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Inappropriate Topics
SnitchSeeker is a PG rated family site. In order to keep our site friendly to all ages, volatile topics (listed below) are not permitted to be discussed in any form on (including in the School, Ministry and Diagon Alley RPGs, RPs, and FanFics, PMs, usernotes, the chatroom, signatures and avatars).

Topics include:

No weapons are allowed unless they are clearly fantasy (no guns at all,including toy, water, finger, cartoon, etc). No blood or gore. Fighting (hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, etc.) is allowed in moderation in all FF and RPG sections of the site. Please read the individual section rules to get the specifics. Actions, descriptions, and graphics depicting guns or acts of (or intent to cause) violence will be warned or infractioned.

Drugs and alcohol
Conversation about alcohol/drugs, reference to or hinting at drinking/drug use, or graphics depicting alcohol/drugs will not be tolerated. Cigarettes and smoking fall under this rule and is therefore prohibited. Butterbeer, firewhiskey, and wine (since they are in the books) are allowed in moderation in Fanfiction and RPGs (read section rules first!), but we do not allow drunkenness, alcoholism, alcohol related violence, etc.

Cutting, Suicide, Self mutilation, Eating disorders
Not allowed anywhere on the site for any reason whatsoever.

Religion, Politics
Subjects which polarize people tend to stir up strong emotions and start fights. SnitchSeeker is not a place to debate, preach, or campaign. No religious or political conversation or graphics are allowed anywhere on the site.

Inappropriate Language
A censor has been put in place to block certain words. If you post and a word is replaced with *'s, then you have tripped the censor. Please edit your post. Failure to edit your post can result in a warning or infraction.

Defeating the censor by replacing letters in a cuss word with other letters or symbols is not permitted and will result in a warning or infraction. Not all words that can be used as curse words (for example, hell and damn are both allowed) are censored. Using these words in a way that is meant to be harmful towards another member will result in a warning/infraction. Excessive use of hell or damn can result in post deletion and warning/infraction.

Furthermore, derogatory and vulgar language (including certain slang terms) will not be permitted on the site, especially when being directed at a member or, in the case of a role-play, a character. Remember that the content on SS needs to be PG-rated.

The primary language for SnitchSeeker is English. When posting please use English. Site moderators need to be able to read what you are posting and you may be asked to edit your post. Those who choose to post in a foreign language may only post short phrases and should provide a translation somewhere within the post.

However, it is permitted to mention a title of a work (such as a book, a movie, or song) is in another language as long as said title is not offensive or in violation of SnitchSeeker rules.

Breaking rules in a foreign language is breaking multiple rules and a warning or infraction will be given for the foreign language violation as well as any other rules which have been broken.


Direct Linking

Direct linking or "hot linking" is not allowed. Direct linking is the use of bandwidth from another site without permission by directly using their server to post images. This means that you can not add an image to your post with the [IMG] BBCode if the link contained within that code does not link to your own hosting site. Avoid direct linking by uploading to a free image hosting site like postimage, imageshack or nickpic.

Avatars and Signatures

All SnitchSeeker rules apply to avatars and signatures. Be sure you have familiarized yourself with what constitutes as an inappropriate topic.


Newbies are only allowed to use the SnitchSeeker provided avatars.

All other usergroups are allowed to upload their own avatar. The maximum image size for avatars is 100X100 pixels and the maximum file size for avatars is 20.0 kb.


Members are allowed to upload up to 50 characters into their signature. If your signature exceeds this limit you must submit your signature for approval and it will be inserted by a moderator. If you do choose to put your own signature in via the sigpic function in your User CP, you will be warned for any inappropriate content or for signatures which break our graphics rules without exception.

URLs used in signatures must also adhere to SnitchSeeker rules. Be mindful that links to outside sites such as YouTube or Twitter also link to comments, which often contain material that is not appropriate for SnitchSeeker. Warnings and infractions can be issued for inappropriate links used in signatures. If you are unsure whether or not the content of your intended signature is acceptable, ask a moderator.

Signature specifications
+ Maximum of 3 images
+ Maximum size of ALL images, combined, cannot exceed 60 kb [61,444 bytes]
+ Maximum height: 200 PIXELS or 11 LINES of size 1 text
+ Maximum width: 450 PIXELS
+ Graphics must be your own, or you must have acquired permission for use.

Members that upload an avatar or signature that do not adhere to the rules above will have their avatar or signature removed and a warning or infraction will be issued.

Profile Pictures

Profile pictures dimensions cannot exceed 350X350 pixels or a file size of 60.5 KB. Profile picture images must adhere to all SnitchSeeker rules.

Graphic Shops, Fanfiction and Role Playing Banners

Header images or banners cannot exceed the 450 pixels in width and the 200 pixels in height. Images used in a fanfiction or RP for biographies, visual aides, or character models must adhere to SnitchSeeker rules.

PMs and Spam
All rules apply to PMs as well as the forum. This means no profanity, no lewd behavior and no abuse. Think of it this way - if you wouldn't be seen saying it in public, then it is not ok in a PM either. Anyone harassing other members through PMs will be severely dealt with. (If you have received a disturbing PM from another member, please forward the PM to a mod or admin).

Spam (multiple posts in a row or posting meaningless, unrelated matter in a topic) is not permitted anywhere on the boards.

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