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Morgan P. Nickles Era All historical records pertaining to Ministry of Magic RPG under Minister for Magic, Morgan P. Nickles [IC January 2094 - December 2096; OOC October 2017 - October 2018]

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Default Energy Efficient Wizarding Homes (Gryphon Saxby)
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Energy Efficient Wizarding Homes
In a specially modified room off the main conservatory, Magical and Muggle Environmental Science expert and lecturer at the Salem Wizarding University Campus, Gryphon Saxby will be talking about the ever salient topic of making a wizarding home energy efficient. Gryphon understands this means different things to different people, so he has solutions for you regardless of how much magic vs muggle technology you opt to use. Come along and start thinking about how you can optimize your magical home for a minimal carbon footprint.
ooc: Remember, this is not a lesson like in the school RPG. Due to the nature and format of these presentations, please try to limit yourself to one main reaction post in response to the presentation/speech showing your character listening/participating/reflecting as you see fit. You may post a second time after the speaker character responds to your questions, or to interact with the speaker at the end of the presentation.
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It was time for his presentation. Was Gryphon Saxby nervous? Not at all. He'd given lectures for ten years. This one was much bigger than all the others but the rules were still the same. Speak clearly and accurately, and don't make eye contact with any particular person. Make hand gestures when needed.

"Good morning everyone." Smile. "I would like to thank everyone for attending. I would also like to thank the Ministry of Magic for their continual support and their dedication to protecting our environment. I hope the protesters in the auditorium didn't discourage you form the nobility of what this Summit is all about. They do not understand that protecting our environment is something will benefit us all." Yeah he was calling them out. Slight pause. "The presentation you are about to hear will inform you different ways to make your homes energy efficient. My name is Gryphon Saxby and I have been talking about this subject for nearly a decade."

"Right! Let's begin, shall we? I want you to raise your hands if you have any of these lightbulbs in your house." He held up a lightbulb. "Lightbulb. Most homes (including wizarding ones) have them. But did you know that not all lightbulbs are the same? This little lightbulb you see now is actually one of the worst things you could have in your home if your goal is to be energy efficient, and that is because this is an incandescent lightbulb. You would do much better with a compact fluorescent lamp, CFL for short." He drew another lightbulb from under the stand. "This is a CFL. CFL's can save THREE QUARTERS of the energy that an incandescent lightbulb could. This particular CFL will last 10,000 hours and will use 27 watts to generate as much light as this 100-watt incandescent bulb will. The lighting cost of a CFL is less than one-third of the cost for an incandescent. The best targets for replacement are 60- to 100-watt bulbs used several hours a day, because usage affects how long it takes to recover the investment you've made." He allowed a moment of silence for these words to soak in. "With all this information, don't you all want CFL's? Well you're in luck, because we're going to be giving away two to every person who wants them at the end of this presentation. Stick around!"

How was that for encouragement? Gryphon happened to have over one hundred such lightbulbs in his trunk (which was magically charmed to hold so much) and he hoped that he wouldn't have even one after today. It was his idea and the Ministry agreed.

"Now, let's take a break from Muggle devices to magic. Something very simple all of you can do no matter where you live or how much you chose to invest in Muggle technology, is the Herbivicus (pronounced her-BIV-i-cuss) charm. Good landscaping (especially if this landscaping involves deciduous trees) can save energy, especially if the trees are planted on your house’s west side. The foliage in summer blocks infrared radiation that would warm the house, and in winter the bare branches allow this radiation come through. Let me demonstrate." He pulled a small potted plant out of his trunk. Pointing his wand at it (which he just pulled from his pockets), he said, "Herbivicus!!!" In moments the plant had turned into a small tree about five feet tall. He opened the trunk very quickly to such it back inside. "Don't worry, the tree is safe." Heh heh heh. "If I used that spell again the tree would have grown twice as big. Don't be discouraged if your first attempts are not as successful. It took me weeks to master this particular spell."

"To go through this list here, here are a few more things you can do to make your home more energy efficient: Upgrade or replace windows.

If your windows are old and leaky, it may be time to replace them with energy-efficient models or to boost their efficiency with weather stripping and storm windows. Make sure your walls and attic are well insulated; this will slow the escape of heat form your home during the winter or into the house during summer. You can also improve the efficiency of your hot water system by first turning down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting (120°F), second, insulate your hot water lines so they don’t cool off as quickly between uses, and third, use low-flow fixtures for showers and baths."

He clapped and smiled at the audience. "Well! I think we're all covered. Has anyone got any questions? Come up on stage for your free two CFL lightbulbs! I hope this presentation was educational and has helped you to consider healthy, energy efficient alternatives to what you may be doing. Thank you everyone and have a great day."
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Educational? Hardly. CFL bulbs had been around for years before this man mentioned them, so if anyone didn't already know about them, then they were being willfully ignorant.

But they wasn't what really stuck in this particular activist's side. Nope. "You forgot to mention what happens if you have Muggle neighbors and they notice that your trees are suddenly two times taller than normal....." Totally forgot the 'don't use this around Muggles' warning, dude, so anyone trying was on you. And there were people that were dumb enough to do it too. "Also, trees do have feelings, you know. So, that spell hurts them just as much as it would hurt if someone used it on you." Duh.
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Jorge Cristo De La Garza was, of course, present at this event. He was a journalist after all and there was a speaker about something sports related. He had heard the turf talk and now he was moving on to other speakers just to see what was going on. Moving into the next room he took a seat just as the man started to talk.

When the discussion started about lightbulbs Jorge sat quietly and listened. The energy from the lightbulb was interesting, but he had not been aware that muggle electricity to the lightbulb and magic to turn on the light produced the same issues. So he nodded as the man continued and took down some notes. Why not make their own home better if he could while he was here. They were even getting bulbs for free, well he'd have to send Mariel in as well they could get double for their home right then and there.

The charm was interesting as well, though he liked his landscape to grow naturally and he hadn't had to do much to their home since Mariel had lived there all her life. He thought of the tree they planted in honor of their first child that was never meant to be. The tree had grown to adulthood and was a wonderful spot to play for his children.

Once the man was done his eyes moved to a person that seemed to disagree a bit or at least say about the muggles. It was a valid point though, until the feelings part. "It's a plant, I'm sure that the spell won't harm it." This guy couldn't be serious, could he?
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Imogen Greyvson was quietly listening to Gryphon Saxby’s comments on energy efficient homes. Nodding slowly she just listened and eyed the Activist as they commented about trees having feelings…and she had to admit that taller trees COULD be suspicious to muggles however that wasn’t such a big deal considering there were certain things that lead to trees being taller than others. They could simply explain that the trees in their yard had been there far longer than the neighborhood. Right? Unless the wizard had moved in later and the muggle knew more on that.

Still, she looked at the stage for a moment before considering the fact that CFL bulbs weren’t in any way shape or form new to the energy market. Still the blonde woman just watched for a moment paused before looking at the presenter. ”Pardon me? Mr. Saxby? Do you have anything to say about other forms of energy efficiency in houses such as what muggles were doing in the late 2010s with Net Zero homes?
she asked a kind smile on her face.

Really, she did want to know if having thicker walls and not needing heating in the winter made things well…better for the environment or was that just…more a way to save on bills?

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