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Author Spotlights Come in here to read about our favorite SS Writers.

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Old 05-28-2013, 03:04 AM
sweetpinkpixie sweetpinkpixie is offline
quill Meet an Author : La La

Greetings SnitchSeekerians! And welcome to another edition of Meet an Author! This month in the spotlight, we have the lovely La La! So let's give her a HUGE round of applause and let's spend some time getting know her!
La La's works include:

Completed Works:
Life or Death H/G - Sa 13+

Current Works:
Adventure: Enough Trouble for a Lifetime - Sa 16+
Interviewer (sweetpinkpixie)
Interviewee (La La)


CONGRATULATIONS! *sprinkles you with pixie dust* So, tell us about yourself? Who is La La and what is it like being inside your brain?

Well my name is Lauren. Most of my friends call me La La. I believe this nickname came from singing show tunes at random times or because I'm always off in "La La" land. I'll be 23 in just a few days. I'm a Business Major, hoping to graduate (before I'm 50) and open my own Dog Daycare/boarding/grooming/training facility. I also trained as a Music Major for a long while and still play the French horn. I enjoy music very much. Maybe even one day I would like to dabble in animal assisted therapy (dogs leading the blind, ect.) I also hope to dabble in writing. I always have stories running around in my head. I even think of short scenes in my head while in class (which we all know is a "no-no"), before I go to bed and while at work. My mind never ceases to give me something to write about.

OOOOOOOOH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! *covers the thread in balloons* Show tunes?! Does this mean you are also a musical fan?

Thank you very much. It's odd to be getting older (*Peter Pan complex peaks around corner*) Oh yes, I'm a huge musical theater and broadway fan. My favorite would have to be Les Miserables. I cry every time I watch that movie. All the Disney songs, yes I know them as well!

That is an incredible ambition to open your own business! Would you hope to also have your doggie business include animal assisted therapy? What is it about animal assisted therapy that interests you?

Yes, I would like the business to also include the animal assisted therapy after the business takes off. I watched this short clip off of youtube. This young girl was born with a lung problem. She would have to carry a oxygen tank around with her. Her parents were worried she wouldn't have a childhood having to carry this tank around with her everywhere. They decided to have a dog trained to carry the tank for the little girl. I remember the dog's name was Mr. Gibbs and he was a goldendoodle. I was inspired by this story because not only does this dog give this girl her childhood back but is her best friend. Dogs are really man's best friend. They love to please. I work at a dog day care right now and I love my job. I go into work and I can be stressed about school but that doesn't matter the minute one of those fur babies look at me. They teach you to love life and the small joys it gives us all. I would love to use animal assisted therapy to put a smile on someone's face. Think of a child in a hospital with a horrible sickness. A dog can bring a smile on that face of theirs. And elderly man or women in a nursing home may feel depressed but the dog that comes and visits them once a week could be the highlight of their week.

Oh gosh, what an incredibly touching story! I will certainly keep my fingers and toes crossed for you and your hopeful success in the industry!

You have been a member on site now for a LONG time! How did you find SnitchSeeker? What is your SS history?

I was fourteen when I found this website. I was a "Harry Potter obsessed" teen who was alone, in the fact, that I liked Harry Potter. I kept quiet about my love for the books because we had a kid in middle school and high school that resembled Dan Radcliffe. His name was Ryan and he was picked on as were the stories our J.K. Rowling wrote. This website was a place I met people just like me in our obsession/love. I first started reading the fan fictions then slowly got into the RPG. Once I got into college it became harder to get on SS but I did make time to write. This website made me feel like I was not alone and that is why I still visit this site weekly.

That is one incredible thing about this fandom, it is so welcoming and warm and just makes you want to stay! We are certainly glad you found your way here so you could share YOU and your writing with us all!

Thank you so much. So sweet! Just like J.K. Rowling said at the last red carpet premiere for the last movie. Hogwarts is our home and it will always be there. Yes, I admit I cried when she said that.

Shhh. You are going to make ME cry! *grabs a box of tissue* Speaking of J.K Rowling... who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

I have a hard time naming my favorite author. As everyone expects me to name J.K. Rowling, yes, I admit she is one of them. I will just go ahead and list them not in any particular order: J.K. Rowling, Laurell K. Hamilton, James Patterson, Rick Riordan, Alex Flinn, C.S. Lewis, Victor Hugo and Christopher Paolini. All these authors write about fantasy. I like my mind to be stretched to the limit. They also have light humor in the stories. I enjoy fantasy, humor, romance, and friendship stories. If you noticed I also listed Victor Hugo. I love his books mainly because they are about the "human condition". He writes about life and how we can find the joy and love even in the hardest of times. If you haven't read his Les Miserables I suggest you do. That is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever experienced.

I'm just going to stare and drool over this list for a moment, okay? *stares and drools* Oh, I should probably clean that up.

Oh I can add more if you want. Might take a few weeks of digging around in my room to find those books.

No no. That's alright. I am drooling enough as it is. What inspires you to write?

What inspires me to write is the fact that I like to express myself. Some people like to write in journals, talk to friends, well I write stories. I may have this life experience and I would like to talk about it, so I put it into my stories.

Do you ever experience writer's block?

Yes, I have. Normally I experience this terrible terrible thing when I'm writing for a college paper. Hardly do I experience it while writing for my own enjoyment. I personally will be glad when I do not have to write a college essay any more.

Ah yes, the dreaded forced to do something so it becomes a chore and just awful. Do you find you are the same with reading? Do you ever go back and read those books you just HAD to read for a class on your own and find that you enjoy them more?

Oh gosh no. For example I was FORCED to read "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Hemingway. It as terrible. I gave that book back to my teacher after the test and I still cringe upon seeing it.

Hehehe. How did you choose the genre you write in?

I'm not sure if I choose the genre it more of choose me. I just started writing one day not with anything in mind. If I could give my stories a genre of their own it would be "life experiences". Life is full of wonderful, beautiful, tearful, heart jerking, loving moments and I enjoy writing about each and every one of them.

The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter.... *clears throat* I mean...that is a beautiful answer! Do you have a favorite genre to write in? One that you wish would come around and choose you more often?

Hmmm good question. I would probably stick with Romance and adventure,. I feel I gravitate towards those two more often in my stories without even trying.

While you are writing, did you ever feel as if you are one of the characters?

Oh always, even the male characters. I take what I have in common with the character and I play on that and then also build on it. I will read out what I have written over and add the emotions in after I had acted them out in my head. So in a way I try to put myself in each characters shoes.

Which would explain why your work is so interesting to read! If you were a magical creature what kind of magical creature would you be?

I originally wanted to say Griffin because I want to live in Greece which is where these creatures originated from. Also because if one thing goes missing or is moved from my room I notice and boy do I go hunt for the culprit. Especially if someone touches my first edition books (my treasure) they will leave my room with nubs as fingers. But I actually decided to change my answer from to Dwarf because when faced with problems we are thrown "hills" and we have to get to the other side. Well I never go over these "hills", around, I always go right through the heart of the "hill". I see dwarves as doing the same thing in a way. When faced with a problem they go through the heart of the "hill". I do the same I have come to realize. I never take the easy road and I wish I did sometimes.

Oooooooooooh! Very interesting indeed! On the topic of animals...What do you think your patronus would be?

I'm guessing dog. Breed of dog not sure. I'm a loyal friend. I believe in being true to myself and if someone threatens me or a loved one I will bite back! It is not just my love of dogs but how I see myself.

I should have known What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Nothing at the moment. I'm saving all my money for HP world for my birthday. Yes, I'm eating crumbs so I have money for HP world. I go to the extreme.

*bows down to your dedication* A true Potterhead over here ladies and gentlemen! If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?

Hmmmmm to satisfy the princess inside of me, Belle from Beauty in the Beast. To satisfy the kick butt girl Ginny Weasley and Anita Blake from Laurell K. Hamilton books. To satisfy my wacky side of me, of course Luna. I can't just choose one. To choose the loving nurturing side of me I would choose Lucy from C.S. Lewis Stories.

All excellent choices!

Alright. It is time for the lightning round *cue dramatic music*
Pen or pencil?


Black & white or color?

Color of course!

Waffles or pancakes?

Pancakes, now I'm hungry!

Rollercoaster or Ferris wheel?

Eh can I choose neither. I'm not a big fan of heights.

Crushed ice or cubed ice?


Tea or coffee?


We are just about out of time, so is there anything you want to say to your fans and fellow aspiring writers out there?

All I wish to say is for everyone to be true to themselves.

You heard it here first! Let's all give her another round of applause! Be sure to check out her work as well. I promise you will not be disappointed.
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Janet Lynn Gordon
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Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Lauren, congratulations on the interview. I love these interviews especially if I know the dog(yes, that was a pun )getting interviewed.

I love your fanfiction, 'Enough Trouble for a Lifetime' although; now I am feeling guilty I haven't commented on your last chapter yet. I will soon though. I admire your career choice and hope it works out for you. I hope you continue to write also. Best of luck with everything, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you make it to HP World.

And to you, sweetpinkpixie, I enjoyed your interview. I do have a question though, if I'm permitted to ask; it does pertain to the interview.
I will certainly keep my fingers and toes crossed for you
Crossing ones toes seems to be impossible. Is it your magic that allows you to do this; or do you have talented toes?

Great fun these interviews, and you both did great with this one.

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I am presently reading Enough Trouble for a lifetime and I have to say . . . its well worth reading.

Its also cool to find out about author's . . . good luck with your business La La that sounds very cool.
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