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Term 32: September - December 2012 Term Thirty-Two: Revenge of the Spirit (September 2078 - June 2079)

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Old 12-10-2011, 05:42 AM
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Slytherin Slytherin Study Tables

Slytherin Study Tables

Having trouble with some pesky homework? Come in and see if someone can help you figure it out. This is where you can ask for help from your fellow classmates, but please... no copying from one another.

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Default Herbology Task 1 - Post #2
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YES, the study tables were empty. They were always empty, so Theo made a mental note to come here more often for some peace and quiet. And at least irritating Hufflepuffs couldn't get in here, too! Double result!

The second year pulled out his plastic container, full of daisies and one red apple and laid it gently on one of the tables. Right, this would be easy. Theo made these loads when he was growing up, after his sister had taught him. No biggie. He only hoped that it was a good enough idea to be accepted for the task. The person he had in mind to give it to WOULD like it, though, he was sure.

Though he was thinking of giving it anonymously.

He laid each daisy across the table then carefully tied the stems of two of them together. It was very fiddly, and took at least three tries until it was tied securely. Theo wiped a tiny ball of sweat from his forehead then proceeded to the other daisies.

Maybe it was cos his hands had grown since being a kid, but making this chain was proving MUCH more difficult today. Perhaps he should've gone with another idea... No, he was in too deep now. DARN IT - that daisy had just gotten demolished. Theo made a noise and tossed it to the floor.

It was okay, he still had enough for a bracelet, even though his first idea was a necklace.

About 10 minutes later, Theodore's creation was complete. It was a daisy chain. A simple, yet hard to make, daisy chain. It consisted of 10 firmly tied together daisies and it fit around his wrist with room still to spare. Perfect! Theodore beamed and then pulled out a box that he'd picked up from the common room. It was just an old candy wrapper box thing. He wrapped some dark purple paper around the box and stuck it together with his oh-so-handy Spello-tape.

He had actually planned this whole gift idea, you know. Theo was organised. And viola... he didn't have a ribbon which was kind of lame, so instead, he just used a bit of old string.

The twelve-year-old lowered the daisy chain very gently into the box, along with the apple. He hoped that it wouldn't crush the chain on it's way....

After writing a small message on the top of the box, Theodore grabbed the box and off he popped!
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Default Herbology Task Force Post#3
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Entering the Slytherin study room. Cassia had a huge grin on her face. Because she had an idea ,a person and the materials. Depending on the materials she had collected the. She had finally made her mind up that she was going to make an average-sized board with pressed flowers and some nice words which she would also write using flowers! Eeeep. Suddenly this started to get exciting.

She rolled up her sleeves and reached for one of the pink cardboard and spread it on the table. Then she started scattering the flowers in an organized hopefully-beautiful way. She kept moving and adjusting until she thought that it was good.

After that she reached for a parchment and started thinking of what she wanted to write. She needed to decide first then write the words with flowers. Which she wasn't sure she could do yet but she hoped so. It wasn't really hard to decide what to write. Few nice words and smiley face and the name. And she didn't want to make it long because it'd be harder to write them using flowers and there was not enough room for so many words.

She put the parchment ahead of her and started reaching for flowers and stems to form the letters. She was doing it slowly because her hands were clumsy and she didn't want to move the other flowers she had just organized.

Cassia felt that small drops of sweat had started to form on her forehead. She was so focusing! Her tongue was peeking out of mouth without her noticing.

After finally she finished. She pulled her arm slowly careful not to nudge the board. She stood peering down at it. And checking it from different angles. She fixed some angles of the flowers and some curls and swirls. She then made a frame of one of the remaining pieces of cardboard. She also scattered some remaining stems. Professor Bentley should be proud that Cassia wasn't gonna throw any plants parts away. Mhhm.

Cassia nodded approvingly at her work and reached for the glass pane she had also retrieved from the Transfiguration practice room. She pressed the glass against the flowers and stems.

The second-year grinned a wide grin sliding her board into her bag carefully. Now time to deliver this. Tomorrow after classes she shall do so.
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Default HTF Post 2-Making the gift(Crown/Necklace)
w.a.m.s|♩♫♪♬|sour gummy snakes| "DNA doesn't make a family, Love does"

This was going to go so great!!

Professor Lafay was going to ADORE her gift!! Cardigan had a whole scenario in mind: Lafay was going to recieve her gift, and then LOVE IT SO MUCH. Then she was going to be almost as nice to her as she was to Sierra Greingoth, and then she would get points for it!!!! That would be amazing. Call her...The Lafay Whisperer!*dundundun*

Cheesy, but true.

Before coming out to the study tables to get everything together, she had dropped by her trunk in the dorm, getting a green hatbox(she had a few, don't worry), some green and black glitter, a green ribbon, her green ink and quill and a piece of parchment, which she would all use for the final product. She had a plan in mind.

Cardigan went to one of the tables farthest from everything else in the corner, just in case Lafay walked in and saw what she was doing. As a cover, she'd say that she was doing the Herbology Task Force project for a Slytherin friend. That would cover quite nicely!! She layed out all her materials on the table, leaving the flower heads in their basket for now(Cardigan had cut the stems off and pressed them in a book ahead of time). She would need them soon enough!


Step 1: Braid the vines together, creating the base of the crown/necklace.
She took the vines from the plant basket, and straightened them out. She would need to braid them together, so as to give more support to the flowers. She had cut the stems off, only needing the heads, or whatever you called them. The third year was going to attach the flowers to the vines. Taking three of the vines she had cut off, Cardigan lined them up, using her wand to cut of the excess parts. After that was done, she took the vines in her hands and braided them together, neat and orderly. Taking up three of the excess stems, she braided them together 2/3 of the way, leaving some extra to be tied onto the duplicate braid which would be at the other end of the chain. Attaching the first stem braid to one end, and repeating the steps for the other braid. That would be so Lafay could adjust it to fit in any way!

Step 2: Attach the flower heads to the vine.
It was now time to attach the flowers to the base of the chain!! Cardigan was really excited to see where this was going! Hopefully it would be good enough to fit the professor's expectations. Even more so, hopefully she would do something with it! Not like throwing it in the trash, but hanging it on her door or maybe even wearing it!! That was a little too extreme, but it COULD happen. Maybe. Picking up one of the pressed flowers lightly, she held it up to the chain and used the sticking spell from Astronomy, that they had used to stick the wings on, to attach it, doing the same for the other nine. So far, it looked pretty good!!

Step 3: Shake the glitter over the flowers, and the box.
Cardigan took up her Green-and-Black glitter canister and shook it lightly over the chain, just to give it some more color and make it look pretty. Pretty always helped the case!! If you can do it, you should!! She didn't ever pass up any good opportunities, or anything that she could do. She didn't believe in doing anything just because it was easy. She did it because it was the right thing to do!! She then shook the canister lightly over the hat box, just to give it a little sparkle as well. She had made sure to put the sticking charm on the sparkles too, just so they wouldn't brush off so easily. That would defeat the purpose!!

Step 4: Write the note, and package up the Crown/Chain.
She was almost done!! All Cardigan had to do now was write out the note, and package up her gift. It was pretty much common courtesy to leave a note when gifting something, or so she believed. It was good to do! Cardigan pushed her chain to the side for a moment, so she could write out the note:
SPOILER!!: The Note

Dear Professor Lafay,
I'm so sorry Professor! I hope you'll get better soon. If it makes you feel any better, I made a Slytherin-inspired flower chain for you! It doubles as a crown. You can adjust it to any size you need.

I just wanted you to know that we all care, and that you're in all our hearts. No one deserves to be that sick!

Best regards,
Cardigan Johansson

Okay, so maybe the note was a little too heartfelt, but that was kind of the point. It needed to reach Lafay's heart, and open it up! Setting the note and pen down, she opened up the hatbox and set the completed chain inside carefully, closing it and wrapping the ribbon around it, to keep it together. She folded up the note and scribbled "To: Professor Lafay" on the outside, tucking it under the ribbon.

Now that she was done, Cardigan ran to her trunk, and set all her materials in the basket and set that on the bed. Taking the hatbox in her arms carefully, she jogged slowly, out in the direction of Lafay's office. SHE COULDN'T WAIT TO SEE HER REACTION!!
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follow me; everything is all right.

It happened so suddenly, and quietly, but it happened all the same: the hardworking students who had been studying at the Slytherin study tables suddenly found themselves pushed out of their seats, shoved out from their desks, rolled out of their common room, and generally ejected from their House's private area.

An unseen force repelled all Slytherin students from the Common Room and attached areas, and locked all entrances and exits to the rooms. The Common Room was officially locked and sealed.
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