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Morgan P. Nickles Era All historical records pertaining to Ministry of Magic RPG under Minister for Magic, Morgan P. Nickles [IC January 2094 - December 2096; OOC October 2017 - October 2018]

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Default A Comparison of Natural and Artificial Turf for Quidditch Pitches (Lucas Hawthorne)
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A Comparison of Natural and Artificial Turf for Quidditch Pitches
Just outside of the conservatory, Lucas Hawthorne is waiting to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of artificial turf for use on Quidditch pitches. Mr. Hawthorne is employed by the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Games and Sports. As a Quidditch public relations officer, his expertise in the field will provide for an informative discussion and presentation. After the Q&A session, those in attendance will have the opportunity to test out the large strips of artificial turf and natural grass laid out on the ground behind Mr. Hawthorne to compare for themselves by either walking on them or taking off and landing on them with the brooms provided.
ooc: Remember, this is not a lesson like in the school RPG. Due to the nature and format of these presentations, please try to limit yourself to one main reaction post in response to the presentation/speech showing your character listening/participating/reflecting as you see fit. You may post a second time after the speaker character responds to your questions, or to interact with the speaker at the end of the presentation.
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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

It was time for his presentation as the allotted time had finally arrived. Lucas was both a little nervous but a lot more excited. He stepped up to the podium, confident in himself. "Good day, everyone. Welcome to the Department of Magical Games and Sport's presentation of A Comparison of Natural and Artificial Turf for Quidditch Pitches. On behalf of the Department, I, Lucas Hawthorne, will be delivering said presentation.'' Yes, he was quite aware that the brochures had the introduction covered but it was quite polite to start off this way.

The man cleared his throat before launching into the task.

''There are many advantages of natural turf. A few of these include’’- and here, Lucas used the remote to switch slides so that a picture of a rather green and grassy patch of field appear along with a few words. "One, air. Did you know that a turf area measuring twenty five hundred square feet can produce enough air-through photosynthesis- for a four member family?’’ He clicked the remote once more; the slide switched displaying a different picture and notes. “Starting in 2013, an Environmental Protection Agency Chesapeake Bay programme concluded that the fibrous root system of the turf stabilises soil to reduce erosion and thus prevents the movement of sediment into creeks and other river outlets. Three, heat. Did you know that, if well maintained, the turfted area could be about thirty degrees cooler than asphalt? The California Energy Commission has found the cooling effect of an average size lawn is equal to about nine tons of air conditioning.’’

Lucas cleared his throat softly once more. “Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages the most concerning being costs. Keeping turfs well maintained would mean enduring extra costs in the way of labour. Yes, we are witches and wizards but tending to a huge pitch would mean more manpower is needed. Overall, it is time consuming. In addition, a great amount of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilisers would be required and If proper maintenance is missing then the risk of the grass dying is rather high.’’ *click* A new slide depicted exactly what he was speaking about. “Ill maintained turfs also mean water lodges there and thus creates a muddy environment. For landing and kick off, this can be a huge problem as either action would be affected since mud will be splattered everywhere.’’

Pausing to look around at the gathering, he smiled a little. “Of course we cannot forget about artificial turf which too has its pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros. The turf is green all year round with little maintenance thus eliminating the use for fungicides, pesticides , herbicides and fertilisers. Weeds cannot pass through artificial turfs.’’ The slide changed to show an evergreen artificial turf in all weathers- sunny, rainy, snowy. “This means that everyone gets to maximise their use of pitches by scheduling long hours of practice or fun if they’re just looking for recreation. Also, these turfs are made from recycled products namely tires since some turfs require an infill first.’’ There was a brief pause again before Lucas moved on to the disadvantages. “Artificial turf tends to retain heat from the sun and can be hotter than natural grass with extended exposure to the sun’s rays, capable of reaching 150 degrees Fahrenheit. But this can be reduced by applying water prior to use of it.’’ As he spoke, the screen now depicted a turf with a few persons standing on it. They were heavily sweating. The image was highly exaggerated but it would drive Lucas’s point over to the gathering. "Initial investment of artificial is much higher than natural grass since an infill may be needed as well as other costs for setting it up. These turfs do not a runoff after the rainy season and it may be necessary to install a drainage system.’’

This was the main part of the Department of Games and Sports’ presentation and it had almost come to a close. “I’ll be happy to take any questions if you have any but if you don’t, please feel free to test out the turfs for yourselves to make your own decision on which you prefer. Broomsticks are provided by Quality Quidditch Supplies. Go on, folks. Have fun.''
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Making sure she was on time, Victoria made her way to Lucas's area.
She was very proud of one of her own employees for stepping up to take on this discussion. Finding a seat she waited until it was time to start. As he came to stand in front of everyone she gave a slight nod as a hello if he had noticed her. Being his division manager she didn't want to make him nervous just wanted to be there for encouragement. Her eyes moved around the seats to see if Mariel was there or even Lucas's girlfriend, another employee in games and sports.

Looking back up to Lucas as he got started she nodded at the points he was making and tried to stay focused. Since being a part of this very discussion she knew all that was being said he felt the same about it, so moral support was the full reason for this one. Such a good point about the mud, injuries did happen when landing in bad weather, this would be a great way to get that to stop.

When he was finished she put her hand up, "You said a drainage system would be placed into the stadiums. Where is that money coming from?" She knew the answers, but these were good questions to bring up for others to hear. So many tax payers were all about what they were paying for.

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Mariel would suppose that everyone had the right to their own opinion, but if those activists ruined this seminar, she was going to snap. Thankfully she did see security in attendance, but she also knew how incompetent they could be at times. The activists were both loud and intrusive, but she was glad to see that so far none of them were disturbing the presentation her department was sponsoring. None of them better disrupt her nephew's presentation later in the day either.

She was here to support Lucas and sat in the back to allow those unfamiliar with the topic to be up front and center. And she thought he did quite well. She knew he was rather biased about one stance of the argument, but she was glad to see he came across as quite neutral so people could make up their own minds.

Once he was finished, she politely applauded Lucas for his presentation. She supposed she should be on hand if there were any questions he could not answer or handle. The difficult ones could fall to her since that was her job. Because honestly, the first question she would have asked if this had not been her department or planned presentation was what would happen to the jobs of those who maintained the natural pitches at the stadiums if they went for the easily maintained artificial turf. That was one she could answer as she had plans put into place were that to happen. But what she'd really like was to get on a broom and test out the prototypes. She'd wait until the Q&A session was over though.

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Imogen had wandered over to Lucas Hawthorne’s speech on artificial and natural turfs and stood there quietly as she listened. Those, were some compelling arguments about using natural turf over astroturf or whatever the name of the fake stuff was…still, the images he had been using only served to make the blonde raise her eyebrow quizzically. Now, weren’t those a bit…intense? She thought as she looked back up at him watching with a keen eye as he talked about the pros and cons about both the artificial and natural turfs.

Right…the questions about the drainage systems were important and made sense…still, they were witches and wizards. Couldn’t they use magic to install the drainage systems into the quidditch pitches? Still, she liked that Miss Culloden was questioning things. It was a good and important thing for the Quidditch Division head to do was it not?

Sure, Imogen only knew who Victoria was because of being a fan of quidditch herself. Still, Imogen wanted to ask Lucas about his ideas and which product he preferred but she didn’t need to ask now.

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