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SPOILER!!: Daniel! <3
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
"Yeah well, whatever" the twelve-year-old rolled his eyes as Claudine wagged a finger at him. He turned around to close the door behind him and walked further into the room until he stood near the older girl. "I don't sneeze" he lied while cocking his head to the side a little bit as he gazed at her and as she asked if he was ready for practice, Daniel nodded his head.

He took back a few steps and took his wand out of his expensive holster and began to twirl it between his fingers before accidentally dropping it onto the rug. "Oops" he said and stooped down to pick it up again. "I still can't do that" he said more to himself than to the Slytherin. "Anyway, I am ready. I wanted to learn this spell over the summer by practising it on my older brother...but I'm still underage so I couldn't" cue another eye roll. "Can't wait till I'm your age" life would be so much better if he could use magic all the time.

Claudine rolled her eyes too. So sassy, this one. Luckily, Claudine was wise enough not to take that sassiness to heart, mainly because Daniel sort of reminded her of a slightly younger version of herself. “Uh huh. Because you’re inhuman.” Hey, the only way one didn’t sneeze was if they were anything but human, right? Unless there was some new potion about that prevented the action which she didn’t know about as yet.

At least Daniel had come prepared for practice. A+ on that aspect, Daniel. “Practice makes perfect,’’ the seventh year said after watching the wand fall. “You seem to have a lot of goals, which is a good thing.” Then she was laughing. “Patience, young one.” She felt like a very wise sensei here, and she was enjoying herself. “Right now we focus on the Dancing Feet Spell. Let’s start with what you know of it. Incantation? Wand movement? Who invented it? Anything, really.”
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