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Old 02-18-2014, 01:06 AM
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Default Quick Quotes - 2083

Template by sweetpinkpixie

SPOILER!!: Text only version

Sssh! There's lots of juicy gossip floating around the Ministry and Diagon Alley, and up until this point, it's been up to YOU to sniff it out for yourselves. Well, much like our friends over at Aparecium, we've decided to bring the rumors to you. That's right ladies and gents - all your dirty laundry, all your secret meet-ups, and all your love triangles could all be out in the open if the right people are listening nearby.

We're currently looking for some trustworthy - and discrete - employees to join our ranks as Quick Quotes

We're always watching, and we're always listening - will YOUR secrets be overheard by the Quick Quotes Quill?



OOC: Yes, this is the Ministry/DA version of Aparecium! What juicy love triangles are forming between employees? What sinister conversations are occurring in Knockturn Alley? Well, it's all fair game now, if it's overheard or witnessed by someone, it can be reported on here!

If you would like to apply to work on the Quick Quotes team please PM THIS account with some samples of your writing. If you've worked on the Yearbook or for the DP that would be ideal, but strong RP posts will also be accepted. People who apply must be trustworthy RPers both IC and OOC, and be able to handle minimal graphic worker (altering PSDs and fonts) and being able to publish at LEAST three articles over the course of the IC year (starting from the end of the Ministry sorting until the closure of the Ministry for the next sorting). Most importantly, DO NOT tell anyone you plan to apply for Quick Quotes. This is all secretive!

This is also all IC! If your character witnesses something juicy, please PM it to this account so one of our writers can report on it! If you simply hear about it OOC, that does NOT count. When PMing us, do include the links in which the RP happened so we can verify that you were there and we can make sure the event actually happened.

As always, no offense meant! All of this is purely to lighten the mood of the RP and have a little fun. If you REALLY do not want your character involved, please just shoot us a PM and we will avoid topics that involve your character.

Finally, please do not post in this thread, and please DO speculate and circulate the rumors in the Ministry or Diagon Alley chats If you'd like your charrie to get ahold of one of these mythical parchments in the RP, get creative - is it mixed amongst the WANTED posters in the Atrium? Being used as a napkin in the Leaky Cauldron? It's up to you!
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Other Characters
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Default Summer 2083 - Shifty Snake and Muggle-fied Ministry?

SPOILER!!: Text only version

Hello Ministry workers...
Talk about a crazy couple of months! Even if you donít work in the Ministry,
Iím sure you heard by now how the Ministry threw a virtual temper tantrum, locking all the workers out of the Ministry building and forcing them out into Muggle London. How embarrassing. While the reason behind the lockout is still under investigation, many people have their own theories about what happened to cause the lockout - and some are not keeping quiet about it.

The main gossip culprit? Gabriela Schultz, aka the former Magical Transportation Department Head. She was spotted trying to get information out of a very uncomfortable looking Aron Ashburry -Hawthrone, asking quite a few questions about her replacement, Cale Newell. Her displeasure over being replaced by the former Floo Pow worker was evident when she complained loudly about his abilities to her boyfriend (or wait, is it fiance now?) at FLoreanís a few weeks later. Yesh girl, put your claws away, or at least keep it down!

What exactly is Miss Schultz planning? Is it innocent gossip, or does the shrewd lady have something sinister hidden up her sleeve? Word is that she was even seen changing the nameplate on Caleís door to HER name - and the curly haired department head is nowhere to be seen. What is going on here? Has someone staged a hostile takeover? Where is Anna Greingothís husband? Off getting a new rabbit fur toupee, or possibly even chained up in Gabiís apartment? Remember Miss Schultz, YOU left voluntarily to be with your boy toy, lets hope you arenít TOO mean to the loveable former Gryffindor...

In the meantime, the rest of the Ministry is running around trying to clean up after Emily Browne and her team of workers literally blew a HOLE in the wall to get back into the Ministry. We knew she loved her job and everyone wanted to get back in, but thatís a BIT much donít you agree? To make things even worse, all the magic seems to have virtually disappeared in all the work areas weíve poked around in. Guess weíll be doing things the muggle way for a while...this could either be hilarious or a complete and total disaster. Fingers crossed its both!

Until next time,


Wanna be part of the Quick Quotes team? We're still accepting applications!
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Other Characters
Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 107

SPOILER!!: Text Only Version
We're not usually one to hash old news, but it seems like the DMLE is up to its old tricks again. And by 'old tricks' we mean NOT doing their job of catching actual criminals. Instead, the DMLE is hunting down people who allegedly "violate" the Statute of Secrecy by using valid abbreviations near Muggles.

Just last month, a perfectly useful Daily Prophet reporter was suspended from his job for using one of these abbreviations and for supposedly "assaulting" an officer of the law. The scuffle started in a Muggle bakery near the Ministry when one of MLE's "finest" hit on the journalist's girlfriend. Is it now against the law to protect your girlfriend from pervs? According to the DMLE, it is.

As though it's not enough that the reporter was arrested, tied up, and dragged off IN FRONT OF MUGGLES to the DMLE's HQ in a scruffy subway station, the reporter was then assaulted by AN ADDITIONAL "officer of the law." The reporter was SAT upon by an Auror AND had his head brutally slammed into the concrete... ALL WHILE IN MLE CUSTODY!

If that's not POLICE BRUTALITY, what is?!

MLE Head Emily Browne may think that she is changing the face of her department, but all she is really doing is exacerbating the problem and allowing her "team" to run wild. She claims to have the Minister's stamp of approval on her so-called "procedures," but would the Minister truly support the bodily harm of his citizens? Apparently not, since all the charges against this journalist were dropped!

Take this true story into consideration the next time you find yourself witnessing a crime--- because even though you're innocent, YOU may end up being the guilty party!
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