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Old 09-10-2009, 06:49 AM
SlytherinSistah SlytherinSistah is offline
Default I Love....!

I haven't been here long by the average standard, in fact I'm only coming up upon my 2nd year anniversary the 14th, but...

Over the past 2 years or so, I've had time to notice a few very amazing rp techniques from the everyday creative individuals to grace this site. I've often tried to incorporate these techniques into my own skill set (though not always successfully, I admit) in hopes of providing a better experience for those that wish to share an rp moment with me.

I thought it might be nice if we opened a thread to discuss techniques that we've observed which we found successful & enjoyable.

I only have some requests: Please try to keep it positive and do not talk of thyne self. The purpose of this thread is to talk about things you've experienced that gave you new insight into how rp works. However, I must ask that you mention no members of SS by name to protect the integrity of our members and their rp skillz.

That said, one of my most favourite things I've experienced on the site's RPG is when a role-play writer will give you and your character something to react to. Sometimes it's something as small as a described gesture or an expression they're wearing or inner-monologue/dialogue, but it gives you a bearing from which you can react.

Feel free to add your personal favourites to this thread. <--random cherry for your thoughts.
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I love...

- When people make their characters do something weird and totally unexpected. Like run around throwing rose petals on love birds in the corridors or rip their shirt off to reveal a snazzy superman outfit. Those kind of events make me smile. So that not every conversation is the polite questions that we all answer the same on. I like it when people surprise me in their rp's.

- When people develope their character so much, and love them so much that they have a life of their own. I love the feeling when I re-read my post after I've posted it and like "wait, what was that? I didn't mean to post that now I'm totally embarrassing Alex!" Or something. Like when the character takes control. I love in character rp's, not only their conversation but their thoughts, movements, reactions; everything.

- When people bold what their character is saying.

- The fact that old members well not old old I mean you look good... takes the time to welcome new members and show them the hang of the Rpg. That helped me out a lot in the beginning, that people were really eager to help out (both with the rules and the more fun of it all).

- Random people. I love random people. Random characters such as 'nerds' for example. I love them, they always do the unexpected and they're not in a perfect mood, on a perfect day, doing perfect things. Because perfect is no personality. I like it when they're in a random mood, on a random day doing the most random things. Yeah, I think I've got my point through there.

- I love all the funny people we have here on the site, really it's filled with comedians and some rp's always, always makes me laugh.

- Oh and I love those brave people who dare to go up rping with the scary ones with bold usernames

- Oh oh and another thing; drama. I like to stalk casually come across some drama somewhere deep inside the library or something. It's amusing.

Originally Posted by AlexandraRamos View Post
Hahahaa, I remember that. So unexpected and made me laugh. Fumbling everywhere, amazing.

So yesh, as people have said, great thread idea. As I'm reading through all this I'm really taking in what people are saying and I'm storing it all in my brain to use in my next RP post, because there are really great ideas here and they can all help me be a better Rper and be more considerate of others. I know I sometimes stuggle with one line RPers and end up staring at the screen not knowing what to post. I mean what do you do when you start up an RP and the other person only says things like, "Yeah, that's right." or "No, not really." in about two lines of post? I can't work with that. The whole RP just ends up being my charrie asking the other person everyday polite questions and having the other person's charrie answer them. Not really a stimulating RP.

So yes, I love it when I come back to a thread where I've posted and find that the other person has left me a long post with lots to work with. Makes me very happy. And I looove the bolded dialogue, I myself do it, as you can see. There have been times lately when I forget to, but I always go back and change it, hopefully before the other person has gotten a chance to read it because I know it's hard when someone's got a lengthy post and no bolded text.
I mean, I always double and triple check every post I make to see if it flows well and if I need to add anything so you'd pretty much see, 'Last edited by AlexandraRamos' beneath every one of my posts.

I also love the very outgoing characters that do the craziest things, so much so that I made one myself, and am very excited to add him to the school RP. See what rukus he causes.
But mostly I like it when people (mostly newbies) actually take the time to learn and enjoy being a better RPer and show vast signs of improvement. Makes me smile.
^ Just pointing out, I agree with like everything of what you just said.
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Scheming Marauder
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I love bromances.
Nothing beats a friendship between two guys being so powerful that it disturbs/amuses the rest of the school.
I like drama, but:
I hate sparkling skittles.

I love detailed posts.
& I'm not a big fan of the bolded text. I like posts to look like passages from a book and reading all the little details without being distracted by bolded dialogue.
I love posts that show you what the character is not only saying and doing, but thinking and feeling as well. In detail.

Most of all, I love comedy. Posts that can make you giggle are the best. <3
Oh, and did I mention bromances?

— the sun & the moon —
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Old 03-18-2011, 04:16 AM   #53 (permalink)
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Amelia Yarborough
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Emerald Peridot "Dot" Ainsley
Fourth Year


I love
People who write things with detail -- doesn't have to have bolded text but it can...(can be distracting for me)
Interesting characters with flaws, and yeah flaws are great!
I love comedy, drama, flirting (yes Kyle can can my ministry girly girl) ooh momentary acts of utter clumsiness - like having the bouncy ball smack you in the face and then tripping into something and not breaking it...luckily.

I really like my characters to have fun, be weird, and be very amusing...
also as Maxi said: Professors who keep it real & don't deduct a billion points for something fun/funny happy. (likes Maxi's professor alot he's cool...and has a cat right now)

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Old 06-12-2011, 06:56 AM   #54 (permalink)
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Alfie Adair
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Bronwen Grimaldi
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Tomasz Łaska
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I love....

When the thoughts and comments of the character are in the posts
When the RPer is descriptive and writes more than 3 lines
When the character has some depth and isn't just another mary sue
When random things happen like shoe lace is untied, or the character starts to sing
When the character shows their funny side
When speech is bolded
When there is good spelling and stuffs easy to read
When a conversation can go from one thing to another smoothly and so it makes sense
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Kei Kobayashi
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Ren'Ai McGuire
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I love...

-When just one thread can make you a great rp'er.
-Posts that really make you think abour your reply.
-The way you look back and wonder "What would happen if I did this instead of that?"
-How people crash into other people in DA.
-How some characters are there for your character in a time of need.
-How some characters are just awesome.
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Old 06-19-2011, 07:22 PM   #56 (permalink)

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Dalia Turay
Fourth Year

I love it when people give a back story to their characters as they RP

like, if they're holding something they think about where they'd got it. Or if they're talking they could be thinking about something happening in their own lives that they don't want to talk about. I just think it adds a little more depth to a character :]
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Old 08-25-2011, 12:41 PM   #57 (permalink)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ariadne Lydia Marchbanks
Fifth Year
Superfan of: Minerva, Severus, Albus, Hermione <3 Travelling/ History geek/ TV show addict

About time I posted here...I like when:

-People get the right amount of detail, i.e. are not too descriptive and not too sketchy. When I read a post containing 3 lines or less, it's impossible to respond to it, but excessively long posts are equally bad because I get too distracted or bored to read them to the end.

-The RPer uses correct grammar and punctuation. Mistakes discourage me from reading any further.

-There is a clear distinction between speech and thoughts. I like it when spoken lines are bolded, so that I know what my character should respond to, without risking to come across as a mind-reader.

-The RPer puts a lot of thought in the character's background and is creative,whilst avoiding to tamper with the canon Potter-storyline.

-People leave open endings so that everyone could reply if they wish.
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Old 08-25-2011, 03:58 PM   #58 (permalink)
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Meredith Rowle
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Kevin Hirase
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Minjae Yoon
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I love....

When new members aren't scared to RP with the older users.
Older users who take the time and help the new members.
Posts with details in which a character can react to.
Text in Bold when a character is saying something and a text in italic when a character is thinking.
First years who CAN'T perform every spell.
Characters with flaws.
Background stories or biography so that you know what kind of character you are RPing with.
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Old 01-25-2012, 10:25 AM   #59 (permalink)

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Aslan Archer
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Amrita Sandhu
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Laleh Kiani
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I really love:

Those characters who can pull off being mean without touching seriously sensitive topics. I find them awesome.

People who bold their spoken posts. It's so easy to understand!

Those characters who don't have issues with talking to strangers. Though I admit that my El didn't talk to many people in her first year.

Long-ish RP posts that make you think about how you should reply. It's so amazing how much detail you could put into a small smile or fidgeting.

And I really adore good grammar and punctuation. Sometimes when I read things posts in a whole paragraph without full stops and quotation marks, I get kinda bored and don't bother reading any further. It's so amazing when you see posts that know what they're talking about without having to use fancy words.

I just love the characters who don't have perfect pasts. My characters are scarred, and sometimes need people who understand why they're the way they are. I love characters who empathize without having to say that they're sorry.

And what I love the most are those charries who're just so unpredictable that you have to love them. It's just so fun RP-ing with people like that.
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Old 01-25-2012, 10:42 AM   #60 (permalink)
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I love.. this thread still and I swear I've posted a million times

Gossips. IC that is. There's nothing more amusing than stalking a thread and coming across your charrie or a friend's charrie being mentioned, and often VERYINCORRECTLY which makes it funny and all. Bring on the IC slander and libel! I love when someone heard something from someone who heard something from someone who made it up.

I love when people RPing in the same place as you acknowledge your character's presence even if they aren't necessary engaging with you (SilverTiger is epic at this)

I love IC eavesdroppers.

I love people that aren't afraid to lose house points for the fun of the RP (as opposed to losing house points and not trying to get them back and therefore penalising their housemates)

I love when people DON'T edit how their character will act or react because they know something ooc.

I love when things do not go how you thought and characters take on a mind of their own.

I love enthusiastic firsties that embrace the spirit of the RPG and worm their ways into our collective hearts and minds.

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It won't hurt if I post right?


First of all..I love the SSRPG World. It's like my second home and I feel miserable when I can't post anything in a day.

- I love detailed posts. Not so long, not so short but full of sense and humor.
- I love it when the charrie says something and its bold. It's so much better to understand.
- I love those, not old but those who've been here longer than others who really take time in introducing the RP world to the new members. Very helpful you guys. I even remembered last year, and my charrie being a first year. Some of those bolded and out of the house colored users had taken my Beezus under their wing and I just adore them for that.
- Randomness. It's epic.
- Oh, and those evil charries? Pretty awesome..

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Firstly, i love this thread

I love:
* I love when a person describes what their charrie is thinking, like in italics..

* I love older users who always help the new ones

* I love it when a charrie so innocently gives some kind of weird or creative answers, that I can never imagine!

* I love when the spoken part is bolded, and thinking is in italics. It makes way easier to read.

* I love when a character is so well-developed by the user.

* I'm a fan of details.. Though I haven't yet ever written in detail myself..

* I love funny Rps.. maybe because I can never be funny!!

* I also love when a long post is divided into relevant short paragraphs, and not a long single one.
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