinion. Rickman really, truly conveyed the devastating love story. It was really well paced, and I was engaged during the whole thing. And I knew I was going to cry; But HOLY HELL, when Snape sat on the floor, crying, holding Lily Potter’s dead body in his arms, her son in his crib, I couldn’t help the sobs that burst from me. My everything hurt watching it. Truly breathtaking, truly tragic, truly beautiful. Absolutely breathtaking.

* THE FOREST AGAIN - At this point, I had to literally shove my fist full of tissues in my mouth to keep sobs quiet. Daniel Radcliffe has become a fine actor. The gravity of that moment was so strong, and it delivered. When he breathed “I am ready to die,” to the snitch, it felt like my heart just ripped down the middle. The whole part with the dead coming back just really got me, and it shows that simplicity goes a long way.

* KING’S CROSS - I liked how this was done. It was quick and to the point. The bit of Voldemort’s soul under the seat was spot on. And I absolutely loved the additional lines about the power of words. It was so JO. After that line, when Dumbledore says, “Of course it’s in your head, Harry. But why should that mean it’s not real?” I felt a lightbulb go on. Because Harry Potter - the books themselves - are that - they’re words in a book, and they have to come alive in our heads. And so many casual fans or non-fans can’t understand just how much these books impact us. But for these books, the ones we bring to life in our imaginations and minds, are very much real to us. So it just got me thinking and crying all over again. (I basically cried the whole time.)

* HARRY RETURNS - I’m pleased that they kept in the bit with Narcissa asking Harry; that’s very important. [I loved the Malfoys dynamic in this one. I thought it was done really well. But what in God’s name was the bit with Voldemort hugging Draco? Color me confused.] I mentioned above how they stole the moment from Ron and Hermione when Harry appears to be dead. But Bonnie Wright did a great job with her devastated reaction to the news. Her “NO!!!” ripped through me. (I do have to mention that while I never thought the Harry/Ginny relationship was well presented in these films, I thought in this one, it was done really well.)

* THE END - I felt bad for the people next to me when it was just the three of them outside of the ruined Hogwarts. For me, that was the most significant moment in the film, especially in the context of the landmark event.

* THE EPILOGUE - I wish it had been longer. I wanted to hear Ron with his kids and see the families look at Harry. I wanted more interaction with the four of them. The effects/make up was really well done, I thought. And I have to say that Dan will make a great dad some day, the way he was with the kid who played Albus. Very emotional, and that last scene before it faded to black was so perfectly beautiful and sad.

Overall, I really did love it. I plan on seeing it again, of course. But minus a few minor (and ONE HUGE) issues, it was a great way to end it all. They should all be very proud of themselves. I have said my thank yous to Jo and Harry. - I will miss you, Harry. More than you’ll know. - But I also want to thank you, my fellow fans; you're my brothers and sisters, my best friends, my soul mates. It has been an honor to grow up with you.

Mischief Managed.


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I loved every second of it. It was a great film. Usually I have alot to complain about how different the books are from the movies, but honestly, even though there was some changes and cuts and whatever else the film was great.

Molly Weasly: YOU ARE MY HERO!! I can't get over how epic that moment was!!
Professor Mcgonagall: YOU ARE ALSO MY HERO! Her lines (I've always wanted to use that spell) was just so cute!!!

And Snape: I cired like a little school girl!! That scene was just amazing...

I cried so hard everywhere!!
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I saw this movie at midnight last night (or this morning, I guess?), and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. I didn't cry quite as much as I thought I would, but still I cried a lot. I don't think there was a dry eye in the theater; there was a lot of sniffling going on, and at one point someone was even sobbing. The movie was so sad in many places, I'm surprised more of us weren't like that.

This midnight premiere was so cool though. There were quite a few people who went all out and wore their Hogwarts robes and everything, and one guy even came in as a Death Eater. A lot of people in the theater were cheering when he came in It was too cool.

But anyway, moving on to reviewing the actual movie - I really can't think of a whole lot, if anything, to complain about. I thought the entire thing was incredible, even the bits that were different from the book because they worked so well onscreen and fit in really well. The only things I really missed, I guess, was Lupin coming in to Shell Cottage to announce Teddy's birth and still no Dumbledore backstory. And yet, somehow, I'm not really that mad about either, especially Dumbledore's past. We who have read the book know about those things, so in the back of our minds we can sort of (for lack of a better word) "insert" that into the movie and it all fits and makes sense. For those who haven't read these wonderful books, I hope that if they're really curious about either, as they were touched upon in both parts, their curiosity will lead them to finally read them, and then they will finally discover just how incredible these books are, even more than any of the movies. So, yeah, no really big complaints from me.

No, wait, now that I think about it, I do have one little complaint - we didn't get to see the Ravenclaw common room! I was so looking forward to that part, but it didn't happen. It's not huge, and it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the movie in the least, but I'm rather sad about it.

Anyway, since I loved pretty much the entire movie, I won't go through every scene (or try not to ) just to gush over every little detail; I'll just talk about the parts that really stood out to me:

That brief little scene at the very beginning, just a simple shot of Dobby's grave, and Harry just sitting there, looking into the broken mirror piece. The scenery was gorgeous, for one, and I'm so glad they made sure we got a shot of what was written on the stone. "Here lies Dobby, a free elf." I teared up a bit here, and I knew I'd cry a lot during this movie.

Of course, I loved the Gringotts scene. All of it was really well done, and the entire theater was cracking up watching Helena as Hermione as Bellatrix. She was brilliant! And I liked the clips afterward, when Voldemort is in a rage and killing everyone in sight, that he also killed Griphook. I didn't want Griphook to die, but I thought it was fitting. And then the sword of Gryffindor disappeared from his hand - I thought that was nice too.

Aberforth was great during his scenes, and I'm glad they at least sort of touched upon his bitterness towards his brother and Dumbledore's past, but what I really loved was the addition of Hermione's line, after she thanks him and he's left the room, "He did save our lives twice. That doesn't seem like a person who's given up."

I really liked the Grey Lady and her scene with Harry. She seemed haughty, like she was described, but also so angry and so embarrassed and ashamed of having helped Tom Riddle find her mother's diadem, and therefore so reluctant to help Harry at first. Her actress was brilliant during the entire scene.

Maggie Smith as McGonagall is going to get a whole paragraph to herself from me - she was FANTASTIC. She was always a great Professor McGonagall in the previous movies, but here, she really took it to a whole new level. She was a strong leader, but she got some great humorous lines and delivered those so well. I think my favorite is after she uses Piertotum Locomotor, and the suits of armor/statues are marching past, and she says, "I've always wanted to use that spell!" The entire theater cracked up

And now, of course, I feel I must talk about Alan Rickman. I can't find the right words to describe his performance as Snape - amazing, fantastic, incredible, and awesome just don't fully capture just how great it was. Snape's death was the moment when I really, truly started crying. The memories coming from his eyes in the form of tears was a nice, subtle change in place of it just pouring out of his eyes, ears, and mouth like in the book. And then changing his last words from, "," (which I am SO SO SO glad they kept in!) to "You have your mother's eyes," - oh my word, I just broke down.

And then the Prince's Tale part - that was really, really well done. I had been wondering whether doing as the book did, with it just playing scene after scene after scene, would feel like it was slowing the movie down somehow, but they easily amended that. It all flowed and helped explain all that it needed to explain, even with many of the scenes from the book being cut. The addition of Snape going to the Potters' house after Voldemort was destroyed, seeing Lily's dead body and little Harry crying in his crib, and completely breaking down and holding onto her - I completely broke down again. AND they kept in the "After all this time?" "Always." lines, which really just made my love for this movie skyrocket. I was hoping so much that they'd keep those lines in, as they're some of my favorites, and they did!

As for the rest of the deaths, at least on the good side, Lavender, Fred, Tonks, Lupin... I can see how some people could be disappointed by them, but I thought they were all done well - at least enough so they could have an impact, instead of dwelling upon it and dragging the pace of the movie down too much. Particularly in the case of Fred, I thought it was enough to get anyone, or at least me, crying by seeing his family huddled around him, holding on to each other. Ron, George, and Molly especially really brought the grief home. And Lupin and Tonks lying beside each other, looking like they had been holding hands when they died - that was incredibly touching. And it sort of reminds me of in the first part, where Ron and Hermione's hands were just inches from each other as they slept in Grimmauld Place, as if they'd held hands. I'm not sure whether that connection was intended or not, but for me, it adds to the emotion of it all.

Speaking of Ron and Hermione, GAH. The kiss! It was awesome! I admit, I was a little worried the way it was being described at times. I was totally fine with it taking place in the Chamber of Secrets, I actually really liked that idea, but the way it was described with them just pouncing on each other right after getting soaked with water or whatever - I dunno, I just thought it sounded like it could feel random and just kept in just because. But it definitely didn't feel like that at all. It was executed very well, and I love how they start laughing a bit right after. It felt very natural, so I was really happy

The Forest Again sequence was excellent and pretty much exactly like the book. Everyone did so well in here, but what really stood out to me was after Harry says, "Stay close to me." Lily replies, "Always." I was again crying after that line. The connection between that line, when it was played in one of the trailers/TV spots, and Snape's line never occurred to me until that moment. I think "Always" is going to become my favorite word.

Narcissa saving Harry's life in the forest by saying he was dead was great, and I'm so relieved and happy they kept it in - in fact, now that I'm on the subject of the Malfoys, I really loved how they portrayed the relationship between them in this movie. My favorite bit, I think, is when the Death Eaters are back in the courtyard facing off against the the Order and DA, and Draco's among them. Lucius calls to him, telling him to come, but Draco just kind of looks, almost glares at him, but when Narcissa tells him to come, he does. It shows more than anything just how close Draco and his mother actually are, and just how broken his relationship with his father is. Loved it.

Neville, though I haven't mentioned him 'til now, was just as awesome as I knew he would be. When he faced off against the Snatchers, when he pulled the sword out of the hat, when he tried to attack Voldemort and got shot back, and when he finally killed Nagini - all of it was incredible. We were all cheering him on the whole way.

Molly's line! SO glad they kept that in too! I really liked the delivery of it; you can just feel her anger and hatred for Bellatrix radiating off her as she delivers it; you can tell she's ready to get rid of Bella for good. And I was so happy when she finally did. THAT'S what you get for killing Dobby and torturing Neville's parents, Bella!

I also enjoyed the entire duel between Harry and Voldemort. It was different from the book, but this works better on film, I think. Somehow I think it'd be a bit anticlimactic after all that's happened, if all we did was watch Harry and Voldemort talk, shoot a spell, and then it's over. It works in the book, of course, because when you read, it can feel longer, since Jo Rowling writes it so well and can build up the suspense with the conversation until the final moment when Voldemort dies. On screen, I don't think it'd work as well, so making the fight longer helps build that same suspense and get the audience into the moment until it all finally ends.

And I did enjoy the change of Voldemort bursting into - I guess - ashes. I feel like it makes sense. With his soul ripped up into so many pieces, and with it being so unstable, it makes sense, at least to me, that both his body and soul would be unable to take the hit of the Killing Curse a second time. I mean, the first time he tried to kill Harry, his soul was already so broken and unstable that a piece of it broke off and latched onto Harry; since then, after he came back, he split his soul even further by making Nagini a horcrux, so by this time there's probably not much soul left to keep his body in tact when hit with something as powerful as the Killing Curse. And so his body, like his soul, breaks into pieces. I'm not sure whether I explain this very well; it makes sense in my head.

One last thing and I'll shut up The epilogue scene was fantastic, so much better than I expected. The children were adorable, the make-up/CGI/whatever they used to make the trio and the others older looked so much better (especially Draco, he looked great), and THEY KEPT ANOTHER OF MY FAVORITE LINES: "Albus Severus, you were named for two Headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin, and he was the bravest man I ever knew." I again feared they'd leave it out but hoped they'd keep it, and they did. Dan delivered it well too, and I teared up a bit, though not simply because of the line. The entire epilogue scene had such a nice, bittersweet feel to it, watching the children go off to Hogwarts, so much like the very first film. Feels like we came full circle. Perfect way to end the movie.

*takes a deep breath* Oh my word, this post is so long I didn't think I'd write so much! *flails* But I feel loads better writing all my thoughts down and stuff. Now I'm ready to go see the movie again!

EDIT: Having watched the movie again yesterday, I feel I need to add two things that I forgot to put in here. They're both very small parts in the movie, but they really stood out to me and I loved them.

The first is getting to see Cho again. As a fan of Cho Chang, I was a bit worried they might not keep her in there, but not only did she show up, she even got a few lines and some nice moments, so I was really happy I think my favorite bit with her was at the end, after Harry defeats Voldemort and he enters the Great Hall where everyone's just having a nice, quiet moment after all the fighting. He and Cho look at each other and kind of smile - a nice little sign that, despite their falling out a couple years before, after all they went through tonight, they can be just friends from then on. I thought it was really nice closure.

The second thing was during the King's Cross scene when Harry asks Dumbledore about his mother's Patronus being a doe, "same as Professor Snape's." HE ACTUALLY REFERRED TO SNAPE AS A PROFESSOR That made me so happy. It was a nice, subtle way to show how Harry respects Snape after seeing his memories. It was perfect. I think the first time I heard that at the midnight showing, I teared up again. Seriously, I love it so much. *squeeeeee*

Okay, now I'm done
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I already reviewed in another thread, but I'm adding more thorough details here (simply because I didn't want to edit my other post). Even though I enjoyed the movie thoroughly, there were a few (major) things I wasn't happy with at all; I couldn't help being a harsh critic the entire time. Plus, I just finished rereading DH the day of the midnight premiere, and I truly wished that the movie would have been more faithful to the book. Now I don't usually feel that way towards the movies, especially with DH Part I; the difference for me was that the whole "movie-being-different-from-book" thing just went way too far.

1) The first time I saw Fred and George - both twins have BOTH ears back on. Whatever happened to George's "holey" injury? I know a possible explanation could be that you can heal things by magic, but that injury was supposed to be inflicted by dark magic, thus making it un-heal-able. Just that one detail completely detached Part 2 from Part 1 for me; at least they should have stick with continuity.

2) Come to think of it, I never noticed Teddy mentioned at all in Part 2. I don't even remember if they mentioned Teddy existing or Tonks being pregnant in Part I. At least they should have kept that scene where Lupin barges into Shell Cottage and announce his son's birth. It would have made the whole atmosphere a bit endearing and optimistic, since it sends a message that life still goes on even in times of war. And Lupin asking Harry to be Teddy's godfather, too! That would have been a perfect scene for Dan as well!

3) This didn't bother me a lot, but I preferred the Shrieking Shack set from PoA to the one they used here. It looked too fancy and intricate to the point where it doesn't look like a place for a werewolf to hide. I wonder what would happen if Lupin suddenly howled in that place with all those glass panes. Plus, the set didn't give off that haunted-house image that the PoA set gave. Whoops, I completely forgot that they did say they were going to change the location of Snape's death. Ah, well, still prefer the Shrieking Shack though.

4) In the book, the dragon escaped from Gringotts by just blasting a hole at the top and flying through it as quickly as possible. I couldn't help but cringe when I saw that dragon struggling to get out by crawling and bumping into things. They made the action drag on too long by doing that; if they just stuck to the book and did everything quickly, then that sense of urgency, danger, and excitement would be still there.

Originally Posted by MoviegoerKinz View Post
4. Harry explains the way the wands work very well with who becomes the! Anyways, MAJOR SPOILER, he takes the Elder wand and breaks it and throws it off a cliff. Um...Harry what about your own wand? That was one of my favorite moments in the book where he takes the Elder Wand and fixes his own because he doesn't want to the owner of it and returns it to Dumbledore. And from there I go to another Deathly Hallow...

5. What is the movie/book called again? Oh, that's right Harry Potter and the DEATHLY HALLOWS! Not once did they mention that Harry could be in possession of all three, or at least that he was the owner of the Invisibility Cloak. That whole store about how he and Tom Riddle could be related through the Peverells was completely thrown out the door. I was hoping that at least when Harry and Dumbledore are speaking at King's Cross it would be mentioned why Dumbledore was in possession and how he examined it to concur that it was so. I just wish the other Deathly Hallows were mentioned more. This movie could've been called Harry Potter and the Elder Wand because that was practically all that was highlighted.
5) Ah yeah, that bothered me the most. The whole movie just seemed to undermine the importance of the Deathly Hallows to the entire story! I was hoping that Dumbledore would explain to Harry at King's Cross aboutwhy he didn't tell Harry about the Hallows straightaway and made the trio suffer by letting them finding things out on their own while looking for Horcruxes. Another thing: the invisibility cloak showed up ONCE -- only ONCE! That downgraded the importance of Harry's invisibility cloak even further. It would have been a lot better for me if Harry used it while walking in the forest (thus making use of the 3rd Hallow).
At least what SHOULD have happened was that Harry acknowledged that he had all 3 Hallows at some point and that he became rightfully known as the True Master of Death; it would have brought more significance to the duel between Harry and Voldemort.

Other than that, there were many countless things I loved, most of all the epilogue! (Albus Severus Potter was so cute! ) There were also some changes from the book I loved or was content with (especially the fact that they dropped the Arianna backstory; I can kind of see why they would do that).

Even though the movie didn't meet my expectations, here's hoping for an Oscar nomination (and win).

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I loved the movie, but there are a few things that I missed.

1) Where is Dumbledore's backstory? As that was a huge part of the book, I was sad to see they haven't covered it in the movie. But I'm happy they put a few scenes in where the viewer notices that there might've been something wrong with Dumbledore after all...but in the end it's just covered up with a "I trusted the man I know" by Harry...
2) They didn't include the conflict Hallows/Horcruxes, and they didn't explain that Harry's cloak was a Hallow, or that he was the true "Master of Death". Also it didn't show that Harry was tempted to go after the Hallows instead of the Horcruxes at one point.
3)I didn't get the scene where Voldemort and Harry fight and hunt each other durin the battle. I mean, it looked spectacular, and you got to see a lot of the beautiful castle, but it was senseless. In the book Voldemort just waited in the shack/the forest and didn't step in to the battle of Hogwarts. Of course that way they didn't have to come up with a long dialogue like they had in the great hall during Voldemort's final moments and could bring a little more spectacular stuff onto the screen...
4) A few of the deaths weren't as emotional or gratly done as I would have expected. Tonks, Lupin and Fred would've deserved a more emotional scene, and they way Bellatrix scattered, literally, wth? And Voldemort's death seemed weird to me.

Although I've made a few points I didn't like about the movie, there's tons I LOOOOOOVED!

I think it's by far my favourite movie of all of them.

The best actor in my opinion was Alan Rickman, he was just SO impressive!
I can't get the Godric's Hollow scene out of my head, at that point I started intense and emotional, greatest scene in all of the films!

If I would rate this film on a 10-scale I would give it a 8,5

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I do not have time to write a full review, but let me just say this film was absolutely fantastic! They knew that this had to be the best ever film, and they executed that perfectly. Great action, heart-wrenchingly powerful emotion. Ron and Hermione, and Harry/Ginny were awesome as well. Mildly disappointed that Dumbledore's story was not given more attention, and it was therefore never explained how Harry came to be reconciled to Dumbledore in the end, after all that anger that kept flooding up.

It was also weird that Hagrid was totally absent from the film until he's randomly captured in the forest when Harry shows up. The Harry Voldemort sequences were okay, but I'm not sure what was going on in that "let's end this how we started it, together!" sequence. Strange stuff.

Overall, though, I'm extremely, extremely pleased with everything else that they did. The Potter series deserved a film like this. Still in shock that's it's over, though.
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It’s been over seventeen hours since I was sitting in the theatre for the last Potter film. I was both excited and nervous for this one. As it is the last film, I hoped that they would do the book justice and go all out. There was no doubt in my mind that the movie would be epic, but I was a little worried that a whole bunch of random stuff would be added just to make a third of a book into a 2+ hour film. Well, all I can say, after watching the film, is that I am completely speechless.

SHELL COTTAGE – Unlike most of the Harry Potter films, I felt that the pace in the beginning was perfect. Not too fast, not too slow. And I was very pleased that the first five or ten minutes of the movie weren’t spent on trying to introduce characters or, basically, summarize Part 1 in a few short minutes. Showing Dumbledore’s grave, Voldemort and the Elder Wand, etc. was perfect. I love how they show the words that Harry had carved on Dobby’s grave. It was bittersweet, and I was worried that little detail would have been omitted. The talks with Griphook and Ollivander were short and to the point. I also liked how they changed it so Ollivander knew about the Deathly Hallows in the film. It made sense that he’d have some interest with them, especially with the Elder Wand. I missed Lupin coming in and telling everyone about Teddy’s birth, but I understand why they didn’t include him until later in the film.

GRINGOTTS BREAK-IN – Helena Bonham Carter owned this! I was giggling so much. How she played Hermione was perfect, and I couldn’t be happier with her performance. Also, Ron looked hot in that beard. Haha. One thing that I thought looked a bit odd was how the Imperius Curse looked like a fart bubble, but I’m over it. The dragon was absolutely gorgeous, and the ride was awesome. Seeing Voldemort in Malfoy Manor walking around with all those dead bodies about was really sad, terrifying even. I got goose bumps when he was just speaking to Nagini in Parseltongue while those who were still alive were worried that they’d be the next to die. And we also got to see Rupert Grint shirtless. I will admit it: I did have a fan girl moment there.

RETURN TO HOGWARTS – The scene with Aberforth, I thought, was really nice. I didn’t really miss all of the background information about the Dumbledore family. What they mentioned was enough for me, though I know that it would leave those who hadn’t read the books confused (that wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened in a Potter film, though). Then Neville came along looking so manly and brave and cool. The scene in the Room of Requirement with all the old D.A. members, with a few additions, was great. I love the bit of comedy there between Seamus and Ron after Ginny comes in. The following scene in the Great Hall with Harry confronting Snape, the duel between McGonagall and Snape, and sending the Slytherins to the dungeons was well done.

THE BATTLE – Epic. That is really the only word that can describe every single battle scene. A lot was added to the battle, but I just loved every bit of it. Right away I was in awe of Maggie Smith’s performance as McGonagall. It was very inspiring. She really took things up a notch. The scene with the Snatchers and Neville at the bridge was done very well. I literally gasped when Neville didn’t show up for a while. Everything else was great as well. Everything about the battle was breathtaking!

RAVENCLAW’S DIADEM – Although Luna didn’t take Harry to Ravenclaw Tower (by the way, Luna was just adorable when she told Harry to listen to her), I really liked how the whole thing with the Grey Lady/Helena Ravenclaw was done. The actress who played Helena was perfect and really pretty. I feel that it would have been a little better if there had been a little more background information given.

CHAMBER OF SECRETS – I am extremely happy that they showed this. The kiss between Ron and Hermione was perfect, and them laughing a bit after was so cute. I really love how their relationship developed in the films and am glad that they didn’t ruin it like they did with Harry and Ginny. But … wow … that kiss. It was about time they finally got together!

FIENDFYRE – Even though I knew Crabbe wouldn’t be in this film, I was still a little disappointed because he was supposed to be the one that dies. However, Goyle taking his place worked (not very many people can tell who’s who anyway unless they’re hardcore Potter fans). I was kind of hoping that they would at least give Blaise a line or two. It seemed like they stuck him there just to fill in for Crabbe not being there. Nevertheless, I loved this scene, mainly because of Ron. And I totally laughed at the Cornish Pixies being there. It was so random, yet reminded me of Lockhart instantly.

SNAPE’S DEATH – Alan Rickman is a god. He really is the ONLY person who could ever pull off Snape. His performance in this film was astounding and that is what made the tears come pouring out. Snape’s death was done to perfection. Even though it didn’t occur in the Shrieking Shack like the book, I felt that the boathouse was a very solemn place for him to die. One thing that I liked was how they didn’t show Nagini attacking him. I think that would have been too much for me to bear. And I nearly freaked out when they changed the last words he said to Harry before going. But I felt that the change was appropriate and it worked out well and I'm sure that meant a lot to Harry, as Snape has always been tearing Harry down for constantly reminding him of James.

THE PRINCE’S TALE – Snape’s memories did not help the crying situation at all for me. I loved everything about his memories. While they did cut a few memories out that were in the book, I didn’t really notice. And I’m glad that they put what they did. Young Lily and Snape were adorable, and I loved the memories with them. But the one memory that really got me was the one where Snape went to the Potter’s home in Godric’s Hollow. That was mind-blowing! It was done extremely well and it really showed how much Snape loved Lily. Perfect, absolutely perfect!

THE FOREST AGAIN – One of the few things I didn’t like about the film was Harry telling Ron and Hermione that he had to face Voldemort and die. I prefer the way Jo did it in the book, where he just slips under his invisibility cloak and goes to the Forbidden Forest. It just seemed odd, mainly for the scene where Voldemort and the Death Eaters return with Harry’s “dead” body. Anyway, the bit with the Resurrection Stone and Lily, James, Sirius, and Lupin was really touching. I really wish that we could have had a little more screen time with them, simply because it was one of those “if you blink, you’ll miss it” types of things. Lily’s last line really got to me, too. The remaining scenes in the Forbidden Forest were great.

KING’S CROSS – THIS. WAS. PERFECT. And Voldemort’s soul thing was kind of creepy. But I’m glad they showed it.

“DEAD.” … NOT! – Even though I hated Helen McCrory as Narcissa in Half-Blood Prince, I felt like she finally got it right in this film. The skunk hair still annoyed me, but I was impressed with her performance. I just loved the scene when Voldemort and the Death Eaters take Harry’s body back to the castle. It was weird, seeing Voldemort hug Draco, though. That should not have been there at all. Neville’s speech was very moving, though I wish they would have kept his “I’ll join you when hell freezes over.” line.

MOLLY VS. BELLATRIX – Personally, I liked how Molly delivered her ever-famous line. It was one of those lines that was meant to be dead serious, no nonsense about it whatsoever. Bellatrix just tried attacking her daughter, and Molly had enough as she just lost one of her sons and some of her friends. The fight between them could have been better, though. It was just a bunch of flashing light and Bellatrix explodes. I honestly wasn’t impressed with the exploding Bellatrix. The scene would’ve been better if her body just dropped dead.

HARRY VS. VOLDEMORT – Harry and Voldemort running around Hogwarts was interesting. I still think it was weird that Voldemort wrapped up Harry mummy style with his robes, and I’m glad that they cut the whole “Why do you live?” bit. It just wasn’t something Voldemort would do. I didn’t really like the final showdown happening in the courtyard. Having that happen in the Great Hall with everyone there would have made a bigger impact. And what was up with Voldemort turning to ash? Seriously! It was just weird.

SNAPPING THE ELDER WAND – This scene was really great. The only thing I wish they would have done was have Harry fix his original wand before snapping the Elder Wand in two and throwing it over the side of the viaduct.

NINETEEN YEARS LATER – The kids were so adorable! I think they really got the casting down, especially with Hugo Weasley (he reminded me so much of Rupert back in Philosopher’s Stone). I am really glad they touched up on aging the trio, mainly Ron and Harry. Earlier pictures of them aged didn’t look so great. Also, I wished that the scene could have been a bit longer, just to introduce the new kids and everything. Nevertheless, it was a really touching scene.

Of course, there were a few things that I didn’t like; however, the film overall was, as Ron would say, bloody brilliant! I couldn’t have been more pleased with everything. It really was a great way to end the Harry Potter films with a bang. I cannot wait to watch this film again and again. As Jo Rowling herself said, “Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”


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First off... I don't have a bad thing to say about this movie. So this shall be a rant about all the things I think are great and wonderful about it. I think they got the important parts, took out what could be left out (remember, the movie was already two hours long, which is longer than most movies as it is...) and I think the movie flowed well. And was great. Of course. Honestly I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. I got teary-eyed at a lot, that was for sure. But it wasn't til toward the end when the waterworks really started.

Okay, so... SPOILERS! A lot. You've been warned. Also, I expect I'll be repeating a lot of people but... *shrugs* This is what I thought. Also (again), I'll try not to ramble too much. I'll stick to the parts I really, really liked. (HA!)

THE BEGINNING: I love how they showed Dobby's grave, and Harry sitting by it. Since it wasn't a huge deal in part one, it was good that it showed up again.

GRINGOTSS: I loved it! Hermione as Bellatrix was really funny. And the dragon! I felt so bad for it, all chained up and bloodied. ): I thought the Imperious curse was a little... I dunno. Weird? But it wasn't a big deal so that's okay.
It was actually scary to see Voldemort after the break in. The way he just killed someone because he was mad was very Voldemort-ish.

BACK TO HOGWARTS: I think it's okay that they didn't show Dumbledore's back story. It wasn't essential to the movie... and besides, those of us who read that book already had the knowledge of it. They didn't have it in part one either, so I think it would have been a bit weird to have it in part two.
It was chilling to see Hogwarts under Snape's headmastership. (Is that a word? O_o) It was like military school, or something.
Seeing everyone in the room of requirement... *sniffle* And when Ginny and Harry saw each other and just kinda stared at each other... *hug them*
OH. It was cool when Harry showed up in the Great Hall and everyone ran to protect him. When Ginny stood in front of him... *fangirl/shipper moment*

MINERVA MCGONAGALL: She was incredible in this movie. I loved the way she stood up to Snape about Harry. She had a few funny lines too, which she did well. It really showed how much she cared about Hogwarts and her students. I especially liked the line "Harry, I've missed you." and "I've missed you too, professor." (Something like that. )

NEVILLE: Can I just say I loved him!? They did a good job in this movie by showing what a good leader he became once Harry left. I was a bit scared when they showed the trio trying to kill Nagini -- but when Neville got his moment it was all okay. I'm glad they gave him the time that he deserved.

SEVERUS SNAPE: Let me start by saying that I was never the biggest Snape fan. I don't hate him by any means, but I don't like the way he always treated Harry. I know, I know, he looked like James. But - that's off point. When he was killed, I started to cry. Seeing the blood on the wall... *wimper* I liked how Harry got his memories from his tears. The line that really, really got to me was "You have your mother's eyes."
SNAPE'S TALE: This is when I really started to cry. Everything in it was just. So. Heartbreaking. Alan Rickman really showed how in love Snape was with Lily. "You said you would protect her!" ... "After all this time?" "Always." And Snape holding Lily's body, sobbing his heart out with baby Harry in the background. Tears running down my face.

RON AND HERMIONE: The kiss. It was great. Just plain great. I loved how they just kind of looked at each other before they kissed. And then Hermione's giggle after.
Unfortunately, due to the loudly-laughing people in my theater, I didn't get to hear Ron call Hermione his girlfriend. I'm extremely disappointed about that.
Harry's smile when he saw his two best friends holding hands was fantastic. It's like you could see him thinking "Finally!"

THE FOREST: More tears; a lot of them. This part was so well done. Harry telling the snitch that he was ready to die... and then talking to his parents and Sirius. Asking them if they'd stay with him and asking Sirius if it hurt... that was great. So sad.
I'm glad they kept Narcissa asking Harry if Draco was alive. I also liked Voldemort's "I don't need your help" line when he pushed Bellatrix over.
I actually sobbed when, after hearing that Harry was dead, Ginny screamed and had to be held back from running to him. (And, um, this has nothing to do with the forest, but since we're on the subject of Ginny... I thought the spur-of-the-moment Harry/Ginny kiss was a nice touch.)

THE BATTLE: I liked how it wasn't just a one-time thing, and Harry and Voldemort faced each other a few times before the final battle. The crawling-on-the-ground part that I'd seen glimpses of wasn't as cheesy as I thought it would be. It made sense to me, since they were both on the ground and their wands were in front of them. Who would stand up, walk a few feet, and bend down to get a wand? Doesn't seem natural to me. So that was good.
They kept Molly's line!! SO glad they did that.
Oh! (This is out of order, but oh well...) Neville's speech was nice. It's sort of weird that he got a speech and Harry didn't but... *shrug* I'm okay with it.

DEATHS: I think they handled them good. As someone before me already said; it was a war, and sometimes there's just not enough time to dwell on certain deaths.
Lupin and Tonks almost holding hands got to me. So did Ron crying over Fred's body. Lavender's death was... scary. I dunno how else to say it. Greyback is one scary dude.
Originally Posted by Snape'sGirlThru&Thru
And I did enjoy the change of Voldemort bursting into - I guess - ashes. I feel like it makes sense. With his soul ripped up into so many pieces, and with it being so unstable, it makes sense, at least to me, that both his body and soul would be unable to take the hit of the Killing Curse a second time. I mean, the first time he tried to kill Harry, his soul was already so broken and unstable that a piece of it broke off and latched onto Harry; since then, after he came back, he split his soul even further by making Nagini a horcrux, so by this time there's probably not much soul left to keep his body in tact when hit with something as powerful as the Killing Curse. And so his body, like his soul, breaks into pieces. I'm not sure whether I explain this very well; it makes sense in my head.
I never thought about it like that. When I saw it, I honestly thought it was kinda weird. But now that I read that... I sorta agree. His soul was ripped apart so much - why shouldn't his body rip apart when he finally died? Makes sense. *applauds*

OTHER: I think everyone did an AMAZING job as actors and actresses.
That moment before Draco joined the 'dark side' was nerve-wracking. I was hoping that he'd decide to stay with Hogwarts... but it was meaningful the way he went over after his mom asked him too. I like the way the Malfoy's just left as soon as they could and didn't join in the battle.
Harry snapping the Elder wand was nice. I just wished he would have fixed his old wand first.
Um um um... that scene with the trio, on the bridge after. That got to me too. I loved the little smile Hermione gave when she held Ron's hand, and then Harry's. It just showed that her and Ron were still giddy about the new relationship idea, even after all that had happened to them.

19 YEARS LATER: The epilogue was perfect. The make-up was great, even though it was sort of funny seeing everyone older. But it wasn't over-done, and it worked. I can imagine being a little kid and not understand special effects and going "Ooh, look! They're older now!" I dunno. I thought it was great. The kids were great, too. Perfect.
Seeing them leaving on the train brought on tears for me again. I got this feeling of "They're leaving. It's gone. It's over." and I was crying throughout the credits. After the the movie I was literally shaking; I'm not sure what emotion was making me do that. Probably a combination of the three. My voice was hoarse and my friend had to keep telling me "It's okay, it's not really over, you can still read the books!" It's just a crazy feeling to know that it was over for good.

BUT. That being said, I can't wait to see it again. [/super long post.]
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Okay. I cried so much that it made me feel ill when I left the cinema. I had soaking cheeks and a migraine. But Merlin's Beard, at the time, I couldn't even fault the film. It it the best out of the lot and I am going to watch it again tomorrow. Reading the other reviews, I can see that there are some parts that could have been better. But I don't really want to complain much because I really did love it.

I was buzzing when the film started and I actually loved the Gringotts scene in the book, but it fell flat in the movie... It kind of bored me a bit. It reminded me of DH Part 1 (which I'm not a big fan of), although I thought Helena was awesome as always. XD

The kiss. Errrrm. I dunno about the kiss. It was great, but for some reason, the book version made me squeal a bit higher. I guess it may be because I knew it was coming. I didn't really like how they wouldn't let each other go from this moment on. Blehh. Don't wanna complain about the Ron/Hermione kissss! It was okay. SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE RUBBISH HARRY/GINNY KISS, ANYWAY.

I'd say that the absolute winner of this film was Alan Rickman. His performance was outstanding and his entire death/memory scene was so heart wrenching! We've never seen Snape so emotional and when he was holding Lily, I couldn't even handle my own emotions. I love Snape so much. My favourite character after that film seriously. Neville not far behind because he was epic! When he was trying to look cool in front of those death eaters who couldn't get in. And when they were all bullying him when he stepped forwards. Hahaha blesssssss!

The Molly/Bellatrix scene was good, but not as good as I expected. I suppose it is, again, due to the high expectation. I also didn't feel much for the King's Cross scene. Although, I didn't like it much in the book, either. Overall, the battle was epic. Cannot fault it. Fred, Tonks and Remus, though!!!

Nineteen years later. It. Killed. Me. I didn't expect to be crying as much as I was. Even though I thought harry was the only one who actually LOOKED older. Hahaha. The kids were so cute and I wanted to just follow them to Hogwarts. OH HOW I CRIED. And when it had that final shot on the trio with the music playing. Why do this to me? WHY. Perfect ending but as I say, it killed my soul.

Going again tomorrow!

*forever waves HP flag*

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I just got back from seeing the movie and I'm really REALLY pleased with how it turned out. I just read the last half of the book last night and I think it was pretty spot on, to be honest. Certainly one of the most accurate films, by far.

Anyways, I had a few complaints but not many, and there were a few parts that I thought were a BIT drawn out but I'll get to that in a minute.

First off, I absolutely ADORED Matthew Lewis' performance in this movie. NEVILLE ROCKED! I am SO THRILLED that they gave him the screen time he deserved, and they made him even COOLER than he was in the book (which I didn't even think was possible) and while I am still mourning the loss of the "I'll join you when hell freezes over" line, his speech made up for that, and I SQUEALED with delight when he finally killed Nagini. Also, I loved the bridge scene! Such a great addition. I've obviously been singing Matt's praises as Neville for years but this film literally made me SO PROUD to call Neville my favorite character

A lot of people were sad that Dumbledore's back story was left out, but in the grand scheme of really isn't that important to the story as a whole, and unfortunately when making movies, those story lines are the first ones they cut. So, really, I wasn't too sad to see it go. Aberforth clearly had grievances with his brother, that much was obvious, but it wasn't necessary to go into detail, I felt. But then again I was too anxious to see Neville at that point so ehh, I dunno

Now, on to the deaths *sniffle* I was a TAD disappointed that Fred's death really wasn't emphasized much like it was in the book, but the more I thought about it, I kind of like it that way. Rupert still delivered an AMAZING performance when Ron finds out what happened, and even though it was a few seconds long I think it still packed a punch. Lupin and Tonks' death was quick as well, but that's exactly how it was in the books too. Also, I was totally shocked that they killed Lavender o_O I thought it was nice though that Hermione made an attempt to save her, considering everything that happened in the last book.

The scene in the Room of Requirement was excellent, in my opinion. Yeah, it wasn't Crabbe but really, they're interchangeable characters when you think about it, and while I had kind of hoped Goyle would freak out just a bit more like Crabbe does in the book, I thought it was really well done, especially the bit when they killed the Horcrux via the fire. Voldy's face charging at the door was a nice touch, I thought.

THE KISS! Not exactly like it was in the book, but I thought it was BETTER this way, to be honest. Harry wasn't there to ruin the moment, and it was more urgent, as I think a few people have said, so it was more emotional. It wouldn't have really made sense to do it how it was in the books, because Hermione isn't all into House Elf rights in the movies like she was in the books, so the dialogue leading up to the kiss wouldn't have made much sense.

AND NEVILLE/LUNA! WE GOT NEVILLE/LUNA! It wasn't much, but it was still SO cute, especially at the end. EEEEEEEP!

Also, this is TOTALLY random, but this is the only film I really enjoyed Seamus Finnigan in Like I said. Totally random. Also I was very thrilled that Dean got TWO lines which is more than he's had in quite a while

Snape...OH MY GOSH. I could go on and on and on about how amazing Alan Rickman's performance was. I was tearing up when he died (which was a tad gruesome, but by far one of the most emotional deaths in the movie) and absolutely SOBBING by the end of the Prince's Tale. They cut a few bits of the tale out, but left the important parts, and the kid they cast as Young Snape was PERFECT. That was one of the parts that I thought they definitely needed to keep accurate to the book, and because they DID keep so much of it in the film, I think that made up for the smaller tweeks they made that I wasn't very happy with.

Finally, some of the things I WASN'T really pleased with...they're mainly little things, and like I said, the good totally outweighed the bad but nevertheless...

I don't understand why everyone turned into dust when they died I thought it was a bit odd but, I guess it was more dramatic? Ehh. I'd have been fine if they just like, collapsed but whatever.

WHY DID VOLDEMORT HUG DRACO? Most awkward thing I've ever seen.

I still can't wrap my head around the whole Harry-grabbing-Voldy-and-jumping-off-a-cliff bit. Also, when they grabbed each other's faces and the like...molded together or whatever, WHAT THE HECK. That was terrifying!

I didn't like how we didn't get ONE mention of Teddy Lupin until the Resurrection Stone bit. How did Harry even know Lupin had a son?! Tonks got interrupted before she could break the news in the last one and he never popped in at Shell Cottage to announce the birth...Harry must be a Seer now, I guess.

Other than that...I really REALLY enjoyed it and can't wait to go see it again. Overall, everyone delivered fantastic performances, Neville kicked tons of butt, and they had JUST the right amount of humor in, all in all, a great film
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The Bad

1. What is Harry supposed to do for a wand now?
2. Where was Dumbledore's backstory?
3. Why did Voldemort just disintegrate?

The Good
1. Neville! McGonagall! Snape!!! Acting and writing for these characters was phenomenal.
2. Room of Requirement, Gringotts, and CoS scenes were excellent.
3. Effects and general battle sequences were fantastic.

Thanks, Kitakins <3

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i watched the movie and i thought overall it was great but yhe kisses between ron and hermione and harry and ginny were in sort of random times also i found the young snape really ugly and i dont really get why they added the whole grab-voldemort's-neck lets finish this the way we started together scene

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I watched Deathly Hallows last night, and I am amazed! The movie was so good, and I was/am very satisfied with it. I couldn't have imagined it better! The actors/esses definitely outdid themselves in this one. Not to mention that I watched it two hours before I turned 18 which was special, XDI liked the whole thing altogether, but I need to talk about it (), so some of the best things are:

1-GRIPHOOK!; Warwick Davis did an amazing job there, and Griphook was just as blood-thirsty, annoying and aggressive as in the book! I also kind of liked that Voldermort killed him although when I first read the book I actually thought that he was a good person goblin. Overall I loved the Gringotts break in, and the way the Dragon escaped was epic!

Originally Posted by HogwartsHokage View Post
4) In the book, the dragon escaped from Gringotts by just blasting a hole at the top and flying through it as quickly as possible. I couldn't help but cringe when I saw that dragon struggling to get out by crawling and bumping into things. They made the action drag on too long by doing that; if they just stuck to the book and did everything quickly, then that sense of urgency, danger, and excitement would be still there.
Personally, I think it made much more sense that the dragon took some time to leave the Bank. 'Cos a dragon that's been locked up for years is likely going to find it a bit hard to stand upcrawl up actually and fly. But I do agree with you that they made the acting a bit too long.

2- HARRY, RON &HERMIONE; The three actors were amazing in every single way! I laughed when Dan said; “And when has one of our plans actually worked?” that was so true Another thing I liked was the way they were helping each other, maybe it’s because it’s the last one, but I couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that they’re really good friends and that they’re trying their best to destroy the worst Dark wizard of all time!

3-THE FUNNY MOMENTS; Haha, I loved it when the trio come out of the portrait hole with Neville and then the DA ask them if they need help and Harry answers them saying that he doesn’t know what the object is nor where they were supposed to find it. Another of the moments that made me, along with everyone else, laugh out loud was when Filch came hobbling into the Great Hall saying that students were out of bed and McGonagall replied: “They’re supposed to be out of bed you blithering idiot.”. The wit in the movie was very well placed along with the bits of romance too!

4- Snape vs McGonagall; I liked their duel very much! It was very intense and it looked like two amazingly gifted people were fighting against each other. I also liked McGonagall’s “It’s good to see you Potter” and the way Harry came out of the lines of students and faced Snape. That was cool. & unexpected! 'cos I hate Cho so much, at first I thought she's going to tell or something, but then Harry comes out and its like: SURPRISE!

5- THE KISS!; but I hated that Harry wasn’t there to witness it It was so sweet and enthusiastic, and even though I wasn’t really a Ron\Hermione shipper before, I’m glad they ended up together. I also liked the way the Horcruxes were destroyed! All the smoke and Voldermort’s face coming out.

6- THEPRINCE’STALE; ‘cos obviously it was amazing. and that was the first part that got me crying. It was really saaad! Especially when Snape went to James and Lily’s house after Voldermort killed them and hugged Lily’s dead body  that was really touching. I never thought I’d actually like Snape, or feel sorry for him. I love him now though, what he’s been through is incredible and I certainly agree with Dan on Alan’s performance, he was epic.

7- KINGS CROSS; was a very placid scene, and it was exactly as I’d imagined; so white and clean! It gives the feeling that everything is going to be alright, that it’s not yet the end. I loved it! And Harry & Dumbledore’s conversation was very calm and sweet. I also didn’t mind that they cut Dumbledore’s story out of the movie, but there should’ve been some comforting element ‘cos in part 1 we can see that Harry’s lost because he finds out that he didn’t know Dumbledore at all and there wasn’t any reference to that in part 2.

8-FOREST AGAIN(or whatever it was called); that scene got me sobbing!! It was so emotional, so perfect that I completely broke down! I love it, they made it perfectly, and it was amazing.AMAZING!

There aren’t many things I disliked about the movie, but I have to point out a few things:

Originally Posted by HogwartsHokage View Post
5) Ah yeah, that bothered me the most. The whole movie just seemed to undermine the importance of the Deathly Hallows to the entire story! I was hoping that Dumbledore would explain to Harry at King's Cross aboutwhy he didn't tell Harry about the Hallows straightaway and made the trio suffer by letting them finding things out on their own while looking for Horcruxes. Another thing: the invisibility cloak showed up ONCE -- only ONCE! That downgraded the importance of Harry's invisibility cloak even further. It would have been a lot better for me if Harry used it while walking in the forest (thus making use of the 3rd Hallow).
At least what SHOULD have happened was that Harry acknowledged that he had all 3 Hallows at some point and that he became rightfully known as the True Master of Death; it would have brought more significance to the duel between Harry and Voldemort.
EXACTLY! I hated that they didn’t point out the other hallows as much as they did the Elder Wand. It wasn’t only annoying, it lost some of the important parts that should’ve been there like the fact that Harry was the only TRUE master of the hallows!!!!

2- I absolutely hated the fact that Ron and Hermione knew that Harry was going to sacrifice himself and actually let him go! At first when Harry turned the corner and saw them sitting at the end of the stairs, I thought that he was going to wear his invisiblity cloak but when he walked to them I was all like; Wait, what? *raised eyebrows* I mean seriously?!?!?!?!?! And Ron just standing there, in the background doing .. nothing?! It just wasn’t right at all, I wish they hadn’t included that, it was pointless.

3- And at the end, when Harry KILLED Voldermort, no one did ANYTHING ! I mean, they didn’t erupt in happiness or engulf him or anything. It’s just like, yeah you killed Voldermort, good for you and for us, end of story. Really? He’d just killed the most powerful dark wizard and all the people do is, sit ? I dunno, but I didn’t like that part at all!

4- The SNAPPING of the Elder Wand was horrible. I didn’t like that he did that, it wasn’t cool, I mean you can’t just break a wand in half and throw it off a bridge!! It’s a WAND, not something you can play around with! It just seemed to me to lessen wand importance when he did that. DISLIKE.

That’s about it, oh and the Epilogue; it was good, really good! I loved it, they all aged nicely, their children were adorable and Harry was the perfect father. I also loved that glimpse of Draco and his wife! But, I wish it could’ve been a bit longer, showing us how James teased Albus, a bit of Teddy Lupin (since he was mentioned at the forest scene), Lily crying that she wanted to go to Hogwarts .. stuff like that. Nevertheless, it was good, really good, amazingly good!

Oh and NEVILLE! *tackles* He was beyond amazing, I can't even describe it! I love him, and Matt was really really good! I'm very proud of how this movie has come out, I love it!

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For me I didn't really mind the part where Harry tells Ron and Hermione that he is giving himself up. Here's why:

These three have been friends for so long, so Harry telling them is almost like a testament to how much they love each other and Hermione and Ron just know that Harry will never really leave them. When Hermione hugs Harry I love that it lasted so long. It was so sad and awesome at the same time. About Ron not saying anything: this is also evidence of their friendship. You could tell Ron and Harry were exchanging powerful, unsaid, things between them.

I can understand what they were trying to get across with that scene, but I probably still like the book version better.
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Well all in all, the film was amazing, but the Ron/hermione kiss was quite disappointing to me cause Harry wasn't thee to tell them off and Ron didn't mention anything whatsoever about rescuing the house elves. They just both lunged at each other. It was really unexpected. And secondly, I really don't think that the film should have been in 3D for the amount of 3D that ws in it. I didn't see anything happen in the film that was 3D (just the adverts before the film stared). They should have just done it in 2D because if a child where to have just walked in to the screening not knowing what D it was, then they would definatley not have got on to the fact that it was 3D.
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Originally Posted by HP_Hero View Post
For me I didn't really mind the part where Harry tells Ron and Hermione that he is giving himself up. Here's why:

These three have been friends for so long, so Harry telling them is almost like a testament to how much they love each other and Hermione and Ron just know that Harry will never really leave them. When Hermione hugs Harry I love that it lasted so long. It was so sad and awesome at the same time. About Ron not saying anything: this is also evidence of their friendship. You could tell Ron and Harry were exchanging powerful, unsaid, things between them.

I can understand what they were trying to get across with that scene, but I probably still like the book version better.
Oh my gosh, I totally agree. Although at first I thought it was sort of dumb that he told them... I get it now. I know some people don't like it because Hermione and just let him go. But really, do you think they would have been able to stop him anyway? No. They knew that his mind was made up - he was being 'noble.'

And the fact that Harry and Ron just looked at each other... it meant something. Even though Ron didn't join Harry and Hermione's hug, the same emotion was conveyed just from the look between them.

I definitely like the book version better. But the movie was okay; I get the point of it.

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Just saw the movie... and loved it.

Of course there were missing details but honestly I could overlook them. The battles was executed perfectly, in my opinion. It was pure chaos, only stopped when Voldermort spoke. And then Snapes Memories- oh my god, it was emotional, and Alan Rickman was amazing. his battle with McGonnogal was awesome as well, and i loved it when they took out the Carrows. And then the dead. I don't really cry during movies, but this nearly pushed me over the edge. Fred and his sobbing family, and Ron clinging on to him, and then Lupin and tonks, looking like they died holding hands. The battle with Harry and Voldermort was better for the film than the book. And when they smoke-traveling thingy, when there faces morphed, I think it clear something up- that it was apparation. Remember from Deathley hallows part 1? when, I think it was, harry Ron and hermione apparated, and it showed them going through the apparation place, it looked like there faces morphed. But it was very creepy when they morphed

All in all I think this movie was a great acheivement (in case you couldn't telll through that rambling reveiw )

AND we got to see the trailer for the Dark Knight Rises. *fangirl squeal*
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I'mma keep this brief, since I need to go see this AGAIN! Mmm the midnight premiere was so awesome. Few things that stood out to me:

1. The Prince's Tale - best and saddest part of the movie, by far. I loved it and I cried. And Alan Rickman as Snape was PERFECT. UGH. This part of the movie just flowed so beautifully and the tragic music that was playing the whole time... it made me wish he had been Harry's father. Srsly.

2. Voldemort's Death - Okay, even though they messed up everything else in all the other movies, it would have all been forgiven if they could have just gotten this part correct. Sure, the falling and apparating and flying bit was cool, but couldn't they have just had a public duel? PLEASE? GEEZ.

3. Neville Longbottom - absolutely stole every scene he was in. Even if he didn't chop the snake's head off right away, he was awesome. Neville is officially a BAMF, end of discussion.

The Invisibility Cloak - WHERE WAS IT? Rewatch this movie and you'll find yourself asking this same thing. All the parts where Harry was supposed to be using it... he wasn't. WTF Warner Bros?

AHHHHHHH I need to go see it again, just for the Snape/Lily part!!!! I am an official shipper of them now, did you know? You should know. <3 Snape!!!!!!!!
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