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Default HTF Post 2-Making the gift(Crown/Necklace)
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This was going to go so great!!

Professor Lafay was going to ADORE her gift!! Cardigan had a whole scenario in mind: Lafay was going to recieve her gift, and then LOVE IT SO MUCH. Then she was going to be almost as nice to her as she was to Sierra Greingoth, and then she would get points for it!!!! That would be amazing. Call her...The Lafay Whisperer!*dundundun*

Cheesy, but true.

Before coming out to the study tables to get everything together, she had dropped by her trunk in the dorm, getting a green hatbox(she had a few, don't worry), some green and black glitter, a green ribbon, her green ink and quill and a piece of parchment, which she would all use for the final product. She had a plan in mind.

Cardigan went to one of the tables farthest from everything else in the corner, just in case Lafay walked in and saw what she was doing. As a cover, she'd say that she was doing the Herbology Task Force project for a Slytherin friend. That would cover quite nicely!! She layed out all her materials on the table, leaving the flower heads in their basket for now(Cardigan had cut the stems off and pressed them in a book ahead of time). She would need them soon enough!


Step 1: Braid the vines together, creating the base of the crown/necklace.
She took the vines from the plant basket, and straightened them out. She would need to braid them together, so as to give more support to the flowers. She had cut the stems off, only needing the heads, or whatever you called them. The third year was going to attach the flowers to the vines. Taking three of the vines she had cut off, Cardigan lined them up, using her wand to cut of the excess parts. After that was done, she took the vines in her hands and braided them together, neat and orderly. Taking up three of the excess stems, she braided them together 2/3 of the way, leaving some extra to be tied onto the duplicate braid which would be at the other end of the chain. Attaching the first stem braid to one end, and repeating the steps for the other braid. That would be so Lafay could adjust it to fit in any way!

Step 2: Attach the flower heads to the vine.
It was now time to attach the flowers to the base of the chain!! Cardigan was really excited to see where this was going! Hopefully it would be good enough to fit the professor's expectations. Even more so, hopefully she would do something with it! Not like throwing it in the trash, but hanging it on her door or maybe even wearing it!! That was a little too extreme, but it COULD happen. Maybe. Picking up one of the pressed flowers lightly, she held it up to the chain and used the sticking spell from Astronomy, that they had used to stick the wings on, to attach it, doing the same for the other nine. So far, it looked pretty good!!

Step 3: Shake the glitter over the flowers, and the box.
Cardigan took up her Green-and-Black glitter canister and shook it lightly over the chain, just to give it some more color and make it look pretty. Pretty always helped the case!! If you can do it, you should!! She didn't ever pass up any good opportunities, or anything that she could do. She didn't believe in doing anything just because it was easy. She did it because it was the right thing to do!! She then shook the canister lightly over the hat box, just to give it a little sparkle as well. She had made sure to put the sticking charm on the sparkles too, just so they wouldn't brush off so easily. That would defeat the purpose!!

Step 4: Write the note, and package up the Crown/Chain.
She was almost done!! All Cardigan had to do now was write out the note, and package up her gift. It was pretty much common courtesy to leave a note when gifting something, or so she believed. It was good to do! Cardigan pushed her chain to the side for a moment, so she could write out the note:
SPOILER!!: The Note

Dear Professor Lafay,
I'm so sorry Professor! I hope you'll get better soon. If it makes you feel any better, I made a Slytherin-inspired flower chain for you! It doubles as a crown. You can adjust it to any size you need.

I just wanted you to know that we all care, and that you're in all our hearts. No one deserves to be that sick!

Best regards,
Cardigan Johansson

Okay, so maybe the note was a little too heartfelt, but that was kind of the point. It needed to reach Lafay's heart, and open it up! Setting the note and pen down, she opened up the hatbox and set the completed chain inside carefully, closing it and wrapping the ribbon around it, to keep it together. She folded up the note and scribbled "To: Professor Lafay" on the outside, tucking it under the ribbon.

Now that she was done, Cardigan ran to her trunk, and set all her materials in the basket and set that on the bed. Taking the hatbox in her arms carefully, she jogged slowly, out in the direction of Lafay's office. SHE COULDN'T WAIT TO SEE HER REACTION!!
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