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Term 32: September - December 2012 Term Thirty-Two: Revenge of the Spirit (September 2078 - June 2079)

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Old 09-02-2012, 03:05 AM
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Default Sorting Hat Ceremony

The famous Sorting Hat sits on a stool at the front of the long Great Hall, in plain view of all who enter the feast. First years traditionally take their turn sitting on the stool and getting Sorted before joining their new house mates to loud cheers and thunderous applause.


OOC: You may RP for the hat, but please limit yourself to one post.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Emmerson N. J. Cambridge
Sixth Year
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Alexa Cambridge

Eeeep! This was the moment she had been waiting for since the day she got her acceptance letter and she had been waiting even harder (patience was always such a hard thing to exercise) once that Lainey woman got her into making that bet. Heh. She would show her; she would show them all!

With a grin that spread from ear to ear Alexa took a seat on the stool and looked down at the crowds of students. Her gaze rested particularly long on the Ravenclaw table. She might as well had picked out her seat now so she wouldn't have to do much guess work once she got down there. Seeeee? That was a smart decision right there.

Lex sucked in a deep breath when the hat was placed on her head then sat with all eyes on her as she waited for it to come to a decision.

Hmmm...what an interesting mind...

Uhh...she didn't like the sound of that very much. Her eyes glanced up in a vain effort to look at the hat. "When you say interesting mind do you mean interesting as in Ravenclaw interesting or interesting as in 'I don't know where I'm gonna put you but it won't be Ravenclaw interesting'...?

Catches on quickly too...has a good bit of loyalty...quite the devious little one I see as well but you're a wild one. Where do you belong...? The hat mused, completely ignoring her.

She ended up sitting there for what seemed like another five minutes before she realized that she was what people called a hat stall. NO!!! Time to try something else seeing as sitting here quietly wasn't getting her anywhere. "Look, I think this could end well for us both if you stick me in Ravenclaw--I mean, I'm sure you know how to do your job Mr. Hat but seriously--seriously, put me in Ravenclaw."

Becoming a bit demanding, are we?

"What? Me? Demanding--only when it's important. Look, if you don't place me in Ravenclaw then be prepared to be thoroughly soaked in gravy then digested within 48 hours." Give or take a few depending on how thick the leather of the hat was. If the hat was smart it would listen to her.

She felt the hat shifted on her head. Tsk, tsk. Let me guess; you've entered some kind of arrangement as a spur of the moment thing and without using very much sound judgment, possibly because the idea seemed COOL to you and now my answer is all that separates you from disaster...correct?

"Hey yeah!! How did you know?!" She shouted in amazement, momentarily forgetting where she was. She heard the hat sigh.

Because it must be GRYFFINDOR!!!!

Lex jumped from the stool immediately and threw the hat to the floor in contempt. She tried stomping on it but several individuals had anticipated this and rushed over to grab hold of her. Fine. She wouldn't fight against there pull, instead she glared down at the hat. "I hope you're happy with what you're making me have to do."
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ariella Ann Day
First Year

Even though she was extremely nervous at the moment, Ariella couldn't help but giggle a bit as Alexa was sorted into Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw, which ment a certain hat would have to be eaten...

Ariella Day!

Ariella Day. That was her name. It was her turn to be sorted. Taking a deep breath, Ari straightened her shoulders and walked up toward the hat. The Sorting Hat. THE Sorting hat. Not just any old hat! She climbed onto the stool and the hat was placed on her head and bit over her eyes...

Hmmm...Now where shall I place you?

Ari was surprised as a strange voice filled her head. Ah, yes it was the hat. It seemed friendly enough, so she decided to answer it... Urm, well I guess where ever you think is best...

Let's see...your a clever little thing aren't you...very loyal...hmm and you've got some bravery in in you...

She sat and listened intently to the hat, never inturupting. Ari was trying to figure out where it was going to place her by what it was saying before the hat itself could even decide.

Hmm, so where shall it be...maybe how about Gryffindor...or peraphs-

This time Ariella couldn't help but cut it off, it was becoming a bit annoying...she just wanted to know where she was going to be sorted! Why on earth are you asking me? Aren't you supposed to be the one to judge my characteristics? I didn't wait eleven years of my life just you could sit here and ask me which house I want to be in...

Ahh, so now your being a smart alec? Yes, I can see plenty of intelligence! Better be...


A smile broke out on Ariella's face as the hat finally shouted and announced to the Great Hall and the Hogwarts students that Ariella was indeed a Ravenclaw. Although she was a bit bumed that it wasn't the same house as Alexa, she was extremely happy all the same!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Dylan "DJ" Jacobs
Second Year

Diagon Alley Proprietor:
Jerry "Dave" Davis
Junior Curse Breaker

He watched as Alexa sat down and seemed to be having a little bit of trouble with the hat deciding her fate, but all too soon the hat announced its decision.. Oh no!! that was not good! Not good at all!! He was not surprised that Alexa was not happy.. Well now it was where he would be placed.. He then watched as his other friend Ariella too was sorted.. but into a different house.. Ravenclaw.. the one that Alexa wanted.. so now he wondered where he would be put.. he waited until his name was called out

Jacobs, Dylan!” his name was called out he excused his way through the few students that were in front of him as he made his way over to the stool, he sat down upon it and felt the hat as it sat on his head.

I can see that you will be loyal to your house, that’s a good thing to have.. Loyalty stated a little too obviously by the hat

Well that’s not too hard, so where do I belong?” he asked rather impatiently

Mmm getting impatient are we? No need we will have you placed as soon as I can see which house you are better suited for. the hat reassured Dylan, though Dylan didn't need it he just wanted to be sorted already

I am not getting impatient I am just wondering is it that hard to see where I belong?” a little angrily since he thought this would be easy to work out where he belonged.

Oh! do we have a bit of a temper? No.. no not hard, its easy to see that you are courageous and quite daring at times. Mmm those are good traits to have.. Fun boy! the hat chuckled as he went on to think some more

No! I don't have a temper and what do you mean Fun boy?” he asked a little more angrily as he wondered what the hat was talking about

Its getting a little more clearer to me now, I think I see just where you belong. it said as it tried to see if it could get a little more information to confirm it's decision

Where?“ he asked growing impatient now as the hat mumbled on in his ear without answering him

Where you will be loyal, you are more suited to this house than the others and to put you anywhere else would be unfair to you and the house the hat pondered out loud as it weighed the options to see which house was best

What house?” he wondered out loud as the hat went on wondering when this was going to end

The house that you are most suited to, where you will be able to show your courageous side freely with others just like yourself said the hat shifting a little towards the table where he was most suited

Right? And where is that?” he questioned hoping that this would be over.
Only one such house exists! That is The hat shifted a little as it stood upright now to announce GRYFFINDOR!!

He hopped off the stool and took off the hat and walked towards the Gryffindor table and sat down next to Alexa, he was a little disappointed that Ariella had been separated from them.
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Red Cap
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Annabelle Blaszczykowski
Third Year

So, here she's. Hogwarts.

The red hair saw some of the first year students already got sorted. Its kinda weird lining up with a bunch of first year, at least she's not that tall maybe the first year won't noticed that she's going for her third year. It seem that most of the first years were nervous. Its not like the hat gonna eat them or something.

"Annabelle Błaszczykowski"

She looked up when her name was called. Its her turn now. Move aside first year! She sat down on the stool and she could feel someone put the hat on her head.

Wonder how this work. They said it could read your mind. Hmm..Let's try. Test 1 2 3. Test! Test!

Yes, you don't need to shout I can hear you alright, Miss Błaszczykowski

You know my name. You know my name!

Yes. Yes. I'm a shorting hat. I know everything. Now, can we begin your sorting?

I doubt that. But yeah, go ahead I'm starving so make it quick, will you?!

A bit impatient aren't you? Strong-willed you always know what you want and how to get it. That's good. but too much stubborn in you.

I'm a red hair. That treat come with the hair you know. She rolled her eyes. Seriously could this hat getting any faster, she's hungry.

Yes, I know you hungry. Patience child. I almost finish here. Hmm..You also loyal and a bit cunning but not to cunning for a Slytherin. Brave but I doubt you'll fit in Gryffindor.

Yes, I agree with you. My hair would clash with Gryffindor house color. Not that she had anything with the Lions of course.

I'm not sorting people into a house because your hair clash with the house color. Miss Błaszczykowski. So like I was saying before you rudely interrupt me. You'll be a great witch and this house will show you how to achieve that.


Ravenclaw? Not bad. Anna hopped off fro the stool and put down the hat. Now, where's the Ravenclaw table?
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Angel Wyatt
Third Year

Finally she’d arrived at Hogwarts, and though she still couldn’t spot her brother, she at least knew he hadn’t been sorted… yet… The moment the young girl walked into the room she’d immediately been captivated by the ceiling… and the candles… in fact everything caught her attention and she was having a hard time trying to calm herself down to pay attention to anything!

“Angel Wyatt” she heard her name called and immediately her head shot up and froze for a moment before she realised that it was her turn to be sorted. So she immediately covered it up, plastering a huge smile on her face and walking up the stairs to sit down calmly.

Composure was something she learnt in her dance classes after all!

Sitting on the chair she just became aware of the huge amount of students that were all over the place… possible future house mates in a way… oooh this would be strange… especially because the sorting was so public! Maybe that was the point… well it was doing its part to ‘foster house spirit’ like they always tried to say in Muggle schools… she wouldn’t suggest this to any muggle school of course, they’d think she was insane but still!

Taking in a deep breath, she then noticed the hat placed on her head and held her breath for a moment, just hearing silence.

‘Um… hey?’ she asked in her thoughts, knowing how it could apparently read the mind of all students… though she wasn’t sure if it was even working… it had sorted students right before her though…

I do work

‘No need to be so indignant about it… so where are you going to put me anyway’ she thought huffily, annoyed at the fact that it seemed so… proud… it was a hat for crying out loud, how was she supposed to know it had emotions?

A bit impatient are we? Well… I can see that you have a large sense of loyalty there… in fact it’s something rather important to you but I don’t think you belong in Hufflepuff.

‘Could you put me in Ravenclaw?’ she suddenly thought, feeling the urge to ask it that. Though she knew that she wasn’t the smartest, she knew that her brother was quite smart and she didn’t want to be separated from him… at all!

Oh… so you want to be with your brother, though you aren’t sure where he’s going to be either, it shows your dedication and loyalty to him. Perhaps it’s even dependence in a way… so Slytherin probably isn’t for you, nor is Ravenclaw I don’t think… maybe Hufflepuff?

‘Why on Earth are you asking me? I mean, you’re the talking hat that’s mean to sort us, I don’t know because it’s not my job now is it? But… seriously why Hufflepuff’ she asked before continuing to plead with the hat ‘There’s no way Andrew will be there, can you please just put me in Ravenclaw?’

I can see that you’re quite brave though… willing to do almost anything for your brother, including go into a house where you aren’t sure whether or not you’ll belong…

‘Would you just tell me where I can go so I can, I don’t know… go?!’ she asked finally, the voice inside her head growing to annoy the usual ability she had to somewhat control her temper. It was really beginning to annoy her.

Quite a fair temper as well that I see in you, a fiery spirit… there’s only one place for you then

“Which is?” she muttered aloud under her breath for once, the hat driving her insane while she contemplated setting it alight now with the time it was taking to answer one question as it just fell silent again for a moment.

“GRYFFINDOR!!!” it finally called, and although she was happy, she couldn’t help the sad feeling as she smiled rushing over to the house table, the blonde’s fingers crossed hoping that her brother would join her soon!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Eron Rutherford
Seventh Year
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Sorting hat. Just like what she was told to. Juliet heard that this is how Hogwarts sort their students. So her fate lies on either of the houses. Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw... Of course she is feeling a bit uneasy with this. The whole family is expecting a Slytherin since they are ALL ex-Slytherins from before. That's more pressure on her.Her heart skipped a bit the moment her name was called...

Juliet Kim.

She then sat down on this one chair like everyone did. Feeling the hat put on her, Juliet closed her eyes, nervous where she will be placed.

Kim... Another one?

The hat uttered and Juliet's eyes suddenly widened to its first comment. Another one? Okay, she has to admit that his cousin just recently graduated as a Slytherin too...

There's not much to say nor to debate on where to put you, Kim. Blood is surely thicker than water...


Slytherin!!! She's officially placed under Slytherin. Juliet's smiled widened as the professor in-charge took off the hat. She quickly walked over to the table with the people in green and silver neckties. She's just so happy right now, this will be her first official story to write for her father later.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Maya Nam
Seventh Year
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Melanie took a deep breath. After the whole Hogwarts Express thing, she had almost forgotten about the sorting. So she stood there now, with the rest of the first years and transfer students, waiting to be called up. Nervously, she fiddled with her sleeve as the hat was placed on other people and their houses were called out. She didn't even know what house she was going to be in. All she knew was the symbols of the houses and that Slytherins were rumored to be evil. She knew what house she didn't want to be in - Slytherin. Their mascot was a snake and that was reason enough not to choose that house.

Then again... she wouldn't have much of a choice would she? Her brown eyes darted around the Great Hall, trying to distract herself when she heard her name being called out.

"Melanie Sung."

Oh. That was her. She took another deep breath. In... and out. In and out. The hat was just going to put her in a house that it felt was right for her - that was it. Slowly, Melanie walked up to the chair and took a seat as the hat was placed on her head. She supposed she would just wait then. The hat seemed a little silent though. Hmm... Maybe she could tell the hat what house she wanted to be in?

Is there a certain house you want to be in?

What was that? Melanie's eyes widened as she looked around. Oh... right... talking hat. She did want a talking hat one day.

You're a curious one, aren't you?

The hat was talking. Melanie wasn't sure if she was supposed to answer it or not either so she remained silent. She bit her lip, just waiting to be sorted. Couldn't it just get it over with? Sitting up here and waiting was making Melanie more nervous than she really ought to be. "Just don't put me in Slytherin... or Ravenclaw... let me be like... a Jigglypuff or something...." Melanie said quietly, fiddling with the sleeves again.

She thought she could hear the hat chuckle. It wasn't that she had anything against Slytherins or Ravenclaws... she just didn't like snakes... plus, Ravenclaws were smart and she was fairly certain she wasn't that smart. Plus, Jigglypuffs gave good hugs according to Queen Alice - which made her worry again about the girl's broken leg.

Well then... let's put you in... Gryffindor!

Eyes wide, Melanie felt the hat being lifted off her head. Gryffindor was the lion house. That was Queen Alice's house! Which meant she would be able to see Queen Alice in the common room thing and dress her up!!! The nervousness left immediately as she stood up from the chair and walked quickly over to her designated house. She was a Gryffindor now.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ganymede Craft
Fifth Year

"Ganymede Craft!!"

:: Ganymede felt a stone in her stomach as she walked up to the stool and hat. She went to hop up onto the stool... "Oh geez!" In her nervousness, she managed to slide it half a foot before the stool fell to the floor with a loud echoing BANG!!!! "I'll fix it!" She grabbed the stool, said a few choice words under her breath as she slid it back and quickly and successfully hopped on.

The hat was placed onto her head and the world went dark. She could feel her sweaty palms grasp the wooden seat and could hear herself breathing. There was silence from the hat... then....

"Ganymede Craft... Craft is such an old bloodline. You have such a masculine mind like your Father. Your Father, Ganymede Craft, named after your Dad. Are you the son, not the daughter? I sorted your older sister years ago....

:: Ganymede rolled her eyes at what the hat was considering her as. People always said she was more of a 'boy' because of her manner and style. Even her name was a boys name. She was the fourth Ganymede Craft. It didn't bother her. "Who gives a rats tail what gender I am or who I was named after. I am here to get sorted you scrap of cloth!" Her mutterings caused the hat to get a bit tighter on her head. ::

"You bossy brat. I can see you cunning, your cleverness, you are just like your Father..... SLYTHERIN!"

:: Ganymede felt the hat get pulled off her head, it was hot under there. She hopped off the stool with the biggest more proudest smile and surveyed the Great Hall. She was in the best house. She began her way over ::
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Apollonia Fergersnout

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Aurora Ackerly
Fifth Year

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So this was it? This was the time where he would be exposed to the hat and sorted into a house. His mother had been a Hufflepuff, though she herself had absolutely no idea why but his sister nagged him before he left to ask the hat to be sorted in Slytherin. She herself said its the 'best' house, Terry didn't have a preference and wouldn't mind which house he was sorted into, as long as there were friendly people and that his current friends wouldn't leave him because of what house he was in. But he was fairly sure they weren't that type of people.

"Terence Radley."

His head shot up as he realised he had been completely distracted this whole time and hadn't been paying attention to what was going on. It was his turn now to step up to the hat. He felt odd, being a second year amongst firsts but the even older students who had appeared made him feel more comfortable. He was only 12 and the reason he hadn't gone before was because his mother decided to keep him at home until things 'settled down'.

The hat was placed on his head and Terry tried to look up at it, only spotting the rim whilst he did. It's booming voice made him jump slightly.

Not a Gryffindor then.

Well no, Terry didn't consider himself to be brave. He wasn't a wuss but certain things, situations made him nervous. He probably wouldn't fit into Gryffindor at all really. That was one house down and three left to go.

His thoughts instantly went to his rat which he lost earlier. It wasn't his fault, she was scared of the dark and ran off. But it took him ages to find her again. He left a trail of her favourite food, cheese and she had followed him back home.

Wise. You could be a Ravenclaw.

He contemplated it for a few seconds. He wouldn't mind being a Ravenclaw, he had made a friend there after all. But he thought about his sister and how disappointed she would be. He wanted to be a Slytherin. He did! And the hat should know that.

Well if you insist that much..


It was that easy? Brilliant! He could go sit down at the table and keep his sister happy. It made him think that he had traits of all the houses. Loyalty, wisdom, he could even be cunning when he wanted to be. Obviously the hat had picked up on this. He headed towards the Slytherin table with his head held high, making sure to grin at his friends in the other houses first.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Isla Reeser
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Landon Hughes was nervous. Extremely nervous. And he couldn't help but shake a little as he stood there awaiting his turn. He ran a hand through his hair and before he knew it...

"Landon Hughes."

Landon hesitated, watching as everyone looked around for the so-called 'Landon Hughes' who was being called. He took a deep breath in and out and did his usual strut up to where the sorting hat was. He took a seat and felt the hat being placed on his head. This hat better not mess up my hair or else I'll throw it on the ground.

"Looks like we have a feisty one here."

He rolled his eyes and awaited the answer from the hat. He was still nervous though, knowing that his fate-well to Landon at least-relied on this hat for the rest of his Hogwarts years. He wondered if he was going to be in Gryffindor like his cousin or in Hufflepuff where all the girls are or those other two houses that he forgot the names of.

"I see you're quite brave and very smart...although most of the time you think about girls and food."

Landon blinked, wondering if he heard that last part right. The hat couldn't have said that, could it? He mentally shook his head. "Are you going to get to it then?" He whispered, watching as the kids watching him seemed to either be nervous like him or watching with boredom.

"Loyalty and bravery are definitely the traits of one house and I'm sure you'll live up to it..."

The fourteen-year-old was now nervous again, he could feel his hands become a bit sweaty and he gulped, awaiting the answer. "So?" He asked, biting his lip.

" are now in the house of GRYFFINDOR!"

Landon smiled, which then became a smirk. Most of his friends were in Gryffindor and he knew Andrew would be proud of him. He felt the hat being taken off his head and he walked down, taking a seat at the Gryffindor table. While along the way, winking at some girls. These years were going to be the best.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Mercer Branxton
Seventh Year

x7 x8
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Lame. Standing in line surrounded by a bunch of little kids and putting on a hat in front of everyone in the entire room? It was super lame. Maybe if she was a first year, or if she hadn't been sorted out seven years ago at Beauxbatons, or... if her mother wasn't up on the dais crying like it was her job to embarrass her daughter, maybe if all those things were true, it wouldn't be nearly as lame.

"Genevieve Branxton."

When it was her turn, Genevieve sat on the stool and immediately pulled the hat low over her eyes so she couldn't see any of the eyes watching. Maybe people generally didn't care about the Sorting. Maybe no one was watching. Just get it over with, please.

"Hm. The other Branxton twin. Interesting, interesting. I suppose you want to go with your sister."

Genevieve ignored the hat. Of course she wanted to go with her sister, and it was a stupid sort of hat that would ask a question like that. She was a Ravenclaw legacy, and this was all a formality. But the hat seemed to take her silence personally, and they both ignored each other for a few minutes.






"Maybe Gryffindor. You have a finally tuned sense of fair play and..."


The hat seemed amused that it had finally gotten a reaction out of her. "Then let it be RAVENCLAW."

Genevieve whipped the hat from her eyes, gave her mother a pointed look, and stalked off to join her new housemates.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Anna Keller
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Jake was... nervous, to tell the truth. Although he didn't know why. He'd read as much as he could about the sorting hat and the Hogwarts houses, so he should have probably been totally prepared to be sorted. But, he wasn't. So when his name was called, it was called too soon.

"Keller, Jacob."

Jake nodded to himself and made his way up to the stool. He kept his head high, determined to look big and brave in front of all the first years that were being sorted, too. He felt the hat lower onto his head, though, and he closed his eyes.


The voice in his head made Jake jump slightly. He hadn't read about that.

"Interesting head you have here. Very interesting... clever, indeed..."

Jake frowned. "Thanks?" Was he supposed to talk to the hat? Could it hear him?


Huh. It sounded thoughtful. Jake bit his lip and looked up at the underside of the hat. Get on with it, please? He was really nervous now.

"Mmm... alright... alright... Gryffindor!!"

Instantly, Jake's face lit up in a huge grin. He jumped off the stool as soon as the hat was lifted off his head. "Thanks!" He called back to it, then jogged over to the table that was currently cheering for him. Gryffindor!! With Anya and Penelope and Alice and... Tag. Lovely.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
James andrews
First Year

“Edwards, James” his name was called. James went obediently over to the stool, clambered on and sat on it, his feet dangling.
James put on the hat, which slid down to his mouth.
“bold and courageous...” the hat was saying...
“You belong in... Gryffindor! James grinned, he was tipping the scales in the Edwards children, there were three ravenclaws and now four lions! He hurried to join his sister and his new house
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sirius R. Hazelwood
Fourth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nyx M. Lawrence
Fifth Year
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Awar was now pressing her lips shut to prevent anything from spilling out. Dear Merlin! She was so nervous! She watched as first years kept being called up. Some of them had the same expression she had.
"Black, Awarlesta!"

Awar felt the color from her face drain as she made her way to the hat. So much was running through her mind and her hands were shaking as the rest of the students looked upon her.

"Hmm...Black, I see..." the voice said, "Peculiar Black, I see..." Awar gulped.
"Shall I put you in Ravenclaw like your brother?....or in Slytherin like the rest of your family?..." Awar's grandmother came to mind with that scowl on her face.
" I know. It better be....


Awar felt like she suddenly could breath again. A giant smile stretched across her face. YES!! HUFFLEPUFF!!! and she happily skipped down to her new house table.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Jennifer Rose Moss
First Year

For the first time in her life since her mother's death, she was worried. Not scared. Just a little nervous. Jen knew she was next (or close enough) from the obvious alphabetical order the names were being called out in. She was shivering. And it wasn't cold, for goodness sake! At least she wasn't the only one. A lot of firsties around her seemed a lot more scared. Which she wasn't.

"Moss, Jennifer."

Okay, she was a little scared. A lot scared. Jennifer stumbled up to the stool and nervously awaited the sorting hat's decision. Oh no, it was going to talk.

"Hmmm. Ravenclaw material, definetely. A whole Slytherin family. Tell me, what house do you not want to be in?"

"H-H-Hufflepuff. Not Gryffindor either." Was it just her that could hear the hat, or was it the whole school sat in front of her too? Maybe she was imagining it's voice 'cause she was nervous.

"Ahh, I see. Then it'll have to be...


Whew. Worry over. Everything was all better now. Awesome. Slytherin. Not Hufflepuff.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Robert Allyn Winchester
First Year
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Robert filed to the front of the hall with the other first years. He was only ever-so-slightly nervous, the Sorting Hat he knew what it would do, it was people that made him nervous. People you could never predict what they were going to do next.

It was a long wait, he would have cursed having a last name that starts with W, if he were not so used to waiting. Queues for school books, queues for portkeys to get to school, queues for the London Eye, Robert had been there, done that. If he wasn't pre-occupied with people watching at the various house tables, he might have been bored.

Finally, his name was called:

"Robert Winchester"

Robert strode forward and took his place on the stool and set the Sorting Hat atop his head. It seemed like it was on his head for an age, delving into his deepest subconscious, but in real time it was a matter of seconds before the hat proclaimed to the hall


Relieved that his family tradition of being in Slytherin house was not going to be broken by him, Robert stood up and headed to the Slytherin table, smiling. Mother will be pleased he thought to himself, although I would have loved to see her face if they'd put me in Ravenclaw instead.

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Diagon Alley Proprietor:
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Mason had felt like the tallest person of the line considering most of the people waiting to get sorted were FIRST YEARS; however, it eased his mind to see other people who weren't little munchkins. He was casually standing in the middle of the line where all the people with the last name 'M' were at as he waited for his turn. His brown eyes were gazing up at the ceiling as he was amazed by the beautiful scenery.

... could his mum turn their kitchen ceiling into something like this?

"Dallys MacKenzie."

He made a little grumble as his real first name was called, and then he went up to where the chair was. "It's Mason," he mumbled as he sat down. NOBODY called him Dallys except his mum when she was mad at him for doing something stupid.

The hat was placed on him but it remained quiet for the longest time. HE KNEW IT! He knew it wouldn't find a place for him anywhere at Hogwarts. After reading up on Hogwarts for the last week or so, he didn't find himself fitting into any of the houses. Maybe there was still hope that they would create a fifth house for people that were outcasts.


I remember when I sorted both your parents into Ravenclaw but I don't see the motivation in you to learn. Let's see...

Thank you for that, hat.

In other words: he was DUMB.

Though, it was TRUE. He was a good student but he had no motivation to do school work (hence why he failed his fifth year once already) but when he did do work, he worked hard. Which was rarely.

He was determined to change his habits because he didn't want to relive his fifth year for a third time.

No, we can't make another house just for you, MacKenzie. There's a place for you here at Hogwarts...

There was a long pause as the boy just sat there, staring out into the crowd.

It will have to be...


Mason found himself just sitting there, stunned, as the hat was taken off of him. ... huffelpuff? He looked over at the hat for a moment, and then he got up off the chair and headed over to the table where his housemates were. HOUSEMATES! Merlin, he was at Hogwarts. In Hufflepuff.

He wasn't an outcast!


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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ashton P. Walker
First Year

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Nervous? Her? Lotus Wisteria? Pfffft, yeah, right.

This was, like, an incredibly exciting day, literally. And she was about to join the most amazing House of all. Slytherin, yes? Yes. Because that's the one all Wisterias belonged to.

Thanks to her last name, Lottie was actually one of the lasts to get sorted. So it became a little annoying to WAIT for everyone else to move along to their table they should go to. VERY annoying. But it'll be worth it, surely.
Wisteria, Lotus.
You know what? She'd just realized her name sounded completely wrong that way. Lotus Wisteria was way better.

Come on, people, put the hat on this very lovable soon-to-be Slytherin.
Another Wisteria, it's been a long time since we've had one. And you think you belong in Slytherin as well...
Lottie immediately BEAMED as the hat seemed to recognize the name. Though, of course, she already knew something like that was bound to happen. She was very good at researching, after all, and Hogwarts details were not kept at bay. But something caught her ear. 'And you think you belong in Slytherin as well...' "What's that supposed to mean?"

Uh-oh. There was a not-very-tone to her voice, of course. She was instantly terrified of what the Sorting Hat will do to her. Why? Because everyone told her the Hat takes your opinion into consideration, yes? So, why hadn't it declared her House already, eh??
There's a House that will help you accomplish everything you want in a much better way... and all your hard work will be rewarded... blah, blah, blah, blah...
And the Hat kept on talking and talking and talking about a wise and quick mind and loyal individual... and means to achieve whatever it was Lottie has never considered achieving. So, basically, Lottie stopped listening to the Hat. Why was it taking forever to simply exclaim where she belonged.

What on Earth was this Hat talking ABOUT?! Was it Ravenclaw? Because Elliot was in Ravenclaw. It wouldn't be half as bad as...
...are you FREAKING kidding me?!

She eyed the table of those yellow...whatever...with disgust. There was no way she belonged...THERE.

Now the Hat was talking to her again, but since she had no time for this nonsense she simply took it off her head and threw it on the bench. She was no Hufflepuff. This was a mistake. And she was going to talk to that woman with the pretty red hair sitting in the middle of the Staff Table to undo this.

Yellow wasn't even her color.

Was this even a joke? If so...she wasn't laughing. And she wasn't walking towards that table either. She wasn't walking towards Soapy. She was walking towards Elliot instead.
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"McAlistor, Marigold."
Marigold walked forwards with trembling legs as fast as she could to the stool and placed the hat on her head. Good thing it slipped down her eyes, she didn't want to see everyone staring at her.
Ahh. I remember you're father, Marigold. Marigold jumped. She hadn't realized it was a talking hat.
Er, okay? she thought, hoping she was communicating with the hat and not just making things up.
Loyal, yes, I see, but brave too. Willing to stand up for herself, interesting. Smart, too.
Um, have you made your decision yet? she thought timidly. If a hat could laugh, it would have just done so.
Impatient, eh? I have to say, you are a mixture of personalities. But it has to be...
Marigold's heart skipped a beat. Hufflepuff! She was so excited! She whipped the hat off and skipped towards her house, who was cheering for her.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Carsyn Cooke
First Year
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You know, if they went by first names, Aidan would be one of the first to be sorted, if not THE first. But, alas, the boy had to wait until S (wayyyyyyyy down in the alphabet) to learn his fate. And, honestly, he didn't care where he went. All that mattered to him, was that he was FINALLY AT HOGWARTS!! Though maybe being in one of his parent's houses would be nice.

He very quickly grew impatient waiting in line, and was bouncing on his heels ever since the 'C's. Then, after what seemed like FOREVER, he was called. It. Was. HIS. Turn. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aidan ran, literally, with all his endless energy, up to the stool where the Sorting Hat stood and eagerly placed it on his head.

And now to wait.

Something Aidan wasn't very good at, if you hadn't noticed. He swung his legs as the Hat whispered on and on in his ear about curiosity and determination and eagerness and blah, blah, blah. Until it grew quiet...making its decision. At which point, Aidan was chewing his lip as well as swinging his legs, and tapping the bottom of the stool seat with his fingers with his hands curled around the edge.

The Hat's mouth seam mouth opened, "RAVENCLAW!"

If it weren't for the applause that erupted from the blue-clad table, Aidan might have been just a little disappointed. He wasn't thinking about being sorted into his mom's house...but into Ellie's. So...that would come with expectations, right? And a lot of people going 'Oh, you must be Ellie's brother, how cute'.

'Cute'. Gross.

And Max would be there to ruin his fun all the time like he did at the Apothecary.


WHO could FROWN when you were being APPLAUDED?!!


So, just as eagerly as he'd put the hat on, Aidan threw it off (it landed somewhere nearby, who knows), and ran off to the Ravenclaw table.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Finnlay 'Finn' Cameron Muir
Fifth Year
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The doors to the Great Hall opened and Pao shuffled in with the rest of the first years. They were walking between two long, heavy tables. Trusting the throng to keep him moving in the right direction, he let his gaze wander around the room. Woah, look at that ceiling! Or, more appropriately, lack of ceiling.

Returning his attention to the group, he came to a halt. People began to be called forward for their Sorting. We put on... a hat? After a few moments he was astonished when the rip at the brim opened up and and shouted 'Gryffindor!' for all the hall to hear. So they just had to put on a hat. What, did it randomly select? Was this all probability and chance? He sort of expected better from a school of magic.

The minutes crept by until he finally heard it.

"Mancini, Logan!"

Pao, call me Pao, he wished, slightly rolling his eyes. GULP. He made his way up to the platform, slipped on the hat, and sat down on the stool. Now what? he wondered.

Now I decide where you should go, of course, replied the hat -- to Pao's great surprise. The first year gave a start and slipped right off the stool in surprise. Sighing inwardly and trying to ignore the laughter, he positioned himself firmly back on the seat.

You're familiar to me.. You're in that Hadley crew! Well, that does present a problem...

Of course it did. Pao's family were all Ravenclaws. Except for his aunt, Josephina Hadley. She was a Hufflepuff, but intelligent enough to be Head of House and an expert Arithmancer. Pao had traits of both Houses, which made it far harder for the hat.

I notice family pride, a healthy desire to gain knowledge and prove you are worthy of the Mancini line.. but you also have a conflicting desire to be an individual, to make your own mark on things. Interesting, very interesting.

Pao started to wiggle a bit on the stool. It was hard and uncomfortable, and he had been up there a long time.

But where to put you? Certainly your intelligence and love of learning is without question. But you put yourself fully into your work, and you're humble to boot! Hmm...

Pao wriggled once more. It had been several minutes, and the hat had fallen into a moody silence. People were staring at him. Soo... what will it be, then? he prodded the hat. The more the hat praised his intelligence, the less he found himself wanting to be known for that like his father was.

No? You sure? Then it had better be... HUFFLEPUFF!

The last word was announced to the hall loudly. Pao clapped his hands over his ears to muffle the sound. With relief he hopped off the stool, found his aunt at the Staff Table, and gave her a big smile and two thumbs up. Then he started to make his way to the table where other new Hufflepuffs had gone. After a few steps he heard some muffled laughter. His cheeks began to grow warm as he realized the hat was still on his head. Sheepishly, he tugged it off and set it back on the stool for the next person. Off to a great start, he quickly found his new House and took a seat.

Thanks, Kitakins <3
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alice Lewis -
First Year

After the selection ceremony, Alice went to the Ravenclaw and joined the group. She thought about her parents with a smile. How they would be happy to hear the news!

Finally, feast time was announced by the Professor. Students had dinner and talked about the expectations for the new year. Alice listened carefully to everything with a smile on her face and eyes always attentive to everything that was happening around her.

After dinner, the monitors led students to their dorms. Alice walked through the halls attentive to the living pictures in the frames, the moving stairs and all that magical atmosphere. Although she had grown up in a family of witches, Hogwarts was different of evertything she had ever seen. When entered her dorm, she settled in her bed and got dressed to sleep. She laid down and closed her eyes, but didn't sleep immediately, thinking about everything she was about to live in the next 7 years.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Juliette Archer
First Year

Juliette stared at the back of the person in front of her, barely heaing whatever the hat was saying to the person in front of her. This was it. The most important thing that was going to happen to her at Hogwarts was happening now. Her nervousness showed, her knobby knees where practically shaking and she was biting her lip so hard it seemed she would bite it off. Which was funny because she was usually a very happy person.

"Archer, Juliette!"

A voice called. Juliette obediantly walked to the stool, staring down at the floor like there was money camoflaged into it. She stumbled a little, but caught herself quickly and saved herself from completley falling. As soon as she saw the stools wooden leg, she climbed up onto it (being to short to just sit) and placed the hat onto her head. The large hat fell over her eyes and covered her eyes, which was good because she didn't want to see her cousin at the Hufflepuff table. Right now, she wanted to forget he exsisted.

"An Archer!" The hat seemed to whisper. The hat remembered her dad, Robert Archer, and remembered what happened to the poor bloke about ten years and six months ago. "I remember your dad." The hat felt the girl flinch under it and went with sympathy. " Shame what happened to that bloke."

Juliette heard what the hat said about her dad and tensed up a little. Was this hat going to have a conversation with her in front of the whole school about the car accident that left her an orphan? Couldn't it just belt out her house name like it did for all the rest of the students?

"You're loyal, no doubt about that. But very unsure. Not brave in the least."

Juliette swallowed hard. was this hat going to just point out her flaws?

"But you're studious, and very determined. Not sly at all. Your father was a Gryffindor you know?"

Really? She didn't know why, but this stroke a chord with her. She hardly knew a thing about her dad, and it felt a little weird and demeaning to know that the Sorting Hat knew more about her dad than she did.


The hat had yelled without Juliette knowing at first, but when it finally sunk in, she beamed at everyone. Placing the hat on the stool for the next first year to wear, she ran over to the Hufflepuff table, all of which where cheering.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Brooks Bradshaw
Second Year
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Coulson was far from nervous considering this was his second time being sorted. Kind of. He'd already been to two different schools and he hadn't overly enjoyed either of them for the short time that he had attended. Which was one of the many reasons for him being here, now, waiting for yet another hat to be placed on top of his pretty little head.

He anxiously shifted from foot to foot, growing rather impatient as he watched other people get sorted before him. Hecurious as to where they ended up and just as curious as to whether or not they'd be in the same house.

"Bradshaw, Coulson."

Hearing his name called, a smirk rose to the boy's lips as he wove his way through the little people and the occasional taller person and up to the front. Oh, how he loved being the center of attention.

As the hat was placed on his head, the boy instantly tried to focus it rather then let it wander like it tended to do. Especially since there were so many topics at the moment which would occupy him. Like all of the girls in the room.

"Quite the ambitious child and cunning too, aren't we? Sounds like a Slytherin to me"

And there it went. It was starting. He'd never really liked having a hat talk to him. It was weird, really and a bit disconcerting. Especially since he didn't know if everyone else could hear it just as clearly as he could. Not that he got embarrassed easily.. but still. It was odd.

"No, no. You have other traits that seem to be a bit stronger. You, my friend, are more difficult to place than I anticipated."

Yes, yes. It was so. Now, get on with it. We haven't got all day, hatty. The hat kept going on and on about weird traits he had and how he honestly could go many different ways. But after a few moments of silence between the two of them, it spoke again.


FINALLY. Merlin, that took for ever. He took the hat off of his head, put it back on the chair and headed out toward his new table. It wasn't until a few moments later that he realized he'd been sorted into the house that most of his pre-made friends were at. As well as some people who... weren't exactly his friends. Oh well.
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