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Old 09-16-2013, 09:31 AM
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Default Technical Support and Advertisement Issues

Technical Support and Advertisement Issues

This thread is where you should post if you need Technical Support with SnitchSeeker, if you have any inappropriate or annoying advertisements to report, or if you experience strange glitches onsite. When SS is likely to experience downtime, updates will be posted in this first post. Posts may be moved here from The Question Thread if they need to be addressed by the technical support team, or if its a technical issue that we're currently still working on solving. Newbies and Members may report any technical issues here. Please include screenshots where possible, as well as links to any specific onsite locations where you are having the issue.

Before you post about an issue in this thread, please be sure you've checked this first post and give this thread a quick browse before reporting your technical issue to see if has already been solved in the most recent pages!

Please refrain answering questions if you are not a moderator or administrator of
It's not that we mind you helping; quite the opposite is true actually. It's more that mods are trained to know the up-to-date answers, the whole answers, and have the ability to check things not everyone is able, particularly in regard to reporting technical issues and advertisements, as this is not always an instant fix. As a member, if you DO know the answer or can provide help to a question that a fellow member asks, you can always VM them to let them know, but please don't post in this thread unless you have a question and need help yourself.


How to take a Screenshot
SPOILER!!: How to take a screenshot

This website gives instructions for taking a screenshot for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and iPhone/iPad/iPod. You can also download browser apps and extensions for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox for taking screenshots under the 'Websites' tab on this link.

How to make SS faster
SPOILER!!: How to speed up browsing on SS
  • Most Drastic: Choose the "SS lite" skin (bottom left of every page). This removes all graphics and colors from the design and gives you a plain, black & white + links, PDA-friendly version.
  • Remove Siggies and Avatars: In your "User CP" (User Control Panel - link on top left of each forum page), edit your settings to not show avatars or signatures. (Default for newer members is now set not to show siggies.)

Please do your best to contribute to fast pages by making sure you only use Avatars and images (in your siggie) that are minimal in Kb. Follow the rules and we'll all be fine!

Problems logging in
SPOILER!!: Problems logging in
Lost Password
My Username doesn't work!
I haven't received my account activation code!
  • Please make sure you keep your email address current. If you signed up with a different email address to what you are currently using, or one you no longer have access to, it makes it difficult for you to easily troubleshoot problems you may have with logging in.
  • If you have recently changed your username be aware that you need to sign in with your NEW username and not your old one.
  • Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Ensure that the url has 'https://' before the ''. This often will fix any issues that may be had with attempting to log in and failing when you know that your username and password are correct.
  • If you cannot log in and have no access to your registered email address (and therefore can't recover your password yourself), please use the contact us form. Please do not create a new account as that is against our multiple account rules, and we CAN help you recover your original account if you let us know.

Something Looks Broken!
SPOILER!!: Something looks broken

If you're browsing on SS and suddenly find that the forum looks somehow broken or incorrect, it may be because the admins are working on fixing something. If after a short while it is still not looking right you are free to report your issue here. This might be a site-wide issue (such as a broken menu, a link that doesn't go anywhere, broken tables, or code visible where it shouldn't be, broken images) or it might be something that only effects a single user (like incorrect or broken usertitles or missing linebreaks or coding in your postbit -the area under your username), or perhaps a member that appears to be in the newbie usergroup. Usually any changes here are double checked so please give us a few minutes before you report a usertitle problem - we might have caught it and fixed it ourselves by the time you get to posting

How to report something broken:
When reporting something broken, please include the following in your post:
1) A screenshot of the problem
2) The link to where you are seeing the problem (especially if it is in a particular place ie on a specific member's profile)
3) A description of the problem
4) Any other relevant information

Inappropriate or broken advertisements
SPOILER!!: Inappropriate or broken advertisements

You should post in this thread about any advertisements that may be inappropriate (they just aren't SS-friendly or redirect or seem to cause issues). We try to carefully monitor ads but, a lot of times certain ads are directed at just a certain area and we won't always notice them all.

Likewise, if an advertisement overlaps with the forums or makes your navigation experience difficult please let us know. With that said, we do know how some of the ads force the menus behind them and there isn't really anything we can do about that. Should you encounter one of these ads and you need to use the drop down menus at the top of the screen (ie: the sections menu) your best bet is to just reload the page and hope for a better ad. If it is a persistent issue, then by all means report it here.

While you are free to use adblock etc we ask that you do not do so on SS unless you are having a particular issue as advertisements provide revenue toward the running of the site - allowing advertisements is the easiest way you can support SS.

How to report a problem ad
When reporting a problem ad, please include the following in your post:
1) General region you are located (country and/or state)
2) A screenshot of the ad
3) What the problem is with the ad
4) If your computer is attacked, what information does your antivirus software give you?
5) Any other relevant information


Originally Posted by Known or ongoing issues
Broken Album Cover Images-March 2019
invalid security certificate - April 2019
Please note, that this issue is being addressed. Thanks for posting about it but we don't need more posts saying the same thing right now. If you have something NEW to say feel free to post though. We will update when we can.
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Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
I'm here to report a possible broken image issue on my profile.

1. Screencap #1 Screencap #2

2. Issue

3. I'm trying to upload a picture to an album on my profile. The image measures 300 x 300 and 37.6 KB. The image file is a JPEG. I am wondering why I have to click on a link to see the image instead of it showing on my profile.

4. I can't think of any more information.
Hi, there! Unfortunately there is a glitch and so this is why links are appearing rather than the images. It seems to be happening across the site but rest assured, SS's tech support team is looking into it. Thanks for your patience.

Tegz: A temporary work around has been reported as helping, if you convert the jpgs to pngs, they supposedly will show up. Remember you are still limited by file size so this may not be a solution for everyone.

Last edited by Tegz; 04-18-2019 at 05:48 AM.
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Hello! I'm getting a message that looks like THIS every time I try to open a new window of SS or click to navigate around all parts of the site. I've tried on two browsers (Chrome & Safari) and the issue arises on both with a variation of a "website is not private" message.

It looks like a way to get around it is to change the address from "https" to "http" or just use a "www." Not sure if anyone else is having a similar issue but alas thought I'd put it on the radar??? thank u ^^
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I'm having a similar issue with the "your connection is not private".

I've just been clicking advanced and proceeding... but perhaps this isn't the best method.
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Similar issue here! If I use http:// rather than https:// it seems to work although it keeps logging me out. However, if I click 'Advanced' and then proceed, the site looks like this for me.
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I keep getting the same security issue as the one ArianaBlack reported above. I get it when i navigate around the site. On my ipad i can't access SS at all. I use Chrome as my main browser.
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Having the same problem on both my laptop and phone! I use Microsoft Edge as my main browser on my laptop & Chrome on my phone.

Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Similar issue here! If I use http:// rather than https:// it seems to work although it keeps logging me out. However, if I click 'Advanced' and then proceed, the site looks like this for me.
Thanks for that tip! It works
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Just popping in here re this security certificate issue to inform everyone that the tech team has been alerted and the issue is being looked into. Hopefully there will be an official resolution in the coming days

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I've been having the same issue as the above snitchseekers, but I found a way to get on by going to an email of a notification to a reply to my ff. I clicked on the link provided and from there I can navigate everywhere else so far without going advanced. Oh, and thanks for the update, sweetpinkpixie.

So, I made a mistake I can't navigate any of the top places: Home, News, Forums etc, but I can go anywhere from the sites in the left margin.

Last edited by Connie; 04-28-2019 at 04:14 AM.
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Chrome will not let me see the site properly even if I go advanced, but using internet explorer worked once I clicked that i was okay with my computer getting eaten by a virus or whatever scary message it was. Lol.
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