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Term 39: January - April 2015 Term Thirty-Nine: Mapping Hogwarts (September 2085-June 2086)

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Ravenclaw The Flock: Meet the Ravenclaws (Bio Thread)

Credits: Magical Soul

One of the famous co-founders of Hogwarts, Rowena Ravenclaw created Ravenclaw House in which only those characterized by their wit, learning, and wisdom are to be placed. The symbol of the house is the eagle. All eagles wear robes in the house colours blue and bronze. The house ghost whom you might run into around the castle is Rowena’s daughter Helena. Today the Eagles are going strong and continue to reign in some of the Wizarding World's brightest young witches and wizards.

Ravenclaw House Cup Championships:
2049-2050, 2051-2052, 2054-2055,
2055-2056, 2058-2059, 2059-2060,
2067-2068, 2070-2071

Ravenclaw Quidditch Cup Championships:
2051, 2052, 2053, 2059, 2060, 2066, 2067, 2068, 2074, 2078

Ravenclaw Gobstones Club Championships:

A strong House identity is something that Ravenclaw is very proud of, but also realizes that a sign of intelligence is to be able to stand on your own whether it is physically against adversity or figuratively against issues you hold dear. Come in and show us who you are and read up on your housemates while you're at it.

House Leaders (People to know):
Ravenclaw Head of House: Mr Leobald Kitridge (Nordic Witch)
Ravenclaw House Moderator: Tiara Tanner (hpluvr037)
Ravenclaw Female Prefect: Coral-Bay Aldrich (Wood'sLittleFlower)
Ravenclaw Male Prefect: Gabriel Banner (Govoni)
Ravenclaw House Ghost: (Grey Lady)

Come and introduce yourself!

Sample Bio:
Character Name:
Character Age:
Year in School:
Physical Description:
More About You (family background, friends, etc.):
You can answer all of these, or none of them, add more or less. Up to you! Welcome to Ravenclaw!

**Any images greater than 350 by 350 pixels need to be in a spoiler tag or they risk being removed. Thank you.

SPOILER!!: Ravenclaw Student scroll by year

First Years
Kate Addison (Anna Banana)
Corrigan Neverwinter (Ashwinder)
Janelle Guidry (Daydreamer11)
Harper Pendragon (Saiai)

Second Years
Thornton Baines (AmbiguouslyMe)
Archie Ogden (hermygirl)
Nicole Holloway (isSeeker)
Ophelia Clarke (carpediem)

Third Years:
Penelope Wright (griffin)
Kyroh Scabior (Kaos.Doodles)
Dima Toussaint (lemon)
Abby Valentine (Saz Hale)
Austine Moore (keepmeclose22)

Fourth Years:
TiaMarie Mancini (PhoenixRising)
Ariel Abrams (HaRoHeGiNeLu)
Hayley Diggory (D.A Forever)
Josette Edayson (SweetPeea)
Dustin Ashby (cake.ninjak)

Fifth Years:
Coral-Bay Aldrich (Wood'sLittleFlower)
Evangeline Schacklebolt (sarahlooo)
Sophie Brown (feeheeheeney)

Sixth Years:
Clara Wilde (natekka)
Gabriel Banner (Govoni)
Eden McGee (kayquilz)
McClay Jackson (HazelStone101)

Seventh Years:
James Rodemiere (Cinn-O-Bun)
Bambi Fleming (fire_faerie)
Paloma Robles (Yaya)
Pietra Moretti (Colley)
Lincoln Darcy (Shanners)

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Emmeline Vance
Third Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Maria Kingstonsdottir Dolph
Seventh Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Violet Fawley
Ecological Protection

Ministry RPG Name:
Laurel Vance-Rose
Default Ravenclaw Head of House
Swedishfish Girl! Madame Librarian! Jess's Soul Sister! Sweetest Swede!


Leobald Axel Kitridge


Meet your Maker
Blessed this world on May 2nd 2047
Currently 37 years Handsome
Made Oxford, England what it is today
Living the apartment lifestyle in Oxford, England.
Dating someone but still handsome!

Born to Frank Axel Kitridge (Cook) and Charlotte Alice Kitridge (CEO of Kitridge books)
Share my existence with sisters Ariel (27) law enforcer and Rose (17) seventh year at Beauxbatons.

The source of my Magic: Beech, Hippogriff talon core, 14 inches
Bald Eagle patronus
Boggart: Standing in front of a mirror seeing his own bald head.
Motto: A day when you learn something new is a day to be cherished.
Amortenia: Books both new and old, newly cut grass, roses, the smell of newly fried fish
Star sign: Taurus
My World is better with ...
ⓐ Books, Writing, Reading, Trivia games
ⓑ Soft music, Summery days, Sleeping in
ⓒ Candy especially liquorice, Bubble gum, Lemonade, Tea, Home cooked meals
ⓓ Flying, Romance, Fishing
ⓔ Teaching
I could Live without ...
ⓐ Rain, Crowds, Badly handled books and equipment, Feeling insecure and unsure, Fast food
ⓑ Rudeness, Irresponsibility, Bullies, Liars, Disrespect
You should know that I'm ...
Independent, Stubborn, Optimistic, Caring, Guarded, Smart ... and of course, Handsome.
Take a closer Look
Black, slightly curly mop of hair
Brown eyes you can't resist
Masculine and strong

Comfortable is Leo’s key word when it comes to how he dresses. He prefers wearing a simple shirt and jeans but dresses up for fancy occasions in tuxes or whatever is required. He isn’t picky about clothes but about his hair. He has since he was 6 years old thought that he will go bald before he is forty since all the men in the family has gone that route and that scares him. Leo also thinks that his parents made sure he’ll go bald since they named him Leobald which in his ears sealed his fate since bald in your name is omniscient. So he takes extra care of his hair to be wary of any hair falling off.
Not just a Handsome face, but an intellectual Mind
Ravenclaw 2058-2065
Favoured: History of magic, Herbology, Charms, CoMC
Reserve keeper on the quidditch team
OWL’s: 10
Getting to know Me
Leobald was gifted from birth with book smarts and brains that can only be rivaled by few in his age group plus a photographic memory which made learning stuff a breeze. From the day he learned to read he could almost always be found with his head in book in his free time. When he went to Hogwarts, he from the beginning chose books and studying and getting good grades over making friends and socializing. His love for knowledge and the fact that he constantly got bullied for his name and knowledge made it easy for him to choose to be a loner.

It wasn’t until 4rd year that his head of house got involved since Leo’s temper had landed him in detention again for like the 5th time that year for hexing a peer. Sitting down with him the HoH learned the full story about the hair and the constant bullying and after some talk with his colleagues also that the knowledgeable boy had no friends. Perplexed the HoH made Leo sign up for quidditch and he even gave him homework to socialize more. For someone who chose books before living people it was a challenge to just make small talk at dinner or with a desk mate in class let alone doing it effortlessly and every day.

It didn’t make things easier that his temper flared up when people didn’t understand or didn’t believe him. In quidditch he actually showed some apt for the game but no passion so he always ended up on the keeper reserves but his HoH persisted that he should sign up each year since he needed the social interaction. Leo loved all types of trivia contests or games in classes since there he could sport his knowledge but again it led to him being bullied or just looked up on as someone looking to show off or be best.

At home in between terms his father tried to teach him to cook and bake but Leo was unfortunately a total failure in his father eyes since he couldn’t even boil an egg correctly. His dad also told him that which was disheartening to a young boy who wanted nothing more than his father’s approval. Instead Leo spent as much time as possible with his mum since she understood his passion for books and encouraged it.

As a man he is still slightly socially inept but he has made improvements. He feels insecure in big groups and always worry that people will misunderstand him or even look at him weirdly because of his broad knowledge. Leo is always on tense when meeting new people and tense usually means his temper is close too. One wrong mocking comment or joke about his hair might make his temper flare up and when he sees red he usually doesn’t think straight and that can lead to unpredictable actions. He is a patient man who is practical but not very good at communicating unless it is with just one other person since he tends clam up.
It's all in a days Work
2065-2067 manager of Kitridges books, a book shop in Oxford
2067-2070 Attended university in New York, acquiring his library technician licence
2070-2072 worked as a fisherman supplying fresh fish to the local grocery stores
2073-2076 Substitute professor at Salem institute of magic/ news reporter
2077-> Librarian at Hogwarts and Gobstones Advisor
2083-> Asked to become the new head of house of Ravenclaw

After Hogwarts Leobald was sucked into the family business and helped opened and manage a new book shop his mother opened in downtown Oxford. Leo helped out while his mother was carrying his youngest sister Rose. When his mum got back into managing he fled the field to see the world ending up in New York. Taking several courses at the local university whilst learning how to fish from his mate Ben, he after 3 years was a certified library technician. Persuaded by his mate to make his hobby his profession Leo worked 2 years as a fisherman supplying fresh fish to grocery stores. Going up at the crack of dawn and doing hard work from dusk to dark was only fun for a short time.

Leaving the work as fisherman he searched for new challenges and took up the position as substitute professor at Salem Institute of magic and held it for 3 years teaching classes in a wide variety of subjects including his school favourites of charms, history of magic, herbology and Comc. In the years at Salem he tried a bit of news reporting on the side but it wasn’t something he enjoyed so he gave it up after 6 months. Resigning from his position at Salem, Leo moved back home to Oxford to be near his family again and to re-connect with his sisters whom he had missed dearly while away in the States. Content with being home and helping out at the family book shop he was surprised when Headmaster Tate of Hogwarts came calling wondering if he’d be interested in the vacant librarian position. Accepting without thinking much about it Leobald is now on his way to start working at his former school.
The life Story
Leobald was born as the eldest son of Frank and Charlotte Kitridge on a rainy day in Oxford, England on May 2nd 2047. Being born into a family with mixed heritage in the lines boded for an upbringing with influences from both the muggle and magical world. From the day he was born Leo was surrounded by books and his father’s cooking. He learned to read almost as quickly as he showed magical abilities. Like all Kitridge’s his mother most especially he as he got older got more stubborn and also acquired a feisty temper when aroused. In his youth the temper usually resulted in throwing things around but luckily that has happened more seldom in adulthood.

When he was 3 his sister Ariel came into the world and they grew close as siblings usually do living close and playing with each other. One thing Leo hated was that Ariel instead of calling him Leo kept calling him ‘baldie’. It made him self-conscious and broody when he learned what bald meant from his father. From that day on he has paid extra attention to his hair and the few unlucky people who have called him ‘bald’ have been hexed through the years. 6 years after Ariel a new girl was born into the family; Rose.

Leo's temper isn't to be taken lightly; when aroused it has resulted in him serving plenty of punishments in his youth like cleaning out the weed in the vegetable patch, cleaning all the bathrooms or not being allowed to read books and at Hogwarts detention. His temper usually quiets down if Leo gets distracted by talking by books or fishing or taking a stroll but that is if someone stops him before he starts throwing things. If not then take cover and wait for the storm to pass.

During his Hogwarts years Leo showed apt in his studies and got high marks in most subjects since learning came easy to him. He took part in all games especially trivia or chess since he liked the strategy and found the games fun and exciting. When it came to friends he didn't exactly have any to speak of until his HoH got involved but even then Leo only kindled cautious relationships with his peers scared to get burned like he had in his previous years. Graduating from Hogwarts he had made a few friends and had dated one girl name Chelsea Oakheart which he kept dating for a few years until they drifted apart, the friends he has kept in touch with and cherishes fiercely.

After Hogwarts he has tried out a number of professions over the years like fisherman, shop manager, substitute professor and news reporter with different success. Currently as of term 37, 2083 he is working as the school Librarian, Gobstones Advisor and new Ravenclaw Head of House and is still single.

© This profile layout is designed by Hera.

OOC: Hey there! *waves to all and beams* I'm Eva and I come from Sweden. [timezone: GMT + 2-3] This will be my 11th term on school staff and third as Ravvie HoH. In RL i work as a play worker which is basically a type of teacher. I like reading, sailing, listening to music and role-playing. If you have any questions or concerns don't be afraid to shoot me a PM/VM. I promise that I don't bite.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Finnlay 'Finn' Cameron Muir
Fifth Year
Ravenpuff | Cap'n Crunch | Bedtime Queen | O Minion, My Minion

Model: Dominique Dawes

Tiara Tanner


Name: Tiara Zola Tanner (neé Tyner)
Age: 48
Born: June 21, 2037
POB: Greystones, Ireland
Current residence: Hogsmeade, Scotland
Attended Hogwarts: 2051-2055
Former House: Ravenclaw
Blood status: Muggleborn
Relationship status: married to Jason Tanner (July 14, 2083)
Wand: chestnut and unicorn tail hair, 10 inches long, hard
Patronus: owl

Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 5' 3"

Father: Jordan Tyner, 66
Mother: Hyacinth Tyner, 70
Siblings: none

Tiara was a bookworm from a very young age. As she got older she took up gymnastics. When she got to Hogwarts, she immediately took up Quidditch as the best alternative. Tiara enjoys almost anything that requires physical activity: gymnastics, Quidditch, jogging, swimming, aerobics, and almost any other form of exercising. She also still loves learning, so her home in Hogsmeade is packed to the gills with books on almost any topic.

Tiara is a fierce competitor in everything she does, whether an official contest or an inconsequential task. As such, she earned top marks in every class at Hogwarts, was player of the term four years straight in Gobstones, and helped lead her House to three Quidditch Cup titles. She has never cared for talk about what she considers frivolous things such as fashion, boys, or gossip. Her parents instilled in her a strong sense of fairness and the importance of playing by the rules, which served her well in her time as a professional Quidditch referee. Her years in Ravenclaw Tower were marked by a small amount of very close friendships, though the entire House knew to seek her out for good advice.

The only daughter of two Muggles, the Tiara spent the first five years of her life in a small coastal town in Ireland. By a young age, however, her athletic talents had blossomed enough for the Tyners to enroll their daughter at Great Britain’s premier gymnastics training facilities. Time at the gym slowly took over the life of the family and Tiara’s grades in school began to suffer. The small family’s life revolved around the sport until a bad fall from the balance beam broke Tiara’s ankle. After surgery she made a slow recovery, and her ankle was never the same. It was at this time that Tiara finally decided to enroll at Hogwarts, which she had declined in favor of gymnastics at age 11.

Tiara enjoyed four great years at Hogwarts. Upon entering the school, she vowed to not let anything get in the way of her studies again—especially boys and sports—and she made giant strides in her abilities. In her second year at Hogwarts, she tried out for and made the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. The flexibility and precision balance born from her childhood made her one of the best and most versatile Chasers at the school. Despite her late start, she managed to scrape six N.E.W.T.s and graduated with high expectations for herself.

Though recruited by several professional Quidditch teams, Tiara knew that she didn’t want to go back to the life of a dedicated athlete. Jason Tanner, her good friend from Hogwarts, urged her to pursue officiating, so she applied with the Department of Magical Games and Sports and began a thriving career. She enjoyed the itinerant nature of the job and the traveling involved, and through it all she kept in touch with Jason, who had given her the courage to go in a different direction. As the years went by and her friends married off one by one, Tiara surprised herself by beginning to wish she had someone to share her own life with. It took her many months to admit this new desire to herself. When she eventually shared this with Jason, he immediately professed his long-time love for her. Though utterly surprised, Tiara agreed to give the newly-defined relationship a shot. After over 20 years with the European League, she accepted a job at Hogwarts and moved to Hogsmeade.

{Hogwarts Staff}
Term 35: Tiara succeeded Erin James as Quidditch Official in the fall of 2081. She continued her relationship with Jason and enjoyed the atmosphere and challenge that Hogwarts' youth presented.
Term 36: In her second year, she contracted a mysterious magical malady that caused her to age rapidly. Though a cure was found in June, she seemed to heal slower than others who had been infected. She requested a leave of absence for her health and her honeymoon, which was to last through September.
Term 37: On July 14, 2083, she married Jason and they set off for a long honeymoon together in warm climates where she could recuperate. While gone, she received an owl from Headmistress Truebridge alerting her that due to an anonymous threat against student athletes, Quidditch would not be played the upcoming year. She and Jason returned to Hogsmeade and Tiara did not find another job.
Term 38: Tiara opened the year uncertain of her role at the school. A flying instructor whose boss bans flying is out of luck. With the appearance of a giant sinkhole that swallowed the entire pitch, she felt her fate of being let go was sealed. But the arrest of Lolita Domingo left the Arithmancy post open and Tiara bravely stepped in.
Term 39: TBA

OOC: Hey, I'm Emily! I reside in Indiana, USA (GMT -5, EST). By day I am a mathematics teacher at a high school (ages 14-18 for you non-Americans) and by night I am the arithmancy teacher here on SS. I think this is my seventh term on staff now? *should really know these things* Before hitting the staff side I played several students, all Hufflepuffs, and was even the Quidditch Captain a few terms. But don't worry, in RL I'm a Claw! This is now my second term as the Ravenclaw House Moderator and I've loved every minute of it so far! I'm looking forward to a great term and I truly think this is our turn to bring home the Cup! If you need anything or want to RP, just shoot me a VM/PM!

Thanks, Kitakins <3
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Blast-Ended Skrewt
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Lyric Bayliss-Black
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Marilyn Romalotti
Minister's Office

Ministry RPG Name:
Gabriel P. Banner
Law Enforcement
x12 x12
Default Ravenclaw Male Prefect
Zombie Apocalypse Team Leader ★ ★ in a crown of pepperoni and artisan cheese

Full name: Gabriel Phrixus Banner
Nickname(s): Gabe
Date of Birth: October 10, 2068
Place of Birth: Brighton, England
Current residence: Brighton, England
Social Standing: Upper Class
Ancestry: Halfblood
Nationality: British
Allergies: NA
Relationship Status: Captus
Hair: Dark brown
Height: 5’8”
Eye color: Brown
Complexion: Moderately tanned
Build: Tall and somewhat lanky, with slight muscle definition.
Usual attire: He dresses like a bit of a geek. Typically, Gabe wears jeans, a tee shirt, and then a button up layered over that...with converse. And OF COURSE, his geek!chic glasses...that aren't meant to be chic because he'd be completely BLIND without them.
Birth marks / Tattoos: NA
Face Claim: Dylan O'brien
Post color: #536872
Father: Currently unknown
Mother: Linda Banner
Siblings: Ruby Banner, Gage Banner, Diarmuid Banner, Aina Banner, Martina Banner, Thunder Ward, Camden Banner, Cody Banner
Cousins: Maya Summers, West Odessa, Aspen Odessa
Pet(s): NA
Wand: Robust Ebony wood, 11 inches with Hippogriff feather
Patronus: NA
Boggart: NA
Amortentia: N/A
School: Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Ravenclaw
Year: Sixth Year
Best Subject(s): Arithmancy, History of Magic, Potions
Worst Subject(s): Divination, Flying
Language(s): English, Latin (classical and modern), Greek (classical and modern), Russian, Swedish, (some) Gobbledegook, (some) Mermish

Love potion survivor and Antidote Inventor (Potions, Term 38)
Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers (Recommendation, Term 38)
Most Likely to Invent Something (Yearbook, Term 38)
Ravenclaw Prefect (2085, Term 39)

O - Ancient Runes
O - Arithmancy
O - Astronomy
A - Care of Magical Creatures
E - Charms
A - Defense Against the Dark Arts
A - Divination
A - Herbology
O - History of Magic
E - Muggle Studies
O - Potions
A - Transfiguration

Likes: Languages, parchment, different colored ink, numbers, science, facts, textbooks, knowledge, studying, color!coding notes, history of the wizarding world, theories, Coral Bay
Dislikes: People, crowds, loud noises, interruptions, sports

Known Acquaintances:
Jeremiah Walker
Ceorlic Galbraith
Hugh Hughbert
Zahra Kettleburn

Dot Wojack
Tobias Tempus
Clara Wilde
Coral Bay Aldrich
Year One: Homeschooled and tutored.
Year Two: Homeschooled and tutored.
Year Three: Homeschooled and tutored.
Year Four: Homeschooled and tutored.
Year Five:
Year Six: TBA
Year Seven: TBA


OOC: HOLLA! My name's Kerri (or LOO, for short)! I live in the deep south of Atlanta, Georgia (which is GMT -5 EST for those that don't know). I'm an Italian GA state employee, mother, loyal friend, SUPER SLYTHERCLAW BUDDY, and SSer. This is my FIRST term as Ravenclaw Male Prefect, but not my first as a Student leader. I held that Slytherin Captain's badge for a hot minute, too. Pros about me: I'm very loyal and very honest. Cons about me: I'm very loyal and very honest. I'm ate up with southern sass, but really just a huge lovable, feelsy teddy bear. LET'S BE FRIENDS!!!
We live in cities you'll never see onscreen..._______________________________________________
So very pretty, and we sure know how to run things..._______________________________

Livin' in ruins of a palace, within our dreams...____________
We're on each other's team._____

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Brooks Bradshaw
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Dieter Kareless
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Coulson Bradshaw
Law Enforcement
Default Ravenclaw Female Prefect
Ern's Walmart Greeter

● C O R A L - B A Y_A L D R I C H ●

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Name on Birth Certificate - Coral-Bay Aldrich
Nickname(s) - CB, Cors, Coral
Birthdate - November 17th, 2070
Star Sign - Scorpio
Place of Birth - Sri Lanka
Social Standing - Upper class
Relationship Status - No longer single
Current Place of Residence - London, UK
Previous Place(s) of Residence - Gengenbach, Germany
Languages Known - English, Spanish, Afrikaans, Latin, some german, some dutch, some russian, some french
Allergies - pollen, lactose intolerant

Hair - dark brown, almost black
Eyes - hazel
Skin Tone - olive
Skin Imperfections/Tattoos - light freckles on her nose and upper cheeks, a slightly heart shaped freckle under her left eyebrow, usually covered up by make-up
Build - healthy, a little meat on her bones and currently at average weight for her age
Height - Currently 5'2
Ethnicity - English & Hispanic
Style - A sneak peek at Coral-Bay's closet
Face Claim(s) - Kylie Jenner

Mother - Eytelia Aldrich
Father - Sorrel Aldrich
Sister - Halcyon Aldrich
Other important family members - N/A
Pet(s) -
A Basenji named Foxtrot
A red American Quarter Horse with white down his nose named Fandango
A White-Nosed Coati with 1/8 niffler blood named Tango
A Grand Cayman Iguana named Conga
A Juliani Painted Miniature Pig named Rumba
A Siberian kitten named Ballet
Link to family tree

Coral’s personality changes from time to time. She often looks to others before deciding how she should react to certain things, often asking for approval in a way. She mainly looks to Hallie when trying to decide these things. Silently, she’d watch how she would react, and imitate it slightly but not completely. When Hallie isn’t around, and she’s unsure of people or certain situations, she tends to think about how her sister would react and tries to act just as she would, which sometimes can result in her coming off a little colder before she truly gets comfortable with people. When she’s completely comfortable with a person, she can be sweet and bubbly, a little goofy, but always thinking things through.

She’s not the type of person to just jump into things with people she’s uncertain about. However, she’s not quite as calculated as her twin and does enjoy the occasional bit of spontaneity. She’s fond of trying to predict the outcomes of things. She can get competitive sometimes and doesn’t like losing, but she’ll sacrifice winning if it leads to a better ending, especially with her sister.

Views Self - Coral doesn’t like to think of herself too often, but she doesn’t think of herself as much. She has fairly good self esteem, and knows she’s fairly intelligent.

Interactions & Relationships -

✓ Halcyon [sister] - These two are inseparable. As twins with very little interaction with other children their own age, they’ve become very reliant on one another. She adores and looks up to her ever so slightly older sister and often looks for approval in her. The two get along great, always forgiving one another after they have fights, despite Coral-Bay being known to hold grudges rather well.
[after year one at hogwarts] - Coral and Hallie are no longer inseparable. They’re not strangers either though. The two have drifted from one another at school, Coral finding her place among friends and feeling at home in her house, whereas Hallie was not so lucky. Coral payed less and less attention to her sister, ultimately making her feel guilty after the reveal that her sister had planned to run away over summer in an effort to get her parents to keep her home the following year.
[after year two at hogwarts] - This past summer, things grew worse. The twins didn't speak, they didn't even live in the same house. Their only interactions were at work and were very brief. Sadly, both appeared to be happier without the other around. Maybe it was for the best.
✓ Cristo [tutor] - Until very recently, Coral-Bay had a huge crush on her tutor/nanny and had always looked up to him as a role model. After realizing that he has been paid to take care of her, she can’t ever see herself having a close relationship with him again. Everything feels fake to her.
✓ Etaylia & Sorrel [mother & father] - They don’t have much of a relationship as neither of her parents are very good with the twins. They leave most of the care giving to Cristo, not allowing for much of a relationship between them and the twins. Coral has always thought highly of them until their recent punishment.
✓ Sophie Brown [dorm mate & best friend] - Dorm mates puts it lightly. They’re best friends in CB’s eyes, and she’s sure the feelings are reciprocated. From sweet talking their way into extra blankets and cuddling to keep warm, to secretly keeping Rumba in the room and away from the headmistress, the two get along very well. CB feels very comfortable around Soph, enough to gossip with her and talk about cute boy things and even share her and Hallie’s pretty boys of hogwarts list. The two often share the events of the day before going to bed and can quite possibly know eachother better than anyone else.
✓ Casper Duluth [frenemie] - Coral doesn’t dislike Casper. Well... she does. But she pretends not to for her sister’s sake. Since Hallie calls him her only friend, CB can’t exactly say anything bad about him. So she thinks. However, she finds him interesting and thinks that if he maybe stopped messing with her, she could like him better.
✓ Caterina Moretti [mentor | kittyma | etc.] - CB likes to think of her as a friend, a mentor and generally someone to look up to. Being the twin that the Cat half of ElCat claimed, CB liked following her around some, learning how to bake and everything in between. She’ll be the new penpal.
✓ Pietra Moretti [penpal] - After meeting in the menagerie, CB clicked with the shy girl, and the twins became her penpal. The three keep in touch by sharing letters, cute little drawings and little presents whenever they could. Unfortunately this had to stop due to being snowed in, causing CB to think that Pi might be mad at her for not answering and receiving her letters.
✓ Simon Holden [friend] - Third year crush number one. But also a friend. That’s for sure. The two immediately hit it off after crossing paths in front of a silly painting of troll ballerinas. They often got hot chocolate together and hung around the fireplace in the kitchen to keep warm, even getting cosy under a blanket once.
✓ Zander Adair [friend] - Third year crush number two. Also a friend. After Zander accidentally ripped her favorite book, the boy went to every length to figure out how to properly fix it and he did. Now she’s trying to figure out how to return the favor. He also happens to be her first kiss.
✓ Kyroh Scabior [little buddy] - Her little Ravenclaw buddy. Coral looooves to pat his head and give him hugs and hold his hand. She likes being around him. She wasn’t so taken with the boy at first, though. He had interrupted her reading in the common room on their arrival day and asked her a lot of questions. But she got over it, and talked to the kid properly and now they’re all buddy buddy.
✓ Maddie Cooper [fourth year comrade] - restraining herself from hugging and hand holding with the young girl was difficult for CB but she managed to make it work. She enjoys the girl's company as well as her views on world domination and the like.
✓ Gabriel Banner [more than a friend] - there is a lot to be said here. A lot that I will fill in later. Yes.
Likes - Animals, her family, traveling, boys, make-up, style, pink, writing, learning new languages, history, bright things, snuggling
Dislikes - erklings, Casper, people who her friends don’t like, being cold, her parents, people who chew with their mouth open, dull colors
Hobbies/Interests - She loves history (especially the magic kind), she collects jewelry from each country she visits as well as little toy/glass/trinket hippos,
Habits - follows Hallie around, avid teeth brusher, talks to herself or Foxtrot when she’s alone for too long, writes herself encouraging sticky notes to get through the days, reading history books about the places she’s currently in/sitting in, hand holding, playing with people's fingers (normally Soph's or Gabe's)
Attitude - sweet, protective of her sister, endearing, outgoing, unintentionally selfish
Fears - erklings, death, failure, sounding stupid, abandonment
Skills/Talents - She can touch her nose with her tongue, ambidextrous, can recite the alphabet backwards

Brief History
Coral-Bay was the second twin born to Sorrel and Eytelia Aldrich. [there should be more here but i’m lazy]

Development in School Years -
✓ Year One - Not at school
✓ Year Two - Not at school
✓ Year Three - After all the fuss of not wanting to go to a school for a year, Coral can easily admit that she had a lot more fun that she had thought she would. She had less freedom, sure, but the people at school made it all worth while. Being trapped inside due to excessive snow for half of the term may have helped with that. She’s still taken to ‘borrowing’ bits and pieces of other people’s personalities to help her through certain situations. For example, she stayed guarded, like Hallie would, around new people for a while until she felt comfortable to be a little more bubbly and sweet. Over the summer, she hunted down her sister and hung out with Sophie.
✓ Year Four - Most of the year was spent away from her sister. The relationship between twins faltered and near failed; it is not easy to fix, nor is it fixable at the very moment. The two keep their distance after various screaming matches and a whole lot of miscommunication. She grew more sociable with her peers and became rather cozy with a certain Banner.
✓ Year Five [to come] -

Wizard Specs
Wand - 11 2/3" twirly Walnut with Clabbert Tooth
Patronus - N/A
Boggart - N/A
Amortentia - N/A
Blood Status - pureblood
School - Hogwarts
Current Year - Fifth
House - Ravenclaw
Classes Taken - N/A

Post Color

OOC: Hi friends! I'm Lili and I live in New Jersey (soon to be Florida, actually! :3) which falls under the GMT -5 EST time zone as well! I'm a college student studying Graphic Design and I'm hoping to put that to good use in a few years after I graduate. I love movies, music, television and the like; I'm always down to talk about that or whatever strikes your fancy, really! This is my first term as prefect overall; the only other sort of experience I have is working on Diagon Alley for a three terms or so (maybe more? I don't remember. Oops). Anyway, I'm very friendly so if you ever have any questions at all, or would like to have a chat or RP, feel free to VM or PM me!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Amelia "Mia" Adair
Fourth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Leigh Upstead
Third Year
be curious, not judgmental

❀ Sophie Brown ❀
model: Rowan Blanchard

♒ Basics ♒
▸ Full Name: Sophie Mae Brown
▸ Nicknames: Soph, Baby Bird
▸ DOB: October 22, 2069
▸ POB: Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon, England
▸ Heritage: Pureblood
▸ Year: Fifth

▸ Patronus: Unknown
▸ Wand: 10 3/4 inches, Vinewood with dragon heartstring
▸ Boggart: Unknown
▸ Amortentia: Unknown
▸ Personality: ESTP

▸ Father: Kieran Brown, Hit Wizard, former Gryffindor
▸ Mother: Olivia Brown (formerly James), Herbologist, former Gryffindor
related to the James family. Olivia is the sister of Matthew James, making him Sophie's uncle; Erin James is Sophie's aunt, and Maximus James is Sophie's cousin.

Sophie is a fast-paced risk-taker, thinker, and people-person who will initiate as many adventures as people will allow her. She presents a friendly face and wants to have fun, explore, and learn everything she possibly can to be the best she can be. Rules are simply optional guidelines to her enthusiastic lifestyle. A natural persuader, she has an uncanny ability to read other people's nonverbal communication and anticipate what others will say and do. She thrives in crisis situations, but becomes easily bored and struggles with expressing her emotions. Humor is her shield to vulnerability, a side that only comes out in the most serious of situations. She lives in the here-and-now, thinks on her feet, and can come across as blunt or rude without realizing she's being insensitive. Regardless, she finds a happy medium between being logical and rational and being spontaneous and carefree.

She's cool and she knows it.

She has lots of friends. Or lots of people she thinks are friends: Caterina Moretti, Marcus Branxton, Tobias Tempus, Coral-Bay Aldrich, Paris Sykes, Elodie Robertser, Zander Adair, Ethan Mordaunt, Aidan Stone, Maddie Cooper, Kyroh Scabior, Dot Wojack, Dima Toussaint, Leah Abbott, Josette Edayson, Kace Lecium, Jun Kim, Nigel Barrington, Bart Maroon, Brynn Rhys-Davies, Hope Evans. And others.
♒ Likes ♒
having fun
going on adventures
learning stuff
new friends
her hair
being right
Cat & Mo
Tobes, her best friend for life and probably soulmate
CB, her other best friend for life and friendship soulmate
Professor Culloden & potions
Professor Thompson, (former) Professor Fuller, and their swimming pool
Professor Flamsteed & astronomy
the Appleby Arrows
♒ Dislikes ♒
uninteresting people
people who don't know how to have fun
being wrong
talking about feelings
people who don't have a sense of humor
being an old person
not being able to be active
cold weather
being frozen solid
Zahra Kettleburn
♒ History ♒
Born on the 22nd of October in 2069 in Ottery St. Catchpole, Sophie Mae Brown was the first and only child to a pureblood wizarding family, consisting of her father, Kieran Brown - a Hit Wizard - and her mother, Olivia Brown (nee James) - a Herbologist. Both former Gryffindors, the two raised Sophie to be fearless.

With her Hit Wizard father frequently away from home, Sophie grew to be best friends with her mother, who worked at home in the family greenhouse. Every night before she went to bed since she was two years old, Olivia would read magical fairytale books to Sophie, filling her head with creativity and imagination. Until she was seven and became less theatrical, Sophie enjoyed creating her own action-packed, whimsical, and often improvised stories and acting them out for her one-man audience, her mother. She thrived on the excitement on the moment and couldn't get enough of creating her own fun.

Olivia taught Sophie about every magical plant she could before Sophie would run off and decide to climb a tree. Despite her short attention span in her youth, Sophie enjoyed learning about everything magical and would plow through any magical book in the house when the weather was poor or she was too sick to go outside. The topic she loved to talk about most with her mother was Hogwarts and all the adventures and opportunities that came with it. Despite her mother's stories of Gryffindor house, Sophie knew outright that she wanted to be placed in Ravenclaw. She acknowledged her own Gryffindor traits, but she knew she treasured wit and learning above all else and figured she could still get to have just as many cool adventures as she would as a Gryffindor. When Sophie received her Hogwarts letter, she promptly framed it on her bedroom wall.
♒ Family Life ♒
Father: Kieran Brown, a former Gryffindor and current Hit Wizard, is fairly missing in action from Sophie's life. When he's home, the family has nice, regal dinners and Kieran makes Sophie feel special by sharing top-secret stories with her over the dinner table that he would probably lose his job over if the right people knew he was sharing them. Still, he loves his daughter and wants the best for her, despite his frequent absences. Not big on physical affection, Kieran enjoys winning his daughter over by buying her things. And it works, as far as he can tell...

Mother: Olivia Brown, a former Gryffindor and current Herbologist, works from home in the family's greenhouse. If you were to ask her to name the hundred magical plants she has in her greenhouse, she would be able to do it in less than five minutes. Alphabetically. Olivia's relationship with her daughter is everything she hoped it would be when she had a daughter; the two never share feelings, but they share ideas, thoughts, and aspirations for Sophie's life and the world at large. Olivia is supportive and thinks the freedom of expression is the best mode of parenting. She doesn't mind that Kieran spoils Sophie, as long as Sophie shows no signs of greediness. Olivia permits Sophie to be her own person, make her own choices, and, of course, learn from her own mistakes. She only steps in when she believes it to be absolutely necessary, but most of the time, Sophie makes her very proud.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Devin James Horton
Seventh Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Deanna Joyce Horton
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Penelope Wright
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Elizabeth Wright
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Penelope Wright
Post color=#7f11e7

Name: Penelope Wright
You can call me: Penelope. Never Pen or Penny unless I say you can. My sister Isa calls me Penny.
Age: 12
Year: Second Year
Date of Birth: 12 July 2072
Place of Birth: near San Francisco, California
Blood status: half and half
Wand: 10 3/4 inch Hazel, Unicorn hair core

Hair: long, wavy, brown
Eyes: brown

Mother: Elizabeth Wright
Father: David Wright (muggle)
Sister: Isabel (6)
Pet: Ophelia (barn owl), cat

Likes: Learning, reading, books, classical music, playing the piano, playing the flute, animals, art, books, wheat-free baking, helping people, dark blues and purples, origami, butterflies, origami butterflies, smart people
Dislikes: small spaces, dangerous projectiles (such as planets in astronomy activities), being wrong, sweets, unhealthy foods, chocolate
Allergies: wheat

Personality: Can be very quiet and shy, but tries to be friendly and helpful to other Ravenclaws.

History: Lived in California with her parents and around muggle relatives until she was 9, moved to England with her parents and sister when she was 10.

SPOILER!!: first year bio
Name: Penelope Wright
Age: 11
Place of birth: near San Francisco, California
Where she lives now: London
Blood status: half and half: witch mother, muggle father

School: Hogwarts (why does anyone even bother to write this?)
House: Ravenclaw
Year: First

Physical Description
Hair: long, wavy, brown
eyes: light brown

Pet: Owl, Ophelia

Likes: Learning, reading, books, classical music, playing piano and flute
Dislikes: Not knowing things, being disturbed when she is working, having to climb up and down all of those flights of stairs everyday, incorrect grammar
Other: claustrophobic, afraid of getting hit by things
Doesn't eat chocolate, pizza bread, certain meats, and pretty much anything else you can think of because she has a wheat allergy, and many things contain wheat. She may appear to eat very little, and unlike other students, she does not eat chocolate when they get free chocolate in DADA class, does not eat anything when they make pizza in muggle studies, and does not eat the fortune cookie when a notice for divination class sows up in the form of a fortune in a fortune cookie.

Personality: Penelope is generally shy, and doesn't speak much, but once she gets to know someone she talks more. Though mostly quiet, she has her brave moments. She can be sensitive, moody, and emotional at times.

History: Moved to London from California

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Takeru Asakura
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Legend Chosen
Magical Law Enforcement

x5 x7
★ BabyQuad ★ PERRY THE PLATYPUS ★ Ern's Fave ★ dangerous with brooms ★

the little Scabior


NICKNAME/ALIAS Peter Parker,Spiderman, Ky, Freckles (only to Maddie)
AGE 13
DATE OF BIRTH November 14th 2071
PLACE OF BIRTH Heraklion, Greece
LIVES IN Waterhead, The Lake District

YEAR Third
HOUSE Ravenclaw
WAND 10 ½ inch Ebony with a Griffin talon core
FULENT IN English & French
STRONGEST SUBJECTS Potions, History of Magic

BOGGART Cockroaches
WEIGHT 105 lbs.
EYES Brown
HAIR Chestnut brown (dyed blonde right now)
GENERAL Since the most recent summer, Kyroh has grown quite a bit. He tends to wear a lot of flannel, striped with vests, baseball hats and loves bow ties. He is very picky about what he wears and finds matching to be a necessity.

He has recently taken up the activity of combing his wavy chestnut brown hair, (though it is quite new to him) it is now seen in a slightly gelled fauxhawk style rather than it's previous mess. Kyroh doesn't mind getting a little dirty and roughed up, as long as its for fun, so often his pants can be seen with holes in various places, no matter how new they tend to be.

With freckles that cover his face, Kyroh is usually seen spotting a huge welcoming smile.

LIKES break dancing and dancing in general, having fun, pushing boundaries, Comic books, hugs, reading, his Dragons, Dragons in general, Spiderman, gymnastics, food, his family, learning, sandwiches, flying, superheros, cucumbers

people who think that they know everything, stories with no endings, crying too much, people who say he doesn't belong in Ravenclaw, a certain Slytherin aka Cutty.

The Little Scabior is a fire cracker. Kyroh is energetic and loves to be active. Openly friendly, despite spending most of his childhood as an only child he tries to do his best and share what he has with other people. When Kyroh isn't running around he is asking questions, actively showing that what, how, when, where and why happen to be his favourite words. He doesn't need to know about everything. He just wants to.

Kyroh generally tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve. When he is happy everyone knows, but the same goes out to when he is upset or frustrated. Although fully aware that he is very much a wizard, when angry Kyroh doesn't necessary attempt to keep his emotions in check, allowing his magic to cause more harm than it should, and he is 100% okay with that. Although being from a family of tough as nails Scabior's, Kyroh is known to cry in moments of too much distress, he simply can not help it, and knowing this makes him cry even more. At times when he is really overwhelmed he is often seen tugging at his hair.
Father: Everett Scabior
Mother: Althea Scabior (née Schirmer)
Birth Mother: Gloria Kerr
Sister: Jade Scabior (2085)

God-Father: Cairan Black
God-Sister/Cousin: McKenzie Black
Unoffical God-Mother: Rosaline McClane

A Better Look: Family Tree


Sir Spots Kitten

Dragon (which is a toy but to him they might as well be a pet):Scottie-Flamel

Past Dragons:Ramsey, Sora

Kyroh was born on November 14th, 2071, into the failing marriage of half-blood wizard Everett Scabior and mixed-blood witch Gloria Kerr. He currently lives with his father, adopted mother Althea Scabior, and sister Jade Scabior in England. During his first year at Hogwarts he was sorted into Ravenclaw.

You can find out more information here.

Kyroh is the great-grand nephew of one of the most well known Snatchers in the Second World War.

His birth mother Gloria Kerr is one-fourth Veela which makes Kyroh one-eight Veela. However, it remains unknown if he has received any Veela characteristics.

{act like you know me, but you never will}__{but there's one thing that I know for sure}

{i'll show you}
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Louis Bracken
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Daphne Richardson
International Cooperation

Ministry RPG Name:
Natalie McKinley
Environmental Protection

x3 x1
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Evangeline Shacklebolt

General Info

Full Name: Evangeline Annette Shacklebolt
Goes by: Evie
Date of Birth: June 10th, 2070
Current Age: 15
Relationship Status: ......


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’3”
Model: Yara Shahidi

Magical Info

Current Year at Hogwarts: Fifth
Blood Status: Half-blood
House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Cedar, Hippogriff Feather Core
Patronus: TBD
Amortentia: TBD
Boggart: TBD
Favorite Subjects: CoMC
Least Favorite Subjects: Everything else.

Family Info

Father: Michael Kingsley Shacklebolt
Mother: Annette Laurel Shacklebolt
Siblings: Milton Jensen Shacklebolt (half brother)


Evie can be a very quiet person to someone she is not familiar with. She sometimes tends to be shy, but if she likes you she can open up easily. She tends to be very trusting with other people and is a very loyal friend in return. Ruining that trust will not end well.


Evie grew up with her mom and didn’t meet her father until she was ten years old. Always wanting a father figure, it was very easy to love and trust him. Her father took them both back after divorcing his first wife and Evie and her mother now live a much more comfortable life than before.

When she met her father was when she also met her half-brother, Milton. At first, they were very stand-offish of each other and didn’t get along. Over the years, they have grown much more fond of each other and Evie looks up to Milton. She enjoys pestering him and hanging out with his almost-wife and his friends.

Evie was homeschooled, much like her older brother, but she never liked it. She always felt like she was missing out on the social aspect of becoming a teenager. It took nearly a year to convince her father to let her go to Hogwarts.

In 2085 Evie will start her first year at Hogwarts, as a fifth year.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Roman Gellar
First Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Arden Toros
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Jessica Tomás
International Cooperation

Ministry RPG Name:
Scott Ferguson
Law Enforcement
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Eden Patricia McGee

Model: Alexandra Daddario
Post colour: Navy Blue
Image by:Tegz

About Me:
Name: Eden McGee
Nicknames: Ed, Eddipop, Paradise(Phoenix only.), Edey, Denny, HABIBI
Gender: Female.
Age: Sixteen(going on SEVENTEEN!)
Year: Sixth
Date of birth: February 18, 2069
Place of birth: Wexford, Ireland
Current place of residence: Wexford
Fluent in: English?
Relationship Status: Single...depending on how you shoot it.

Magical Me:
House: Ravenclaw
Heritage: Half/Half
Wand: 9 ½ inch Ravenwood with Unicorn hair core, flexible.
Patronus: PAHH! Unknown.
Boggart: Her friends all laughing at/mocking her
Amortentia: woodsy, musky smells.
If I looked in the Mirror of Erised, I would see: Family surrounding her(even her grandparents) with lots of gold and happiness.

Lookin' AT Me:
Height: 5’3”
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Blue
Weight: Average
Skin: Very pale

Me' Family:
Dad: Iden George Howell
Occupation: “Traveler”

Mam: Irene Gwendolyn McGee
Occupation: Post Office Employee

Pets: Roddy(The Rottweiler) - RIP, friend

and Daisy(The Snake)

and Drago(Another Snake)

History of Me:
Eden was born in secret at the home of her maternal grandparents’ house on February 18th, 20something. Iden Howell, a pureblood from a very prestigious pureblood family went behind his father’s back to marry Irene, a muggle. Once the marriage was out in the open, the Howell’s disowned Iden from the family and cut him out of everything; the will, the tree, everything. Iden has two brothers, though, so the hope of the family did not rest on his shoulders alone.

Eden’s birth was unknown to her paternal grandparents for the first three years of her life. She took her mother’s surname because Iden did not want to pass along his surname to his daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Howell met Eden on her third birthday, before she was showing signs of magic. Irene was unaware of the magic going on with her husband and his side of the family, so the atmosphere of Eden’s third birthday was very tense. Magic was hidden, the Howell’s had to deal with muggles, and Eden was blissfully unaware of everything happening around her. The Howell’s did not make another effort to see their granddaughter again until later, when she was ready for magic school age.

She started showing signs of magic at the average age of five, and only then did Iden tell his biggest secret to his wife. The muggle women took it quite well and remains fascinated with magic ‘til this day. Eden vaguely remembers what her grandparents look like, but when she was ready for school age, they decided she would go to Durmstrang like the rest of the family(who are all Welsh). They offered to pay for all of her school stuff, like uniforms and books and whatnot, and that was the only present she ever got from her paternal grandparents. She met one of her cousins, Iwin, recently and has become close with him, but other than that, there is no contact with her paternal side of the family.

Eden started Durmstrang in September of 2079, and she did love it from the very beginning. Not that Eden loved school, but the people. She made friends there and was happy until recently, when she learned that she would not be returning to Durmstrang for the 2084 term. Her mother, who is home alone a lot because of Iden’s travels, wanted Eden somewhere closer to home. Since they live in Wexford, Ireland, Eden found out she would be attending Hogwarts for her fifth through seventh years of school.

Not a happy camper, nope.

UPDATE(Fifth Year): Eden started her fifth year at Hogwarts very shy and afraid of EVERYONE. But soon enough, she became great friends with roommate Clara Wilde, and her other roommate, Layla Ackerly, was soon to follow. It wasn't NEARLY as horrible talking to all these new people as Eden had previously imagined. The year was filled with fairy tale characters coming to life. Eden, at first, didn't much believe it to be true. She thought everyone was crazy. Though, as term ended...and things came to light...yeah. She figured it out. So whooh, yay, fifth year was just great. She also got, like, NINE OWLS which was two more than she THOUGHT she was going to get.

Also. She has a love life. But it won't be discussed here.

Eden is very complicated. She is indecisive, never knows what she wants, and when she does suck it up and makes a decision, she almost always regrets what she did and wishes she would have done differently. Eden is not very girly, but she does enjoy feeling pretty and getting compliments because she has low self esteem(poor thing hates her mouth). There is a definite lack of affection in her life when she’s home, for her mother works a lot and her father is almost always traveling. She becomes attached to people easily, and is very affectionate with these said people.

Eden is nice, usually, and not very judgmental, but she can be if she feels she needs to be. She will always stand up for her friends and can be quite nasty to those she feels are threatening her friends. She would prefer to be outdoors than indoors at any time in the day, and she also doesn’t really like the color pink. Eden doesn’t have much confidence in her abilities, so her magic is very lacking. She also thinks it has something to do with being half muggle, but really, she is ignorant in the fact that it makes no difference on her magical abilities.

What I liiiiiiike:
The color blue, being outside, Ireland, football, Quidditch, her dog, her snake, any animal, really, the cold, summer, too, money, her parents, reading muggle books, and exploring! and snakes. SNAKEESSS.

What I....DISLIKE:
Being stuck inside, being TOO hot, her lips, her mouth, her face, snobby purebloods, bullies, meanies, homework, and being still for too long.

*Now would be the time to mention all of Eden's friends, but in doing so, I'd forget half of them. So. You all know who you are.
"You can justify anything if you do it poetically enough."

Roman Gellar ● 1st Year ● Slytherin
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Jade Archer de Leon
First Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Olive Gracae-Ryans
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Clara Rider (née Wilde)
International Cooperation

Ministry RPG Name:
Riley Archer de Leon
Little Fox | ½ of Lauralie | Ravenclaw with a Hufflepuff heart and a Gryffindor soul | #HouseNATARIANA

Clara 'Rara' Wilde

___________face claim: Holland Roden

Time to Make a Stand
_____________P E R S O N A L

(Full name) Clara Faye Wilde
(Nicknames) Clarisse and Rara
(Place of Birth) Ashington, England
(Date of Birth) October 9, 2068
(Current residence) Ashington, England
(Ancestry) Mixed blood
(Nationality) British
(Year) Fifth
(House) Ravenclaw

This is What I Am
______A P P E A R A N C E

(Hair) Strawberry blonde
(Height) 5’3”
(Eye colour) Greeny-hazel
(Complexion) Fairly pale
(Build) Slim, yet curvy
(Usual attire) Jumper/skirt/tights/boots
(Other details) None

We Forget the Change
______________F A M I L Y

(Father) Malcolm Wilde (deceased)
(Mother) Anastasia Wilde (nee Evans) (deceased)
(Foster parents) Carol and Peter Adams
(Siblings) None, though Eden is like a sister to her

And We Hide from Our Mistakes
________________F U R T H E R P E R S O N A L

(Wand) Blackthorn, core of unicorn hair, 11 inches
(Patronus) N/A
(Boggart) N/A
(Best Subjects) Charms, Potions
(Worst Subjects) Ancient Runes, Arithmancy
(Likes) Languages, reading, solitude, being self-assured, knowledge, her friends, Latin, being honest
(Dislikes) Small spaces, crowds, pressure, her foster parents, being wrong

But it’s Time
__P E R S O N A L I T Y

Clara’s main trait, ask anyone, is her ability to be instantly judgemental. She judges people almost as soon as she meets (or sees) them and once her opinion is set it’s difficult to change her mind; it takes time and effort to change her opinion and that’s not something that a lot of people are willing to do. Paired with her ability to judge so harshly is her bluntness. Clara would often just say what she’s thinking, without caring too much for the other person’s feelings, and this can cause people to have negative opinions of her as they don’t feel inclined to get to know her more. This has been changing as, over time, she has lost friends and begun to realise that the way she treated people wasn’t always right. Now she is more open-minded – yes, she is still opinionated, but she has learnt to withhold judgement until she knows all the facts. The only exception to her old honestly ‘rule’ was when she deemed the opinion to be something that she would be better off keeping to herself, whether that be because it would put her at a disadvantage to voice it or it would hurt someone she cared about, and this still stands. When it comes to caring – it’s not something she does easily. Only a select few people have wormed their way into her heart – one didn’t even want to be there – and of those people Clara is possessive and protective. She doesn’t like other people meaning more to them than she does, especially if she doesn’t approve of the person. She views them as being ‘hers’ and will protect them to the end. Her fierce protectiveness could be as a result of the loss of her parents whom she will always feel responsible; she never wants to lose someone dear to her ever again. Another effect her parents’ death has had on her is an increase in her anxiety. Often small and unexpected things trigger it, but generally her triggers are crowds, extremely heated arguments, small spaces, thoughts of her parents and new situations. She deals with this anxiety by sketching out the situations, reading alone – often languages or poems – or seeking out the company of Eden, Gabe or Phoenix. When she is not anxious, however, Clara is very confident and collected and you wouldn’t suspect that she could be any other way, unless you knew her well (or saw her during the mornings or late evenings). As a result of her anxiety she is prone to being moody, irritable, or sad, or even a combination of them. When Clara is moody or irritable she tends to be less approachable and more blunt, even more so than usual, and will try and avoid company. Similarly, when she’s sad she often avoids company, preferring to be alone with her thoughts, but sometimes she needs company and when she does, it’s Phoenix that she goes in search of. Unfortunately, because she has these other strong emotions, she can seem quite unstable at times. Her mood can change so easily and be triggered by many different things that it’s nearly impossible to predict what she will do or say. Clara is also very impulsive by nature; she often acts on guts feelings or strong emotions without really thinking things through. For the majority of the time she lives in the moment, only really not when she is feeling under the weather. Despite being impulsive, when it comes to the practical and material things, she is quite thoughtful; for example: when putting thought into gifts, no price is too high, nothing is too much and she always manages to make them somewhat personal.

To Walk Away
_______H I S T O R Y

Days of Potter 2023:___________________________ Which Bertie Botts Flavour Are You?

You are Honey!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Eliza Bellerose
Second Year

Hiss!Roar!Growl!Caw! | Hermione's Double | The Little Three | Alecate

Model: Elle Fanning
Post Color: #C25A7C PaleVioletRed

xoxo, kate addison

»you should know«
Name: Kate Evangeline Addison
Born: October 30, 2073 Age: 11
House: Ravenclaw Year: First
Wand: 9 2/3 inches; sturdy apple; unicorn hair core
Boggart: TBD
Patronus: TBD

»mirror, mirror«
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Height: 4 feet 7 inches
Weight: 81.5 pounds

»she thinks she's all grown up«
August 31, 2085
My story begins in 2071 when my parents got married at age 21. I came along two years later, and we were a family of three. My parents were born and raised in Great Britain and even went to Hogwarts themselves. After they graduated university, though, they took positions at the Norwegian Ministry of Magic, and we've been living in Oslo ever since. Last Christmas, I asked for new clothes and shoes, but what I got instead was new clothes and shoes and a little brother named Ryland. We moved back home to Great Britain after that, because my parents wanted Ryland and me to go to Hogwarts like they did.

Before now, my mom's been my teacher. She was a Ravenclaw, and from what she's told me, Ravenclaws know lots of things. I want to be a Ravenclaw like her. Dad was a Gryffindor, and he says Gryffindors always jump head first into danger to try and save the day. That sounds sort of intimidating to me, so I'll stick to knowing lots of things like Mom. So far, I've been doing pretty good. My favorite subjects are Herbology and History of Magic, and I really, really dislike Arithmancy with a passion.

Now that I'm 11 soon-to-be 12, I've been trying to let go of the kid inside of me and learn how to be a pre-teen instead. I like that word--'teen'. It sounds so cool and so grown up! I'm still shy about having a boyfriend one day, though, and my Mom says I can't wear makeup until I'm 14. Some things will just have to wait, I guess. I'm really excited about living at Hogwarts, but I'm kind of scared, too. I'll miss my mom and dad and even Ryland, too, but I know this is the grown up thing to do! Well, that's all for now. I'm going to try and write another journal entry next year on this date, right before I start my second year. Maybe I can keep up with this parchment until then.
__________________________________________________ _________________xoxo, kate addison

August 31, 2086
»a girl's got to have her standards«
I just love
I love the colors rose pink, light blue, and coral. I can't wait to get to wear makeup, and some day, I hope to be able to style my hair like all the older girls do. I've always been home-schooled, so I'm really excited about the chance to go to school and meet new friends. I love the sunshine, and I think it's healthy to go outdoors and look at the beautiful world for at least a few hours a day. I love learning about magic and studying magical plants and potions, and I'm probably a little too excited to buy my new school supplies and clothes. My favorite treats are ice cream and cupcakes, and I'd be the happiest girl in the world if it was Christmas all year long!

I could do without
I hate being indoors for long periods of time, because there's just something about the sunshine that makes you feel free. I'm not looking forward to Arithmancy at all. Anything that's pale-colored makes me get bored, but things that are too bright make me feel like a little kid. I'm nervous about the boat ride across the Black Lake, and I'm even more nervous that the Sorting Hat won't be able to place me. That's probably about all the things I really truly don't like. There's still room on this parchment to add more if I feel like it, though.

»home is where the heart is«
Father: Silas James Addison II
Mother: Daphne Katherine Addison
Little Brother: Ryland Austin Addison
--Silas James Addison I and Elisabeth Ryland Addison
--Charles "Charlie" Abbot and Katherine Abbott
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Amelia Adara

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Emma Montmorency (#301199)
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Chloe Michelle Adara
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
TiaMarie Mancini
Ecological Protection

x12 x8
YesJess! | Captain Goggles | Mama Badger | Eva's Soul Sister | An OG™ | It's all in the Numbers

Graphic Credit: Kita (hermionesclone)

✘ TiaMarie Mancini ✘
Faceclaim = Kat Graham

The Basics
Born: August 4, 2071
House: Ravenclaw, Class of 2089 (current 4th year as of term 39)
Heritage: Half Blood

Relationship Status: Single.
Hometown: Palermo, Sicily
Best Subjects: Arithmancy and Ancient Runes and Charms, we think? But we'll let you know
Worst subjects: History of Magic ?
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Animal: Goldfish

Education History
  • Italia School of Magic for years one to three (2082-2085)
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry: 2085-2089
Year Four: TBD

Year Five: TBD

Year Six: TBD

Year Seven: TBD
TiaMarie tends to steer towards the quiet side, taking after her Aunt Alexandria the most in analyzing everything. She's a bit of a bookworm, only in that she has a thirst for knowledge and just wanting to KNOW EVERYTHING. She's not afraid to speak her mind and can be very defiant when she doesn't get what she wants. Sports? Forget it unless you count SHOPPING and FASHION as a sport. She's very confident, but always thinks before she acts. She can come off as somewhat sassy, but it might be attributed to her being the spoiled little sister. She's fiercely loyal and protective over her friends and family.

Mother: Leanne Elizabeth Mancini (neé Hadley), born 2040 - Ravenclaw 2051-2058, Healer in the Accidental Magic Ward in St Mungos
Father: Daniel Paolo Mancini, born 2037, muggle, mathmatician
Brother: Logan Paolo Mancini, born June 21, 2067
Maternal Grandfather: Marcus Ian Hadley, Muggle, General Physician and Entrepreneur
Maternal Grandmother: Nicole Lily Hadley (neé Calandra), Ravenclaw and Healer
Paternal Grandparents: Paolo and Marie Mancini, deceased circa 2075 in a plane crash
Aunts: Josephina Faith Nairne, born April 2, 2044 - Hufflepuff, 2055-2062, Hogwarts Arithmancy Professor (2071-2081) Muggle Studies Professor (2081-2085) & Alexandria June Hadley, born May 1, 2045 - Ravenclaw
Cousins: Septimus Quinn Nairne, born August 31 2083

ooc: Am I allowed to do this? :O *does so anyway* Hi, I'm Jess and I currently reside in New Jersey (but within the next few months that will hopefully change to the TarHeel State). I've been around since forever ... 20+ terms, including the last fourteen as staff and before that a slew of Hufflepuff Characters, but I'm really looking forward to being a part of the Ravenclaw clan and the change in perspective! <3

______________So much is happening to me. So much that I can't even see.
So many words of wisdom that I am trying to be. It'll be in my own time.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nicole Madeline Holloway
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Amy Harrington

Name: Nicole Madeline Holloway
Age: 12
Year in School: Second
House: Ravenclaw
Wand: 10 inch willow with veela hair
Pet: Cat named Diamond

Physical Description -
i. Hair colour :
Brown (curled)
ii. Eye colour : Green
iii. Height : Five foot
iv. Weight : Seventy-nine pounds
v. Defining physical features : None

More About Me: Nicole is a poor halfblood. She was born on October 21st 2072 to Steve and Catherine Holloway. Her father is a pureblood wizard, but her mother is a muggle, and since she was born she was raised to protect her father's secret so they could continue to live in the muggle community. When she was four years old, her younger brother Martin was born, and to this day they maintain a very close relationship.

She started muggle schooling with the other children her age in the neighborhood in order to learn her basic reading, writing and math skills.

Extra In-Depth Analysis - Nicole is always very happy and quirky. Although sometimes she will feel sad and lonely she will always put a smile on her face and be the nicest she can. She puts a lot of energy and effort in to things but that also results in her getting distracted easily. She always has multiple projects going on. In her time alone at home she is usually a lot more relaxed and you will often find her reading by the fireplace.

She is a fun-loving little girl. Nicole is also smart and creative. She is quite a bookworm, and borrows many books from the library. She is friendly to everybody. The girl respects muggles and muggleborns, making friends with a few at home. She does not like being judged or being added on to. She has certain qualities you may not even know.

Kate Addison
Lux Carrington
Aditya Rehman

Chance Coeur
Oleander Wisteria
Zhenya Burton

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Fortress of Brilliance ღ Mommy Quad

Made by Incantation
Name: Hayley Ann Diggory
Nicknames: Quack (aunt Lexi), Duckling (uncle Conner), Hayls (Chloe & Grace)
Age: 14
Year: Fourth
House: Ravenclaw
Strongest Subjects: History of Magic
Weakest Subjects: Divination

Date of Birth: May 31st, 2071
Place of Birth: Bristol, England
Lives in: Bristol, England
Blood Status: Halfblood
Wand Type: 9 2/3 inch solid Pear with Unicorn hair
Patronus: Unknown
Boggart: Vincent and Noah being disappointed in her as an older sister and cousin

Appearance -
i. Hair colour: Brown
ii. Eye colour: Grey-blue
iii. Height: 5'2"
iv. Weight: 105 lbs.
v. Defining physical features:

Family -
Dad: Curt Diggory, Mum: Savannah Mae-Diggory
Brother: Noah J. Diggory (9 years old)
Sister: Skylar N. Diggory (7 years old)

Godfather: Frederic Krum, Godmother: Alexis Chosen
Cousin: Vincent A. Krum (11 years old)
Cousin: Hazen C. Krum (7 years old)

Extended family: Here

Hayley's Pets:
Tulip - Half-Crup (4 Y.O)

History -
Born during the early morning of May 31st, 2071 at sunrise, in Bristol, England Hayley is the first child and eldest daughter of Curtis Diggory and Savannah Mae-Diggory. Both of her parents are former Hufflepuffs, prefects and class of 2068. They became friends during their first night at the castle, and started 'dating' in the winter of their Third year. Toward the end of their Seventh year, Curt proposed to Savannah at their favorite spot - Hogwarts lake, and of course, she said yes. After leaving Hogwarts, Curt accepted a reserve position with the Montrose Magpies and was later offered chaser, while Savannah studied magical creatures with the goal of becoming a creature healer. The two were married not too long after leaving school in a beautiful ceremony with the help of mutual best friend, Alexis Chosen, who had apparently been planning their wedding for a year or more prior to them actually getting engaged.

With just a couple months before their first anniversary as a married couple, Savannah and Curt were given an early gift - news from Savannah's healer, letting them know she was with child, and would need to come back in for another appointment in the following week. Of course, they were both thrilled. Nine months later, a beautiful little girl by the name of Hayley Ann Diggory entered the world (Ann, after Curt's beloved sister Annie) and changed their lives forever.

In the words of her parents, Hayley was always a happy and mostily quiet baby, not at all a screamer or typically fussy. This continued as she grew, though as soon as she learned to walk, Hayley began to show an adventurous side which led to many mishaps of the child attempting to jump off a shelf in order to fly without a broomstick, as well as other similar and less dangerous things. Thankfully, she's focused her attention elsewhere over the years. When Hayley was five-years-old, she became a big sister to little brother, Noah James Diggory (b. 2076), and then later at seven-years-old, her little sister Skylar Natasha Diggory (b. 2078) was born. Of course, not including her godmother/aunt Alexis' children, her cousins who live next door. Hayley comes from a very, very, large extended family from both her mother's, and her father's side of the family.

As soon as she was old enough, Hayley began attending a muggle school. Much like Savannah's parents, she and Curt had thought it was for the best that their children were brought up in, and experience, both worlds. Which meant up until her eleventh birthday, Hayley would attend a muggle school and learn things the muggle way before starting her wizarding education. Not that she was magic deprived, because she wasn't by any means. With her father and her godmother both being chasers for the Montrose Magpies for as long as she can remember, Hayley has been to many Quidditch games, but only ones were the Magpies played.

On her eleventh birthday, Hayley waited anxiously for her Hogwarts acceptance letter until finally, a snowy owl dropped in through the kitchen window. Since that moment on, an excited Hayley Diggory counted down the days until she got to go off to Hogwarts, just like her parents had at her age, along side her best friends Noel Wallace, Grace Paton, and Chloe Adara.

This is where her journey begins.

Extra In-Depth Analysis -
To be edited..

Dream. Try. Do Good.
I love you all,
Class dismissed.
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