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Default Welcome to the Ministry Ball!
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Welcome to the Ministry Orientation New Years Ball! This special affair is a classy event, so that means black tie only and only the finest of foods and music to accompany your night out. There are many threads here to RP in, and here's quick explanation of each one!

You may RP your Ministry character and ONE other character (their date). Each guest gets a plus one - not plus two, not plus five, ONE!

Department Head Meet and Greet - Lots of new faces are arriving in the Ministry, both on the employee side and the Department Head side! Come say hello to your Department Head (in some cases, your NEW Department Head!) and introduce yourself!

Photo Station - Feel free to RP your characters having fun with the photo station! We have a former Daily Prophet photographer coming to take pictures, so you know your snapshot will be professionally done. Please remember not to play for the photographer!

Buffet Table - Just like the thread title describes, this is your character's chance to grab some food while at the event. Go check out our lovely spread of appetizers, finger foods, and desserts!

The Ballroom - Enjoy yourself with some ballroom dancing with your date! Or just chat and enjoy the background music of the lovely charmed orchestra in the corner.

Entrance Hall - You can RP your characters arriving at the ball here. They can meet up with their dates, chat with friends, and prepare themselves for the main event inside the ballroom.

Seating Area - You can eat your food here or just chat with others while you take a load off your feet!

What are you Wearing? - Post a picture of your character and their dates here!

If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread and a Department Head will answer them!
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