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Author Spotlights Come in here to read about our favorite SS Writers.

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Old 07-06-2012, 02:39 AM
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Default Meet An Author: McFeisty

It's time for another edition of Meet An Author! YAY!!! This month we meet and learn about the adorable McFeisty


SSRPG: 100 Drabbles For an Adorable, Clumsy, Flirty, & Happy Ministry Girl - Sa13+
Adventure: Towers - Sa16+


Character: 100 Fabtabulously Ginnylicious Drabbles - Sa13+
Memories: Part One of Two; A Marauders Romance - Sa16+
The Letters: Part One - Sa13+
Jesse's Poetry - Sa13+


SSRPG: Life Before Hogwarts :: The Kyle Manning Story - Sa13+
50 Ficlets for The Topsy Turvy Couple - Sa13+
Romance: With My Hands on my Heart - Sa13+
Romance: Warm Whispers - Sa13+
SSRPG: Memories for a Loving Sister - Sa13+
50 Ficlets of a Raveshing Ginger & The Love of Her Life {Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley}

So Let's Get Started!

Interviewee: McFeisty
Interviewer: Droo

Congratulations! You're the next author in the Meet an Author series! Woooot! *tosses roses your way* How does it feel to be famous?

*catches roses & dramatically bows* Thank you, thank you. I feel so loved! It feels amazing to be honest, I mean I love writing and maybe getting this read will help me finish my current stories or actually begin to write new ones! Iím also kind of giddy today, because I just got into college again.

Ooooo, congrats, honey! I'm so glad! Can I ask where you are going to go to school?

Yeah! The Community College of Vermont, where I study graphic design. I did go to another school before, so right now trying to get my AA in Graphic Design.

That's wonderful. Congrats for that too. So to get started on this interview, tell us, for those who don't know, what's your name? Or what do you like to be called?

My name is Jesse you can call me pretty much anything - Jess, Jessers, FeistyÖ anything but Jessica because, really, my full name (first and middle name) is Jesse Stuart, soooo Jess works! It was kind of awkward growing up being the girl with two guys names.

Was it because your parents wanted a boy or something?

No. If I was born a boy, I'd have been named Dylan. Though I kind of wish I was a girl named Dylan. Itís an awesome name! But itís all good. I had a mom with a plan! Easier to get jobs.

Jesse can be a girl's name. Look at Toy Story! It was smart of your mother... JK Rowling didn't use her first name and just her initials, because that way more boys would read her books. So you live in Vermont? Or are you there just for school?

Nice! Yeah. I actually live in Vermont, the green mountain state - love it here, though it's SUPER hot this week. It was 101 degrees today! Crazy hot for these parts. Itís nice, though. If you guys ever want amazing ice cream, come here. Weíre the home of Ben & Jerry's!

Boy, do I know what you mean! Today we had a record breaking heat, but even that was just 99 degrees. Brutal though, I'm glad I work in the air conditioning. So what was the first book you ever remember reading?

First book I ever read was one from the 1960's, I thinkÖ or maybe earlier? It was called "The Hole Book" picture book. I loved it, but after that I moved onto the Brian Jacques books and the Redwall series, little mice and creatures having adventures with tiny swords. Other than that, it was L. Frank Baum's wonderful Wizard of Oz series.

That sounds cool. I love doing these interviews... I get names of books Iíve never read before and then I start reading new stuff. See, I got into reading for enjoyment late, so it's nice to get new books. What got you into reading?

Hmmm I wasn't always the most adapt at reading when I was little. I'm much better now, though, but I guess it was because I loved imagining new worlds and seeing the artistry in the details and what it painted in my imagination.

I would sometimes imagine myself as the character and see what I felt, and sensed through their eyes even sometimes going to the extent of dreaming what was happening in the books (like with Harry Potter, I was flying and the grass in the Quidditch pitch was my rug)

I always love imagining myself in the story... it's why I love RPing so much... I'm in the story and I have control over my character. Do you have a favorite genre of books?

Hmm - I actually love memoir style stories like the book "Memoirs of a Geisha" and sometimes SciFi. A friend of mine just told me to read the book "Ender's Game" and it was pretty good. I also love fantasy books and really love things that show a harsher reality. Right now I'm trying to read a lot of the great old classics like Les Mis, F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Great Gatsby" because honestly I love older books and things that show a window into the past

Oh yes... the classics always pull me in and make me forget whatever is going on in real life... Won't it be great when centuries from now Harry Potter will be considered a classic? And we were right there at the book releases! When did you get into Harry Potter and how?

I was 11 when the first book came out (drat why couldn't I have been 10? I mean I'd have been thinking Iím a witch the entire first book!) Anyway, yeah my 5/6th grade teacher read the first book out loud and then I got into it and started reading it on my own and got really into it and finished the books before she got past the first two chapters.

I was ahead of the curb with my classmates then! I mean wow amazing books! Anyways yeah it'll be awesome when Potter is a classic! And I guess it was almost instantly I fell in love with Hermione and Ron. Harry not so much at first. I thought he was kind of whiny.

Wow you WERE ahead of your classmates. But I was just as excited to read the rest... When did you begin writing?

I began writing in 7th grade, really - although I did write short stories for class, I began exploring my own ideas in middle school, and it was a lot of fun!

I started with Potter fanfics, of course, as most of us probably have, but after that I've been trying to branch out into something deeper - more realistic stuff about my own life or parody style of my town and how utterly rundown hick it can be. (My high school mascot was an eagle, and he was named Earnie.)

With my fanfics nowadays, I really have been aiming to make them more and more canon, as well as exploring characters who haven't been explored yet.

So is there a method to the way you write? A method to the madness?

Hmmm, madness? Good choice of words there *cackles & clears throat* I guess the method is there somewhere, but itís mainly that I try to get emotion into it. I mean the fic I wrote (and need to finish) "Warm Whispers" was inspired by the song "warm whispers" by Missy Higgins, so I guess the music I'm listening to emanates into how it is written.

I'm trying to finish a story that was based in Voldemort's time right now and have loads of songs from the 30's I've been listening to like the song "Jeepers Creepers" by Al Donahue and his Orchestra.

I make playlists as well, generally naming them the proposed title of the fiction or story. Current one I've been listening to lately is called "Lil' Duckling" and the other is "Lover, Loser, Loudness" (both are meant to be fictions and not fan fictions so far).

Playlists... just like with songs, but in writing. Very cool! What a neat approach you have! Have you written many other Fanfics or is HP the only genre you write?

HP is my main genre but I also write things based on real life events. I just haven't gotten as into many other books where I feel they need something written - Ender's Game maybe if I understood the whole which-book-goes-next debacle (itís confusing) but I mainly do Potter or creative fiction based on nothing other than what pops into my mind.

So were the fanfics what brought you to Snitchseeker? Or was it something else?

I guess that it was the discussion idea - I joined a way, way long time ago (about 10 years as of this December)Ö*sheepish* been here since 2002 I believe. Anyway, yeah, I guess it was that I can write the fanfics and discuss the books too. That and now the SSRPG is SO much fun I love doing it and making characters and being a part of the Pottersphere.

Pottersphere... I like that word! Do you have any favorite authors?

Hmmm yes well of course - mother of all, J.K. Rowling, of course but also L. Frank Baum, Charlaine Harris (especially the Southern Vampire Series), Amy Tam, Ernest Hemingway, Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and many more really in the past 3 weeks I've read more books than I can count. Right now I'm attempting Victor Hugo's Les Misťrables.

So, what other hobbies (other than reading and writing) do you have?

I do graphic design. Most of my graphics on the site are by me or by Roro because well I love her graphics! And hmm what else? I've been trying to get more politically minded and educate myself on world issues lately, but that doesn't happen much. Right now itís mainly working and I also house sit and take care of animals (I've taken care of neighbors goats before).

Goats! Wow!!! That's awesome though. I have a dog and a cat, and they are like my babies. You were talking about playlistsÖ What kind of music inspires you?

Hmm. Really anything. Mainly alternative music, like V.V. Brown's Shark in the Water, and also Paulo NutiniÖ

I really like some strange songs but also classics - like when my character was being proposed to, I was listening to Etta James. I was listening to At Last and Stormy Weather because they are just beautiful. And sometimes I listen to the band Feist which was some of the inspiration for my UN even though I used is differently.

I love that! If you were to be sent to a deserted island and could only bring three things, what would they be?

A swiss army knife because those are awesome, flint stone, and a worst case scenario survival guidebook. There's a reason I was put into Ravenclaw, I think. If I was a witch like Potter and his friends, I'd just bring a wand.

Hahaha very practical. Wands rock! This question was a question Ern coined, but I love using it in my interviews... I think if gives a lot of insight into the author. If you were a Bertie Bott Every Flavor Bean, what flavor would you be and why?

HmmmÖI think I'd be a mix between two crazy flavors like Lemon & Cayenne because a lot of the time I'm bubbly and happy but I've got a good sarcastic bite and I'm always peppy. You'd be hard pressed to find me sad or upset and even if I am, I'll act happy over it. I'm a good actor. Itís something I do well.

FYI, I love that you called yourself an actor, and not an actress! 'Cause we ladies can play anything! We can be men, women, children... plus you don't call a female doctor a doctress, or a female lawyer a lawyeress? [/soapbox] OK! Back to the interview! Though this is my last official question. Imagine you got the Nobel Peace prize for one of your writing pieces, who would you thank? I know, I know, you'd thank me... of course... but who else?

Well of course you - but my sister for instilling what the difference between some grammatical words are (their, there, and they're etc.,) and maybe every fan off of SnitchSeeker because they helped me get there.

I'd especially thank my friend Tori (Tiro MacMhuirich) because she's offered to be my beta reader! And is really honest and I love that about her.

Obviously my mom and dad and everyone who inspired the characters because in writing, an authorís best work comes from things they know and understand. Me - I know clumsy girls because I am one, so thatís why most of my characters are clumsy in some aspect of their lives.

She is awesome! She just graduated, did you see?

I didn't get to see in person sadly, but she showed me her cap and gown pic! Unfortunately I live halfway across the world from her but we have a mutual friend who went to school near her!

Made it feel more safe talking with Tori about everything because I know someone she knows and vice versa.

Thatís wonderful.

I also would thank Dani because she's been kind of a funny help as well giving ideas on how to break a relationship up in a story for me and in the SSRPG as well.

I guess I'd thank everyone. Super indecisive one here.

Dani rocks... and that's hysterical! Well... I guess that's the end of the interview. I've really enjoyed finding out more about you!

I enjoyed this too and if you ever want to talk non-interview just pop in and say hi! After all I do kinda work with your SSRPG husband as is.

I totally would love to chat! That's right! You are Alexander's scribe! How appropriate! LOL! Thanks for this.

Nice talking with you and keep up the amazing interviewing skills!

Thank you! I will and good night!

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Aw man! This is awesome. <3 So proud of you Jess! Hehe. And I'm totally shocked you mentioned me, but proud too. <3 Hehe. I feel mega loved. <3 Hehe.
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That's awesome. It was nice knowing more about you . I really should read everything you wrote. I only read some and they're great.

And Droo brilliant as always!!
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*stands in the spotlight for a minute*

Originally Posted by Tiro MacMhuirich View Post
Aw man! This is awesome. <3 So proud of you Jess! Hehe. And I'm totally shocked you mentioned me, but proud too. <3 Hehe. I feel mega loved. <3 Hehe.
Tori of course you'd be mentioned you totally are like AMAZING *hugs*

Originally Posted by the fastest seeker View Post
That's awesome. It was nice knowing more about you . I really should read everything you wrote. I only read some and they're great.

And Droo brilliant as always!!
*spins in a circle* Yes yes its nice to meet you as well! And thanks I'm planning on (eventually) finishing everything I've written or started writing.

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Reading interviews like this reminds me of how amazing SS is in connecting people from all around the world. Not only because we learn (in regards to writing) from one another but also because of how culturally aware it makes us.

You sound like such a unique individual! Thank you two for the lovely interview to read! Can't wait to click all of those awesome titled links and be inspired by your stories!
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Aww thanks hun...I take time with titles - Towers is the most simplistic one I think for the stories, for RP's I made one called Unraveled Illusions and Shimmers of Destiny

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this was such a fun interview omg

*runs back to her quiet corner ahem*

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