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Brennan Cooper Era All historical records pertaining to Ministry of Magic RPG under Minister for Magic, Brennan Cooper [IC January 2064 - December 2067; OOC January 2007 - December 2009]

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Old 05-27-2008, 03:27 PM
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Default Guest Book and Memory Penseive

As you arrive by Floo, Portkey, or any other mode of transportation, be sure to stop at the podium where the guest book lays with a beautifully ornate, pearl-encrusted peacock feather quill in the crease. Purple ink has been provided, so sign your name in the book to let the bride and groom know you were in attendance!

Also, be sure to leave a fond memory of you and the Minister and/or his bride, Ms. Belle, in the penseive which sits beside the guest book on the podium. If you do one without the other, you can bet that the Minister and Ms. Belle would be quite upset and you definitely won't be receiving a thank you note! And if they're upset enough, you may want to be concerned about your job... but no worries! Because you're all going to leave a lovely memory for the Minister and Ms. Belle, right?
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Felix Greenwood
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Blake Madden
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Egypt walked over to the guest book and the memory pensive. She picked up the pretty quill and wrote down her name: Egypt Riddle on the line. She walked over to the pensive and thought of a memory. It was a very old one. She put her wand to her temple and slowly pulled it away. A silvery substance was hanging off the end of it. She placed it in the pensive and swirled it around so she could see the only memory she had of the Minister.

The setting was the Accra National Quidditch Stadium. It was 6 years ago when Ghana played England for the Quidditch Cup. Egypt was 14 and she was nervously standing in the VIP section of the seating that was reserved for her family and England's Minister of Magic and his entourage. Her mother was going to let her introduce the team and the Minster for England. She looked back at her mother and she gave her the go ahead. She pointed her wand at her throat. "Welcome witches and wizards to the 210th Quidditch Cup between Ghana." She paused while her countrymen went while at the announcement of their country. "And Great Britain!" She paused again while the travelers from England went wild. She went through the introduction of Ghana's national team. Which took longer than she expected. The crowd was going wild. This was the first time Ghana had been in the finals for the cup since her father played and that was almost 20 years ago. "As the daughter of our great Minister Afia it is my pleasure tonight to introduce you to one of Ghana's greatest friends and European allies. Minister Brennan Cooper!" The stands erupted in applause. She stepped back for the Minister and was clapping herself. The Minister patted her fondly on the head and gave her a morning glory flower as he passed her to introduce England's national team. She had wanted to come to England and work for the Ministry since that day.

She smiled at the fond memory and hoped that the Minister would like that memory as well. It was a pity that she hadn't gotten to meet the man yet, but things were a bit chaotic at the Ministry at the moment and she hadn't been able to get an appointment with him.
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Edith walked up to the guest book and the Pensieve on the table. She picked up the ornate quill and signed her name, Edith Griffiths.
She walked over to the Penseive and thought of a memory. She stood for a while. Her mind had gone completely blank. Then she thought of one. She put her wand to her temple and drew out a long silver thread. She tapped her wand and the thread fell from the end and into the Pensieve, where it swirled around with the other memories.

Her first ever memory of the Minister. She was a young teenager, following her mother through the Ministry to the Court Rooms. Her father was on trial for being a Dark Arts Sympathiser. She really didn't want to be there. She didn't care if her father was sent to Azkaban for life. It would teach him to be a bad person. She passed the Minister of Magic, Brennan Cooper. He gave her a weak smile, boardering on a frown. He obviously knew why she was here. She tried a smile back. It didn't work.
Her father was sitting in a chair in the middle of the Courtroom chained to the seat, flanked by Dementors. Her mother had cast a patronus and it was pacing in front of them, sheilding them from the affect of the Dementors. Minister Cooper had a frown set deeply on his face and was listening to what her father had to say. He was lieing, and it was obvious.
Minister Cooper was standing up, Joseph Griffiths. I sentence you to a life time imprisonment in Azkaban for the crimes discussed today. Case closed."
Her mother was sobbing deliriously. Edith was ecstatic! The Minister walked over to them and turned to Edith, "I am sorry for your loss," he said, a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him and smiled.
"Thank you. But it is not much of a loss. More a freedom. Thank you."
He smiled back. The memory goes black

Edith smiled at her memory as she remembered that happy part of that day. Her mother had flogged her went they got home, but she didn't think of that part, only Minister Cooper's kindness. She hoped she would actually meet him one day, and now she was working for him. She smiled again and walked away, in the direction of the gift table.
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Alex Black
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Samantha walked up to the guest book and got ready to sign her name, then read the task and realized she would have to do a bit more! She thought back to a happy memory of her and the Minister and hit on the perfect thing, the day when she first met him.

She had been extremely nervous that day, not really believing that she could possibly get a job as a department head with the Ministry, although she had certainly worked in an official and supervisory capacity before and knew so much about education already. She remembered brushing a piece of lint off her clothes before entering the Minister's office, not sure what to expect and being afraid to meet him or even say a word, which was so unlike her. As she entered the office she relaxed, the Minister was the kind of person she could relate to, intelligent, quick, knowing what he wanted and how to accomplish it. She remembered shaking his hand and as she looked into his eyes she liked him immediately. Truly, she felt a connection with him, that which a good worker feels towards her employer when they have an excellent relationship going. She recalled the thrill she felt at the close of the interview, when he told her that she was hired as the Head of the Department of Magical Education.

Samantha smiled slightly. Truly, she wished the Minister and his bride nothing but the best. Thinking back over this memory made her realize once again what a great man he was.
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Lyneth Cadogan
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Tegan MacNaroy
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Tegan looked around fondly, how nice everything was. The guest book itself was amazing. She walked swiftly up to it and signed: Tegan MacNaroy. She didn't know either the Minister or the bride very well, but she did have one memory that was quite plesant with him.

She was in her fifth year at Hogwarts. Her mother had brought her to the Ministry to check up on her older sister who had just gotten a job in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. They got into an empty lift and hit the button for her sister's floor. The lift stopped and opened its doors to reveal a nice looking man with nice robes on. "Good morning Minister," her mother said. He had nodded and smiled at her mother before turning to her. "Good morning young lady." Tegan had managed to stutter out a very weak 'Good morning' back and was blushing profusly. "Are you planning on working at the Ministry once you get out of school?" Tegan nodded quickly. "Promise?" He asked with a smile. "Mhmm," was all she got out. "Good day Minister, this our stop." Tegan's mother held her hand and led her out of the now immobile lift.

Tegan smiled at the memory. She had kept her promise to the Minister after all. A MacNaroy never goes back on their word.

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William Montcenaggio, AKA Starr
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J. J Starr signs the guest book. The good memory is when Samantha and Thomas Newington let him transfer from Games and Sports to Magical Education.
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Shane grabbed the ornate, pearl-encrusted peacock feather quill and dipped it in some of the most beautiful purple ink she had ever seen. She found and empty line for her to write her name on and quickly scribbled her signature on the paper of the guestbook neatly. Shane Olivia Dalton. She smiled after she had placed the feather quill back in its place and looked at her signature.

She then looked over the the penseive. She hadn't seen one of those in ages! She took a few steps toward it and stoof there in deep thought. What memory should I choose? she thought to herself. She tapped her chin with her left index finger and smiled. She had a memory. She pulled out her want, placed the tip of it on the side of her head, and pulled out a memory.

A woman of twenty-three walked into the Minister's office. He had asked for her to come up to his office immediatley. Well, she had. She straightened her purple robes before walking in. The woman then knocked on the door and waited for the Minister to reply.

"Come in!" he called out.

She put on a nice, warm smile and entered the office. The Minister held out his hand, gesturing the chair across from where he was sitting behind his desk. She smiled at him and did so, noticing that Miss Belle was with him looking over a file.

"You called for me, sir?" she asked. "What is it you want?"

The Minister smiled. "Well, Miss Dalton, I have called you to give you a bit of a promotion. I have heard from Mr. Wordsmith that you have been doing an excellent job in the Department of Magical Law Enforcment. He did talk with me about you a few days ago, asking me to give you a promotion."

Shane's eyes widened.
Wow! I can't believe this! Shane thought quickly. "Oh, really? What sort of promotion?"

The Minister looked over to Miss Belle. Miss belle smiled. Shane could tell that she would be telling her the good news. But what was it?

"Miss Dalton, how would you like to be a member of the Wizengamont?" she smiled, looking more beautiful than ever in the nice black and purple dress that she was wearing.

Shane's mouth opened wide. "I ... my ... I ..."

The Minister and Miss Belle smiled. The Minister chuckled as little but and Miss Belle giggled softly. "I'll take that as a yes then?" the Minister asked Shane.

Shane was speechless. She tried to say yes, but she simply ended up shaking her head up and down very quickly. She was ... shocked! Yes, she worked long and hard at her job. The Ministry was like her home. She did pretty much everything there. This was a great and honourable surprise for her.

"Very well then. You are now," the Minister said, standing up with his hand held out, "a member of the Wizengamont. Congratulations, Miss Dalton."

I stood up and shook his hand, a wide smile on my face. "Thank you," she managed to say, shaking his hand. "I am ... speechless. Thank you so much!" Shane then shook Miss Belle's hand and gave her a hug. Shane then let Miss Belle go and stood back. "Thank you so very much!"

Shane smiled as she watched the memory flow into the penseive. She was sure that the two of them would enjoy going back to the day she had been promoted to be a member of the Wizengamont. It was, by far, the best choice the Minister had made. Once the memory was mixed in with the other memories, she turned around and walked over to where the guests were going to be seated.
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Serena walked to the table, picked the quill up, then signed her name : Serena Campbell. She looked to her left side, and was really surprised to see a Pensieve there. "This sure is complex magic! I've never seen one before." She tapped her fingers onto her head. "Hmm... A memory of the Minister or Ms.Belle... Ha! I've got one here." She put her wand onto her temple, then drew the long, silver memory into the Pensieve.

"Auntie, how long will it take for us to go to the Portkey? My legs are hurting." "Not for long, dear. Just about 3 or 4 minutes. We're getting near." Serena are walking with her aunt, who happens to be the Vietnam Minister of Magic. They are going to attend the Quidditch World Cup today. "I can't wait to see we defeat Britain. It's been years since we managed to enter the final match." Her aunt smiled. "Auntie, Britain is strong. I think we're the one to be crushed, not them." Serena protested. "Does it hurt to hope, Serena? Why don't we keep an optimistic look of the future for ourselves?"

The match have ended. People wearing red robes with yellow stars
(Vietnam's flag) everywhere are disappointed with the result of the match. On the other side, British fans are cheering loudly, enough for Muggles who live miles away to hear. Then, Serena heard a voice above her. "Congratulations to the Vietnamese team." "Sir, I don't think we deserve it. We lost." It turned out to be the voice of the Britain Minister of Magic, Mr. Cooper, who was speaking with her aunt. "There are things that is more important than victory. They have fought bravely." "You're right, Minister Cooper. And, who knows? Someday, they might see each other again, and Vietnam might defeat Britain." Serena thought for herself. Maybe, someday, when she grow up, she will work for the Britain Ministry of Magic. Working under someone like Mr. Cooper is an honor.

The memory goes black.
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Susanna approached the guest book, already trying to think of a memory after spotting the penseive. Picking up the quill, she quickly but neatly signed her name, Susanna Samuels, before turning to the penseive.

Frowning in thought for a minute, she finally found a memory that was suitable and also slightly old. Pulling her wand from her belt once more, she placed it to her forehead and dropped the memory into the penseive.

'You've never been here before, have you?' A woman of nineteen walked into the Atrium of the Ministry, her father at her side. She marvelled at the beauty of the building, before shaking her head. 'Well, I'm only here for buisness, so why don't you have a wander round, Suse?'

The woman nodded, and watched her father step into the lift before she turned back to the Atrium. The fountain caught her attention first, and that was where she made her way to look up at the statue.

'Amazing, isn't it?' came a passing voice, and Susanna looked around to see a man stood nearby, hands clasped behind his back. The nineteen year old blushed, recognising him almost immediately as the Minister, Brennan Cooper, but nodded nonetheless. 'Maybe I'll see you walking past here sometime in the future with a job.'

Susanna barely had time to work up a reply before the Minister walked off to go to his office. For a moment, she stood there, stunned, before she smiled and turned back to the fountain.
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Erin walked over to the desk and signed the Guest registry for herself and Liam. Mr. and Mrs. liam and Erin Moiser.

The memory she left was a simple one of when she and the Minister were both in Hogwarts together and they had been appointed to help feed the Giant Squid. It was a fun Day.
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Star walked over to the desk and signed the guest registry.

Ms. Andromeda Star Black

She then places her wand to her head to remove her memory of the Minister.

Star was on her way to her 1st year Potions class. She was lost. She had made a wrong turn and was utterly, hopelessly lost. Tears were beginning to form in her eyes. Star just knew that if she was late, the Potion Professor would take house points. How would she ever make friends if she lost her House points. Just as she turned another corner a 7th year boy came into view. "Are you ok?" he asked. "I can't find the Potions Room" She said as tears ran down my face. He smiled at her and she fell in love with his smile. Oh he was so nice looking. "Don't cry. Follow me" he said and he led me to the Potions Room. "Hurry and get into your seat before the Professor gets here." he said as we arrived at the door. "Thank You" she said to him as she rushed by. "No problem" he said and gave a wave as he went on his way. She didn't learn his name until the end of the year, at the leaving ceremony. Star then dreamed about him all summer. He was perfect and she wanted to marry him, or someone just like him, someday.

She placed the memory in the Pensive and moved away from the table.

"Ms. Clara Belle, is one lucky witch" she mumbled to herself as she went to find her seat.

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Alexander approached the guest book, stopping before signing to admire the quality of the peacock feather quill. He then signed the guest book for both himself and in his wife in his elegant scrawl:

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander S. Black

He then promptly proceeded over to the pensieve where he left the following memory:

Alexander stopped just outside the entrance to the Ministry of Magic, checking his attire once again for any sign of the slightest flaw. Finding that he was indeed dressed properly to meet with the Minister, he proceeded into the building.

He later found himself sitting in a small waiting room just outside the Minister's office. He'd only recently applied for a job within the office and was about to go in for his final interview. Alexander wasn't nervous, only deeply concerned that he just may not be the man for the job...or that someone else had gotten the position before him. As he waited, he read articles from The Daily Prophet, noting one article of particular interest written by Ms. Clara Belle.

Even later, as he walked out the Minister's office, he realized all his worries were unnecessary. Alexander had just been hired to work within the Minister's office as a liaison to the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures: Beast Division. The Minister had been a pleasure to meet with, and Alexander left with great excitement about starting his new position.
Alexander finished leaving his memories, turned, and headed further into the festivities.
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Miley walked over to the stand and picked up the quill.She dipped it in the ink and wrote:
Miley Carter

She put the quill down and walked over to the Penseive.She smiled and took out her wand and put it on her head.She pulled out a tiny silver string anf placed it in the Pensieve.The memory was:

Miley walked into the Ministry of Magic and went to the Minister's desk.She smiled and shook hands with him.Miley sat down and did an interview with the Minister for the job she has now.

Miley shook her head.That was probably the stupidest memory,but she loved it.She loves her job and all the people she works with.This memory was the happiest memory she ever had.She put her wand back into her pocket and walked off.

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Lucrecia walked up to the guest book and dipped the quill that was placed there to sign it. She signed the guest book and then walked over to the Pensieve. She had this one particular memory of Minister Cooper and it was one she kept close to her heart.

It was a sunny summer day nearly fifteen years ago in Berlin. A then six year old Lucrecia was outside in her family's backyard running around with the family dog, Pippin when she heard her father's voice ring into the backyard to come into the house for a moment.

Luce ran into the house and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a stranger in her house. She had no idea who this man was or why he was in their home. She ran behind her father's legs and looked up at the other man in fear. The man looked down at her and handed her a wrapped gift. She grabbed the gift from the man's hands and unwrapped it to find her very first racing broom in her hand. Her eyes widened and she looked up at her father, her look questioning who this man was.

The man smiled looking at the joy on the girl's face when she opened her broomstick. "If you ever want to get rid of her, I'll gladly take her Michael. Lucrecia, my name is Brendan Cooper and if you're ever in England, come and find me. I'll set you up with whatever you need." Lucrecia grinned a smile that was missing a few teeth and hugged the Minister. "Thank you for my racing broom! Would you like to fly with me?" The Minister smiled and grabbed a racing broom while Lucrecia and her father ran to the backyard. The three of them got on brooms and spent the rest of that day racing around their properties.

The memory then mixed in with the rest of them. Luce smiled and walked away from the Pensieve to join the wedding festivities. She was so innocent when that memory was made. Oh how things had changed.
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Cassandra silently walked up to the guest book, raising an eyeborw at the peacock feather quill. She picked it up gently, and dipped it's slightly already purple tip into the ink, and scrawled her name.

Miss Cassandra Ford
She gave a glance at the penseive before sighing. A memory? 'Well, I defintely have none with Belle...' She thought. She wracked her brain for a memory, her hand holding her chin while she was in thought. Her eyes lightened up when she thought of one. It was a stupid one, but still a memory where she had been in contact with the Minister.

It was about ten or eleven years ago, when she was eighteen or nineteen. She was walking down the street, a muggle newspaper in her hand. She was looking for an apartment, and had been for a few weeks now. 'Come on, who would still want to live with their father and step-mother?' She thought, rolling her eyes, before looking back at the papers in her hand. She skimmed through the ads, hoping to find a good, non-crappy, deal. Apparently she was too preoccupied with the papers, she hardly noticed when someone was rushing through the crowded London streets.

Next thing she knew she was on her bottom, and the newspaper being trampled on by the people. When no new feet were coming, she quickly grabbed it, and stuffed it into her messenger bag. She heard someone clear his/her voice, and she quickly looked up, her cheeks turning a light pink in embarrassment. The person she had bumped into, or the opposite, was a man who looked in his mid-thirties. He had already gotten up, if he had fallen down at all, anyways, and had a hand held out, the other in his pocket.

"Need help?" He asked, giving a smile, which in reply, she gave a meek nod yes. Cassandra grabbed his hand, and he lifted her up. She dusted herself off, her eyes glued to the floor.

"I'm sorry." She apologized, not really knowing if it was her, or his fault. Her gaze went up, and she thought she knew him from somewhere. But what? Oh well, she'll probably remember later. She looked at her watch, and gave a quiet gasp. "Oh no! I'm late! Please Excuse me mister."

He had given a smile in response, and said that his last name was Cooper. She then gave a proper goodbye, saying her name in the process, before hurrying off in the opposite direction. And when she was a good few blocks away, was when Cassandra realized something.

She had just ran into the new Minister of Magic.

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Catlin walked up to the table with the guestbook and pensive, she signed her name first in the book

Catlin Scuto

she then steped up to the pensive and deposited her memory, it was from when her sister worked as an auror, she brought Catlin along with her sometimes and a few times she had met the minister himself, he always seemed a nice person

now she was working for him and couldnt wait for the ceramony to start for him to get his happy ending
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Ministry RPG Name:
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Anita walked over to the guest book and signed her name in the book

Anita Imogen Volt

She then headed over to the Pensieve. It took her a few moments to think of a memory. She put her wand tip to her left temple and pulled it away slowly. A silvery substance clung to the tip and she swirled the memory into the Pensieve. The memory was as clear as day.

It was soon after graduation and Anita had sent an owl to the Ministry asking if she could work in the Broom Regulatroy Control department. She had been contacted to come in for an interview. Anita was so nervous about being interviewed by the Minister of Magic.

She bit her lip nervously as the Minister read through her application.

"Well, Miss Volt," he said

"Call me Anita, sir" she said

"Anita, it is then," he said, "I think you will be perfect for the job."

"Thank you sir!" she exclaimed as she shook his hand.
The memory then went blank. Anita walked away from the Pensieve, a small smile on her face.
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After having signed her name in the guest book with the most ostentatious quill she'd ever seen, Mona Quigley stood staring at the Pensieve, at a loss for thoughts. She tapped her wand lightly against her leg, thinking hard. It was certainly difficult to recall a memory that was nice enough to leave for the bride and groom.

What about the time when we all found out that they were dating?... No, we laughed for days. Some of us are still laughing.

When I got the wedding invitation? No, I got permanent ink all over it and had to chuck it in the fire.

After several minutes of racking her brains, Mona finally settled on the memory of her selecting the goblets as their gift. Indeed, it was the only time she'd smiled about this without an ounce of mirth or sarcasm. They were rather nice goblets. I ought to get some for myself.
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Cambell walked to the table and signed the guest book, though she wished she hadnt. She had absolutely nothing to put into the pensive! She had only met the Minister once, and that was when he stormed into the Ministry offices telling them to get a move on! The only memory of that moment was being frightened! And she had never met the bride!
She did have full respect for the Minister... but there was no memory of him that showed that sort of respect!
Cambell knew it was risky... but she walked away from the table, leaving only her signature on the guest list.
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Emily walked up to the guest book and signed her name with a flourish "Emily Castior", Then she sighed, knowing this part just had to come, her thinking of a memory. There were too many to choose from. Her bumping into the Minister as a young teenager straight from graduation. Or the time when she went for her job interview the first time all those years ago. She stood there in front of the guest book a slight frown on her face as she thought.

Finally it came to her. "Of course." she murmured, walking up with purpose to the pensive and deposting her memory.

It was three years ago. Emily was out shopping with Ariana, her then 13 year old daughter. Ari had been complainaing about an ability she had just learned about wanting to know as much as she could about it. Emily hadn't been paying much attention her mind focused on her job. That was when Emily saw him; he was walking on the other side of the street, talking to a woman. She thought it might have been Miss Clara, but she couldn't be sure. Oh, she had heard the rumors of course, who hadn't but still...

"Mummy, is that Minister Cooper?" Ari asked, her eyes large with wonder.

"Yes, I do believe it is Ariana." She replied with a slight hint of tension in her voice.

Emily had been shocked, when the next second Ari tore her hand out of her grasp and ran across the street, tugging n the Ministers robe. Emily bolted after her, shock registeredd on her face as she skidded to a halt grabing ri's hand. "Ariana!" She chatised, glaring at her before looking back to the Minister.

"I'm so sorry Sir, she's just excited." Emily had said bowing slightly. Minister Cooper blinked a few times before a small smile creased his face. "Tis no problem Ma'am." He said before walking away and resuming his conversation.

With her memory now floating along with the others, Emily stood there, thinking back to that day. She realized it had been Miss Clara beside him and wondered if that would be why she was so rude to her now. With that thought in her head, she moved on to the guest seating, suddenly feeling a bit nauseated.
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Stacey-Ann walked upto the guest book and signed her name Stacey-Ann Newton, Stacey-Ann then turned to the penseive and tried to think of a time when she had met the minister and then she remembered the time that she was visiting her big brother Bryan at the ministry with her mum and she had met the minister then

Stacey-Ann drew her wand out of her pocket and placed it at the top of the head and drew out the memory and placed her wand and memory shining into the penseive and smiled as it sat there floating away

It was 4 years ago and Mrs Elisabeth Newton and her daughter Stacey-Ann were visiting the ministry and Stacey-Ann's big brother they had both just arrived at the atrium at the same time as the minister

"Mum is that Minister?" Stacey-Ann had asked and Elisabeth said "Yes i do believe it is Stacey-Ann" Elisabeth turned to the Minister and said "Good morning Minister Cooper" Minister Cooper smiled and said "Good morning Mrs Newton are you visiting your son and i believe this is your daughter" Elisabeth smiled and said "Yes this is my daughter Stacey-Ann" Stacey-Ann blushed and said "Good morning Minister" Minister Cooper smiled and said "I believe you will make a good ministry employee one of these days"

Stacey-Ann grinned and thought that was 4 years ago and now here i am in the ministry and attending the minister's wedding
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Ariana walked up to the pensive and guest book. First for the guest book, she grabbed her quill and signed her name: Ariana Sabrina Dumbledore. Then she looked at the pensive, trying to remember a good time she had met the minister.

Finally she remembered a good one. Putting her wand to her head, a long silvery memory that was only around 2 years old.

Ariana was 16 years old and was in a meeting about her future career. "I don't know what I want to do," she complained to her Head of House. She had been told to go to the ministry for a day to see if she liked the prospect of working there. When she arrived at the ministry, she almost bumped into the minister there and then. "I'm so sorry," she said, trying to make sure she hadn't damaged anything. "It's alright," he had replied, "Aren't you meant to be in school?" he had asked her. "No sir, I'm meant to be seeing whether I like the idea of working in the ministry." She had said back. "I know you have only just arrived, but could we possibly see you soon?" he had asked. "I think so, my family has worked in the ministry before, and I like the idea of being an auror."

And so the memory ended. Well she had ended up working at the ministry, just not as an auror, but being an unspeakable seemed to be fun as well.
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James Lupet

Joshua strode over to the table and quickly filled in his name. Joshua Lupet Sigal, he wrote, before thinking of a good memory of the Minister. He eventually thought of one, but was hesitant to put it in. Yes...put it in Joshua...he'll understand...he thought, before taking it out and sticking it in the penseive with determination.

It was a dark stormy night...just the beginning of all horror stories. Yes, there was lightning, yes there was thunder...and yes, there was murder. Family murder. Joshua had been wandering aimlessly into the darkness, not following the path of the rest of his stupid family that was congratulating James about his 13th birthday. Joshua had recently been in an argument with Mum, and Dad, as always, was playing the "Gaber" as they called it. It was when Dad...who's name was Gabe, used to act...Gabesh. Usually, any one person plays a mixture of personality's to make theirs...not Dad. He just played completely...skeptical. Nothing else. Just skeptical.

There was a sound in the distance and green lights and screams and well, it was his family! He ran off as fast as he could towards the incident, but it was too late. Dead bodies lay on the ground, as the killers fled. Animague. Joshua looked up as each of them transformed into an animal and fled. But 10 or so stayed. There was one standing in front of them, supposedly their leader. He saw the mans face but for a split second, before disappearing into the distance. And Joshua did nothing to stop them.

He looked down and saw a boy there. Dead. Or so he thought. As Joshua inspected closer, the boy was sobbing something about them being in Ravenclaw...traitors...and...and family. As he lay the boy on the ground and wiped the grime off his face with delicacy, the boy opened his eyes. Purple. Purple eyes? No one in his family had purple eyes! Who was this kid? It was James, he realized, his cousin.

Even though James had opened his eyes a little, he wasn't conscious. He started to pick him up when AUUGHH! A scream in the distance made Joshua more alert, almost dropping his cousin. He looked to where the scream came from. The attic. The scream came again, but this time, Joshua was ready for it. It was Jack. James' twin who had never left the attic since he was little and crawled up there by accident. There were vents in the wall, thats how Jack must of seen the murder.

Joshua sighed and starting lugging James off, nudging John in the shoulder, and weeping for Mom and Dad on the way. It was an hour till he finally came to the house, a one minutes walk away. Maybe it was more than an hour. But Joshua knew one thing. He was doomed. He was going to die. From lack of a job, food...and love.

It was a week later that Joshua went to the Ministry. He was just in time to hear the Minister talking to a helper. "Help him then! He's not going to get help on his own!" The Minister said something along those lines as the helper said something Joshua didn't pick out. Then the Minister said something like "Just help him earn a living..." Joshua was inspired. Was this how the world was treated? Could he help other people with his problem? In his moment of awe, he realized that he had to keep a barrier. Something to put himself at the top. Risk his life for the Ministry if he must.

And now he was working for the Ministry as an unspeakable...and here he was the Ministers wedding. He nodded his head in satisfaction (except for the fact that the face of the killer was covered over), and walked briskly off.
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Isabella stood over the book and wrote her name and well wishes in the book. She smiled to herself then walked over to the Pensieve. Placing her memory in the pensieve she smiled. It was just of her first meeting with the Minister. It also happened to be the day she had met Ms. Belle. Both exaully charmed her and she wished the best to them.
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Rebecca beamed at the guest book, picking up a quill she wrote her name and comment neatly

Rebecca Todd - Great colour scheme, loving it. good luck in your marriage
She then moved swiftly over to the pensieve, placing the memory of her seeing all the purple and black attire in the pensieve she smiled contentedly and walked towards the gift table
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