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Brennan Cooper Era All historical records pertaining to Ministry of Magic RPG under Minister for Magic, Brennan Cooper [IC January 2064 - December 2067; OOC January 2007 - December 2009]

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Old 07-13-2009, 07:59 PM
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Default A Spare Room Inside Gringott's Bank (MoM Voting Polls)

Inside a spare room adjacent to the lobby of Gringott's Wizarding Bank, is a Ministry of Magic voting booth for the current election between Brennan Cooper, current Minister for Magic, and Reagan Taylor, the Senior Undersecretary. The booth is lined with curtains for privacy and inside is a small shelf, upon which rests the voting ballot and a self-inking quill. All of-age wizards and witches currently employed in the Ministry of Magic, Diagon Alley, or at the Daily Prophet are welcome to vote here.

Please keep in mind that goblins and Ministry security are present to ensure the safety and validity of votes cast.

Don't forget to pick up a sticker on your way out!


OOC: We will be verifying the eligibility of all votes, so please follow all rules. To vote, please click the link for the ballot and fill out the entire questionnaire, then submit.

Feel free to roleplay your character finding the polls and then voting in the booth.

Please note that students/staff who have of-age school characters AND Ministry/DA/DP characters are allowed to vote twice (once for each character). The Ministry character's vote can come from either of two threads (this one or the one on Level 10 in the MoM), whereas the school character's vote must come from the school ballot (in the Hogwarts Library). See question 6 on the ballot.
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Bernadette O. Grantham
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Duncan M. Fletcher III
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It was best to vote early before the lines got too long, that was Rico's mentality. He'd been set on who to vote for before the campaigns had even started too - after all, hadn't he predicted who the next Minister of Magic would be? Angelina would remember.

Stepping into Gringott's, he made his way toward the spare room and the little voting booth. Rico quickly filled out the ballot, pleased to see a query about International Cooperation on there, and then walked back out. Done. Now if only the rest of the Wizarding World used their brains in voting.... maybe work at the Prophet wouldn't be so bad. Change was the word.
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Puffing out his chest rather pleased with himself that nothing had happened while they were setting up, Gremlok entered the room and looked around, a slight glint in his eye. Looking around for a Ministry official to speak to he wandered over to the booths, looking them over with a trained eye. Yes, he'd have to check in here more often that not it would seem, not quite trusting anyone else but him to keep things safe.

The first person walked in and headed over to vote. Gremlok leaned against the wall, arms crossed a weird look in his eyes.
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Ashton P. Walker
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It may have been because it was close to work...or maybe because she sort of knew one of the goblins inside this place...or maybe she liked money...either option was good enough, and Sienna decided to cast her vote in here.

However, what was it with all the other questions when one of those was the one that mattered? Well, it was sort of an overreaction...there weren't many questions, really...

Either way, she cast her vote and now it was time to move on, and get some work done.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Tahir Kovac Khatri
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Ministry RPG Name:
Payton J. McNiven
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This was a good time to take a break from--from being inside the photographer's work area. Any opportunity to get out of there and away from Getti's bionic ears was a good one. Ian Hoshino chose a booth and stared at the voting ballot briefly.

Why so many questions? Heaving a sigh he twirled the self-inking quill between his long fingers before filling the form out. It was a good thing he came early too. Merlin knew he couldn't stand long lines.

Having been done, he left the booth a small irritated smile on his lips even as he walked out of the premises.
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Helena decided she was going to vote before heading into work, and she quickly rushed into an empty booth, she hadn't been at the ministry long, and wasn't entirly sure who would be the best candidate.

Once she had filled out her ballot, she placed her vote into the voting box and left, hoping to get to work on time.
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Dezi Willard
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Letícia Alcântara da Silva Veiga
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Sophia was a follower. People went to vote .. well, she followed them. Not that she cared much about this. All of this voting matter, that is. And honestly, she didnt care for goblins that much. They honestly scared her. Goblins honestly weren't the nicest of creatures, were they? Maybe they never had the time to have a good breakfast in the morning! That always left her grumpy - if it was possible for Sophia to be grumpy.

But anyway! She was here to vote! Who were the candidates again? Hm. Surely it was on that form she had to fill, right? Hehe.

She picked a booth and was very careful in pulling the curtain around it. Secrecy was very important, after all. But gooosh, so many questions. Well, those were easy to answer, at least! After a while, Sophia set the quill back down and cast her vote. DOOONE! She was free to go now.
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Felix Greenwood
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Blake Madden
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Egypt was excited to be voting today. She wasn't in the country when Minister Cooper had first been elected. She didn't like the man nor his wife and she was wholly embarrassed by him and their actions at the International conference they and a few months ago.

Now she had the chance to make a difference and she was going to do it. She smiled as she walked up the stairs to the bank. Her Jimmy Choos clanked across the floor as she made her way to the voting booth. She was excited this was the first time she had ever gotten to vote. There weren't many democratic nations in Africa and the ones that were always ended in civil war. Her own mother had been appointed by the retiring Minister. There was no election, and when she got read to retire she would appoint her successor. Who would be her sister Asia probably.

This was a historical day for her. She was almost giddy as she walked into the booth to cast her vote.
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Phoebe James
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Genevieve James
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Carrigan Howard
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Brennan Cooper entered the room and waved at the other constituents lined up to vote. "Good to see you. Thanks for coming out today," he shook hands with people all the way up to the booth. He was only in the booth a moment before he stepped out to let any lingering photographers take his photo. Anyone? No?

He waved again before departing.
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Rex sauntered into the polling place and entered one of the vacant polling booths. It only took him a second to place his mark next to the woman's name and stuff it in the ballot box.

It looked like it was starting to get busy as he left the room.

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Danny Logan Edwards
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Special Ops
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Victoria Anne Raya entered the room with a know-it-all expression on her perfect face. She threw a smirk at some one of the woman, before entering her booth. What was that girl thinking wearing those shoes. Somebody should really teach her the rules of fashion. It didn't take a genius to know who she was voting for. Then again, maybe it did. Not many people in here seemed intelligent enough to talk to, let alone use a brain.

When she was done, she exited the voting booth. Holding her purse on the crook of her arm, she lifted her chin in the air and made her way out. It smelled in this room. How preposterous!
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Trixie Jenkins
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Oliver Jenkins
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Fred bounced into the bank and looked around for a moment. Eh...he wasn't really into the whole politics thing and really all candidates made huge promises and then never really fulfilled them when they were voted in.

So he was just gonna go with the whole close your eyes and take a stab in the dark. Always worked for him in the past.
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Sidney Marlowe
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Edward Lestrange
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Edward walks into the bank to vote. He's really not sure who to vote for. One will probably be just as bad as the other. He stands behind a bloke that looks strangely familar. "Hello, come here often?"
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Brenna stepped into Gringotts, feeling a weird sense of deja vu or something at first. It wasn't exactly like she'd expected to never set foot inside the building after she'd quit working there. She had an account and all. It was just a weird feeling.

And she was in here to vote, so odds were nobody would even pay attention to her appearance. She didn't have to take long. Taking her place in the line to get into the voting booth, she looped a strand of her dark hair aroud a finger idly.
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Oceana hurried as she stepped in to Gringotts, her hair had fallen out of place and she was flushed in the cheeks, it had been a busy day for her so far.

She was behind a couple of people in the que and she started tapping her foot with out reaslising as she waited.
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Alice L. Sumner
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Alice stepped lightly into the spare room in Gringotts walking swiftly over to the line of people waiting to vote for the next minister of Magic. She tapped her foot rather impatiently, checking her watch every few minutes or so to be sure she was on time and could still make it into work at a reasonable hour. Just as she was starting to consider leaving and coming back later, after work, the line opened up and it was her turn.

It didn't take to much consideration for Alice to decided who she was voting for. She'd already deliberated over the decision, before she came, for hours and had finally come to, in her opinion, what was a well informed and reasonable decision.

The other inquiries on the ballot weren't to difficult to respond to either, though a bit unexpected, and within a few minutes she'd managed to finish fill out the entire ballot. Taking a deep breath as she submitted her ballot she walked swiftly out of the bank.
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Wyatt quickly slipped into one of the booths and slipped in his vote and then took up position near the entrance to the polling booths for the time being.
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It was time. Marco sauntered into the votey place. He pulled out his self inking quill, cos it had been a while since he used ink. Seemed pointless to him. He scrawled onto the ballot paper and posted it. His job was done here, now back to work!
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Sergio casually strolled into the small room. He had never voted in any election before, but his boss made a special point of encouraging him to do so. And since his performance had been lacking in the past, he needed to get on her good side.

He headed into one of the booths and put on his reading glasses. He hadn't done much research on the candidates or issues, but voted with his gut. He folded up his ballot and submitted it. Then he abruptly turned and left, good thing he didn't have to do this too often.
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Addie bounced into Gringotts, beaming. Voting was always fun, especially when you were encouraged to do so...the Independant Campaign had done a good job this time. Some of the signs they made were just flat out funny. Her flirty red wasn't as professional as it could be, but she planned to change into a pantsuit after she floated around for a bit.

Addie noticed many of her coworkers voting...along with several others. She picked up a piece of parchment, then slowly made her way across the room, her black heels clacking. Sliding into a velvet rimmed booth, she paused for a minute before answering the questions. Addie read it over, satisfied, then exited the curtains and placed it into the pile.

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