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SPOILER!!: Text Only Version
We're not usually one to hash old news, but it seems like the DMLE is up to its old tricks again. And by 'old tricks' we mean NOT doing their job of catching actual criminals. Instead, the DMLE is hunting down people who allegedly "violate" the Statute of Secrecy by using valid abbreviations near Muggles.

Just last month, a perfectly useful Daily Prophet reporter was suspended from his job for using one of these abbreviations and for supposedly "assaulting" an officer of the law. The scuffle started in a Muggle bakery near the Ministry when one of MLE's "finest" hit on the journalist's girlfriend. Is it now against the law to protect your girlfriend from pervs? According to the DMLE, it is.

As though it's not enough that the reporter was arrested, tied up, and dragged off IN FRONT OF MUGGLES to the DMLE's HQ in a scruffy subway station, the reporter was then assaulted by AN ADDITIONAL "officer of the law." The reporter was SAT upon by an Auror AND had his head brutally slammed into the concrete... ALL WHILE IN MLE CUSTODY!

If that's not POLICE BRUTALITY, what is?!

MLE Head Emily Browne may think that she is changing the face of her department, but all she is really doing is exacerbating the problem and allowing her "team" to run wild. She claims to have the Minister's stamp of approval on her so-called "procedures," but would the Minister truly support the bodily harm of his citizens? Apparently not, since all the charges against this journalist were dropped!

Take this true story into consideration the next time you find yourself witnessing a crime--- because even though you're innocent, YOU may end up being the guilty party!
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