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Term 32: September - December 2012 Term Thirty-Two: Revenge of the Spirit (September 2078 - June 2079)

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Default Quidditch Rule Book

Section 1: The Positions

Chasers and Keepers
The Chasers and the Keeper are basically the most vital players. They are the ones who need to be the most active during a game. These are the players who will answer the Quaffle questions.

To begin a game, a Quaffle question will be presented only to the Chasers on both teams. The first answer is what counts, and the Chaser who posts first and has the correct answer will score 10 points. If the answer is incorrect, then no points are rewarded and the next question will go to the other team.

Once the first Quaffle question has been asked, the questions will then be asked in turn. This will allow the opposing team's Keeper to actively answer Quaffle questions.

For example, let's pretend Gryffindor and Slytherin are playing:
Originally Posted by Example Quaffle Question
Quaffle to Gryffindor: How many fouls can be made in Quidditch?
Now only the Gryffindor Chasers and the Slytherin Keeper can answer this question. If the first person to post is a Chaser and they answer the question correctly, they gain 10 points for their team. However, if the Keeper manages to correctly answer the question first then the goal is blocked and no points will be rewarded.

If the Chaser who answers first is wrong, no points will be rewarded. If the Keeper answers the question first and is wrong, that means they were unable to block the goal and 10 points will be rewarded to the opposing team.

The Chasers and Keepers cannot edit their posts or post their answers more than once.

The next question will then be asked to the other team, and the game follows the same pattern.

* * * * *

The Beaters don't have too important of a role, but they are the ones who can deduct points from the opposing team. They answer the Bludger questions that are presented to both teams' Beaters.

Originally Posted by Example Bludger Question
Bludger: Who holds the record for the fastest capture of the Snitch to date?
All of the Beaters can answer this. The Beater who answers first (and correctly) has thus hit the Bludger and 10 points will be deducted from the opposing team. If the first answer is incorrect, then no points are taken from either team. The Beaters cannot edit their post or post their answer more than once.

* * * * *

The Seekers must be knowledgeable about the Harry Potter universe. During the game, Snitch questions will be presented. These will be the more difficult questions.

Originally Posted by Example Snitch Question
Snitch: Who was the first ever person to cross the Atlantic by broom?
The first Seeker to answer the question correctly will get a bit closer to catching the Snitch and their team will receive 50 points. After a Seeker correctly answers three Snitch questions, the game is over.

The Seekers cannot edit their posts, but they may post their answer more than once and can double/triple/quadruple post until they have posted the correct answer.

* * * * *

The Team
Each House Team will consist of seven players - a Seeker, a Keeper, three Chasers and two Beaters who are captained by a player chosen by the team's Head of House. Four additional reserve players will be selected and will serve as the first-choice substitutes for a game.

Team rosters are approved by the Heads of Houses, the Headmaster/Headmistress and the Quidditch Official. It is the responsibility of the team captain to submit their respective team roster (including reserve players) to the listed individuals by the deadline set by the Quidditch Official.

The team line-up consisting of at least three (3) players and no more than seven (7), is due 30 minutes before the start time of the game. This roster must be posted in the Captains' Locker Room. Failure to post a roster 30 minutes after the set start-time of a game will result in a forfeit.

All teams must field at least three players for the game. Those players must be one Seeker, one Keeper, and one Chaser. Failure to field these three positions will result in a forfeit.

Position changes are not permitted once a game has started. Position changes, including substitutions, can only take place prior to the start of a game. At no time is a player to cover more than one position in a game.

Any player who is placed in detention may not play in a game, even if they finish serving their detention within an hour of the start of a game.

* * * * *

Who Can Play
Every sorted student who participates in the school RP has the opportunity to try out for their House team. Moderators and administrators who are active participants in the school RP are allowed to tryout and make their House Team as reserve players.

* * * * *

Team Trials
As stated above, every sorted student who participates in the school RP has the opportunity to try out for their House team. All Quidditch tryouts are open to those who sign up in their respective House tryout thread by the posted deadline set by each respective Quidditch captain.

All positions on a team are open at the start of the tryout period and past members do not yet have a spot on their respective House teams.

Those trying out for their House team must be active in at least two tryout sessions, and post (answer a question) more than five times in each session.

* * * * *

Player Eligibility
All sorted students who try out for their respective House Quidditch teams are expected to be active in the school RP. This includes attending classes and earning points. This also applies to those who earn a spot on their respective House teams. Playing Quidditch is a privilege, and lack of activity in the school RP can result in a person losing that right for the current school term.
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Section 2: The Game

See 'Section 1: Positions' to read how points are scored.

* * * * *

A game is considered a forfeit if a team cannot field the 3 positions of Keeper, Seeker, and Chaser, or if a team roster isn't posted 30 minutes after the set start time of the game.

If the forfeited game is the Championship Game, the House receiving the forfeit win will automatically receive 150 House Points.

* * * * *

The four (4) reserve players are the first-choice substitutes for a game. If a starter cannot play, you must use these players before selecting someone else from your House.

Any substitute players who are not on your roster must be approved by the Quidditch Official prior to posting your roster in the Captains' Locker Room thread.

Sometimes a technical situation* might arise during the course of a game and the loss of either the Keeper or Seeker might occur. If this occurs, the Quidditch Official will call a time out and suspend play while the team that's affected makes a few changes to avoid a forfeit. Only those players listed on the roster posted in the Captains' Locker Room can take the place of the missing player (eg. Player E moves from Beater to Keeper). A new roster will then be posted and the opposing team will be rewarded 10 points for the roster change after the deadline. In the match thread, the Quidditch Official will announce the position change and play will resume.

*Note: technical situations are loss of power or internet connection. If the Keeper or Seeker leaves the game for any other reason before it is over, the roster will not be changed and the team will have to play without the key position.

* * * * *

The Quidditch season in the school RP will consist of a total of six (6) games, with each House having the opportunity to play in at least two (2) games each. Each game will happen in one session lasting 2 to 3 hours. The game ends when one team has caught the Golden Snitch three times, and the team who has scored the most points will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the team that has three Golden Snitch captures will be declared the winner.

The Quidditch games are set up in a tournament-style bracket. The team that wins its first two games will advance to the Quidditch Cup Championship Game and will face the team who wins game 5 of the bracket. The championship game will be the last game of the school term. The winner of the championship game (game 6) will be the official Quidditch Cup Champion and will receive House Points for the total number of points they score in the game (including the Snitch). The loser of the championship game will finish in second place and receive 100 House Points or the amount of points they scored in the game (whichever is greater).

The team that loses game 5 will place third in the Quidditch Cup standings. The team that loses game 4 will place fourth in the Quidditch Cup standings. No points will be rewarded to teams finishing third or fourth in the standings.

Please note that House Points are only rewarded for the championship game. Points will not be rewarded for the other games.

During the match, the only people who should be in direct contact with the Quidditch official are the team captains or administrators who are consulting with the official (see "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" for the penalty). It is important that the official is not distracted during the running of a game, so please be courteous and avoid contacting them until the game is over.

* * * * *

Posting the Answer During the Game
To avoid confusion over who is responding to which question, the following position letters MUST be posted before each answer:
  • C - for Chaser
  • K - for Keeper
  • B - for Beater
  • S - for Seeker

If a player forgets the letter, the official will remind both captains in the chat about this rule so that they can remind their players. If a player posts the correct position letter but answers the wrong question, see Penalties & Infractions for further details.

* * * * *

Game Day Chats
Teams are welcome to have a mass team chat during the game, however ONLY those on the game roster are permitted to be in the chat (no one on the Staff should be in your team chat at any time during the game). Captains are also expected to be in a chat with the Quidditch Official before and during the game. After the game is over, teams may allow others to join their mass chats.

Section 3: Responsibilities

Captains' Responsibilities
It is the duty and responsibility of each captain to hold tryouts (team trials) for their respective House teams. The tryouts will take place in each House's respective tryout thread. When the tryout period has ended, each captain will submit their roster consisting of 7 starters (including themselves) and 4 reserve players by the deadline set by the Quidditch Official. This roster must be sent to BOTH the Quidditch Official and their Head of House. Only AFTER the Head of House gives the Quidditch Official their input on the roster will the team rosters be posted in each respective locker room.

It is the responsibility of each captain to hold regular practices and to make sure they can field a team on game day. Captains are also expected to be active in the school RPG. This includes attending classes and earning points through participation/homework.

It is the responsibility of each captain to attend their matches. If a captain is unable to attend a match session, it is their responsibility to contact the Quidditch Official in a PM prior to the game and provide the name of their substitute. A Prefect who is not on the team roster, a long time House team player, a former captain, or a moderator may fulfill this temporary role. The Quidditch Official will respond to the PM and then post the approved substitution in the Captains' Locker Room (if a captain fails to contact the official and is absent on the day of the match, the Quidditch Official will find an appropriate substitute for the match so that the team will not be penalized).

The two captains in each game are expected to be in a chat with the official prior to the start of and during the duration of the game. In the chat, the official will remain in constant contact with the captains and inform them of the ruling on the pitch prior to posting. If the official has any questions regarding the ruling of an answer, they will consult an administrator in a separate window and keep the captains informed of what is being discussed. In these official-administrator chats, the official keeps the identity of each team anonymous to avoid any favoritism (an example of how the official presents the problem to the administrator: "The Snitch question was: "Who replaced Harry as the Gryffindor Seeker?" Seeker A posted first with the answer of 'Ginny' while Seeker B posted second with the answer of 'Ginevra Weasley'. Which answer would you accept?") If an administrator is not present, the official will seek the advice of at least two Staff members (who are not the heads of the two houses playing) in a chat. The same anonymity will be used by the official to avoid favoritism.

It is the responsibility of each captain to communicate with the Quidditch Official during a game if a situation arises (or anytime that you need assistance). Present your problem calmly and without accusing the official of favoritism or cheating. If that doesn't work, then explain your problem to your Head of House who is your advocate and will help you resolve any problems you have in the school, whether it be Quidditch or something else. The final person you can turn to is the Headmaster or Headmistress - they run the school for the site owner and have the power to reverse the official's ruling if it is in error.

* * * * *

All team practices will be held in the practice pitch designated for each team and will be run by each team captain. Only the players on the approved roster may practice - this includes the four reserve players. Substitutes may practice once they have been approved by the Quidditch Official. Those who make their teams are expected to participate in practices, and those who attend practices should be the first choice players when creating the game roster. If a player is unable to make a scheduled team practice, it is their responsibility to contact their captain prior to the practice and explain the reason for their absence. The team captain has the right to not play those who fail to attend practice and fail contact them regarding absences.

* * * * *

All members on each team is expected to act with decorum both in the school RP and on the SS site. Any abuse or perceived unsportsmanlike conduct behavior by any member of a House (player or not) can result in House Point deduction and detention. In extreme cases, punishments may include removal from a team, loss of the match, and/or expulsion from the site.

Section 4: Penalites & Infractions

Editing your post is not allowed. If you are caught editing your answer to a question during a game, your team will have the value of the question deducted from the team total.

* * * * *

Invisibility Mode
All players must select the visible mode as their user option in their User Control Panel. If a player is seen by the official in the invisible mode once a game starts/during a game, it will result in a penalty. That penalty will be 10 points deducted from the team's match total. Please note that the site staff can "see" you in both the visible and invisible modes.

* * * * *

Failure to Meet the Line-Up Deadline
If a team fails to post their line-up by the set time, 10 points will be awarded to the opposing team. This is the only time a penalty is awarded directly to the opposing team. All other penalties are deducted from the offending team's game total.

* * * * *

Roster Change After the Deadline
If a team roster is changed after the deadline has passed and the game has not yet started, the offending team will suffer a 10 point penalty (which is better than a forfeit). This includes a roster change mid-game due to the unexpected loss of the Keeper or Seeker due to technical issues, and the opposing team will be rewarded 10 points for the roster change.

* * * * *

Answering a Question Out of Position
Blagging - any player other than the Seeker who answers the Snitch question AFTER one of the Seekers have posted an answer. Penalty is minus 5 points, regardless of which team's Seeker catches the Snitch.

Blatching - the Keeper posts the answer to the Quaffle question twice. The opposing team will automatically score, regardless if the first posted answer by the Keeper was correct.

Blurting - any player other than the Beater who answers a Bludger question. If the player answers it BEFORE a Beater, then the penalty is minus 10 points. If the player answers it AFTER a Beater, then the penalty is minus 5 points.

Bumphing - a Beater on either team who answers the Quaffle question. If the Beater answers FIRST, the penalty is minus 10 points. If the Quaffle was intended for their team, they lose possession and the other team gets the next question. If the Beater answers AFTER a Chaser has posted, then the penalty is minus 5 points.

Cobbing - a Chaser on the opposing team who answers out of turn AFTER their Keeper has answered but BEFORE the other team's Chaser(s) have posted. Penalty is minus 5 points.

Flacking - the Keeper answers out of turn (answers the Quaffle question intended for their own team). If the Keeper answers FIRST, the penalty is minus 10 points, and the next Quaffle question goes to the other team. If the Keeper answers AFTER their own Chaser has posted, then the penalty is minus 5 points.

Haversacking - a Chaser on the opposing team answers out of turn AFTER the other team's Chaser(s) have posted. Penalty is minus 5 points.

Quaffle-Pocking - a Chaser on the opposing team answers out of turn BEFORE the other team's Chaser(s) and their own team's Keeper have posted. Penalty is minus 10 and another question is asked to the team who was interfered with.

Snitchnip - any player other than the Seeker who answers the Snitch question BEFORE either Seeker. Penalty is one Snitch grab from the offending team and a new Snitch question will be asked. If the same person repeats the penalty during the course of the same game, they will be ejected from play.

* * * * *

Posting in the Wrong Locker Room
5 House Points will be deducted for anyone who posts in the wrong locker room.

5 House Points will be deducted for anyone who is not on a House Team who posts in any of the locker rooms.

Repeat offenders will be placed in detention.

* * * * *

Posting in the Game Thread
If someone other than a player posts in the game thread, 5 House points will be deducted. Repeat offenders will be placed in detention.

* * * * *

Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Quidditch is taken seriously by many on the site, and it’s important that everyone behaves appropriately at all times (both on and off the site). It is canon to have rivalries in the school RP but please exercise caution if you're teasing someone else's character. If the teasing or trash talk gets out of hand, those who are guilty of such behavior will be given an official warning (if it escalates after a warning is given, then the Headmaster or Headmistress will be consulted regarding further punishment). This also applies to behavior outside of the school RP.

Before any punishments are enforced, the Quidditch Official will consult with the Headmaster or Headmistress and will calmly explain the situation. It will be based on their discussion as to the type of punishment (if any) that may be enforced.

The most severe penalties can be forfeiting the match or having Quidditch suspended from the site for a period of time.

Section 5: Misc. Rules and Information

Rule Changes
If any of the rules are changed after the term begins, it is the responsibility of the Quidditch official to notify each team captain via PM and posting in all team locker rooms the rule change at least 72 hours before game time.

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