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As you turn the page, three sheets of newsprint fall out of the book. They are articles from the school newspaper.

31 October 2050
Mysterious Dark Forces Wreak Havoc at Hogwarts
by Kris, Ravenclaw

Almost two months ago we watched in horror as three beloved professors were carried off to the Hospital wing, frozen by a strange force coming from behind a mysterious tapestry. But, it seemed like the staff had the situation under control. The Headmistress placed a charm on the corridor where the tapestry was located to prevent any students from becoming injured and Professors Starcastic, Realton, and Lennon-Bond began to make a slow recovery. Life at Hogwarts returned to normal. That is, until one month later, when we went over to the library to study and found that it had been completely trashed. To make matters even worse, Professor Tari’s and Professor Noire’s offices were trashed the following week. And those trashings were followed by the most recent incident; Professor Elensar being trapped in her own classroom.

The general consensus from younger students is that the professors are doing a good job of trying to rectify the situation. Professors Hendrik and Tari have placed Dark Magic Detectors in all classrooms, offices, and other places throughout the castle. The Dark Magic Detectors will spin and whistle if any Dark Magic activity is present. The tapestry corridor remains charmed off and the professors are all on high alert, trying to protect the student body. The Headmistress was kind enough to inform The SS Quill of the professors’ progress in catching the guilty parties, “Our progress is steady considering what little we know about the attacker. We do know what they want but unfortunately I cannot let the students know exactly what that is at this moment.”

The teachers refuse to give any details about the reason for the heinous incidents so the students are left to speculation and rumor, increasing their fear. “I would feel safer if I knew what we were up against and what exactly is happening. I think [the professors] know a lot more than they let on, and I wish I knew just so I could guard against it,” says Cassie Cooper, a first year Ravenclaw.

The SS Quill can confirm that the tapestry is somehow linked to a very powerful and very dangerous magic book, which was placed at Hogwarts for safekeeping this year. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the book, but Professor Hendrik has remarked, “I’ve heard that contained in its pages are spells to make one immortal or extremely powerful, the ability to wreak general havoc on anything and everyone.” The book is never kept in one place for very long. Whomever or whatever has been trashing the classrooms and offices is probably after this book and it is probable that the book has in fact been located in each of these spots at some point during this term.

Students are urged to realize that the professors are doing everything in their power to keep us safe and that by keeping us in the dark, they are trying to protect us. “I would like the students to know that they need not worry about anything that has gone on in the past few weeks, it is my main goal as Headmistress of this school to put the students’ welfare first and I wouldn't tell them everything was okay if it wasn't,” said Headmistress Loryen. However, this journalist finds it hard to believe that we have seen the last of the attackers and fervently hopes that the professors will catch them in the act the next time they make their move.

10 January 2051
Attacks on Post Owls
by Kris, Ravenclaw

Ashley, a snow-white owl was injured on a flight back from the United States a couple weeks ago. Secret_garden32000, a first-year Ravenclaw, spoke of her owl’s injuries, “My owl's injuries were somewhat severe; she had, what I thought was, a broken wing (but it wasn't broken at all) and was favoring her right leg for walking on. And since the school's thestrals are trained not to go near the owls, it was pretty suspicious.” She took the injured owl, affectionately known as Ash, to our very own Care of Magical Creatures teacher, Professor Hendrik for treatment and she is still recovering from the injuries.

The injuries this owl incurred were slightly suspicious, however, there have been cases of owls being injured delivering post so the incident didn’t warrant a closer investigation. Then, last Wednesday, Professor Hendrik sent a letter with The Great Grey school owl. The owl was attacked just over The Forbidden Forest and the letter, bound for The Ministry of Magic, was taken.

Talk at The Staff Table suggests that the Headmistress has not yet received any aid from the Ministry of Magic regarding the mysterious events discussed in the previous issue of The SS Quill. The professors believe that the culprits behind the frozen professors and the trashing of classrooms and offices are also responsible for the attacks on our owls. They are going to attempt to contact the Ministry of Magic in some other manner. Hopefully they will be able to solve the mystery of whom or what is wreaking all this havoc on our beloved school before anything worse can happen…

4 March 2051
Near-Death Scare in Yet Another Attack
by Kris, Ravenclaw

Lesson Three for the Care of Magical Creatures class last week started out well enough. Field trips can always be a little risky, especially at night. The carriages managed to arrive at their destination and the class proceeded without incident. In fact, the class was even able to spot some Mooncalves, the reason for the outing. However, Professor Hendrik had been acting strangely the entire time. He was very jumpy and was constantly on his guard- against whom or what, he would not say.

In his vigilance, Professor Hendrik mounted his broom and began circling the field where his students were collecting the Mooncalve dung. The dung was to be used to fertilize the Mandrakes, currently being grown by the Herbology students under the expert care of Professor Phoenix. Disaster struck the Care of Magical Creatures class when a loud CRACK was heard and a bolt of red light shot toward Professor Hendrik.

With his excellent Quidditch skills, Professor Hendrik was able to swerve and miss the full impact of the spell, but his left shoulder was grazed and injured during the attack. Without a thought for himself, Professor Hendrik ushered the class into the carriages, which rushed back to Hogwarts. The students arrived safely with enough of the Mooncalf dung to fertilize the Mandrakes and Professor Hendrik appears to have suffered no serious injury.

The students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have been living in fear ever since the first attacks on three teachers at the beginning of the term. The mysterious tapestry and the events that have transpired since its finding still perplex the students and staff. We can only hope that the mysteries will be unveiled and taken in hand before the injuries are replaced by deaths.

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