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Term 23: September - December 2009 Term Twenty-three: Mysterious Circumstances (Sept 2069 - June 2070)

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DP Journalist

Swedish Short-Snout
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Marsha Maddox
First Year
Gryffindor Meet the Lions
SS Featured Writer Lovely Lady

Come to this thread to meet the Gryffindors! Post your character profiles here! (Please do not RP here)

Example: I give you mine.

Name: Antonio Dumont
Date of Birth: 19 July 2031
Age: 38
Years attended Hogwarts: 2042-2049
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Current Hogwarts Staff Position: Muggle Studies Professor
Previous Occupation(s): Model, game show host, pizza deliverer and studio musican (all in the muggle world, of course!)

Eye Color: Dark green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Marital Status: Single

Antonio tries to make his lessons as interesting as he possibly can and is very open to suggestions. Muggle Studies is a class that can become somewhat redundant at times, so he believes in trying to keep things as interesting as possible. If he can entertain you, he will. He is a very fair person, friendly and open, but he is not someone you would ever want for an enemy as he can be very determined and very vindictive if you cross him. As a teacher, he will take the time to help you if you ask him, and he generally cares about the students and wants to see them learn as much as possible.

Antonio likes to see hands on work in the classroom, and this is another place where your suggestions are welcome. Rather than just discuss things, it's so much more fun to actually do something.

History: Antonio is the first Gryffindor in his family. He comes from a long line of Slytherins and actually understands their viewpoint (even though Gryffindor is his first choice, of course!)

He is a pureblood, attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor. His parents are Sebastian and Penelope Dumont. He and his wife Bethany and their 3 year old daughter Antonia Michelle are now back with him. (His wife had been captured by an evil person, but has now returned safely and they are a family once again.) Bethany takes care of Antonia while Antonio is teaching at Hogwarts.

Growing up he never knew anything about the muggle world and through association with some of his muggleborn and halfblood classmates, he came to learn a little bit about what the muggle world was like. He learned more and more about the muggle world and became quite fascinated by it, seeking out muggles deliberately to get to know them better. After graduating at the head of his class he lived in London and New York under the guise of being a muggle himself so that he could study them and learn as much about them as possible while also attending university in both of these cities, always having the intention of one day being able to do something constructive for the wizarding world with that extensive knowledge. And learn he did, and is now here to teach the students of Hogwarts some of the wonderful things that make the muggles unique, so that they too might better understand and appreciate them.

Simply noteworthy:
Antonio has many, many gadgets in his office which he has collected over the years. Many of these things have been given to him by some of his somewhat dubious contacts in the muggle world. Antonio doesn't mind if you play with his toys, just take care not to break them!

Antonio's wife, Bethany, left him shortly after his first term teaching at Hogwarts. However, he has a beautiful 4 year old daughter named Antonia Michelle who lives with him. She is the light of his life.

OOC: Slytherin Fox AKA Linda

July 19, 1986
Profession: Transcriber Typist (recently unemployed)
Favorite HP character: Draco Malfoy

Brief Biography:
I live in Northern California. I'm originally from the Washington, D.C. area (Northern Virginia) and moved here because of a job I had at the time (transfer). Economic times have been hard, and I recently lost my position, but am hoping something else will come along soon. I have many hobbies to give me busy, not only SS, but knitting, scrapbooking, reading, writing and suduko puzzles as well. I like to watch old retro comedies on television, most of which I have never seen.

I've been a member of SS since August of 2006. Not only am I Gryffindor HOH and Muggle Studies Professor, I am also Senior Undersecretary in the Ministry of Magic as well as a Ministry Mod, Fan Club Mod, officer in many fan clubs, Editor of the Yearbook, writer for Seeker of the Snitch and the Daily Prophet, and I run the bingo in WWW. I also enjoy graphics making, and have only gotten in that since I joined the site.

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Special Services to the School

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Join Date: May 2008
Location: ATL :: GMT -5
Posts: 25,045

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ava Masterson
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Francesca Lancaster
Magical Law Enforcement

Diagon Alley Employee:
Victor Sayre
Dark Wizard
Fiercely Flirtatious | ILY T&E ♥ | SUPER MOM!!! | *liebkost*

Name: Iliana Aurora Morgan
Date of Birth: 17 July 2037
Age: 32
Years attended Hogwarts: 2048-2055
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Current Hogwarts Staff Position: Care of Magical Creatures Professor
Previous Occupation(s): Healer, Beauxbatons Professor, Snidget Breeder/Caretaker

Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair: Dark Blonde/Light Brown
Height: 5'6"
Marital Status: Single

Iliana is very sweet and outgoing but can often be reserved around new people. She's compassionate and nurturing which is why she was so successful as a healer. She is very family oriented and sees herself as independent though doesn't mind letting the men in her life lead her by the hand. She is adventurous, a bit outdoorsy and loves anything that has to do with nature. If the weather is nice, you will probably find her lounging by the lake with a book. She finds that this is all she needs to feel relaxed and recharged after a stressful day. She loves all forms of art but music is the one thing that really moves her.

In the classroom, Iliana is patient and kind, allowing her students a very hands on approach to learning. She likes to consider each lesson a journey that they are all allowed to go on together. She believes strongly in participation in order to really grasp the material, and encourages the students to "get their hands dirty" in the safe, secure surroundings that she provides. She loves to have fun but will not tolerate disrespect.

Iliana comes from a long line of Gryffindors. Her mother, Anabella, was a very talented witch and although she married a Muggle, all of their 5 children inherited her gifts. Due to her father's profession, the Morgans often spent much of their time, living harmoniously and undetected amongst the muggles and she has learned a great deal of tolerance and acceptance of their differences. She is the 3rd of five children and has always been the most fun-loving of her sisters and completely inseparable from her older brother, Alain, who considers himself her protector and he still calls her 'Kiddo' even though they are adults.

Iliana, like all of her sisters and brother, knew even as a small child that she had extraordinary, innate abilities. Her natural talents when it came to charms, helped Iliana excel throughout her years at Hogwarts. And she never minded when they were all referred to as 'those amazing Morgan children'. The one thing that differentiates her from her siblings is the fact that she is an animagus. Though she tries to keep that a secret from others as long as possible.

Upon leaving Hogwarts, Iliana began her internship St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Ailments and Injuries in the hopes of following in her father's footsteps of a medical career. She apprenticed under a very eccentric witch named, Helga Fairhaven and quickly moved through the ranks from Intern to Assistant Healer within her first year of training. Iliana soon stood out for being talented and hardworking and in addition to her position as Healer, took on the responsibilities of training all of the new St. Mungo's interns. Almost immediately, she discovered that she had an aptitude for teaching. And after many years, she decided that she was in need of a change of scenery. At 24, she accepted a post to teach Arithmancy at The Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Unfortunately, Iliana found herself increasingly homesick and after only a few short years, resigned. At 27, Iliana moved back to England and began her studies for Care of Magical Creatures. Soon after, she was recruited by The Modesty Rabnott Snidget Reservation in Somerset, England. While working at the reservation, Iliana realized that she missed teaching and hearing of an open position at Hogwarts, she quickly applied.

Simply noteworthy:
Iliana has a pet Snidget named Vincent. He is a tiny, 3 year old snidget that she rescued from the reservation as a baby when his mother died. Vinnie is an affectionate creature and very spoiled. He may be a bit shy around new people but he's friendly enough as long as Ili is nearby. His favorite place to perch, being on her shoulder, she had to transfigure his cage with an Extension Charm to give him room to fly freely while she gives her lessons. Iliana usually carries a bag of his favorite seeds in her pocket, so just ask if you'd like to give him a treat.

OOC: Liisa aka Lisa

July 25, 1977
Profession: Administrative Assistant
Favorite HP character: Sirius Black

Brief Biography:
I live in Georgia with my husband, Chris and our two daughters, Alexandrea (Ali) and Victoria (Tori). During the day, I am the Administrative/Personal Assistant for the Executive Vice President of Arylessence, Inc., a local Fragrance House in Marietta, GA. I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO and joined the military in 1998, where I was stationed at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. (which is where I met Chris) We moved to GA in 2002, shortly after my enlistment was up.

Currently, I am the Care of Magical Creatures professor and the Gryffindor House Mod. This is my 3rd term teaching and I love it more and more each day. I've been a member of SS since May 2008.
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Location: Hogwarts ofcourse :D
Posts: 2,286

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Demetria Rose Weasley
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Jenna Weasley
Magical Creatures
Neville Longbottom=true Gryffie

Name: Demetria Weasley
Birthdate: August 12th 2055
Age: 14

Eyes: blue
Hair: Blonde wavy
Height: 5'3"

Demetria is one of 7 children. She has a twin brother names Danny who attends Durmstrang. The rest of the Weasley children are either out of school or too young to be in school. Her mother attended Hogwarts and her father is a muggle. Her fathers side of the family still doesn't know about them being magical, and they plan to keep it that way.

Demetria has finally outgrown her shy side and is now fun and outgoing. She loves candy like crazy and will pretty much become your new best friend if you give her some. Demetria is super bubbly and loves having fun, but is also very focused on her school work. Merlin forbid if she ever lost house points. She loves dancing and singing and will sometimes just randomly dance places. Her friends and family mean everything to her. Her favorite subjects are Arithmancy, Charms, Potions, and Transfiguration.

Likes Candy, Laughing, Pygmy puffs, pink, friends, and doing well in school.
Dislikes Spiders, doing poorly in classes, losing house points, snobby and mean people, and veggatables.

OOC: Hey I'm Nicole! I'm 16 and a junior in high school. I'm very similiar to Demetria. Feel free to PM me. I love making new friends

spiders? can't we follow the butterflies instead?
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Lupin's ♥ for Tonks
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Posts: 4,792

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Roman J. Lupin
First Year
GLEEk Magic Picture Finder

Rafe Lycaon

Image thanks to Angie aka Oesed.

Name: Rafe Lycaon
Date of Birth: October 21
Year: 1st Year

Eye Color: Green
Hair: Dark brown
Height: 5' 5" (unusually tall for his age)

Personality: Rafe is very easy-going and can sometimes be quite full of himself. He definitely will take opportunities to cause a little mischief when he can, but always tries to never get caught. He's also rather bright and has a strong thirst for knowledge (even looking into his past, which was forbidden at home). Rafe is very easy to get along with, but sometimes he goes through a little temper tantrum once a month. Hmm...

History: Rafe Lycoan was born in Romania of Raoul and Rachel Lycoan. His father had a bad reputation and was a prominent leader of one of the largest werewolf clans of Romania, if not all of Europe. He typically rebelled against his true nature and even took a common witch for a bride. They were forbidden to ever have a child, for it was highly frowned upon their people for it wouldn't be a "pureblood" werewolf. Their kind were free to bite children and adopt them as their own, but never conceive a child if they were not both werewolves.

As time went on Raoul became more and more thirsty for power, biting whoever he wished to build an army to take over all the werewolf clans in Romania. This was tearing Rachel apart, for she dearly loved her husband, but didn't agree with his actions.

However, sometime during Raoul's thirst for power, Rachel had conceived a child and was terrified of telling Raoul. She knew this child would be killed the moment it was born, if not before. Rachel tried to conceal this secret as long as possible, but one of the servants leaked her condition. Raoul was furious and many of his inner circle demanded she should be killed. But, Raoul still dearly loved his wife and tricked his inner circle that he killed her and his child, while secretly planning their escape the moment their child was born, making Rachel promise never to return or acknowledge Raoul as her husband. Rachel left heartbroken and eventually did escape, her husband never knowing she gave birth to a son, and made her way with her newborn child across Europe.

Rachel named their child Rafe after Raoul's grandfather. After fleeing, she almost gave up her will to survive, but Rafe had Raoul's sparkling green eyes, the one last reminder of her husband and the way things were. She thought she could never love again until she saw this child.

Rafe had a difficult childhood. Every month he would go through his spells of being furious and torn and sometimes violent. Though he never would completely change into a werewolf, he did have some werewolf-like tendencies, like only eating raw meat, being moodier once a month, which included sharp pains, overreacting, and his eyes would change beaded black, but other than that he looked quite normal.

His mother loves him unconditionally and home-schooled him up across Europe, where he was taught different languages and about different cultures. She also let him use her wand to practice spells, for not all countries have underage restrictions. So, he knows a few spells here and there. Finally, he got accepted into Hogwarts and they settled in England. There, he will have to face new challenges, for he's never really had any friends, and will try to conceal his past because he knows not a lot of people will accept him, but there are just somethings that he can't hide forever, especially when a full moon fills the sky.

Simply noteworthy: Rafe is a huge fan of Quidditch (Go Transylvania National Quidditch Team!) and his hoping that with his unusual large build for a first year will give him an advantage when trying out for the House team. He also has a lovely Spectacled Owl, whom he name Artemis after the shopkeeper. Due to his lycanthropic condition (that he hasn't told anyone about because his mum forbode him to tell anyone) he does have a bit of facial hair!

OOC: unicornkeeper07, aka Kinzey

Birthday: Feb. 27, 1989
Profession: College student/Apartment Complex Staff Assistant
Favorite HP character: Remus Lupin (I definitely have a thing for "Furry Little Problems")

Brief Biography: I was born and raised in Texas. I'm currently attending college there as well. I'm getting a degree in Mass Communications - Journalism, with a minor in Pop Culture. One day I would like to be a movie critic and work in New Zealand! I'm a huge movie buff!

Snitchseeker: I have been a member since 2005, but over the years my participation has decreased until this summer, where I'm revamping some charries and being more interactive! My other charrie, is Craig Wickham, division head of the Floo Authority. He's also a half-werewolf. *tehe* Please feel free to PM me if you ever want to RP, I love meeting new people!
This is how I roll, animal print pants out control.

This is how I roll, come on ladies it's time to go!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Scarlett Reynolds
Seventh Year
x11 x1

Ministry RPG Name:
Javi Hernandez
Games & Sports

Ministry RPG Name:
Asher K. Denton
Law Enforcement

Diagon Alley Employee:
Andrew Chae
Daily Prophet Reporter
Crazy Dog Lady || Rebel Scum | | Let's keep things Loki || Neville Fan Mädchen

Name: Jack Tyler Fritzera
Date of Birth: March 1st, 2053
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Quidditch: Seeker and Quidditch Captain for the House Team

Eye Color: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Height: 6'1" (yeah, I know, SUPA TALL)

Personality: Jack is very smart, and has an intense interest in two things: Astronomy and Quidditch. If it floats in the sky, he knows a ton of useless facts about it. Often times he tries too hard to be cool and ends up making a fool of himself, in which case he usually tries to laugh off the situation and move past it. He likes meeting new people and doing well in school, and tries hard not to be considered a 'nerd' (even though he TOTALLY is).

History: Jack is a descendant of the infamous Hufflepuff Ernie Macmillan, and the first person in 4 generations to be sorted into a house that was NOT Hufflepuff. This and the fact that he didn't show as many signs of brilliance as his four sibligs led to him being the odd one out in the family. He was constantly trying to find ways to impress everyone and went through his first four years of school practically invisible.

Last year, however, Jack found the guts to try talking to people more, including his idol, Anna Greingoth, especially after her fiancee Cale Newell instructed him to keep watch over her after Cale graduated. Also, determined to impress his father, he tried out for the Gryffindor team and made Seeker, much to his own surprise. He was even promoted to captain when the former captain had to leave in the middle of the season.

Today, Jack is much more confident due to the amazing term he had last year, although he tends to let his Quidditch expertise go to his head a bit, as well as his newfound popularity. Feel free to smack him on the head when this happens to try and knock it out of him. Jack is back with his Captain's badge and has BOTH cups in his sights, as well as the goal of making friends with a lot more people this term and increasing his ever growing social network.

Simply noteworthy: Jack has four siblings...his older brother Jeremy and older sister Jennifer, both of whom have graduated already and become very successful in the working world. His twin siblings (or as Jack refers to them, the Demon Twins), Justin and Jasmine, are both a year younger than him and in Hufflepuff. They are constantly borrowing his owl Xavier without asking. Jack also has a big, fluffy orange tabby cat named Jinx who is slighty insane. Jack's goal in life is to be an astronaut.

OOC: HI Y'ALL! I'm Lissy

Birthday: December 12th
Profession: Full time college student...OH, and I'm a tour guide for the campus. Heck yes!
Favorite HP Charrie: Neville Longbottom!

About Me: I'm a bowler, a history nerd, I am in LOVE with Taylor Lautner, and I have a weird obsession with the White Sox. If you want to know more, chat with me on MSN or something I loveeeeeeee to talk

I joined SS back in 2003, but didn't get into the site until 2006 or so when I discovered the glorious thing called Fan Clubs. I founded the Matthew Lewis Fan Club, and when I got into the RP I became a Department Head for the Ministry of Magic. I've been on Accidents and Catastrophes since we've opened For a year I was Gryffindor Prefect Cale Newell, and last term I was promoted to Quidditch Captain, which is my current position.

Oh yeah, and since I be yer Quidditch Captain (ARG!) PM me with any questions you might have concerning the game. I'd love to help you out!
Come with me and you'll be_________________________in a world of pure imagination

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Location: Georgia EST
Posts: 24,042

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Dora Umbridge


Ministry RPG Name:
Eva Cropper

Diagon Alley Employee:
Casimir Windsor
Lifestyle Journalist
Obscured Demiguise The ORIGINAL Shrunken Head Bowler

Name: Alexandra Kennedy
Date of Birth: June 13, 2058
Age: 11
Year: 1st
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'5" and growing
Personality: Alexandra is a bit of a nut. She is very much a brave soul. She will stand up to anyone who picks on her and will stand up for those who deserve it. She is very intelligent for her age (the sorting hat almost placed her in Ravenclaw) and has a sharp tongue to match her sharp wit.
The only major issue with Alexandra is that she seems to have inherited her Aunt Dora's temper and clumsiness! She is a walking disaster sometimes, but on a broom she is phenominal!
It takes a while for Alexandra to warm up to new people but once she does it is typically a lasting friendship.
History: Alexandra is half- blood. The vast majority of her Wizarding family have been in Slytherin. She attended Muggle school until now, but was taught magic at home as well, so she is not exactly a newbie with spells.
Alexandra has had a very plesant childhood, except for the awkward encounters with other Muggle children most of her life... Her dad is the Muggle Born in her family and yet he is one of the most brilliant wizards Alexandra has ever seen!
She is SUPER excited about her first year at Hogwarts, even though she hasn't really had too many friends in the Wizarding World. Alexandra is looking forward to making some really soon!
Simply Noteworthy: Alexandra is an only child, therefore her parents dote on her. Her Aunt Dora is one of her best friends on the planet! She envies her so that she plans to follow in her footsteps and head off traveling as soon as she leaves the hallowed walls of Hogwarts!

OOC: Howdy Folks!!! I am Erin (ginny37)

Birthdate: December 28, 1983
Profession: Full time college student, mommy, and journalist of sorts
Favorite HP character: Nymphadora Tonks!

About me: I am a literature junkie... i mean i will read anything! I am currently working toward a Mass Communications Degree and writing for a small paper that basically reports on arrests and wrong doings in the town in which I live... Not a lot of fun! I live in Georgia and have only left the South once in my life (never travelled above the Mason- Dixon line) when I lived in Germany with some family of mine. I am half German, my mother was born and raised in Heddernheim (SP). I have the greatest 4 year old little man EVER! I am really enjoying watching himlove HP as much as I do!

Snitchseeker: I just joined SS in July and have been having a blasty blast! My other character is Nymphadora Lovegood in the Invisibility Task Force and Comittee on Experimental Charms, but she had been serving the US Ministry as an Auror.

Love RPing with new people so if you wanna...PM me and we'll get going!

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Achilles Lovegood
Fourth Year
Department of Mysteries

Name: Achilles Lovegood
Age: 16
Year: 6
Height:6'10 (don't worry, he's stopped growing!)
History:Achilles is from Greece and moved to England to live with his grandparents after his parents unexpectedly passed away two years ago. He had a friend that went to Hogwarts, James Longbottom, but no one has heard of him sense early summer (he had been working on an new invention, time travel) and don't know where, or when, he is. Achilles has had a hard childhood and hopes Hogwarts is a better and new chapter in his life.
Personality: Achilles is a very friendly person but it takes time to get his trust. He smiles quit oftenly. When a grim look crosses his face one knows that once again grief has entered his life.
Name meaning: One who carries his peoples pain.
Music reaches the soul...
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Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: London
Posts: 2,927

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Patroclus Hudson

Ministry RPG Name:
Prometheus Hudson
Magical Law Enforcement
Professional Twirler Mourned and Missed

Name: Patroclus Hudson
Date of Birth: 15th of December
Age: 11

Eye Color: Green
Hair: Rich Brown
Height: 5’11 – tall for his Age

Personality: Patroclus is a bright, enthusiastic young man. Full of energy, he is always up for what ever is going down. He has a very carrying personality, but can be very stubborn at times, often when it comes to not deserting those he loves. A well traveled child he is well learned in all matter of science, literature and everything else!

History: Growing up constantly traveling with his father renowned WizArcheologist Pollux Hudson and mother, Pandora, ex -Beauxbatons professor and older brother Prometheus, Patroclus has had a very interesting childhood fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Mermish. It was a last minute decision for the family to permanently relocate to London, due to the fact that his older brother gained a job at the Ministry of Magic.

OOC: PattyH. – Patrick Hudson
Birthday: 15th of December 1990 - 18
Profession: Student/ Subway Sandwich Artist
Favorite HP character: Ohh that’s hard. I love Hermione, Bellatrix, Narcissa ALSO I LOVE LOVE LOVE TERRY BOOT!!
But my Fave would have to be Harry.
Brief Biography: Well Harry Potter is my life, other than that I am just a regular 18yr Guy, who is about to backpack for 3 months across Europe!
Snitchseeker: I only found it after HBP was released, but now I am obsessed!!!

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Flourish & Blotts Mod
Blast-Ended Skrewt
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Posts: 16,087
T l Guitar ♥ l l Bed Police l S

Name: Vaughn Thorsten Anders
Age: 17
Year: 6th
Country of Origin: Sweden
Height: 6’
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Vaughn was born to both muggle parents so he attended normal school and lived a normal life until receiving his letter to attend a (boys only) magical school in his home country. His magic didn’t manifest in obvious ways when he was little so people just saw him as lucky rather than strange. His parents wanted him to get the best education possible so sent him to Hogwarts for his final 2 years. Vaughn has mixed feelings about this.

He’s a bit shy and awkward and more interested in sport than girls right now. At least he tells himself that. He has played hockey as long as he’s been walking and continues to do so even though it is not a magical sport. He’s easy going and laid back, but is strict when it comes to training. He likes that he’s able to do magic and is quite intelligent, but isn’t interested in a big magical career in the ministry and wouldn’t mind just living in the muggle world and playing hockey. His secret ambition is to be a healer (all while still playing hockey of course), but he hasn’t told anyone that yet.
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Posts: 6,691

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Samuel Chevalier
Seventh Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Schuyler Emmons
Environmental Protection
Default Sloane
Aidella | King of Confusion | Brittana | Forever ACROMANTULA

Name: Sloane Olivia Jackson
Date of Birth: October 9
Year: 6th Year
Blood: Pureblood

Eye Color
: Blue
Hair: Dark brown, almost black
Height: 5' 10

Personality: Sloane is, for the most part, a fairly laid-back and chill girl. Little irksome things (or people) don’t really bother; she dismisses any thoughts of getting angry over them – it’s not worth the hassle, and it’s not worth her time. She’s definitely one to have fun, even it that means bending the rules. Naturally, being a Gryffie, she possesses all those traits of bravery, chivalry, and nobility, and she really does care about her friends and peers, even if, at times, she may not show it. She loves a good laugh, but she seems to have inherited her father’s stubbornness and her own heightened side for competition.

History: Sloane’s past is a little hazy. She lives with her mother and younger brother, Kent. The rest is ‘undisclosed.’

Simply noteworthy
: Although she doesn’t broadcast it, Sloane takes quite an interest in art. She’s constantly doodling during class and, when she happens to be alone, she enjoys pulling out the charcoal or graphite and sketching anything from people to landscapes (though she prefers sketching people). The girl is addicted to music. She can’t play an instrument to save her life, but she loves listening to it all. Oh, and quidditch. Chaser is her forte, but she generally likes all the positions. For reasons unknown, she has the negative habit of pushing people away when she gets too close to them.


OOC: Cedric, or Izzy!

: College student/Lifeguard
Favorite HP character: Cedric Diggory. (duh.) Though I like Ginny quite a bit as well.

Brief Biography: Hah! Wouldn’t you like to know! Let’s see. I’m eighteen. And I already feel like life is going by too quickly. I suppose I could stop time, but I’ve somehow misplaced my time machine. Perhaps Kate or Leopold has it.

Snitchseeker: Blink. Blink. Well, I think they should have a Snitchseeker Addicts Anonymous. Seriously. I also play Sawyer Camden, my Ministry character who is in the Ministry Security department. He’s jacked, so he’s a good fit for security. heh. And of course I like meeting people, so hit me up, kiddos!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Tahir Kovac Khatri
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Payton J. McNiven
Magical Law Enforcement
Ama!Nabs IS NAMED MINHO & Is SO Black Panther Right Now

Daphne Hopton
2054 - Present

Nicknames: Daff, Daffy, Daphadil [Notice: The use of these nicknames are only permissible to a select few and the consequences of using said nicknames without proper permission being granted could lead to unpleasant consequences of one kind or the other.]
DOB: January 20th, 2054
Age: 15
Star Sign: Capricorn
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel [Green-Brown]
Height: 5’ 1”
Heritage: Pureblood
House: Gryffindor

Family & Background:

Daphne Hopton is the first daughter of Rome Hopton and Judith McAfee. Judith was the youngest daughter of a couple from the upper middle class of the Wizarding society. Judith has an older sister, Eleanor, whom she has forbidden mention of in her home. Rome is also the youngest in his family, having two older brothers named Wisconsin and Emery.

Rome and Judith don't usually entertain guests, even family, therefore Daphne hasn't had the chance to develop any strong bonds with her uncles. Any sort of relationship with her Aunt Eleanor is entirely impossible seeing as the woman is not allowed to visit them ever. The only way Eleanor and Daphne come together is in a sentence uttered by Judith when comparing the two unlikely humans to each other.

Recently, Miss Hopton has acquired a younger sibling; a male younger sibling to take his proper place as the Hopton heir. Isaac Hopton celebrated his first year in life this past summer [Summer of 2069] in his manor surrounded by family, friends of family and the help. [Not to mention the half a dozen nannies that Judith and Rome like to keep around.]

Simply noteworthy
Daphne plays the Cello and rather well. She doesn't broadcast this information seeing as it isn't in her nature to boast about qualities she doesn't deem particularly special. She loves almond cookies, herbology, classical music, her best friend and favorite girl in the world: Celandine Toussaint and Quidditch Arms. ^__^

Amaris (Ama hehe whichever)

Profession: Erm. Couch Potato.

Favorite HP character: Close tie between Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood?

Brief Biography:
I am 22 years old. I have an Associates Degree in Communications. I live in Puerto Rico with my family and err--I like animals. hehe. *keeps it short and mysterious*

Snitchseeker: I am. An. Admin. Yes.
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ICW Ambassador

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kalen Kennedy

Ministry RPG Name:
Leon S. Kennedy
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Lily Samantha Snow
Magical Creatures

Diagon Alley Employee:
Fate Fairwood
Daily Prophet Editor
Snow Miser | Munchy | Molly Hooper | T | Hey, You | ALL the Kennedys | Mrs. Sky Masterson | Nah, son

Name:Alexandrina Elizabeth Kensington
Date of Birth: December 25th, 2054
Eye Color:Grey
Hair:White Blonde
Height:5'0" (Super Short I know!)

Personality: Alexandrina is very sweet, kind, and incredibly graceful, you notice it right off the bat. She is also very excited and can be bouncy at times, but that is just because she loves life! She thinks that the glass is always half full, and no matter what happens, some good will come out of it. The only time you will see her sad, is when she is missing her twin, or talking about her family.

History: Alexandrina, known as Drina to her family, was born to Daria Noelle Rictor Kensington and William Hansen Kensington on December 25th 2054, She has a twin, Ava who is ten minutes older than her. And for a few years, the family was happy.

However, after her littlest brother Brandon was born, things started to happen, her mother would disappear for long periods of time, claiming “business trips” or “trips to see her mother” Alex’s father would do nothing about her mother going on these trips and instead, buried himself in work at his office. Alex’s older brother Josh started to care for the family, as their parents were absent, and when she was 11, her and her sister got sent to Hogwarts.

However two summers ago, their mother packed up and decided to leave, she left behind all seven of her kids, and with a swish of her blonder hair, walked out the door and never came back. This event devastated the family, and Alex and Ava were too heartbroken to go back to school, but also as the only girls in the family, they had to take up the role as mother.
Josh took on the permanent role of Father, as after their mother disappeared, their father did too. Leaving all seven kids, in an ancient mansion in Hertfordshire to fend for themselves. Thankfully, their mother’s parents, took pity on them, and left them all an inheritance, which helps the family get by.

Alex’s father, also sends the family money, but hasn’t shown his face to his kids since his beloved Daria left.

Alex has decided to not let all this hurt and worry make her depressed, so she doesn’t think about her family life. She runs around as though she hasn't a care in the world, though deep down, she is dealing with parents who abandoned her. You won’t hear this story ever from her, unless she trusts you enough.. For in telling this story, she will break down, and cry. Something she doesn’t do often at all.

Simply noteworthy: Alex is part Veela, her mother was all Veela, and so Alex has inherited half of her mother’s gene’s. She doesn’t use her charms often, and she doesn’t say she is a Veela. She has a natural charm with animals, due to her powers, although she prefers to think they love her for her and not because she enchants them.

OOC: Hey all I am Thea

Birthday: September 20th 1983
Profession: College student/wife/English Tutor
Favorite HP character: Fred and George Weasley!!

Brief Biography: I was born and raised in Northern California, and I still live there, I just got married last summer! So that is pretty exciting for me. I currently attend a community college, where I intend to get my AA in English!

Snitchseeker:I joined Snitchseeker in 2004 but really didn't become active until 2006, I left for a brief while and came back in 2008 ready to be fully a part of the site! I love to rp, and to meet new people, so please! Feel free to im me, and we can rp? Okay?? Thanks!!
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Ministry RPG Name:
Ellis Ferron Recard
Magical Games & Sports
Gaga Mafia Monster : MURPHY : Kelvin's SS!BFAM : Roro's Evil Twin : Ravlyndor : Gopher

Name: Chris Potter
Height: 5'9''
Build: Medium/muscular
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Birthday: 7/3/2054

Background: Chris is the only child of Wilkinson potter (Magical Historian) and Evanna Potter (French Madame Malkin's Model). Both of his parents were in Gryffindor and so is he. He became Prefect during his fourth year at Hogwarts. He is now obviously about to start as a fifth year this term. he is dating Slytherin Quiddtich Captain Paris Greenwood.

Personality: Chris is a very friendly guy, who loves to hang out with friends and meet new people. These traits are very noticable to everyone else at the school. He is rarely ever mad. Chris also loves school. He attends every class and lesson he can, and does all his homework all the time. He considers himself a bookworm. He is a very organized person, and fun to be around.

Favorite color: Red, Gold , and green
Favorite Sport and team: Quidditch, and besides Gryffindor Kenmare Kestrals.
Favorite Classes: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures and DADA.
Pets: Kneazle named Owen.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Lizzie Genevieve Evans
Fifth Year
Default Meet Lizzie and Lisa

Name: Lizzie Genevieve Evans
Height: 5'5''
Hair: Blondish
Eyes: Blue with a touch of brown
Year: Fourth
Birthday: 8/4/2055
Age: 14

Biography: Lizzie is a muggleborn who lived her first 11 years on this earth as a muggle. She has an adopted uncle who is a wizard, but except for him she's the only magic person in the family. At the age of 9 she faced the tragedy of losing her younger sister Maddie (aged 6) who died in Leukemia. Her older brother John has moved out of the house at the age of 17 and no one knows what he does for a living. Due to her mother having a hard time getting over her dead daughter, flighting led in to Lizzie's parents getting divorced over the summer.

During her first year she experienced the force of magic and learned that love is never easy (Roxas). Also, friends don't stay forever... (Kairi)
During her second year at Hogwarts she got amnesia and is still suffering from some minor moments when she forgets some details. Also, she met Chris and started dating him.
During her third year not much happened. She broke up with Chris because he started dating the slythering quiddich captain...

This year she is looking forward to having a blast with you and all her friends

Personality: This little blonde girl is full of energy and love that she's just waiting to share. She loves being around friends and puts effort into being a kind friend and good listener. She respects people for who they are and will try her hardest to get along with you.

Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Chocolate
Fear: Hights make her panic and hyperventilate. Also, she's deathly allergic to Licorice.
Favorite classes: Potions, DADA, Transfiguration, Herbology
Pet: A grey own named Zara
Weakness: Thinks the best of everyone
Motto: A smile is all I need <3

Some facts about the real me:

Name: Lisa
Hair: Blondish-brownish
Eyes: Brown
Year: Senior in High School
Birthday: 5/8/2055
Age: 17
Lives: In Sweden in northern Europe
Location: In southern Utah on an exchange year 2009/10
Favorite HP character: geeez what a question! I love them all
Pets: two adorable dogs
Favorite color: Yellow and Red
Loves: Friends, Laughter, Chocolate, Sun, Rollercoasters, Ice cream, Sailing, Dancing and Acting
Hates: Spiders, Illnesses, Licorice, Heavy stuff to carry, Splits and Tuna

I love making new friends so PM me if you wanna RP
I'm a bit busier than last year though since I'm abroad for the year going to an american high school. But I do my best to be online too
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Aria Leahy
NinjasRule!|I♥Gissel| LEARCE♥ImissyouLOVEEE♥

Name: Katlyn Elizabeth Way
Height: 4' 9"
Hair: Dark brown but looks black
Eyes: Brown
Year: First
DOB: November 6 2057
Age: 11
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Fodd: Pizza
NickNames: Kat, Katy, Eli
Katlyn is a pureblood. Most people would think hey thats great but not her. Her parent is not the most kind person in the world. You could say he is bipolar. One minute he would be yelling or ignoring her and the next minute he would be all sweet to her. Katlyn lives with her dad and his wife. She hates when people call his wife her mother or even step mother. Katlyn's mom disappeared when she was younger and since then everything is not the same. Katlyn doesnt have many friends. She spends most of her time alone. Katlyn can be very sweet and fun to hang around. That is unless you get on her bad side. Trust me you do not want to be there. Katlyn is very close to her cousin Juliet Sinclair(Hphalfbood). They are practically sisters since they are both only childs. Katlyn luvs to pull pranks on people and luvs to get them mad. Well hey a prank is not as funny if no one gets mad. If she pulls a prank on you its nothing personal she just hates to get bored. So watch out for her temper and boredom!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Maddie Kemp
Second Year

Hiss!Roar!Growl!Caw | Hermione's Double | The Little Three | Alecate ❤

Name : LouAnn Lavender Starbucks Heathrow October Purple
Age : 15
Birthday : July 19, 2054
Born : Dorset, England
Lives : Unknown
House : Gryffindor
Current Year : Fifth
Pets : Lilac, a snowy white owl, and Violet, a black cat.

Appearance -
I. Hair colour : Dark Brown
II. Eye colour : Dark Brown
III. Height : 5'4"
IV. Weight : 115 pounds

Background - LouAnn is the pureblood daughter of Luis Antonio ("Antonio") Purple, Jr. (a former Ravenclaw from Caguas, Puerto Rico) and Lavender Andromeda Purple (a former Slytherin from Dorset, England). LouAnn has one sibling, a nine-year-old brother named Lucas Sebastian Purple. Both LouAnn's paternal and maternal grandparents are living. Her paternal grandparents, Luis Antonio Sr. and Isabel _____ (last name unknown), reside in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Her maternal grandparents, Trenton and Laura-Rose Newcomb, live in Dorset, England. Although once very close to all four of her grandparents, LouAnn has neither seen them nor contacted them in the past five years.

Extra In-Depth Analysis - My name is LouAnn Purple, and I don’t exist. I am but just a body in the population…existing amongst them, but not with them. There are no public records that indicate a little girl by my name was ever even born on July 19, 2054. My entire being has been wiped off the face of this Earth almost as if there was never even a 'me' to begin with… – from the story "LouAnn Without a Last Name" Sa13+

When she was ten-years-old, LouAnn and her younger brother Lucas, then age five, witnessed a very high profile wizarding murder in the woods just outside their Dorset, England home. Shortly afterwards, both children were placed in the Wizarding Protection Program, and LouAnn and Lucas, along with their parents Antonio and Lavender, disappeared without a trace. All public records that indicated they’d ever existed were wiped away, and the family was instructed to change their surname and relocate to a new country every two years. LouAnn has previously been known as LouAnn Starbucks, LouAnn Heathrow, and LouAnn October, before recently going through her fourth surname change. If you ask her, though, LouAnn was born a "Purple" and has been called such since the day she was born. Oddly enough, the same story was told with all three of her previous fake last names.


Name : Anna, which has come to be such a special nickname for me. It was the name of my very first charrie, and when I first joined SS (nearly two years ago), everyone started calling me by that name. So, Anna!

Birthday : March 17, 1980
Profession : Third grade teacher
Favorite HP character : Severus Snape, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. Luna is kind of growing on me, too, though.

Brief Biography : I live in Louisiana, USA, but I hope to move to Southern California at some point in my life. I enjoy being a teacher, but my greatest loves are acting, dancing, singing. I like to listen to Pop, Rock, and R&B music, and my current favorite artists are Katy Perry and Lady GaGa. I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but I do have a current favorite TV show---Glee!

Snitchseeker : I joined the site on November 8, 2007, which means I'm about to celebrate my two year SS anniversary! My favorite parts of the site are the RPGs, but I really enjoy SS as a whole and visit other areas of the site quite often. I was hired as a Diagon Alley and Ministry of Magic RPG moderator on July 8, 2007, and I'm really enjoying that! It makes me feel as if I'm giving back to a site that has truly given so much to me. I enjoy making new friends and love to roleplay, so feel free to PM me!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ella Jasmine Westwick
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Carson King
Department of Mysteries
Gryffindor Forever ♥ Crazy for Cheesecake!

Ella Jasmine Westwick
Ist Year

Basic Information:

Birthdate: May 13th
Nickname(s): El
House: Gryffindor
Pets: Pomeranian named Marshmellow at home, Owl named Love at Hogwarts
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 90 Pounds
Hair Color: Dark brown (long)
Eye Color: Chocolate brown
Favorite Color: Lilac
Favorite Flower: White Rose
Favorite Food: Brownies
Excels in: Arithmancy, DADA
Weak in: Charms, Transfiguration
Blood: Half-Blood

Personality: Ella is a very fun, confident, and flirty girl. She loves her friends and Hogwarts. She's always around the corner - don't be surprised if she comes up to you and gives you a great big bear hug! Beater on the Quidditch team, she's excited for all the new things to come. She loves to play soccer and swim in the Muggle world, and her smile is contagious.

Background: Ella's parents, Nicholas (Nick) and Evelyn Westwick and the rest of her family are all late descendants of Seamus Finnigan. She also has an 18-year-old older brother named Hunter, who graduated from Hogwarts the year before Ella was enrolled. Her father is a Muggle and works in an engineering office, and her witch mother Eve works alongside him when not at the Ministry.


Name: Bhavya, but call me Ella. It is easier for most people.
Favorite HP Character: Draco or Snape. Or maybe Hermione. IDK.
Profession: SnitchSeeker-er.
SnitchSeeker: Joined this year! Too much fun.
About Me: Not much. I love HP, obviously, and Demi Lovato. Love her voice. Also in love with Tom Felton, Nick Jonas, David Henrie... yaadaa yaadaa yaadaa. Add me on MSN if you wanna chat!

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cassandra McNally
Seventh Year
x8 x8

Ministry RPG Name:
Simon Spencer Bennett

Ministry RPG Name:
Gideon Gavin Gert
Accidents & Catastrophes

Diagon Alley Employee:
Nigel Xavier Garrettson
Slug & Jiggers Shopkeeper
Toothless - Napoleon of Crime - Gryffinclaw - Owl Emissary - Pirate Auror - DoctorDonna

Name: Ainsley Mikayla Brett
Date of Birth: November 6th
Year: 2nd Year

Eye Color: Grey-Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 4 ft 5inchs

Personality: Ainsley may appear shy at first meeting but once she feels comfortable she is more open. She can be quiet but she's just not as much of a talker as some girl's her age may be.

History: To be edited later

Simply noteworthy: To be edited later

OOC: Macavity aka Kat

Birthday: August 3rd, 1984
Profession: Page at a library/Library Science Grad Student
Favorite HP character: Remus Lupin

Brief Biography: College graduate currently on break from working on her MS in Library science. Has worked at her local library for the past 9 years enjoying being surrounded by her love of books.

Snitchseeker: I have been a member since 2006, though I have only recently returned from several months of absence as my life had gotten crazy. But I'm back and working to be as active as I can in the site that had been my first rp home.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ruby Cynthia Ciao
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Candy Alvarez
Minister's Office
Gleek in Disguise ll Doctor Who! Daughter of Hades ll Leslie-loo-whoo ♥

Name: Leslie Lambardie
Date of Birth: October 31
Year: 1st Year

Eye Color: Black
Height: 4ft 11inches
Favorite Color: Purple

Personality: Leslie is friendly, and extremely nice but if you get on her bad side or mess with her friends she won't be so nice.

History:Leslie is pure-blood. She has an older brother, Luis Lambardie, who attends Drumstrang and an older sister,Lisa Lambardie, who attends Beauxbaton. Her father, Vladimir Lambardie, and mother, Persephone Lambardie, decided to send their three children to different schools because they were triplets and they didn't want their children to have to deal with people not recognizing which one was which.

OOC: lathelawyer0218 aka Leslie

Birthday: February 18
Favorite HP Character: Fred and George Weasley
Favorite Past Time: Being on Snitch Seeker
Favorite HP Book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Sgt. Gryffindor
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GFD Graphics Stage Love

Name: Andrea (Andi) Melissa Macmillon
Date of Birth: 24 September 2053
Age: 16
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'2"
Marital Status: Single

Personality: Well, Andi's - uhhh - chaotic. At first meeting, she can seem a little immature, and naive, but really, she's the complete opposite. She's crazy, bouncing and just a little bit weird. She doesn't care about what other people say about her, whether it be the way she dresses, or the way she goes about some things, but say something bad about her family, and she's on you all Kung Fu like (not that she knows an ounce of Kung Fu, but you get the idea).

She seems to have inherited her parents' creativity, being artists, and she is following in their footsteps, creating a lot of pieces herself. She's also an avid vocalist, and loves to play sports, though she's not too good at Quidditch (despite being a reserve at her old school) She's EXTREMELY uncoordinated.

History: Andi was born on 24 September 2053, in Perth, Western Australia, to abstract artists River Macmillon, a Muggle, and Jacey Hecktor, a witch. Jacey and River married a month after Andi was born, to "cement their love". Growing up, I guess Andi was just like any other kid. She went to school, she came home, did her homework, went to bed. But, in between all that, there was the trips to the museums and the art galleries, and the exhibitions, and the endless art lessons from her mother, a chaotic abstract painter.

She first showed signs of magic at age 7. Her mother had begun to think she had produced a non-magical child. Not that that would have been a problem or anything. To begin with, she was just making things appear without reason, nor way. Jacey decided it was time to tell her husband the news, she, and their daughter, were magical.

River took it in his stride, telling them both that he still loved them as much, and it didn't make a difference which was a shock, but a very welcome one. Andi began her magical education at a school in Australia. But, she got into too much trouble, and her mother pulled her out before they expelled her. She hoped sending her to Hogwarts, where she herself had been a Ravenclaw, would straighten Andi out.

It seems to have worked to an extent. Andi's settling in okay, after having a very dry beginning, with no friends for a few months. But, she's doing okay now.

The Macmillons recently moved to Sydney, Australia, in an attempt to broaden their market for their art. Jacey has opened a studio, and teaches kids how to pant, and River is intensely immersed in his own work.

Simply noteworthy: Well, Andi's a halfblood, and both her parents are artists. She has a pet owl, named Picasso. He's a two year old Snowy.

OOC: alyweasley aka Jade

Birthday: 12 March, 1990
Profession: Student fulltime, but part time Web Developer
Favorite HP character: Sirius Black by far

Brief Biography: I live in Perth, Western Australia, and have so my entire life. I'm a full time student, studying web design, which I do part time as a job. I would like to hope I'm creative (I write, draw, make graphics, etc). I have a mummy ( loves her v.much) and a younger brother (he's 18... so he's not really that young I guess and he's like a foot taller than me hehe). Currently living with my grandparents til I can get a place of my own. Hopefully it's soon! I've been to Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan, with Japan being one of my favourite places EVER (can't wait to go back!)

Snitchseeker: I've been a member since August 2007, but haven't really been able to be on here as much as I'd like. Partly because of time differences (no one's on while i am!) partly because of RL (school exams, you guys know the drill). I've played a variety of characters, and I'm hoping Andi's gonna be the one to get me right back in again!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Charlotte Cooper
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Under construction
Blondieee ♥ Pumpkin ♥ Pear sodaaa! Little Monster <3 ♥ Orange Poppies

Name: Mikaela Anna Cauldwell
Date of Birth: Dec 16th
Age: 12
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Eye Color: Grey/Blue
Hair: Brown/Black
Height: 5'4"
Marital Status: Single

Personality: Mikaela is a very logical person, and is very smart. She only believes in what she finds possible, and will continue to think something doesn't exist until she can see proof. She can also be very reckless at times, but it is pretty rare to find her doing something reckless. She is very brave. She can sometimes make very drastic decisions, such as randomly walking up to someone and introduce herself.
She loves to read and doesn't mind to be alone. She doesn't really care of what people think of her, but they usually don't think much of her since she is so quiet and back-drawn.


Mikaela was born on Dec 16th, 2057, by Susan and William Cauldwell, in Princeton, USA.
Mikaela has been pretty rich in all her life. She is used to not having to worry about money, and so she has been pretty happy when growing up. She was an only child, and so she had no siblings.
She lived most of her life in a big mansion, just outside the city. She had many baby-sitters when her parents were out on parties, but as she grew older she could go (on most of them) too.
When she turned nine her family moved out to a house, pretty much away from civilization, on a cliff. Mikaela likes it there, since she had a view over the ocean. Her dad had a pool built for her, so she swimmed a lot in the summer.
When she started Hogwarts she was (to manys surprise) sorted into Gryffindor. She (of course) loved it there and was very happy.
She met one friend in Diagon Alley, her best friend. Her name was Bonnie Cauldwell, but she was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Simply noteworthy: Mikaela's dad, who's a muggle, was a famous actor, and her mom, who was a whitch, was a writer. Mikaela had once been in a muggle-movie with her dad at the age of 10. She has a black owl named Harley (after the motor-cycle) and a cat named Chayenne.

OOC: _Ginny_ (bluh) aka Amanda

Birthday: Dec 16th, 1995
Profession: Student
Favorite HP character: Uh... Sirius

Brief Biography: I live in Sweden, but I've lived 1 ½ year in the US (NJ). I enjoy swimming, karate, tennis, flute and archery. I love Narnia, and HP of course, but I HATE twilight. I love clothes; My favorite brands are Ed Hardy, Converse, Lee, Disel and Paul Frank. I'm in love with Coke and I also LOOOVE Chritmas!

Snitchseeker: I became a member August this year, and I chose the absolutely worthless name _Ginny_. I guess I liked Ginny at the time, but I honestly wish I had chosen a non-HP name(no fence). I love being in the MM forum, and the RPG. This is my first character.
I'm the king of my own land,
facing tempests of dust, I'll fight until the end.

creatures of my dreams raise up and dance with me,
now and forever, I'm your king.
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