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Default Roleplaying Basics

Roleplaying Basics

Roleplaying is a dynamic form of online collaborative writing. Think of it like a story that you write with other people, where you only have control over your own character and they have control of theirs. There are many fandoms which are popular to roleplay in, but the Harry Potter fandom is one of the most prevalent.

The site-wide RPG is one of the most consistently popular areas on and has been going strong for over 15 years. We also have a forum where you can create your own RPs outside of our site timeline and canon. SnitchSeeker has always welcomed RPers of every level and all ages - many of our community members had never roleplayed before joining SS, so don't feel alone if it is your first time, we're here to help! Due to how developed our site-wide RPG is, SnitchSeeker is also an excellent RP playground for more advanced and experienced RPers, so all in all no matter if you are a pro or a novice, you'll find a place here in our community.

On SS we use a different layout than many other online sites. For our site-wide RPG we have pre-made 'static' threads representing different locations in the Wizarding World. Members do not create their own threads in these forums, rather they are invited to roleplay their scene using one of the given locations as the setting, and should expect that others may choose to interact or react to their character's presence. We do not do closed RPs in our Wizarding World, rather we foster a dynamic and interactive community where you never know what might happen next.

If you do prefer to make one on one or small exclusive RPs, you are able to do so in the general roleplay section. It is in this forum that you can choose to explore an era separate to our site-wide timeline and setting. You might want to create a Harry Potter/Marvel crossover or RP something in the Marauders era, or try your hand at canon characters from the books - its all up to you!
Why do people RP?
Because it's FUN! Who among us Harry Potter fans hasn't wished at for a Hogwarts letter, or that we could go to the Leaky Cauldron and share a butterbeer with friends, or work for the Ministry of Magic? With RPing, you can do all that and more! You can live through your character and experience the wizarding world while interacting with others to tell a unique story that pays homage to J.K Rowling's world.

How do you RP?
The first thing that you need to do is create a character. Each person has their own way of going about this and is what makes each character so unique. If you are feel lost about where to begin, you can go look at the How to Create a Character thread and read stories from members about how they did it. Have fun with this! The more thought you put into it, the more you will get out of your RPing experience.

Once you have your character, the next thing to do is to put yourself out there and post! RPing is essentially getting together with friends to write a story. You could also describe is as play-acting in your mind. Each member takes their character and interacts with other members' characters while you imagine the environment they are in. When you read another person's post, you imagine your character’s response to the situation, and describe that to other member. They, in turn, each do the same with their characters. No one person is in complete control of where the story goes or what happens, which is what makes RPing so exciting! While there are all sorts of different writing methods, we highly recommend that you write in third person past tense.

If you are still feeling a little unsure, you should browse around Diagon Alley or the School RPG archives, to see some examples of how to roleplay. You can always contact any Department Head (for the Ministry of Magic RPG), School Staff member (for the Hogwarts RPG) or Shopkeeper (for the Diagon Alley RPG) if you would like some help. They'd all be more than happy to help you get started and answer any specific questions.

As with everything, there are some guidelines and things to consider while RPing, so please be sure to take a look at the How to Roleplay thread (currently under construction) for further information on what and what not to do when RPing. You can also read advice from members just like you about how to roleplay here. We also suggest checking out Google for topics like 'how to create a roleplay character' or 'how to roleplay online' if you are after a little more guidance when it comes to the planning stages of character invention and getting started as a RPer.


Where can I RP on SnitchSeeker?
There are two separate areas when it comes to RPing on SnitchSeeker. The General RP forum, and the site-wide Wizarding World RPG, which includes Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic, and Diagon Alley. There are special requirements for RPing in the Hogwarts RPG and Ministry of Magic so please read below and follow the given links for more information.

St Mungo's Roleplaying
This is where members can roleplay apart from the site-wide RPGs. Includes normal and advanced RPGs as well as regular roleplaying events. If you want to create an RP where you play Harry Potter while he was at school, or something set in the Marauders era, then this is the place to do that sort of thing. Unsorted members may RP in this area.
Ministry of Magic
This is where members can roleplay as a Ministry of Magic employee. For more information on how to get involved, please read about the Ministry of Magic RPG. Unsorted members may participate in this site-wide RPG. You must be placed in a Ministry job to participate.
Diagon Alley
This is where members can roleplay in Diagon Alley shopping, eating, hanging out with friend, or just exploring around. For more information, please read the Diagon Alley Rules. Unsorted members may participate in this site-wide RPG.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
This is where members can roleplay as a Hogwarts student. For more information on how to get involved, please read the Hogwarts Sorting. Only sorted members may participate in this site-wide RP.

Please keep in mind that the current date for all site wide RPGs is the 2097-2098 school term.

This means that Harry Potter era characters are either very very old or have already passed on. So please do not RP your characters interacting with Harry or receiving your wand from Ollivander.


SPOILER!!: the Term dates

Winter Term
September (01-01 to 01-10)
October (01-11 to 01-20)
November (01-21 to 01-30)
December (01-31 to 02-09)
January (02-10 to 02-19)
February (02-20 to 03-01)
March (03-02 to 03-11)
April (03-12 to 03-21)
May (03-22 to 04-03)
June (04-04 to 04-12)
July (04-13 to 04-22)
August (04-23 to 05-01)

Summer Term
September (05-02 to 05-11)
October (05-12 to 05-21)
November (05-22 to 05-31)
December (06-01 to 06-10)
January (06-11 to 06-20)
February (06-21 to 06-30)
March (07-01 to 07-10)
April (07-11 to 07-20)
May (07-21 to 07-30)
June (07-31 to 08-10)
July (08-11 to 08-21)
August (08-22 to 08-31)

Fall Term
September (09-01 to 09-10)
October (09-11 to 09-20)
November (09-21 to 09-30)
December (10-01 to 10-10)
January (10-11 to 10-20)
February (10-21 to 10-30)
March (10-31 to 11-09)
April (11-10 to 11-19)
May (11-20 to 11-29)
June (11-30 to 12-10)
July (12-11 to 12-21)
August (12-22 to 12-31)

This can be one of the hardest things for members, new and old, to understand. OOC (out of character) actions refer to the world of the players, SS members, rather than the world of the characters. IC (in character) actions are those actions that are a reflection of the fictional character and not of the actual RPer themselves. As a very mild example, let's look at Rupert Grint. Just because Ron is afraid of spiders doesn't mean that Rupert is as well. Likewise, just because Ron dislikes Draco does not mean that Rupert and Tom hate each other in real life.

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