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Old 07-12-2011, 09:46 PM
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Default The Deathly Hallows, Part II (2011)

Have you been lucky enough to have seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 already? Are you itching to review the final blockbuster? If so, this thread is for you!

To see SnitchSeeker's review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, click here.
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They pulled it off quite nicely. Sure there are some changes but nothing really detracts from the conclusion. I was a bit irritated that the Ginny & Harry kiss is the same ineffectual type we saw in HBP. Now Ron and Hermione's was a kiss. Emma put just as much into this one as she did the one with Harry in DH1. I'd guess there are a lot of young boys who would love to put themselves in Ron or Harry's place with that intensity. Am I crazy or did Mrs. Weasly age before our eyes after she dispatched Bellatrix? The things I would have liked to see: 1. Name all the children at the end at Platform 9 3/4's. 2. Let the audience know what happens to Neville & Luna.
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I really liked this film, surprisingly so. A few points aside I'd actually say it's my favourite film from the set in terms of how accurate it was to the books.

The actors were, as always, brilliant. I know everyone's saying that Alan Rickman was the best, but I would also say that Dame Maggie Smith was very close to him. She/they really did well to portray McGonagall accurately and she stood out to me. Then again, she's always been one of my favourites.

Helena Bonham Carter as Hermione was priceless. And Daniel Radcliffe! He doesn't normally perform above the rest, but this time he was really stong... And then I can't not mention Evanna, who has to be the best Luna they could have picked. I loved how, when talking about the diadem everyone was expecting Luna to tell one of her stories. That Room of Requirement scene was one of my favourites, especially with Seamus' lines.

Snape... his death was perfect. From Nagini striking the wall where he was positioned, to him finally revealing his memories. It would have been wayyy to gruesome to SEE the snake's strikes. Just seeing it attack the wall was enough to send shivers (although maybe a 3D element would be useful, not with kiddos watching, though)

The music, as always, was amazing. Especially in those moments where it was barely noticeable, but powerful in it's quietness.

Seeing it in 3D added something to it. I watched Transformers in 3D and HATED the 3D aspect, not so much in this, it was nice although purely for the sake of being there.

There wasn't actually much I didn't like, but something that I hated was what was done with the Elder wand after the Battle. Surely it would have taken 5 seconds to pull out the broken wand, fix it, and then snap the Elder wand (if that's what they really wanted to do). The idea of Harry fixing his own wand because that's all he needed was special, and the film completely rewrites that. Didn't like that.

I also didn't particularly like how they forgot about the Hallows, especially when Harry becomes 'master of death' when he possesses all three. But oh well. Ignoring that, it was pretty good!
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Mkay, folks. I wrote up a huge review on my Tumblr (complete with photos, here), but I put the general, SPOILER-FILLED, photo-free review under the cut here just in case.

Text Cut: LOOOOOONG, with spoilers!
The Film

I’ll start by saying that I had to control my bladder during the whole film because I was stupid enough not to take a trip to the restroom beforehand. If some facts are a little skewed, it might have been because I was willing myself not to sprint to the bathroom and to watch the entire movie. Maybe that’s why I didn’t sob; only a few tears around my eyes and a trembling lower lip.

Seeing Dobby’s grave made me tear up… again. I thought it was a bit rushed, with Hermione’s nearly immediate transformation into Bellatrix, but I enjoyed the Griphook/Harry/Ollivander banter. Helena playing Hermione playing Bellatrix was brilliant, in every way shape and form. MY QUEEN FOR LIFE. I also enjoyed Griphook berating Hermione’s greeting and Ron’s subsequent anger at him: “You’re Bellatrix Lestrange, not a dewy-eyed school girl!” I wish Ron would have gotten to talk in his faux foreign accent; that would have garnered a few laughs. As for Gringotts: it looks a lot shinier and new than when we saw it last. The goblin’s are more spruced up. Not sure whether I liked this or not; it’s not a huge detail, me thinks. As for the 3D in this scene, it felt like you were inside of the invisibility cloak when different angles of the camera were switched up. That was pretty cool. However, as for the imperius business… what’s up with the gruesome stench that overcomes the goblin’s face after he’s cursed? Is everyone able to see the yellowish green fumes, or just the caster of the unforgivable curse? A sudden change of facial expression would have pleased me more.

One thing that I loved was the hectic, wild ride through Gringotts that everyone must take to their vault. It wasn’t in the first film at all, really, so I appreciated this addition. The scene in the vault and with the dragon were some of the best in the film. I felt a bit of pity for the poor creature: blind, trapped, and terrified by noisemakers. The vault was glorious and the gemino curse’s effects, Harry subsequently becoming buried, was brilliant. I assume they didn’t include the flagrante curse in the film because it would have been a bit gruesome: burns all over the trio… ick. Hermione’s stroke of brilliance to fly away on the dragon was only second to the genius of the special effects team, who made everything look organic and not at all cheesy. The chandelier in the lobby of the bank moving about while the goblins worked away, oblivious that a dragon was smashing a makeshift elevator from the bottom floor to the top, was utterly hilarious.

Moving on, the landscape that the trio landed in after ditching the dragon was truly beautiful… once again, cheers for special effects. Also, there were quite a few cheers for a shirtless Dan Rad and Rupert. The urgency really sunk in at this point, only to slowly sink deeper and deeper as the film progressed. The apparition into Hogsmeade and the small bout of trouble before Aberforth saves the trio was shorter than I wanted it to be. I particularly wanted to see Aberforth save them from dementors and attempt to pass off his goat patronus as a stag.

Coming to The Hog’s Head, and how Harry nearly instantly knew that Aberforth was Dumbledore’s brother, was a bit unsettling. The chosen one was a bit too quick on the uptake for my taste on this one. I was fine with Hermione being a bit more knowledgeable because she had read The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. I also expected Ariana Dumbledore to look younger, but no matter. I’m itching to move onto the most important part of this scene: SIR NEVILLE EFFING LONGBOTTOM. This inspired loud cheers from the crowd, as I expected. It was after the four of them came through the tunnel and into the room of requirement (which actually looked like the Trophy Room minus the trophies, which makes no sense because of the high security in the castle, but oh well; filmmakers probably thought some wouldn’t understand that the room of requirement could serve different purposes, such as it did when it had a dueling area for the D.A. and a supply closet for Filch and the Inquisitorial Squad when they tried to enter it) that made me happy in a bittersweet manner, as Hedwig’s Theme played triumphantly while Harry’s supporters clapped and hollered over his return.

OH OH OH. If this isn’t in chronological order, IDGAF, it deserves a mention somewhere. I cannot forget Voldemort at Malfoy Manor, with Nagini slithering over the corpses on the floor and my Malfoys looking terrified and appalled. The sword of Gryffindor apparating out of Griphook’s hand (which, by the by, he never died in the book as far as I remember?) to Neville was BRILLIANT. :’)

I couldn’t help but admire Luna a bit more than usual, beginning with her revelation of the diadem (and Ron’s hilarious “oh, here we go,” before she speaks). Snape’s fascist-like regime at his school, with the students marching around like the prisoners of an internment camp, was appropriately disconcerting. As for the scene in the great hall, with Snape addressing the students and Harry coming out of the woodwork… I’m currently split on whether or not I like it. It was most definitely a good scene but my roots in the book hold me back from giving it a complete thumbs up. The McGonagall/Snape fight was awesome, for lack of a better word, and Snape’s flight through the window was just the same. And we can’t forget Filch running through the doors, Mrs. Norris in his arms as he yells about students out of bed. NEVER CHANGE, FILCH.

It was when everyone started to arm the castle, esp. my Minerva being a BAMF, that I was squealing with excitement. Her reference to Seamus, when he was a klutzy pyro kid, was fantastic. The entrance courtyard looked a bit different than usual but I guess it’s a minor detail compared to all else. I must admit, I was SO DISAPPOINTED that they didn’t enter the Ravenclaw Common Room. I WANTED TO SEE MY DARN COMMON ROOM, YATES. However, as Luna asserted herself on the spiral staircase and made Harry stop in his tracks, that was the Luna I first fell in love with. In contrast to the Luna of the films, the Luna of the books retains her optimism, intellect, and weirdness while also becoming a bit feisty at times. Luna becoming feisty, finally, overjoyed me. Coming to the Grey Lady, THE SCENE WAS UTTERLY PERFECT. No problems at all with this performance.

The same goes for the chamber of secrets scene. Which leads me to THE KISS. ASKDJASDKJASKDJSKJD. FINALLY. I almost wish it had been just like the scene from the book, with Harry as a witness, but this was a good replacement. Especially their childish giggles at the end, LOL. Coming to the room of requirement: SAME FEELINGS. The encounter with the diadem was perfectly interrupted by the snarky little Slytherins. Harry, not caring whether or not he was cursed as he taunted Draco, was brilliant. I gave a little cheer when Hermione came to his rescue, Goyle attempted to kill her, and Ron ran after him. RUPERT WAS THE BEST IN THIS SCENE. ALL THE AWARDS. From his screaming as he’s chased by fiendfyre to being on his broom as they go to rescue Draco and Blaise (“If we die trying to save them, I’ll KILL you, Harry!”), I was immensely pleased. It was after this, when Harry had a vision, when the trio ran through the battle, and when they arrived at the boathouse that the smile left my face. Lavender didn’t die in the book, Kloves. .____. I understand the value of cinematic enhancement but… not necessary, man, not necessary. I teared up a wee bit.



This scene and the pensieve montage deserves its own post. Or blog, actually. But I digress with my fangirling over this. I felt so horrid for my main man; seeing what happened to him through the glass of the boathouse rather than directly in front of me on the screen was even more painful. Snape’s death was just… the best, not in the usual sense of the word, but… THE BEST. My heart ached from this point on: knowing that the trio were going to find dead Fred in the Great Hall (I WANTED TO KINDA SEE FRED’S LAST FIGHT PLUS THE PERCY REUNION, KLOVES AND YATES ಠ_ಠ), Padma and Trelawney covering up dead Lavender in the Great Hall, etc. It was when Harry left to go use the pensieve and baby Snape, Lily, and Tuney appeared that I… I don’t know what the heck ran through my mind. Their younger selves in the scenes were perfect, although I wouldn’t have minded a scene when they were teens at the school. Snape, begging for Dumbledore to help and later Snape, after finding out about Lily’s death and visiting the Potter household… my lower lip trembled like crazy. This scene got the most amount of tears from me and I could hear a bunch of sniffling in the crowd (although I didn’t cry much at all, but still). The patronus, Dumbledore telling Snape to murder him, all of it. My heart can’t go on. I LITERALLY CANNOT MOVE PAST THIS POINT.

Once Harry left the memories and realized his fate, SHIZ GOT REAL. There was a momentary lapse in my depression when Harry said that he had known that he was a horcrux all along, and that Hermione had supposed the same thing. Once again, the chosen one was a little too quick on the uptake for my liking. ಠ_ಠ But for Merlin’s sake, “I’ll go with you.” I’LL GO WITH YOU. HERMIONE, I LOVE YOU SO MUH-HUH-HUCH.

I only wish Ronald would have given Harry some sort of goodbye.

As for the forest… words escape me. As beautiful and as terrifying as I had hoped it to be, with Remus, Sirius, Lily, and James, and Harry’s self-sacrifice. I was in awe and was teary all at once. The whiteness after Harry’s death that encompassed the screen felt like forever until Harry showed up at King’s Cross. Might I add that Dumbledore strongly reminded me of Gandalf the White, formerly known as Gandalf the Grey? The small, fetus-like Voldemort was appropriately creepy. I loved this scene as much as any other, but I ADORED Dumbledore’s latest words of wisdom: “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who deserve it.” So not canon but so freaking amazing. BRAVO.

Fast forward to after the Kings Cross Station scene and BAM, here we have Voldemort being the most awkward he has been in his entire life (AWK. HUG AND CACKLE TIME). He’s so giddy about winning the battle that it’s like the awkward teenage stage that never hit Tom Riddle has come in full force. Seriously, though. Every time he spoke, the audience couldn’t help but laugh. Case in point: (.gif of Voldy hugging Draco)

This brings to mind NEVILLE’S MOTHER EFFIN’ MOMENT OF TRUTH, when he stands up to the winners of the battle when it’s so apparent to everyone but Harry that all is lost. I was about to lose it during his speech. But then, in the words of McGonagall, BOOM! went everything, mutha truckin’ HP is back in biznazz, and Voldemort grows out of his temporary awkwardness. It was so damn intense, from Harry and Voldemort running around (especially when their faces seemed to morph together when they apparated around the castle together), to Ron and Hermione and Neville and Nagini… GAH. I still have some qualms with the whole jumping off of a ledge with your arms around each other NYAAAAAAAAAAAAH part, but overall it was BEAUTIFUL AND TERRIFYING.

I dunno if this is in order or not, but MY MALFOYS. ♥_______♥ Cissy being her bad self and Lucius being his slippery self and Draco joining his family. At first, I was APPALLED that Yates made them run away. THEY WERE IN THE GREAT HALL AFTER IT WAS ALL SAID AND DONE IN THE BOOK. But I now realize that someone, maybe even Bellatrix herself, would have murdered Narcissa for lying to the Dark Lord about Harry’s death. Who really knows, though?

Switching over to the Great Hall fight, the loudest cheers (and I mean, THE loudest) were for “Not my daughter, you *****!”. Was it masochistic that I, a huge Bellatrix fangirl that dressed as her for the evening, cheered as Molly killed her? The thing I have a slight problem with is the disintegration business. WTF. I understand that if Bellatrix had left a body behind and not been blown to bits, some Lord of the Flies stuff would have possibly gone down with her corpse, but… I dunno, it just didn’t suit me.

Finally, Neville killing Nagini.

MY MAN PLUS SWORD EQUALS EXCELLENCE. GUH. But I digress from the most important part: the final bit between Voldemort and Harry. Voldemort’s death was not as I expected. His CGI disintegration was more appropriate, disturbing, and visually better than Bellatrix’s death, but I couldn’t help but wish that they had kept it the same as it was written in the book. Maybe I was falling asleep and nearly dying from holding back from going to the bathroom, but as Voldemort was disarmed with Harry’s signature spell (expelliarmus, yo!) and the wand, cracked, flew out of his hands, he just… died. Just died. The version in the book was better, in my opinion, but whatever. I’m just gonna have to live with this.

Finally, after the momentous moment, the reconciliation and celebration between everyone was so sweet and endearing, my heart couldn’t handle the happiness. Filch, ever the caretaker, with his effing broom was the icing on the cake. Neville/Luna was never really explored in the last films but their moment of silence together at the end of it all was adorable. Harry’s simple smile at Ron and Hermione holding hands was subtle and sweet, and their walk together on the bridge where Harry breaks and tosses the elder wand is even better. I was about to cry until “19 years later” flashed onto the screen, and more cheers erupted.

The characters looked perfectly aged, and Hermione… can I say, HOT DAMN, GURL, you age well! The theater erupted into muffled laughter when Draco, Scorpius, and Daphne appeared on screen. Honestly, I didn’t get much of a look at the other two because I was admiring Draco’s regality and facial hair. Ron’s belly was perfect and funny and AH, all of them were so adorable with their children that I wanted to cry and I’m tearing up as I type this. I definitely enjoyed the epilogue more than I thought I would.

Guys, I just… I’m just so happy that they ended the movie just how they ended the first film, with that magical music playing and the kids waving out of the train windows before they go off to Hogwarts. Ugh, tears again. Most of the audience stayed through the credits (I left halfway through and hopped on the bandwagon of people taking photos before they exited) and my walk home was silent and contemplative. No feelings.

So, guys, thanks for sticking with me through this monster of a review, if you can even call it that. If you have something to say, feel free to pop into my VMs... or reply in this thread, of course. I can’t really put into a coherent statement how this book, these films, this phenomenon, and this fandom have changed me for the better over these past 10 years that I've been involved. If not for HP, I doubt I would have taken much of an interest in writing or literature. Dumbledore’s quote ("Words, in my not-so-humble opinion, are our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.") really sums up how I’ve been influenced, in some way or another, and how I possibly want to pursue journalism. For now, I can say that HP changed me for the better and taught me not to fear death, enjoy life, and to value friendship. But who knows? Maybe in a decade I might be crediting it with inspiring me to pursue my career and to succeed in it.
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Haven't watched the film yet,hope to watch as soon as possible.Unfortunately film is not in Sri Lankan Theaters.So I have to wait until the arrive of a DVD.Must be a good copy.
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I finally got round to see the film today and I feel the need to discuss about it.

First of all, Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman were legendary, in my opinion they totally made this film I was happy that McGonagall got more scenes than in the previous films, she deserved that. However, I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have the 'Potter, that was very gallant...' and 'Horace, we duel to kill' lines, but at least that was compensated by Minerva-scenes that weren't in the books. Also, the Prince's Tale was done excellently, even the actor who played young Severus was great for the part. I cried when I saw Snape hugging Lily after she died in Godric's Hollow, it was very emotional.The Snape-McGonagall duel was impressive, and I loved Snape's speech in front of the school, Alan Rickman was amazing doing that scene! Minerva saying 'Potter, it's good to see you.' and Harry's reply, 'It's good to see you too, Professor.' were very cute.

The trio did well overall, but I think Emma was the best by far. Dan's acting was good, but not spectacular, and I believe Rupert is much like Ron in real life so it wasn't such an effort from his part. The funny moments were well spread along the action, and I loved every single one. On the other hand, seeing Hogwarts destroyed was extremely distressing, I got goosebumps ever since McGonagall said 'Hogwarts is threatened.' The Battle of Hogwarts was epic, no comment there.

One thing I didn't like was that Tonks's and Lupin's deaths were dealt with very sketchy, I didn't feel anything, whereas when reading the book I was really sad at that part. Tonks didn't even have any lines,that was downright annoying! And the way Voldemort and Bellatrix sort of explode at the end was very weird. Also, there was no need for 3D whatsoever.

But there were more things that I loved. Julie Walters nailed THE line perfectly, the R/Hr kiss was as expected, Aberforth was as I imagined him when reading the book, and the epilogue was absolutely brilliant! Although most people disliked the King's Cross scene, I was quite content with it, though I must admit Dumbledore was a bit too Gandalf-like.

Dumbledore's story was left out, which was disappointing, but I am not very upset about that since the Prince's Tale and Epilogue were done perfectly, as those were the parts I was most looking forward to. Helena Bohnam-Carter was fantastic, as usual, and I especially liked her as polyjuiced Hermione at Gringotts. Ralph Fiennes was good as well, but still, no one could compare with Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman.

Hogwarts destroyed and the epilogue made me feel melancholic, but this is by no means the end for us Potter fans. We can always re-read the books, watch the films, and now there's Pottermore to look forward to. I'm also very excited to get DH part 2 on DVD and watch my favourite scenes over and over again.

Overall, it was a great film, although maybe DH part 1 was slightly better. Nevertheless, it did the book justice and it gave a good ending to the story of our generation.
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I saw it the night it came out here in Finland (which was two days before UK and USA! I'm amazed). 3D because all the good seats in the 2D shows were already taken when we bought our tickets. Generally, I liked it. It was way better than the Order of the Phoenix and the Half-blood Prince, both of which are too busy and rushed in my opinion. I'm so very grateful they decided to cut the seventh into two parts. Points for that!

To the actual pros and cons then.
I was a bit (or a bit more) disappointed by the lack of explanation about the Hallows. I mean, it was the name of the two last films and they skipped Harry's being the Master of Death completely? They could have used the King's Cross scene to clarify that the Hallows are the reason for Harry's getting to go back to life and that his cloack really was a Hallow. But no, instead of that they used that time to re-explain that Harry was the 8th Horcrux, which had already been told twice - once in the memory of Snape and once by Harry to Ron and Hermione.

Secondly, a tiny but (for me) important detail: Why didn't Harry repair his old wand with the Elder Wand? Can't express how much that meant to me. (A bit weird?)

And then, the battle between Harry and Voldemort. A joke. It started okay but then Voldemort started hitting and kicking? He's supposed to be the most skilled wizard in the world. Then Harry goes: "I think we should end this the way we started it. Together!" And then he throws them to the air and they fly together? No! I had waited for a brilliant ending, explaining the Elder Wand properly, explaining everything that hadn't been explained yet and silencing the crowd that was supposed to be there. It would have been so thrilling to see everything around them stop and fall silent to watch the epic battle. And after Harry's victory, to see the massive joy of all the surviving people. None of it was there.

19 years later. The actors smashed it, especially the kids, but the make-up artists had really failed the masks. Hermione looked 19, Ron 21, Harry about 34 years old, Draco just ridiculous. The only one I found a success was Ginny.

On the other hand, I loved the Gringotts scene. It was beautifully made, it went on nicely and helped the story. The dragon was brilliant - one of the best dragons they have ever done. Also the part in the Chamber of Secrets was good. It was a bit different from the book, yes, but it was logical and nicely made and contained the long-waited kissing scene.

I loved Harry's going to his death and using the resurrection stone. I couldn't help but cry when Remus came! I don't even know what it was that made me cry so much. It was just so beautiful a scene.

One of my favourite parts was Snape's story. All of it. I found it a bit too rushed to be perfect but nobody's perfect. All I can say is that I DO adore Alan Rickman. I could've watched the picture of Snape grieving over Lily's dead body for the whole 2 hours! Breathtaking. I cried. So much.

I still haven't decided which one I like more, this or part 1. They're both good. I went to see part 2 again today - 2D this time. Despite all these things I have said against it, it was good. The actors really did their best ever. Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, Dan, Emma, Rupert, Helena Bonham-Carter, all of them! We owe so much to them.

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Found this review online. Tell me what u guys make of it:

SPOILER!!: review

Harry Potter and the deeply shallow
The many reasons Harry Potter is overrated

By Taylor “Grumbledore” Wolken

Published: Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updated: Monday, July 18, 2011 23:07

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two, the series finale and culmination of fourteen years of Pottermania, smashed box office records over the weekend with $168.6 million in North American sales besting The Dark Knight. This begs the question, "What has happened to literature?"

The Potter series is a far cry from literary classics, which captivated the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. The Chronicles of Narnia gripped the imaginations of kids and still inspires intellectual debate with its themes. The Lord of the Rings created a dynamic new world full of thoughtful and developed characters in an iconic struggle between good and evil. Harry Potter is just fun.

Throughout the series, Rowling struggles with consistency. Plot holes and literary gimmicks abound.

How does Voldemort recover his wand, which is presumably lost when he originally attempts to kill Potter and destroys himself?

Why is it never again convenient to use the time-turner after Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban? Wouldn't this be a great device to save dear old Sirius from his mysterious demise and prevent your friends from falling into an ambush?

Are we supposed to believe Barty Crouch Jr. drank polyjuice potions for an entire school year to impersonate Alastor Moody and change the tri-wizard cup into a port key rather than grabbing Harry and apporating with him from Hogsmeade?

Why does no one believe Harry didn't kill Cedric Diggory when it is possible to check the last spells cast by Harry's wand? If the Ministry of Magic can tell when Harry casts a patronus charm during a break from school, wouldn't they be able to tell if he cast the killing curse?

Why do the deathly hallows play such a small role in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Why do the three hallows combined allow one to conquer death but in the deathly hallows tale, the cape alone allowed its first owner to escape death?

Voldemort can't kill Harry with his own wand because they conveniently share the same core, but he can't throw a boulder at Harry with his wand? He can't just strangle him or shoot him with a gun? Harry presumably wouldn't be able to attack Voldemort with his wand either.

How do the students in Harry Potter manage to stay alive using the same four spells for seven books? One would expect battling dark wizards requires more than first grade spell knowledge. Isn't casting expelliarmus against those using the killing curse akin to bringing a knife to a gunfight?

Getting past the jumble of conflicting, confusing and nonsensical twists in the Harry Potter series still leaves Rowling's attempt the develop the series intellectually as its readers aged. This last minute effort to add depth to an otherwise shallow series rears its ugly head most obviously in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

The Ministry of Magic quickly develops into the full-blown wizardry equivalent of Nazi Germany, seeking out mudbloods in what comes across as a desperate and half-hearted attempt at addressing a serious issue.

After avoiding any romantic development for six books, Ron and Hermione, without warning, become an inseparable item, allowing Rowling to put a check mark by love story on her to do list.

Dobby makes an appearance long enough to die and remind everyone he is free once again shortchanging a serious topic in an effort to add meaning to a series that had previously only been fun.

Then the last, and saddest attempt to add cultural depth, Rowling announced after her last book that Dumbledore had never married or had kids because he was gay. There is little in the books to indicate this but why not give another half-hearted aside to a politically contentious issue if it will create hype and add to the coffers.

The Harry Potter series is fun and entertaining but incredibly overrated. The only true magic in the series is that it managed to develop a massive following over a decade with the literary depth of a Jell-O cup.

Taylor Wolken is a junior economics major and editor-in-chief of The Battalion.

On another note, here is MY review of DH2 posted on my blog:

SPOILER!!: the GOOD review

Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

To quote everyone's favorite wizard, I have this to say: I love magic!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is pure film gold. Everything about this movie, from the acting, to the stunts, to the cgi work, is so well done I found myself forgetting it didn't exist when I saw it at last night's midnight showing. The final chapter in the Potter saga came wrapped in a perfect little package that promised action, adventure, tears, thrills and even a couple laughs, and definitely held true to that promise. Watching the film, I could feel my heart literally beating faster at the action and the lump forming in my throat at the sad moments. It really brought you into the story and made you feel as if you yourself were one of the characters. While I hadn't read the book (more of a movie fan), I had heard about and skimmed through the book a bit, so the majority of it I knew already. From what I saw last night, the film didn't disappoint in sticking true to the story and even adding fan favorites like Molly Weasley's famous "Not my daughter, you *****!" line. Even the epilogue--what I've heard to be fans' least favorite part of the book--was well done, making the characters look tastefully older without going too over-the-top. My personal favorite moments were Ron and Hermione's highly anticipated kiss (I've been a fan of the couple for quite some time), the epilogue, and the final moment when the Dark Lord himself is vanquished for good. The absolute best part of the experience however, believe it or not, was the fans. The theater was packed with countless witches, wizards, Dobbys, and even a couple Bellatrixes. There were crazy moments when A boy dressed as Harry chased a boy dressed as a snitch around the theater, and when a bunch of students chased a Voldemort around, yelling out spells such as "Avada Kedavra" and "Expelliarmus". It surely cannot be said that Harry Potter fans are not die-hard and devoted! The overall Deathly Hallows experience was remarkable and unforgettable, and it brought me to believe that while this may be the final chapter in the story of a young wizard with a lightning bolt scar and glasses, Harry Potter lives on--and will continue to live on--in the pages of the books, in the scenes of the movies, and most importantly, in the hearts of fans everywhere. So, if you're a fan, pick up your wand, grab your Hogwarts robe, and fly your broom to the nearest theater. I can promise your ticket will be money well spent!
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I was pleased with this film as a whole. There were some small disappointments that I have noticed a lot of people share, but really... we can't get everything we want shoved into a 2 hour film.

To be brief... I will only touch on a few things.

McGonagall: Oh dear me! I always thought McGonagall was amazing, but this film really drove this point home! I saw that sense of pride at Harry being in her house when she looks at him in the Great Hall and calls out: "It's good to see you" and then gives that little smile. And the Piertotum Locomotor scene was FANTASTIC! I got teary eyed just watching that... it was breathtakingly beautiful.

Neville: SUCH A BAMF! In a cardigan... a BAMF IN A CARDIGAN! *dies* He really did steal the show, man. I found myself cheering him on in every scene. I especially loved when McGonagall was telling them to blow up the bridge and he was looking at her like... WHAAAA? Just so precious. And when he climbs up over the side of the bridge and says, "Well that went well" I nearly peed my pants laughing.

Snape: I learnt to love him... and this film gives anyone and everyone that has never read the books the chance to love him, too. I wept watching the Prince's Tale... It really was beautifully done, in my opinion. I was moved by the scene when he showed up in Godric's Hollow and held the deceased Lily Potter in his arms as he cried.

.... There is loads more I could say, but for ME those were the highlights.

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Oh my god. Such long reviews. I don't think mine will be.

I loved:
The dragon/entire Gringotts scene was done wonderfully.
Bellatrix being Hermione being Bellatrix.
McGonagall "I've always wanted to use that spell" and her conversation with Neville, "Yes, BOOM!" hehehe.
The special effects were quite good.
Neville! and Luna. And them both.
Molly's SS-inappropriate line towards Bellatrix. Even tho it all happened WAY too fast.
How they did Snape's story. Of course I never liked Snape, but it was very well done.

I hated:
Voldy/Harry hugging and jumping off the tower. Made me laugh, and the unnecessary flying all around the grounds was just irritating.
The Voldy/Draco hugging.
Voldy melting and fizzling into nothing.
Bellatrix dissolving into nothing.
Tonks/Lupin's ENTIRE deal... They didn't even look white/pale/dead during that scene.
Fred's scene was too short and not nearly sad enough, tho I did cry a little.
Everyone else who died was not mentioned, or, like Lavender Brown (I think that was her Fenrir was chewing on?), was shown for too brief a moment to get it. (Did they also show one of the Patil twins getting covered up with a blanket as if they were dead? Couldn't tell, it was panning too fast)

While this was the shortest movie yet, I don't like that it was so short. If they'd taken a bit more time, it could have been perfect. And also, throwing away the Elder Wand BEFORE Harry got to mend his own... WHAAA????

The epilogue. OH MY HILARITY the epilogue. Ron's fat suit. Ginny's hair. Harry and Draco's facial hair. HAHAHAHAHA. It made me laugh so hard, there was no more sadness.

That's it for now. I need to see it a second time to analyze it fully. I bet this is longer than I'd intended anyways.
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Yeah since when did they start this whole thing by jumping off a building and morphing into one awkward being? And disintegrating??? NO NO NO.

Also, I was really disappointed in the King's Cross scene:
-They didn't discuss the deathly hallows at all and why Harry is the true master of death (or that he's descended from Ignotus Peverell and that's why he has the cloak!)
-Even though they brought up Dumbledore's fight with Grindewald (in p1) and the wand and stuff, they don't talk about it at all in this scene and why Harry is the better man and why Dumbledore is so proud of him.
-They don't talk about Ariana at all, even though in movie 6 Dumbledore says "It's all my fault," and in 7P1 they discuss his father going to Azkaban for killing 3 muggles.
-Harry doesn't ask if he's dead. In the book, "You're dead, so I'm dead?" it's such an obvious thing! Lots of people who didn't read the books were confused about it all.

Also, Dumbledore's prearranged death with Snape is a huge thing! But it's not anywhere near as dramatic as it should've been nor is Molly Weasley's line "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU B***H" which is in all capitals!!!

And I wish Harry's walk to death had been more emotional. The stone was fine, but they could've done more like with all the previous 7 movies at their disposal, they could've done flashbacks of all of Harry's good times. That would've had everyone bawling!

But everything else was so perfect! Like Gringotts, and the preparation for the battle was more amazing than I could ever have hoped for. Snape clutching Lily's lifeless body was such an emotional scene and I'm so glad they added that. And NEVILLE. BAMF in a fricken cardigan!!! <3

On a more personal level..
I'm so emotional right now and it's been 5 days since the premier. It's like my childhood broke up with me :/ I loved every second of being an obsessive fan, but now it's over :'(

AND YEAH. TEDDY LUPIN CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND WAS NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. *Sadface. I can't understand why they couldn't have just mentioned SOMEWHERE they had a baby? So random and stupid.

Also, whoever said the deaths were underemphasized--couldn't agree more. I bawled in the books when Fred died, and in this they hardly even show his face. Admittedly, though, the part about Lupin and Tonks dying was Harry's thoughts, which we obviously can't hear, but even if they had mentioned before that that they had a baby and had shown Harry overcome with grief and backing away, it would've been sad.

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Originally Posted by msceeejayy View Post
AND YEAH. TEDDY LUPIN CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND WAS NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. *Sadface. I can't understand why they couldn't have just mentioned SOMEWHERE they had a baby? So random and stupid.

Also, whoever said the deaths were underemphasized--couldn't agree more. I bawled in the books when Fred died, and in this they hardly even show his face. Admittedly, though, the part about Lupin and Tonks dying was Harry's thoughts, which we obviously can't hear, but even if they had mentioned before that that they had a baby and had shown Harry overcome with grief and backing away, it would've been sad.
Yeah, that's true. I guess to be fair they DID mention Teddy during the Resurrection Scene in the forest. Harry and Lupin talking about "make sure he knows why his parents died" and stuff.... but STILL. D:<
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Default The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Well for Part 2, I'm deeply disappointed with the King's Cross:
They don't talk about Dumbledore and Grindewald and why Dumbledore is so proud of Harry for being the better man.
They don't talk about the deathly hallows at all, which is the title of the movie, and why Harry is the true master of death.
They don't discuss Ariana and why Dumbledore's father killed three muggles (p1) and why "it was all his fault" (hp6).
Harry doesn't even ask if he's dead? "You're dead, so I'm dead?" It's such an obvious thing! So many people were wondering if he died (those who didn't read the books).

And I'm a little sad they didn't make Dumbledore's prearranged death with Snape more dramatic than what it was. It was a huge thing!

I didn't feel the deaths were portrayed as dramatically and emotionally as they should have been. In the book the entire end of a chapter described how terrible Fred's death was, but here? They didn't even show his face.

Also, I'd have liked the walk to death to be sadder, perhaps with flashbacks with memories from all of his years at Hogwarts.

AND WHEN DID TONKS HAVE THE BABY? She never even announced she was pregnant..

Lastly, since when did all of this "start" with them jumping off a building and morphing into one awkward being?

Other than that, the movie was brilliant!! King's Cross is my major disappointment :/
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I think the Deathly Hallows part 2 was a good movie. It was the saddest Harry Potter movie with all the deaths (the actors did a goodjob at that though). I thought maybe they could put in some bloopers during the credits to maybe as Fred or George said "Trying to diffuse the tension" because I left that movie in awe of its greatness but also really depressed. Maybe it was all the deaths, or maybe it was the realization that it was all over... But put in bloopers in the credits and people may leave slighty less depressed and a little more happy. Freds death was horrible (espcially because they showed the death eater closing in on him) but then i got online to this website and found a video where fred talks about his playing dead. He said "Well all Ireally had to do was lie there and be still. I actually fell asleep for a while and they left me there to go eat lunch." so it made me feel a bit better. Also on youtube there are some Harry Potter bloopers wich are actually really funny. Watch them they sure do diffuse the tension!

But it was a really great movie!!!

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I have to agree with most of the people before me who gave their general opinions about the film adaption of DH 2. Sorry if I'm repeating anything that was mentioned before. If so, I'm only stressing on how much I find your opinions to be true. Overall, it satisfied me more than I expected when going in to watch the movie. On the whole, the balance between excitement, mystery, sadness and joy of the movie was managed well. Now as for the goods and the bads that stood out in my mind are as follows:

The Awesome Parts:
  1. The epicness of Hogwarts' battle on the grand scheme. The effort put into the visual effects was beyond amazing. It definitely deserves Oscar nominations. I like how the 3D added a whole new realistic quality to it and blended well in with scenes. It wasn't distracting as with objects flying out towards you. That's not where the focus was. It was an awesome experience feeling much closer to the characters and being engulfed in the setting.

  2. The trio finally stepped up in their acting and delivered their parts well. I'm glad Emma gave up on overacting. Her excessive eyebrow movements and over stressed speaking used to drive me insane and it used to look so fake. She finally found the right balance and steeped in Hermione's shoes for this movie. I also liked how she managed to burst out crying when she found out Harry was going to sacrifice himself. It was very natural. I can't say enough about much I thought Daniel has developed as an actor in this movie. For the first time, he was truely Harry. His expressions were right on. You could definitely sense the urgency and the stress he was going through. His face after watching Snape's memories was exactly like the way I pictured it in the books. The walk through the forbidden forest and how he awaited his death was also very touching. He delivered it beautifully. Rupert is just Ron. Period. He has this face. He has this unique and effortless way of making you laugh even if he's just looking straight at something with no particular expression. He's naturally talented at it can be seen from his early days in front of the camera as well.

  3. The Prince's tale was simply heart wrenching and delivered beautifully by Alan Rickman's amazing acting. just the fact that Snape was known as the most senseless and robotic figure in the previous movies with this dull and cold voice, it really showed how good of an actor Alan is to show a whole new image to Snape and pour out so much emotion onto the screen that most of the audience didn't even know it was possible before. When he walked into the Potter's house and embraced dead Lily in his arms I was crying my eyes out like an infant. It was so heartbreaking to watch. The actor cast as young Snape was perfect as others have said it before me.

  4. Harry in limbo at King's Cross was portrayed perfectly on screen. It was just as I imagined it in the book. It was so calm and out of worldly. It made everything else about the reality back in Hogwarts and the bloody battle which was so destructive look insignificant and unreasonable as if its silly to exist. You know what I mean? It seemed even more real than anything else and the last lines which they kept it in from the book just suits well with what I'm saying. "Is this all real or is but just happening in my head," harry asks. And Dumbledore responds with, "Of course it is all happening in your head, but why should it mean that it's not real?" I loved it. The convo between Dumbledore and Harry was perfectly worded and soothing. Both of them as ghosts looked much purer.

  5. The epilogue was very sweet. Generally I think the makeup team did a great job with aging the actors/actresses. Though Ron's fat belly made me laugh. It suited his character though with how much he enjoys eating. And Ginny being the daughter of Molly, she be an ideal motherly/wife figure as well and a good cook too! The kids cast for playing the Potter/Weasley kids were chosen well. I loved the talk between Harry and Albus. Daniel delivered a father figure really well. It was so sweet that I squealed while watching it. Draco looked handsome as a man. Their make up was very realistic. I was worried about that part due to the original epilogue pictures which leaked online. Their makeup was horrendous! I'm so glad they changed it.

  6. Neville is my hero! I couldn't help but smile every time he appeared on screen. Matt surely knows his character inside and out. Attempting to act as the clumsy Neville who just broke out of his shell and decided to play the hero while really keeping in character and not changing drastically is very hard. Everyone cheered while he killed Nagini. I just love him. *huggles him*

  7. The walk through the forest and Harry meeting the deceased was simply perfect. I cried my eyes out during that scene. Everything about it was right on. I have to praise Daniel's acting for that scene. Also I'm glad Steve Kloves kept the "Does it hurt" line in when Harry was referring to dying.

The Good Parts:
  • The music was really good. I was initially skeptical of Desplat's work. I mean no one can take the place of John Williams in my heart. I really wanted him to return to compose for the last movie. Nevertheless, I have to admit, Desplat brought his own unique touch to the movie. His scores were suitable and very emotional and for the most part, it blended well in with the rest of the movie. It wasn't out of place. I especially liked the opening music played while Snape was looking out from the castle at the students in the courtyard.

  • The Gringott's scene was action packed and I loved the way the Dragon struggled to get out of the bank. It only made sense. I like how the dragon looked withered and frail like in the book due to being kept away from sunlight for so long. The ride on the cart looked fantastic in 3D. The vault scene was exactly as the way I imagined it in the book. Oh and when the dragon broke out from the top of Gringotts, there was one thing that ran in my mind. Freedom! It took a deep breath and pointed it's head up towards the light. It looked great.

The Bad Parts:
  • Why did the imperio curse have a colour and looked like visible vapor when it was cast on the Goblin in Gringotts? It looked weird. And it looked like its effects were being over exaggerated. But I guess it's sort of make sense for the movie as the audience who haven't read the books may be confused as to what was going on.

  • I was also aggravated on how the Deathly Hallows importance was overshadowed by the Horcruxes. I mean they should have mentioned that Harry was the master of Death. And there was no mention of the fact that Harry owned the cloak as well and that the stone in the snitch was the resurrection stone. Oh well, I guess they left the excessive explanations out for the more serious and critical audience who haven't read the books to eventually figure it out after watching it several more times on the DVD.

  • Why wasn't there any mention of Tonks giving birth until the forest again scene? That must have came as a surprise for those who haven't read the books and it seemed totally pointless to even mention it then. Teddy's name wasn't even mentioned in the movie which is just sad. Harry is his godfather after all and with the way that it connects to him being an orphan too made it much more special.

The Awful Parts:
  • Why did Ron and Hermione allow Harry to just walk by and give himself up to Voldemort? WHY??? JK.Rowling especially chose Harry to put on the invisibility cloak to conceal himself from others and to truly act heroic by not causing a commotion with his departure and for others to run after him and keep him from going! I mean that was truly heroic. First of all, Harry wouldn't just walk past them and announce that he's leaving. And, secondly, Ron and Hermione would never allow him to go. Why was Ron standing there looking shocked and did not even shed a tear? Why did he not say anything? Gah! So annoying!

  • Why did Voldemort and Bellatrix shatter into many paper like pieces when they got killed??? Sure it looked cool in 3D but just unnecessary.

  • The whole Harry grabbing Voldemort by the neck and pulling him off the tower was just pointless. Harry wouldn't do that. Voldemort can fly, Harry can't He could have got himself killed. And wouldn't want to be anywhere close to my worse enemy and the most powerful and dangerous wizard of all time. It looked scary. Voldemort's demonic face gave me shivers.

  • Where was the crowd of onlookers during the final duel between Harry and Voldemort??? Why did they have to change that. I loved how in the book Harry disgraced Voldemort, had his final say and called him Tom. I loved it more when he triumphed people broke into an applause and treated him like a true winner who just finished off the most powerful dark wizard of all time! That's how it should have been in the movie instead of Harry just walking into the Great Hall and no one even paying any attention to him as if he's not even present there! Grrr!

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I saw the film in 3D at a midnight showing an hour after I'd watched Part 1 in the same cinema (thank you Cineworld...). I was exhausted and drained by the time I got to this film which is why I decided to wait to post my review until I'd seen it a second time and thusly had a little perspective.

I think I am best to split this down into what I did and didn't like seen as trying to talk about it as a whole is overwhelmingly negative aaaaaand still makes me a tad bit hot under the colar.

So without further a-do!

What I hated:

First and foremost for me, I hated the back peddling on Sirius' mirror. That entire scene was poorly thought out, badly constructed. Put simply it was awful writing and even worse of an idea. Why should we have to suffer for their poor foresight? Followed on with the new and "interesting" notion that Harry can hear horcruxes because they couldn't be bothered to devote enough time to the pensieve scenes in HBP? Do me a favour.
Add to that the fact that Harry and V.Diddy can now feel when a horcrux is destroyed??? Really??!?!? How stupid do they think we are? They're creating all sorts of problems for themselves with that one. It sort of makes you wonder if he was enjoying a gentle tickling sensation in Half Blood Prince and Hallows pt 1, doesn't it.

As always the cheesy, vomit enducing speech Neville makes. And do not get me started on Lupin's little ditty. Steve Kloves is a terrible writer. I have said it from the start and I shall repeat it until the end of time. He knows just how to ruin a good script that one does. He's ok when he sticks to Jo's words, but when he's allowed to write his own it sends me reaching for the sick bag. Yuck.

Since when did Voldemort do physical contact? His hugging Draco? Never happen. In fact, I agree with Jo on this one - we're British. We fundamentally do not hug. Our badies certainly don't. Preposterous. Also, it totally ruined the tention present in that scene. Rage.

That laugh Voldemort does. I don't need to say any more.

The fact that way too much time was spent to kill the snake, that way too much time was spent on Harry and Voldemort's battle - I wont lie, I was bored. So much time was wasted on killing the snake and Harry killing V.Diddy; there was nothing wrong with how it was written in the book. Cinematic effect my a*se quite frankly. That time could have been spent at the start, or showing us more of the actual battle. It was woefully neglected.

Snape's memories was too short and disjointed. The end was beautiful, don't get me wrong. I was sobbing but it was still too short.

The entire film is too short

The first half of the film was far too short, it felt rushed; as though the whole production team could not wait to get to the battle and get it over and done with.

- Neville did not get the glory he so deserved, they again made him the kid hanging from the lights in the DADA classroom.

Tonks, Lupin and Fred's death felt glossed over and ignored and when the hell did Lupin have a son - is what you'd be saying if you hadn't read the books.

There was too much humour in the darker parts of the film, it was inappropriate.

Harry sees Ron and Hermione before going to the forest. Need I say more.

V.Diddy kicks and punches Harry...erm.....never happen.

The entire idea of sacrifise was lost. It was so important in the books, so important. It's what it was all about and it was totally left out.

What I did like

- Maggie Smith

- Alan Rickman

-The dragon

- Molly Weasley's line staying in the film

- The way Snape's death was shot - clever and still brutal. Had me jumping in my seat everytime the snake struck

- The kids in the epilogue were great. The epilogue was not.

- Neville

- Luna telling off Harry

- The section with Helena Ravenclaw was great. I really wanted to hear her story, in spite of it not being particularly relevant.

I've seen the film twice now. The first time I hated it and could not recall one thing I had liked. In fact, I disliked it so much, it was below POA, which I really hate. The second time, I reconciled things a bit better and I could see more things that I liked. I sobbed like a baby in actual fact.

On the whole though, no matter how many times I watch this film, I shall remain dissapointed with it; it is too short, it is too rushed. The way they have had to make things up and shoehorn things in to cover up for the mistakes they made in other films to me is unforgivable. They owed it to this film, to us as fans to do the thing properly. I will never truly be able to detach the books from the films and perhaps that is to my detriment but I'm not sorry about it. Not really.

I'll see the film a few more times due to various promises I have made. But it is still not a patch on the books, it never will be. None of them will be. I don't think I am alone when I say that Harry Potter should have been a television series for it really to be done correctly. It makes me think; when you look at Game of Thrones and Camelot and other series like them, if it was just starting now; would that have been what had happened? The money is there and the way that those who made GoT have stuck to the source material is beyond compare.

So much that is important to the story was lost in Deathly Hallows Part 2. Too much for me and too much for most people. It almost makes me wish I had not read the book, everyone I know who hasn't really enjoyed the film. Everyone I know who has read the book has serious misgivings and axes to grind.

It's a crying shame.
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Ladies and gentleman, it has happened. We will never see the bulky HP logo on the movie screen anymore....we will never watch another movie that involves Harry, Ron, and Hermione grow up and go on new's over. And my eyes are still wet from all the crying I did.

Alas, I just came back from the movie, and there was no fire this time. Although there WAS a blackout because of the storm. The screen went black during one of the action scenes. I was even MORE distraught this time than I was last time. I didn't find it humorous like I did last time. I didn't stay optimistic like I did last time. I stormed out of that theater room like my feet were on fire. I stayed out there until the people came in and rewinded the movie slightly. No more complications after that, luckily

Onto the review!!

3D: Brilliant. It was actually a mistake that we went to go see it in 3D. My dear sister Layla messed up and got us 3D, but it's ok, because 3D was really great. The scenery popped out more, the people were shown with more quality, and it was just plain better.

I thought the scenery was beautiful. The camera work was well done, and it wasn't shaky. We also weren't forced to hear the usual heavy, fast breathing of Daniel Radcliffe.

There was a bunch of moments that held very subtle humor, which I thought was great. It was good that they added some funnies to take away from the generally dark and slightly morose film. The acting was--what's the word I'm looking for?--spectacular, magnificent, get it...
I was rather impressed with Daniel Radcliff's (Harry) performance, for I usually find him a rather bland actor. I think he really showed his talent in this film, which is a very good thing. Emma Watson (Hermione) was also memorable, as she always is. Rupert Grint (Ron) didn't really have that many lines or impressive parts to really judge on, but from what I saw he did a pretty good job. But let's not forget the supporting cast who did a stupendous job with making the movie complete! Maggie Smith, who played the strict Professor Minerva McGonagall, made me giddy with satisfaction. She really, really, really delivered her role, in my opinion. She was strict, yet as protective of her students as a mother would be.

Matthew Lewis. My, my, my, hasn't he grown up! Who else remembers the chubby, forgetful little first year boy who lost his Remembrall, and was always bullied by Malfoy and his goons? I sure do! His character, Neville Longbottom, turned out to be, in a word, a hero. A brave, selfless, hero. I couldn't help but cheer when he finally beheaded Nagini. When all the Death Eaters were charging towards the castle, and two were incinerated because of the protections, I was having a hard time keeping my laughter to myself when Neville did that whole "Yeah! What now, losers?!" thing. Then, when they charged, and he started running, I laughed even harder. Ah, Neville. I do love you. Matthew really delivered when stepped up and stood up to Voldemort when Harry was presumably dead. Although I have to admit, I was disappointed when he didn't scream to Voldemort: "I'll join you when Hell freezes over!" But ah well, I think he makes up for it.

Ralph Fiennes, who plays the dastardly, and heartless Lord Voldemort, also did a good job. I guess. I think Voldemort could have been a little scarier. I just didn't think he was that scary to me. (And did anyone else think Voldemort looked a little fat? He looked pretty fat to me...)

And how could we forget Voldie's right-hand-woman...Bellatrix Lestrange! Played by Helena Bonham Carter, Bellatrix is almost as evil as Voldemort. Almost. The chick is a madwoman. Completely insane. And I love it! Helena was quite humorous in the Gringotts scene. She really did well. "I wish to enter my vault." Ahaha! Really loved that scene. I would be lying if I said her eventual death didn't upset me...

There was also many other memorable performances. Tom Felton, who plays the cunning Slytherin and Harry's rival, Draco Malfoy--He's MINE people!--did a good job as Draco. You could clearly see his inner struggle when his parents were urging him to come forward and join them. Evanna Lynch played the slightly odd Luna "Loony" Lovegood, and I won't ever change my mind when I say she is the PERFECT Luna! I was immensely entertained when Luna chewed out Harry for not listening to her. "Harry Potter you listen to me right now!" *Giggle* It was also fun to see Julie Walters, the over protective Weasley matriarch, take down Bellatrix Lestrange, a part in the movie I was dying to see! I was so, so, so, so happy when they kept in the: "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU *****!" There was also David Thewlis, who played our beloved Remus Lupin, Helen McCroy who played Draco's mother and Bellatrix's sister, Narcissa Malfoy, and Michael Gambon (is that how you spell it??), as our favorite Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. It was also a joy to see Gary Oldman come back as our favorite Marauder, Sirius Black! (Even if it was only for a few moments.) Can't say they were all flawless, though...Bonnie Wright, who plays Harry's love interest, Ginny Weasley, was as unimpressive as usual. Blahh.

I saved the best for last.

Alan Rickman.

For the love of all that is sane in this world--someone give this man a flippin' Oscar!!!!! Holy guacamole with cheese!!! He was brilliant. BRILLIANT!

I can't even tell you how much I cried during "The Prince's Tale", because it's almost embarrassing how much I cried. Oh my gosh. His face! It was heartbreaking! His pain and anguish for Lily was so raw that I was sniffling the whole way through.

All in all, a truly amazing cast.

The action kicked off right away. We were taken on a roller coaster ride at Gringotts, an escaped dragon, and then the real action started. The special effects was really, really well done, and I almost forgot it wasn't real.

I was amused throughout the movie; especially when Harry finally comes back to Hogwarts, and comes face to face with Ginny. They're just staring at each other, and you can see Ron, her brother, in the background, trying to wave and say hi to his sister who he hadn't seen in nearly a year. She completely ignored him. I cracked up. The Harry/Ginny kiss wasn't impressive. Meh. Do you know what was impressive? The Hermione/Ron kiss! Oooohhh my gosh! I loved it! Well, couldn't really see the kiss, because Ron's head was kind of covering it...that was slightly disappointing. Another funny part was when Ron ran after Malfoy and his goons after they attacked Hermione screaming: "Hey! That's my girlfriend you--!"

It was heart-wrenching to watch the Weasleys mourning over their fallen family member. But I am really, really mad Fred, Tonks, and Remus didn't get a death scene! ARGH!!!! They totally deserved one, too. Really upset about that...

But anyways, I was on the edge of my seat as I anxiously watched Neville as he beheaded Nagini. Another part that amused me was when Voldemort was on the ground and Bellatrix was there, trying to help him up. He kept telling her "no", and she kept trying to help him, when he finally pushed her to the ground!! Ahaha! I laughed so hard!

There was one part when I was really indignant, though. When Pansy Parkinson ratted Harry out, and McGonagall told Filch to take her and all the other Slytherins to the Dungeons. What annoyed me was when everyone else started clapping and cheering when the took the Slytherins away...mean, much?! Oh well--it was kind of funny...kind of...

Also, what was with Voldemort giving Draco a hug?! Haha, I bet Bellatrix was pretty jealous. And I just have to say, I love Narcissa Malfoy. She gave everything for her son. She lied to Lord Voldemort's face! That is a mother.

Something that really really bugged me was towards the end. Harry just defeated Voldemort. It was epic. A good, satisfying-to me, at least-battle. True, no one was there to witness it like in the books, but that could be overlooked. But then he walks into the Great Hall, and everyone just looks at him. I mean, they just stare as he walks through. What was that?! He just defeated the greatest Dark Lord the world has ever known! The war was over! And he doesn't even get a single pat on the back. Not even a "Good job, Harry." Zip, nada, nothing.

Another thing was the duel between Bellatrix Lestrange and Molly Weasley. Bellatrix is arguably one of the most hated characters in the series. They could have at least made her dead a little more....dramatic. A little more focused on. That would have been nice.

The scene where Harry meets his loved ones again was really beautiful. I cried. Snape's memories can't even describe! I cried a lot! I couldn't help it. When Snape cried, so did I. It was done enchantingly. Stunningly. Breathtakingly. The emotions inside me almost consumed me! I adore how they flashed back from earlier movies. Really, really well done. Just.....yeah.

Something I noticed was how there weren't that many "NYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHHSSSSS" from Voldemort like in the trailers. Also, was it just me, or did they take out the scene where Voldemort was like: "Why do you live?" And Harry's like: "Because I have something worth living for..."

And then we get to the epilogue. However short, I don't think it could have been done any better. I would have liked to see more of the other children, other than Harry's youngest son, but it was really good. They cast the kids perfectly! Just how I imagined!! I was very happy when Harry gave the whole "Albus Severus Potter" speech. Also, I think the Trio aged nicely. Harry looked believable, even if Hermione looked like some 18 year old...

All in all, it was stupendous. I thought it was the best film in the series by far.

When the credits started rolling, I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't somewhat of a mess. I was crying all the way to the car. I looked as if someone just told me my dog died. Seriously. I just couldn't believe it's over.

It didn't disappoint, though.

So..if you read to the end of this very long, and somewhat pointless review, congratulations!! Hope you enjoyed. This is what I thought of the movie which has been on my mind since 6th grade.
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I've just come back from watching DH2 and I'm still digesting it.
First of all: It was special. I didn't cry during the movie (though I WHISH I had cried over Snape's death and Harry's almost-death), but somehow it impressed me more than possibly any other movie I've seen.

What I loved:
- Bellatrix-Hermione
- the Goblin was played well
- Neville, how they portrayed him, how Matthew played him, everything
- same goes for Luna/ Evanna
- The scene with Snape and Voldy, just before he killed Snape, great acting by both Rickman and Fiennes; I also loved how Snape said "Look at me" , but I think they should have left it at that. WE KNOW Harry's got his mother's eyes
- loved how they incorporated bits from the former movies in Snape's memory, That made me realize again, how Potter's been a part of our lives over the last ten years
- the Ron/ Hermione kiss in the Chamber of Secrets; I liked it better than the kiss in the book (and that's saying something)
- when McGonnagall made the suits of armour defend the castle, and said "I've always wanted to use that spell"
- the epilogue, especially how Ron and Draco looked in the older version (but I didn't like how Hermione didn't seem to have aged at all)
- Albus Severus was cast well, and he had a Ferret for a pet
- the RoR scene, and how Harry saved Draco on the broom; they could easily have taken that scene out, but they didn't
- the Malfoys, how they were portrayed as not really that evil, but just opportunists
- the defensive bubble thing around Hogwarts looked amazing
- I think I never appreciated before this movie how well Voldemort is played
- the Weasleys mourning Fred, that was touching
- Filch trying to clean up in the COMPLETELY DESTROYED CASTLE
- I actually liked it that Harry could hear Horcruxes, I thought it made sense
- loved that the left the lines from the book in where Snape says (in the memory) something like "You raised the boy like a pig for slaughter?"
- "of course it is happening inside your head...." that was another quote from the book about which I was glad they left it in (erm was that a sentence? ...but you know what I mean)

What I didn't like:
- when Snape called the students together in the Great Hall, I didn't understand why he would do that if he is secretely on the Order's side
- what annoyed me even more was when Harry stepped out from among the students in a school uniform; didn't he have anything better to do at that point? like looking for a Horcrux?!?
- When Harry pulled Voldemort from that tower and the both fall; Why would he do that, especially if he just almost died?! (But I like how he called him Tom)
- How long it takes until Neville finally kills the snake
- they should have shown how mean the Carrows are instead of just mentioning it
- Harry snapping the Elder Wand in two just like that
- I know this is just small detail but: I didn't like that there was snow in Hogsmeade -it's summer in the book!
- James Potter (the adult James) always annoys the heck out of me, I don't know why
- 3D!!! it's overrated

I probably forgot to mention some things.

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I enjoyed the movie. Many have said it was a nice close to the end of such an epic story. I don't feel like it should have had more or less. I didn't cry though and that surprised me.
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I thought it was great but Ron and hermiones kiss disappointed me. And it felt like as soon as the film started, it was finished. And not to mention that none of it was in 3D even though it was supposed to be.
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Originally Posted by msceeejayy View Post
Well for Part 2, I'm deeply disappointed with the King's Cross:
They don't talk about Dumbledore and Grindewald and why Dumbledore is so proud of Harry for being the better man.
They don't talk about the deathly hallows at all, which is the title of the movie, and why Harry is the true master of death.
They don't discuss Ariana and why Dumbledore's father killed three muggles (p1) and why "it was all his fault" (hp6).
Harry doesn't even ask if he's dead? "You're dead, so I'm dead?" It's such an obvious thing! So many people were wondering if he died (those who didn't read the books).

And I'm a little sad they didn't make Dumbledore's prearranged death with Snape more dramatic than what it was. It was a huge thing!

I didn't feel the deaths were portrayed as dramatically and emotionally as they should have been. In the book the entire end of a chapter described how terrible Fred's death was, but here? They didn't even show his face.

Also, I'd have liked the walk to death to be sadder, perhaps with flashbacks with memories from all of his years at Hogwarts.

AND WHEN DID TONKS HAVE THE BABY? She never even announced she was pregnant..

Lastly, since when did all of this "start" with them jumping off a building and morphing into one awkward being?

Other than that, the movie was brilliant!! King's Cross is my major disappointment :/
No offens!!! you're being so hard!

I agree they don't give all the importance to the facts well developed in books, but i really liked the movie and I think we're favoured:

No one really understand the movies without reading the books!
the essence of the character, the relationships between them, all the places...

The big screen just can't do it!!!
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I thought Remus announced Tonks was pregnant in Order of the Phoenix? I seem to remember that. Maybe I'm going nuts.But it seems like an afterthought and easily missed. No mention of Tonks having the baby was such a turn off for me as well.

I really didn't like the fact that Harry didn't use the Elder wand to fix his own before destroying it like in the book. I thought that was an awesome thing for Harry to do....Harry would rather have his wand repaired than have the invincible wand. To me, that represented something along the lines of being grateful for what you have.

What also ticked me off was the scene where Harry confronted Snape in the Great Hall. I mean, geez. Harry talked smack to Snape in that scene (which was NOT in the book) but never vindicated Snape in public when laying the verbal smackdown on Voldemort (which was in the book). I really wanted to see Mcgonagall and Snape fight like in the book where Snape had to put the suit of armor in front of him.

However, I did like the movie. It seemed a bit rushed, but I did like it. Will def buy the blu ray when this comes out. Hope it's in 3D as well (just got a 3d tv...major haggling for it) so I can see Snape in 3D all the time.
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x12 x12
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I've watched Deathly Hallow II twice and I still cry at the moment when Prof. Snape dies and as he's dying, he's begging Harry to take his tears so that he (Harry) can see for himself , how much he (Snape) loved his mother and that he was in fact protecting Harry all along. That he in fact was upset with Dumbledore for keeping secrets from Harry especially about the part that Harry was actually one of Voldemort's Horcruxes.
I also liked the fact that the changed the sequence and location where Snape died. In the book it was before the Battle of Hogwarts.

All in all I didn't expect that the film would cover every aspect of the book. Yes despite the fact that they had split the book into 2 movie parts, there was still a lot that was left out. Dumbledore's family history for reason, that only JK Rowling and David Heyman knows, was left out entirely. There's only a small mention of it when the trio meet Aberforth Dumbledore for the first time.

Which leads to the 2nd Horcrux. They never showed how Regulus Black found and sacrificed himself to find it. In the book, it was told through Kreacher's recollections of the events.

Then of course there is no mention that with Harry's ultimate sacrifice where he voluntarily went to Voldemort to be killed, that when he "died" he basically cast the same protective spell that his mother unknowingly cast when she put herself in front of Harry to prevent the dark lord from killing him. That is the reason why Neville didn't die when Voldemort "killed" him. It was explained in the book but never mentioned at all in the movies.

Then the epilogue. We don't get to see Ted, Remus' and Tonks' child, the godson of Harry. In fact, there was never any mention that they got married or even had a child until the end when Harry spoke to Remus' ghost and Remus said "he will know how his parents died".

But all in all, it was still a great movie. I just wish that this wasn't the last one. We practically grew up with Harry and the rest. It will be hard to say goodbye to them. But I wish all the cast all the best in their future endeavors.
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I thought the movie was great. The 3D was a bit disappointing. But I enjoyed the movie very much.
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Oh my gooodness!!! I've just seen DH Part 2 at the 3d IMAX and it is amazing!!!!! I need to go and see it again
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I'm going to be kind and give the movie 2 out of 10, I want to really give it less, it was a total disappointment, loved all the other films in the series but this one well it was a total let down.
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