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Term 24: January - April 2010 Term Twenty-four: Fight Club (Sept 2070 - June 2071)

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Old 12-14-2009, 02:03 AM
demented_death_eater demented_death_eater is offline
Ravenclaw Who's Who in Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw House Cup Championships
2049-2050, 2051-2052, 2054-2055,
2055-2056, 2058-2059, 2059-2060,

Ravenclaw Inter-House Tournament Championships
2052-2053, 2061-2062

Ravenclaw Quidditch Cup Championships
2051, 2052, 2053, 2059, 2060, 2066, 2067, 2068

Ravenclaw Head of House: Professor Maximus O. Vindictus
Ravenclaw House Assistant: Professor David Kapoor
Hogwarts Head Girl: Olivia Zhang
Ravenclaw Prefect: Celandine Touissant
Ravenclaw Prefect: Miles Vorkosigan
Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain: Adrienne Mercer

It's time to meet and greet with all your fellow Ravenclaws! Post your name, year, where your character is from and anything else you want to include!

Here's a sample of the type of things your classmates want to know about you
Character Name:
Character Age:
Year in School:
Physical Description:
More About You (family background, friends, etc.):

You can answer all or none of those, add more or less. Up to you! Welcome to Ravenclaw!

*If you post a picture from your own imaging account, it should be no larger than 200p x 200p and follow all SS rules.
**Remember, this is about your school character and not the real you.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nina Woods
Second Year

Originally Posted by demented_death_eater View Post
It's time to meet and greet with all your fellow Ravenclaws! Post your name, year, where your character is from and anything else you want to include!

Here's a sample of the type of things your classmates want to know about you:
Character Name:
Character Age:
Year in School:
Physical Description:
More About Me (family background, friends, etc.):

You can answer all or none of those, add more or less. Up to you! Welcome to Ravenclaw!

*If you post a picture from your own imaging account, it should be no larger than 200p x 200p and follow all SS rules.
**Remember, this is about your school character and not the real you.

Hi fellow Ravenclaws!
My name is Nina

I'm 11

Therefore, a first year

I have a Rowan wand, 9 1/2 inches, with a unicorn hair core

I have an owl, an adorable Northern Saw-whet owl, his name's Barney as in the Flinstones cartoon

I'm very short and always have been for my age, as well as very thin, I have curly blonde hair, and blue eyes, no ear peircings because my ears are too sensative, and straight teeth thanks to my old braces.

I'm muggle-born, so this whole world is completely new to me. Um, obviously all my friends have been muggles but I'm excited to make new ones. I'm from America but my family moved over to the UK so they will be closer and I could attend Hogwarts since we've heard it's the best. And I'm just excited in general to start here. My favorite color is pink. I have three favorite animals, number one being dog-unfortunately we can't bring them, then comes Bengal tiger and goat-though I'm not sure which order they'd go in.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Adrienne Rebecca Colbert
Seventh Year
The Last of Her Kind

Hello Ravenclaws!
My name is Thana Angevine.

I'm 11, so obviously a first year.

I have an oak wand, with phoenix feather inside.

I have three cats at home, but only one I brought with me. She's my favorite, named Misty as she is, indeed, a misty sort of grey.

I have long, straight, black hair and intense brown eyes. I am rather short for my age, only about 4'6. I am relatively thin, and always, always, ALWAYS!!!! am wearing some pink somewhere. I have peirced ears and a variety of pink earrings.

i too am muggleborn, so have really no experience with this whole magic thing. I catch on quickly, though, and have read all my course books at least five times each. All of my friends are muggles, and I went to a school just outside of London. I am almost overexcited to be hear, you should have seen me squealing as soon as I realized the letter wasn't a prank.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Allison Scott
Fifth Year

Character Name: Allison Scott (Her parent's thought Allison didn't need a middle name)
Character Age: 11
Year in School: 1st
Wand: 11 2/3" Oak, Veela Hair Core, pliable
Pet: Robin her baby white elf owl.
Physical Description: Small standing at '4"8, too slim to look entirely healthy, brown wavy hair where neck meets shoulder, big innocent chocolate eyes, even teeth that gleam when she truly smiles.
More About Me: It would be easy to copy and paste, but my narrator and I decided just to put it on our notes. So go check out my narrator's profile for it. *grin*

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Derfel Cadarn
Magical Creatures

Character Name: Owain ap Peredur
Character Age: 11
Year in School: 1
Pet: 1 Barn owl, answers to Twll dyn; an accident that has become a family joke.
Physical Description: Tall for his age, Owain has pale skin and short, wavy black hair. He is skinny to the point that most underestimate his strength and has a slight limp in his gait - the result of a long ago battle with a muggle bearing a stick.
More About Me: Quiet to a fault, Owain knows many people but not who to call his friends. A half-blood wizard of welsh parentage, Owain has disappointed both his parents when it comes to sport: To the despair of his witch mother he prefers rugby union to quidditch - to his father's despair he does not like the rugby team supported by the rest of his family. To his parents' relief, Owain has no desire to represent England at either sport, or any other activity for that matter: the result of years of the muggles complaining about the interference and arrogance of the english. So far, Owain disagrees with them but prefers red to white..
All this despite being bullied by the welsh children of his parents village who saw his uncanny ability to catch a ball and ride tackles as abnormal.
Now in hogwarts, Owain feels he can be himself but wants to discover WHO he is before showing himself to the world.

OOC; wand will be added once my mouse is fixed.
The ballad of Gryffindors sword 16+ Chapter 12 up!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nyx Lovino Murakami
First Year

Character Name: Nyx Lovino Murakami
Character Age: 11
Year in School: 1
Wand: 12", mahogany with unicorn hair
Pet: grey Scops owl by the name of Eos
Physical Description: short and petite, has long straight black hair and silver-grey eyes
More About Me (family background, friends, etc.): Nyx is really friendly, loves meeting new people. She's a half-blood: her French-Italian mother, Alessandra Lovino, is a pure-blood who went to Beauxbatons and her Japanese Muggleborn father, Akira Murakami, went to Hogwarts (and was also in Ravenclaw). Her mother is from a long line of pureblood and half-blood witches and wizards, but the Lovino family is not one to be critical of blood status. Her father is a famous violinist in the Muggle world. Nyx grew up in one of the Lovino family's many stately manors, spending most of her childhood in the expansive library at home. That being said, she is a total bookworm; she doesn't go anywhere without a novel of some sort in her bag, and can be found reading in any spare time she has. She also loves stargazing and flying--and can't wait to try out for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team next year.
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Crumple-Horned Snorkack
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Giselle Barrington
Fourth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sable Ileana Armstrong
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Skye Tamerlane
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Jemma McCrae
Minister's Office
x5 x3
Shoe!Girl │ Rebel Ravie │ Confundus Queen │ RP Addict

Name: Adrienne Renée Mercer

Age: 17

Birthday: February 19, 2053

Year/House: Seventh/Ravenclaw

Heritage: Pureblood

Wand: Holly, unicorn tail hair, 12 inches

Best subjects: Charms, Divination

Worst subjects: Ancient Runes, Potions

Patronus: a winged horse


Height: 5’6”
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: crystal blue


Parents: Steven Mercer and Rose (Devereaux) Mercer
Siblings: Christopher Mercer (20)
Riley Alexander Mercer (17 - twin brother, Slytherin)
Grandmother: Marie Devereaux (lives in France)

Best Friend (sort of surrogate sister): Chloe Audrey Sullivan (17, Hufflepuff)

Other Friends: Torin Kane (Hufflepuff)
Raven Athlon (Slytherin)
Miles Vorkosigan (Ravenclaw)
Fia Allister (Hufflepuff)
Phoebus McAllister (Ravenclaw)

Pets: Rochester, a snowy owl, three pygmy puffs named Christian (red), Tory (pink) and Dolce (purple), and Renoir (Renny), a Granian colt who lives at her grandmother’s estate in France.

Personality: Growing up the baby of the Mercer family, not to mention the only girl, Adrienne developed a bit of a tendency to act a little spoiled sometimes, as well as a feistiness that only comes from having a twin brother who constantly looks for ways to annoy her. While she was sorted into Ravenclaw upon entry to Hogwarts at eleven years old, and she reflects that house’s love of books and learning, as well as its intelligence, there is also a little streak inside her of the Slytherin (which is less curious when you consider her twin brother was sorted into Slytherin). Her claws especially come out when someone threatens her shoes or pets, since she is extremely protective of both. Sometimes though, it may almost seem she cares about her shoes more. But in general, she is a friendly, polite, intelligent sixteen-year-old girl, with the inherited ability of Legilimency which she tries to hold back on using even though she's developed a good amount of control of it over the years, which is willing to give most people the benefit of the doubt. She values her friendships, and would do anything for her friends and family (even if sometimes they drive her up the wall). She also doesn’t overlook the usefulness of a good prank now and then, as long as it’s not done to her, and is a bit clueless when it comes to knowing if a boy likes her.

Background: Adrienne was born on February 19, 2053, two minutes after her twin brother Riley, and started her life as the only daughter of Steven and Rose Mercer. Rose, originally known as Rose Devereaux, was a star chaser for the Quiberon Quafflepunchers when she was younger, but gave that up a few years after meeting Steven, who works for the British Ministry in the Department of International Magical Cooperation. After they got married, Rose moved with Steven to England, where they currently live on a fairly large estate with their three children and any pets.

At a young age, they discovered their daughter had inherited the Devereaux ability of Legilimency, which had skipped over Rose, although her mother Marie had it and was fairly skilled with using it. So the annual trip to the Devereaux estate in France started, so Marie could help little Adrienne learn about her ability and use it more appropriately. At first, Rose went with her, taking both twins, but as Adrienne got older, she was allowed to travel on her own. Mainly after her and Riley turned eleven and started going to Hogwarts, since her being sorted into Ravenclaw convinced their parents she was responsible enough to be trusted to go to France on her own.

At Hogwarts, things were made easier since Adrienne had her best friend Chloe there with her, even though Chloe had been sorted into Hufflepuff. Oddly enough, her brother’s best friend, Phoebus McAllister, had ended up a Ravenclaw along with her, which certainly made things interesting among the foursome, although it still sort of remained split along gender lines. But Adrienne has managed to make a niche for herself at school, playing Quidditch and going to classes when she isn’t doing something or other with Chloe or anyone else. And, going into her seventh year, the foursome of Adrienne, Riley, Chloe and Phoebus has gotten more confused, which is something that is on Adrienne's mind often. Not to mention the stress of dealing with NEWTs on top of the fact she was made Quidditch Captain.
It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me, at tea time, everybody agrees

...It must be exhausting, always rooting for the anti-hero

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rebecca AnnaMarie Latrowski
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Melina Papadakis-Moretti
I like to emphasize~Mecca~ScoobieDoo~M O L L Y~Dori~MummyAlice~Beckers the ALIEN

Character Name: Rebecca 'Becca' AnnaMarie Latrowski

Character Age:14 going on 15

Year in School: 4th year

Wand:11 and a third of pliable vine wood. And, Granian feather lines the core.

Best Subject(s):DADA and Transfiguration

Worst Subject(s): Arithmancy

Patronus: Grey Wolf

Pet: a Barred Owl named Herman who she's had for 4 years

Physical Description:

Family:Her parents names are Lidia and Daniel, who are chefs and travel around the world with their children to try different cuisines. She has 4 brothers:Liam, a potioneer, 22; Michael, an accomplished novelist
who's working on his next book which is entitled 'Demons of the Soul', 20; James a reporter for a small newspaper that originates in Surrey; Devon, quidditch up coming star training in Swiss Alpes, 18/2sisters; Madeleine(Maddie) 12;Caitlyn(Kate)10.

Heritage: Muggleborn though even before she started Hogwarts, she was familiar with magic, thanks to her brothers Liam and Devon, who also had magic running through their veins.

That's just how we roll.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Tilly C. Richards
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Persephone Walters
Accidents & Catastrophes
Bluejay | Potatopop! | SRS - Stupid Ravenclaw Syndrome

Character Name: Bonnie Maria Campbell
Character Age: 13
Year in School: Second
Wand: 11 and 3/4 inches, Rose wood, unicorn hair for the core. Swirly,
Pet: Casper
Physical Description: Chopped hair to jaw line. Oval shaped head.

More: Bonnie has one older sister in sixth year. Her mother is in the British and Irish Quidditch league. Bonnie is almost in love with Quidditch, this term she signed up for the Ravenclaw team!

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Helena Bandee
First Year
Ravenclaw Helena Bandee

My name is Helena Bandee. I'm 11 years old; a first year at Hogwarts. I don't have a pet, yet, but I would love to get a kitten. Maybe next year. I have long, dark hair, and dark eyes, and my skin is very pale. I'm small for my age: my mom says I'm petite, but I think I'm just a shrimp. I love to climb trees, because I love the height and the peacefulness at the top.

My Mom and Dad are Lisa and George Bandee. My mom's a muggle, and my dad's a wizard. I'm an only child; I wish they'd had another kid for me to play with, but it's all right. I went to a muggle school for my first years, until I got accepted into Hogwarts, so I know a bit about muggle school traditions.
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Red Cap
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Emilia Keon
Fourth Year

Character Name:
Character Age:
Year in School:
Physical Description:
More About Me (family background, friends, etc.):
Name: Emilia Keon

Age: 21, almost 22

Year: Fourth Year, transfer student from Iceland

Wand: 11.73 inch Vine and Firecrab shell

Pets: No Pets, but will be helping take care of theThestrals

Physical Description: Just below the shoulder length dark brown hair, green eyes, glasses, angelic shaped face with soft features. She is on the short side 5'4/5'5,

More: Her grandmother lived in Ireland before immigrating to Iceland to raise sheep. Emilia was born in Iceland and lives with her muggle parents and one older sister. She witnessed the death of her Grandmother and this is why she can see thestrals. She is lead strongly by her emotions but is very faithful to her friendships.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Canaan Prescott
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Rhett Weston
The Disappearing Girl | | Swooping Bowtruckle

Alexander Williamson

Nicknames: Xander, Xanderman, Superman
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 4th
Age: 14 (Turning 15)
DOB/POB: January 14, 2055; Belfast, Northern Ireland
Blood: Half
Wand: Oak with an Abraxan hair core, 12 inches
Pet: None yet.
Physical description: Shaggy brown hair, brown eyes
More About My Character:
Xander is an extremely flirtatious youngin'. He loves to be around people of the female gender (especially Sylvia Parker and Brody Summers), and tends to make a fool of himself. It doesn't really matter to him though, because it's all in good fun. He has no best friend, which may be surprising. But it doesn't bother him, because he has a lot of friends anyway (like Torin Kane).

His family is not rich, nor extremely poor - but average. He is the oldest and has three younger sisters, two of which are twins. His parents are Liam and Bella Williamson, of which his mother is a pureblood and his father is a Muggleborn wizard.

Xander tries his best in school, and is not the smartest in his year. He tries his best, and that always seems to work out just fine for him.

He's still branching out. SAY HAI TO HIM x3

Favorite Subjects: Potions and Transfiguration
Least Favorite Subjects: Ancient Runes and Arithmancy
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sheratana Atria Black
First Year

Name: Sheratana "Sherri" Atria Black

Age/Year: 11/1st

Wand: 11.6" Cherrywood, Aethonon hair. Swishy.

Pet: Apollo, the Tabby cat.

Physical Description:

Heritage: Pureblood.

Parents: Seginus and Penelope (Blythe) Black.
About: Seginus worked at the Ministry as an Obliviator whilst Penelope was unemployed. Both are pureblooded. Sherri, however, continues to live with her grandparents (mom's side) until her parents can find a stable home and work.

Siblings: Arcturus; younger brother, age 6.

Likes/Dislikes: Loves Quidditch, especially the Montrose Magpies; collects broom model magazines. Dislikes not knowing, being clueless on a topic or subject.

Other: Sherri values friendship just as much as knowledge. She's very loyal to those who are equally the same. She can get along with practically anyone and everyone, despite house or other differences. Sherri is also adventurous. She loves to figure things out, especially if they're right under her nose. Curiousity killed the cat almost doesn't apply. Curiousity is a way of knowing and understanding in her book.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Zara Gwendolyn Monroe
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Jade Aimee Monroe

Ravenclaw Jasmina Simone Bennett
Atypical Ravenclaw Bookworm // Hair Flipper Pro / / the edgy starbuckian // Hot Messie

Full Name: Jasmina Simone Bennett
Nickname(s): Mina, Simee, JB
Date of Birth: June 4, 2058
Place of Birth: Versailles, France
Place of Residence: Marylebone, London, England; Mayfield, London, England
Year in School: 2nd Year
Wand: 11 and ¾ inches, Rosewood with Snidget feather core; springy
Heritage: Pureblood
Pet(s): Diana, Scops Owl
Physical Description:
Height - 5'2 (1.57 m)
Eye Color - Hazel
Hair Color - Dark Brown

More About My Character:
Family Background
Parents: Benjamin Aiden Bennett & Océane Sabine Grovenor-Bennett
Siblings: Odetta Jane Grovenor-Bennett (b: 2050, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic), Sébastien Xavier Grovenor (b: 2052, Durmstrang Institute), Tristian Henri Bennett (b: 2054, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic), Camille Adeline Bennett (b: 2055, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic), Victoire Katherine & Noémi Gemma Bennett (b:2062)
Grandparents: Kieren Thomas Bennett & Keira Jasmine Rochester (Paternal), Henri Jasper Grovenor & Alexandrine Geneviève Du bois (Maternal)
Other family members: David Ambrose Smith & Olivia Chloé Bennett (Paternal Uncle and Aunt), Jade Aimee Smith (Paternal Cousin, b: June 8, 2049), Audric Ciel Grovenor & Kendra Jaimie Landry (Maternal Uncle and Aunt), Guy Carel Grovenor (Maternal Cousin)
FriendsCarter Phillips, Dal Rackel, Ella Westwick, Jason Potter Weasley (graduated), Bella Lovegood, Keeley Smith
Background - Mina was born on a warm June morning while her parents and siblings were on vacation in France. She was the third daughter to be born to Benjamin & Océane Bennett and the fifth child of seven. Spending most of her childhood between the English countryside and France, she was home-schooled up till her attendance at Hogwarts. She's the first of all her siblings to attend Hogwarts. All her other siblings either attended Beauxbatons or Durmstrang. At the age of 8, her family moved to London and have resided there since. She sends most of her summers in France with her mother and siblings as he father is rarely home and on business.

Mina is known as the well-behaved one among her sisters. Odetta was the wild, scandalous sister, Camille the picture of a perfect English lady, and the twins, Victoire and Noémi, the babies. Mina was just in the middle of it all. She was just there and kind of blended in, never bring too much attention to herself. Things changed on the year lending up to her eleventh birthday. From the time of her tenth birthday to her eleventh, she Begin to resemble her eldest sister in appearance. They were both described to have a flawless porcelain complexion, dark brown hair, and wide hazel eyes. Many thought that Mina was a mirror image of Odetta at that age, but the similarities ended there.

Mina was always known to have a book in her hand and could be found in the library or held up in a quiet corner doing something studious. She was her father's little book. Her thirst for knowledge rivalled his to a fault at times. That reason alone was why her father chose to let her attend Hogwarts against her mother's wishes.

Even at a young age, Mina showed high magical potential. Her first incident of accidental magic was at the age of 4, when she turned her brother, Sébastien's hair magenta after he stole her favourite book.

First year:
Mina was the first Bennett to attend Hogwarts and was almost sorted into Slytherin, like her father. Very shy and quiet her first year, she mainly studied and went to classes. She never really interacted much with others until the CoMC/Herbology class. This is where she met her first friend outside her own house. From that moment on, she began to open up and started to befriend others. She took to liking the game of Quidditch after watching her first real match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. The Eagles lost, but she had a great time and the seed was planted for her to try out the next term. During this time, she developed a slight crush on a certain friend and tried as hard as possible to hide it. The severity of the crush was brought to the surface during a potions lesson, where a love potion was involved. A slight cat fight resulted. Blood, cries, and many hurt feelings came from that lesson and thing were a bit awkward for a few months. Hiding her feelings more, things eventually went back to normal. She was also one of the top five house point scorers for Ravenclaw.

During the summer, she attended the Quidditch World Cup and travelled to Transylvania with her cousin, Jade. She eventually ended up spending most of her summer in the company of her cousin. Whilst Jade was at work, she was usually found in Diagon Alley or wandering Hyde Park. After purchasing her first boom, she spent most of her summer practising in preparation of trying out for the house team.

Zara Bale

Cora SylvieSebLana

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Elias Inkwell
First Year
Snake disguised as Raven Browncoat

Character Name: Kellen Stern

Character Age: 14

Year in School: 4th

Wand: 10.8 Beech with Dragon Heartstring. Quite sturdy.

Pet: Mary Tsu the boobook owl.

Physical Description: Kellen Stern can most often be seen with an introspective look on his face, but when spoken to it becomes more arrogant in nature. He currently stands at 5'7'', although he's still growing, and his blue eyes seem to be pale purple at times. His wavy black hair and overall physical appearance are a source of great pride for him, and he carries himself with confidence.

More About Me: Kellen's parents are almost always away from home, travelling internationally on business they keep from their children. He has three younger sisters, the closest to his age being 6 years old. Most of his childhood was spent in the company of his cousin, Chaucer Ipswich, and Kellen feels much closer to him than any of his sisters. The two attended Sir Martigan's Academy for Distinguished Young Gentlemen, a pureblood boys' school, for their first three years, and transferred to Hogwarts when their old school was burned down.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Vadoma (Emily) Sierra-Jane Moonfield
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Evela Moonfield

Character Name: Emily Sierra-jane Moonfield

Character Age: 12

Year in School: 2

Wand: 12.5 inch yew with unicorn hair core

Pet: Kneazle named bubbles, Pink pygmy puff named jelby, and just inherited an albino ferret named Karma.
Physical Description: Tall for her age, longer then should length blonde hair with soft curls, though she sometimes has it straight (assume curly if not otherwise stated), Blue eyes, dresses outrageously except to class (though you may find rainbow knee socks somewhere on her person to change into after class).

More About Me (family background, friends, etc.): Mother is a witch, father is a muggle. Mother was in hufflepuff, and Emily spent every summer with her fathers mother (grandmother) who lives in canada. Her grandmother died the morning emily left for hogwarts of her second year and emily found out through a letter on the train. She inherited the ferret from her. She loves exploring the world, and she loves giving presents. Her family is rich because her father is president of a massive company which her grandfather founded.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Daniel Campbell
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Robert "Rob" Campbell
Magical Law Enforcement

Name: Daniel Campbell
Nicknames: Danny, Dan
Age: 11
Year: 1
Wand Type: 11.3" Beech and Demiguise hair
Pets: Barking Owl named Fluffy
Physical Description: Short with dirty blonde hair, has green eyes
More about my character: Daniel is a half-blood young wizard whose brother and father were both Ravenclaw. He's a true Ravenclaw, believing that intelligence is the greatest thing you can have. He's shy, and has more books than friends, but he's loyal to the ones he has and would do anything for them.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Katherine Johansson
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Pierre Delacroix
Department of Mysteries

Character Name: Katherine Johansson
Character Age: 11
Year in School: First Year
Wand:soft 11.68 inch Maple and Phoenix Feather
Pet: she has none
Physical Description:Katherine's around 4'9 she thin during her free periods she loves to take a run around the pitch. She's very carefree and really doesn't mind breaking the rules, she loves a good laugh even if it cruel. Katherine has green eyes and long black hair which she usually keeps in a messy bun, she hates to be call "kat." She grew with her french godfather Pierre whom she refers to as dad. With a weird a finity to dark magic she believes that in order to defend yourself from the dark arts you have to know them.
More About Me (family background, friends, etc.): Katherine lives with her Godfather Pierre Delacroix. Her father's family history includes only Slytherins while her Mothers were all Hufflepuffs. Katherine though was brought up to know every spell, theory or anything to do with the wizarding world. It was the only way to please her father though after moving out she held on to the books as though were her only friends.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rishi Kapoor
First Year
Film Addict! | ♥ Suraj Sharma ♥| TIGRESS!

Name: Lucy Dawn
Nicknames/Aliases: Auntie Lucy , Missy Lulu (Super-heroine name), Cy-Cy, Hauntress.
Age: 15
DOB: October 8, 2054
Location Born In: Singapore
Location of Residence: Ireland
House: Ravenclaw
iii. Height: 5'7"
iv. Weight: 125lbs

Background -
Constance Dawn, a half-blood witch, and Robin Dawn, a muggle met in an unknown situation that has never been revealed to their daughter. While vacationing out in Singapore, Constance, Lucy Dawn. However, at the time of her birth, Constance had passed, leaving Robin to take care of and raise Lucy. Before her passing, Constance revealed that she was a witch and that their daughter will most likely have magical talent as well. Her last words to her husband were "Raise her to be the best there is out in our world."
At first, Robin was keen on leaving her at an adoption center until he realized how much his love for Constance and her haunting words had brought him to grow more guilty with every thought or desire of casting Lucy away. As time went on, Robin became more and more accepting of Lucy's possible magical talents, noticing the strange things that occurred as she grew older. He loved her unconditionally, and had made sure to keep his promise on raising Lucy well.
Before moving to Ireland, Lucy and her father resided in New York, New York.
Lucy had always known from the age of 2 that she had magical talent so that by the age of 11 before her letter had arrived, when her father sat her down to explain how her mother was a witch and that she, herself, was one, too, Lucy immediately "Daddy, I don't think this conversation is necessary. I know my mom was a witch. I am, too!" and walked away before Robin could say a word. Prior to attending Hogwarts, she attended 5 years of elementary school in New York, never making any friends, fearing the idea that her magical talent might be unleashed and known to those who knew her well.
Her first four years at Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw were spent by herself, mainly, as a quiet and independent girl. It wasn't until this year that she decided to bring herself to be well-known at school. What that means for herself and everyone else, no one knows...

Extra In-Depth Analysis -
Lucy Dawn is an independent, strong, calm, and quiet young woman who has grown up cheerfully and has always been noted as a bright child. She's not well-known in school as she rarely ever brings attention to herself. The only people that do seem to notice her are her professors and, of course, her father, Robin Dawn who is proud of her more than anyone in the world. Having attended five years of muggle school, the habits of solitude that she built up there were continued at Hogwarts. Lucy has always wanted to make time to create friends but it has always been her fear that the moment she made social interactions, her academic life will be disturbed. However, her father has sat her down multiple times throughout the years that it has finally sunk in to her brain that it is necessary to create social relationships with those her age in order to succeed in life. Maybe not trust them, but at least be comfortable with them enough to trust them to some sort of extent.
Growing with just a father has never been an issue for Lucy and tends to something she's rather proud of. While most people her age tend to whine and complain about not having a mother, father, or both, she admires the fact that she is missing something in her life, though once in a while, she will secretly desire a motherly figure in her life, however, she never realizes it or has given such thoughts much attention. Nevertheless, life has never been so tough for her but that's not to say she's a spoiled child.

Likes: Ice Cream, Sugar cookies, brick walls, glass, sitting on the floor, clouds, being a super-heroine.

Dislikes: Pie, the color orange, crowds, germs.

Pets: She has one Ural Owl named Artemis. She was named after Artemis Chosen, one of the two shopkeepers at Eeylops Owl Emporium. She also owns a pink pygmy puff named Chartreuse, and a yellow pygmy puff named Teal.
A whole new world _________________________

___________________________For you and me
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nerissa M. Tate
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Brighton H. Brown


Credit: Roro

Full Name: Ian Bradley McKensie
Nicknames/Aliases: Ungrateful Child (Mum and sometimes dad) Idiot (Colby's favourite), Devil's Offspring (Mrs. Mason, his old neighbor), and Brat (people in general)
Age: Fifteen
Birthday: August 31st, 2055
POB: Glasgow, Scotland
Year: Fifth
Heritage: Half and half
Wand: Ten and a half inches wand made of rosewood, with a fine strand of leprechaun hair as its core.
House: Ravenclaw


Hair: A messy, but well kept (thanks, mum!) shock of brown hair
Eye colour: Ocean blue
Height: 5’5”
Weight: Ian ... doesn’t really care about this kind of thing.
Build & Physical appearance: The shock of brown hair on his head is always untamed, and though his skin is naturally fair, it holds the heavy traces of a summer tan. Thanks to this, Ian's blue eyes, framed by long lashes and slightly thick eyebrows, are the most defining and attention-catchy feature of his round and freckled face. Though hardly tall at 5'5", his body is still adapting to the five inches he acquired during the summer, so it is safe to say that his build is more awkward than anything else, as well as skinny, with wobbly knees and sharp shoulders. To accompany all this physical changes that come with adolescence, Ian's voice very recently changed and his tone ranges from raspy and throaty to croaky, and when terrified, it comes out like the squeak of a mouse.

Fashion-wise, McKensie's style is as as messy as his brown hair, and as creative his imagination. There is always a pink-coloured item of clothing on him whether it matches the rest of his outfit or not; shirts are always untucked and sometimes with a stain (or two) of food in them, and the jeans always have random holes in them because he's always falling down and successfully lands on his knees, thanks to his lack of balance.


Ian Bradley Mckensie was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Son of a very accomplished muggleborn chef, and a very well known writer among wizards and muggles, Ian was accostumed from a very young age that he could get whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

Well, not really. That’s what he wishes and what he often tells people, but that’s beyond the point.

The second oldest out of five children, Ian grew up surrounded by delicious food, all sort of books, three ‘annoying’ little sisters (Morgan, Greer and Ainsley) that enjoy making his life impossible, a brother whom he enjoys to pick on just for the thrill, and his brother’s fake lightsabers and old Star Wars movies.

As well as his brother, Colby, Ian was accepted at Hogwarts upon turning eleven, but the truth is that his parents didn’t think he was responsible enough or ready to be sent to a school were the amount of children was definitely larger than the adults, or that his brother would be able to look after him the entire time, so they decided –for Ian’s pleasure- that he would attend to Hogwarts, and would remain attending to his muggle school, and at home, him and his brother would be taught magic by his father. Finally, though, after three years that involved a lot of whining, crying, eating, and more whining, their parents got fed up, and decided to give him and Colby the chance to attend to the prestigious Magical school.


Very simply in many ways, yet absolutely complicated in others, Ian Mckensie is what you can call –if you ignore the fact that he likes pink- a typical fourteen year old pubescent who loves distractions, food, books, waking up late and people-watching.

Sure of himself, Ian will often quip you about random facts that you probably didn’t need or want to know, and also enjoys quoting sayings and famous books just because he wants people to think he is smart. Which he is, but due to his sometimes overly excited nature and occasional goofy attitude, some people tend to think he is not, and that he needs discipline – which he, undoubtedly, does need.

Sometimes, when he’s bored of playing with his video games, creep on his old neighbor (Mrs. Grant), pick on Colby, complain about his sisters and his sisters’ friends (Ian is a complainer by nature, and also claims that his sister’s friends stalk him, which is sort of true), eat, watch TV, read, and avoiding to do his homework, Ian lets his mind wander and daydreams a lot. His day dreams tend to be so vivid that sometimes that he becomes a hero.

Translation: His mother's portraits, fancy china, Colby's Star Wars action figures and many other inanimate objects that are definitely not his (Hah) most be annihilated in order to save the world.

Due to the fact that Ian cherises the handful of friends he’s got, he’s very protective when it comes to them (and of his sisters and older brother, though he would never admit that). He is also deadly afraid of flying even if he DOES enjoys a good Quidditch match, has a metal plate on the back of his head for falling off from an elephant during a family vacation in Africa when he was four years old.


Likes: Food, books, lazing around, creeping on his old neighbor to see if she really does eat children, food, picking on Colby, staring at older girls, and, surprisingly, food.

Dislikes: Lauren the Stalker, his sisters and Colby (not really, but don’t tell), sometimes mum and dad, doing homework, having to wake up early, and being poked in the eye by Colby.

Allergies: Ian is allergic to pixies, peanut butter, homework, little girls, flying and giggles.

Pets: A Jarvey that has yet to be named, so Ian just calls him No Name Jarvey.

Old pets: A hamster (dead), a chicken (dead, too), a fish that he ate because he was hungry and Colby would not hurry with the food, and a bunny he left at the park because the bloody thing tried to bit his nose. Never mind that he provoke it, never mind that.
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Dark Force Defense League

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Reuben Albert Darcy-Stemp
Fourth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Betony April Meadowcroft
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Fintan Darcy
Ecological Protection
Sarah thinks I'm cute | Shan's safe space.

Adam Daniel Stemp

(model: Zac Efron)

Nickname/s: Ad, but he’ll answer to anything.
Age: 16
D.O.B.: 14th February 2054
Year: 5th

Heritage: Pureblood
Wand: Cedar, 12.5", Dragon Heartstrings
House: Ravenclaw

Favourite Subject: Charms, Muggle Studies
Least Favourite Subject: Ancient Runes

Hair – Gold-Brown, longish.
Eyes – Grey.
Height – Roughly 6ft.

Mother – Melanie Stemp.
Father – Daniel Stemp.

Mother – Melanie grew up in the Muggle suburbs of Liverpool, in the North-West of England. She was home schooled by her father along with her brother, however her sister studied at a Muggle school, due to her being a squib. Showing a passion for Transfiguration from a young age, Melanie travelled across the world in search of her dream job. She still hasn’t found it, however met Daniel on the way. Getting a job as a Robe Model for a few years, Melanie quit after the birth of Adam, due to the fact she wanted to spend more time with her family.
Father – Daniel attended Hogwarts for seven years of his life, due to the fact his father had, and his grandfather before that. He grew up on the eastern coast of England, and met Melanie at a Quidditch Match in Bulgaria. They moved back to Liverpool after getting married in Daniels hometown, and he designs and makes Broomsticks.

Early Life- Adam grew up in Liverpool, in a normal, three bed roomed, semi detached house, with the added benefits magic gave to them. He attended a Muggle Primary School, and still lives with his parents in Liverpool in the Summer. Being a normal boy, Adam gets irritated easily, and has been in many fights in his home area. His first display of Magic was when he was nine, and he punched a boy so hard he went flying through a brick wall.
School History- Adam went to Durmstrang for the first five years of his Magic education out of choice, and his want to see more of the world. However, after being suspended on numerous occasions for trivial things such as levitating his charms teacher and turning his classmates into lions, failing his fifth year exams was the last straw. He was expelled, and therefore has to repeat the year at another school. He chose Hogwarts, and was extremely surprised when he was put in Ravenclaw. On the other hand, his parents believe this is the push he needs to pass his exams this time.

Other: Due to his love of Music, and preferring Muggle rather than Wizard music, Adam has learnt to play the Electric Guitar, and can sing a little.

Pets: Adam has a tawny owl called Tythe, and a tabby cat called Hanson.

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Antipodean Opaleye
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Maggie Woods
Seventh Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Levi Jourdan
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Hwang Minji
Games & Sports

Ministry RPG Name:
Finlay Bracken
x4 x2
PHILOMATH ❅ not one atom, but two ♪ ♪ made of starstuff ❅ def main():

Thank you Cassirin!

Name: Rachel Danielle Rider
-Nickname: Rach, Rachie, Ray (only by her uncle and not used very often)

Date of Birth: The fifth of April, 2053

Year in School: Seventh *sob*

House: Ravenclaw

Heritage: Muggleborn

Home: Hogsmeade

Wand: Mahogany, dragon heartstring, 11¼ inches

Pets: In Hogwarts with her - A snowy owl called Sky and a HUGE FATcat called Cloudy.
At home - A dog called Russ (Sirius)

Physical Description:
-Height: 1m 70
-Build: Athletic and skinny
-Hair colour: Brown
-Eye colour: Grey (the tone depends on the lighting)

More About My Character:

-Personality: Rachel has changed quite a bit from the shy, scared first year she used to be. She's much more confident and allows herself to do stupid things for the fun of it without thinking about it too much. She is a very broad minded person and does not tolerate stereotypes, even thought she occasionally uses them herself. As a typical Ravenclaw, she tends to over analyze unimportant things in her head; but when it comes to serious matters she regularly blurts out what she thinks – and usually believes that those comments are stupid (very inconvenient, but true). She's very talkative as opposed to what she used to be, and has many great acquaintances at Hogwarts that wouldn’t be able to live without.

Rachel is an extremely self-judgmental person, and always worries about how she might appear in front of others. Back in her younger years, that only included verbal comments and jokes but lately she has grown to care a lot about her appearance and tries a lot harder to look pretty than she used to.

She dislikes overly-confident people, people who believe that they are above everyone else except for Willow Kovak and can get really annoyed when someone acts stupidly on purpose. She can tolerate people who aren't particularly smart, but she absolutely loathes talking to people with no common sense or a sense of what's going on around them. Unless they're hilariously funny, in which case she excuses them as simply slightly "ditzy".

Rachel takes her school work and duties very seriously, and being a Prefect only boosted that (she was prefect from her fourth year right through to her sixth year - three whole years). She likes the idea of helping out others, although she will be more inclined to assist those who come and ask for help rather than the ones who just expect the Prefects to help them with anything. She is exceptionally sharp-eyed when it comes to spotting those shy young first years who would love some help but are just too timid to ask for it, as she once was.

Her experience with boys over her previous years had taught her a lot about herself, what she can and can't tolerate and just how vulnerable she can be. Entering her last year, Rachel is hoping to be able to fit in some 'Rachel' time as well as studying for her NEWTs.

-Strongest Classes: Astronomy, Charms, Arithmancy, Transfiguration

-Weakest Classes: Herbology, Divination

The Whole Shebang
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Henry Pythion
First Year

Character Name: Henry Pythion.
Nickname: No one calls him Henry, normally goes by Pyth (Pith)
Character Age: 11
DOB: February 22, 2059
Year in School: 1

Wand: 12 1/4 inch from a Ash Tree with a dragon heartstring core. Pliable yet powerful
Pet: small scops owl named Legorium, nicknamed Lego

Physical Description: short and pudgy. dirty blonde shaggy hair, blue eyes round face.

Heritage: Muggleborn, completely new to the idea of magic.

About Me :
Henry is a young reckless little boy. He is at first afraid to leave his muggle world that he has become so accustomed to. But the idea of a new world also intrigues him.
His parents are from the USA but moved to London, when Henry was 6 years old. He still holds strong to his American traditions including sports, popular music, and fast food, contributing to his more than ample stomach.
As a student, Henry has excelled in hands on material, but sometimes struggles with lengthy reading and writing assignment. He doesn't have a favorite or least favorite subject yet but he will know within the first week which classes he likes or dislikes.
He is a very stubborn young boy who rarely backs down in arguments sometimes causing schisms in friendships. Although he can be stubborn, he is moreover a very trusting and friendly person when he feels comfortable around you. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and if your willing (or stupid enough to ask) he will tell you what he thinks honestly, brutally honest.
But just like every other 11 year old entering Hogwarts, He is excited for the world of magic and really doesn't know what to expect but hopes for the best.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Jesse Daniel Johns
Fifth Year
Harry Potter Genius|The girl that you love to ha te|Backseat Annoyance|Mrs. Felton|peace out girl

SPOILER!!: Pics!

Character Name: Dalanie Marcia Rackel
Nickname: D,Dal,Dalanie
Character Age: 12
Year in School: 2nd
Wand: A soft 11.6 inch Beech and Pheonix Feather
Pet: Owl named Tiny: Tiny

Owl named Peck: Peck

and a Blue Pygmy Puff named Mighty


"Hello people of Ravenclaw. My name is Dalanie Marcia Rackel and I am 12 years old so a second year at Hogwarts. I was born on December thirty-first 2058 at 11:59 pm in London, England. I have a twin brother named Damar born on January first at 12:08 am. That makes different hours, days, weeks, months, and years! My wand is a soft eleven point six inch Beech and Pheonix Feather. I have an owl named Tiny, another owl named Peck, and a blue Pygmy Puff named Mighty. I don't like to admit it but I am a pureblood and my parents are snobs. They think everything revolves around being a pureblood but I don't. They don't really listen to my problems so I owl a friend. They love me and care for me but when it comes to dealing with a problem, they are never there. My motto is, 'If you don't try, you don't have a chance.' I make sure I stick to it and always try. My strongest subject is Arithmancy and my weakest is Muggle Studies. My best friends are Mina Bennett, James Black, Ella Westwick, and Emily Moonfield. One time when I was a toddler and my parents let me run around outside. I was caught and this guy decided to be mean and take is pocket knife and cut my wrist but not kill me. He took his knife and cut the formation of a bracelet on my wrist and somehow it turned golden so I now she have a small golden scar shaped like a bracelet on my wrist. I may be a second year but I know my way around perfect and know everything you need to know about Hogwarts. I can answer your questions once you ask them. If they are out of the subject Hogwarts then I will not answer. Thank You."


ooc: If you have any questions just PM me or VM me. I will post your question here and answer it thoroughly.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Auden Azarolla
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Aurora Ray
<.< >,> v.v ^,^!

Ivory Vitya Erised was born to Mary Vitya and Joseph Asclepius Erised. Mr.Erised, a Healer a St. Mungo's, being of muggle descent was still quite partial to the muggle life and had decided together with his wife to raise their children in both a mortal and wizarding way of life. Their first and only daughter, for only sons followed, was a perfectly normal little baby albeit a very small one.

It wasn't until shortly after her 4th birthday that her mother noticed that her daughter's eye color seemed to change depending on her mood and although she was seen constantly biting her nails every time Mary asked to see her hands, her nails appeared long and even. Worried that she was victim of some passing curse, she was taken to St Mungo's Hospital where she was finally identified as a metamorphmagus.

Forced to attend a muggle elementary school, Ivory grew up knowing she didn't quite fit in with the other muggle kids and the only time she felt completely at ease was during the holidays when the family spent them with her mum's blatantly magical relatives. She was warned against changing her appearance and grew up with the phrase "Real beauty is on the inside" stamped into her subconscious. Shy at first glance, it wasn’t until one really talked to her that it was noticed that she had a quick wit and sharp sense of humor although it wasn't too hard to see she was indefinitely very self conscious.

Thus by the time Ivory was 11 her abilities were sadly lacking. She was small even by an eleven year old's standards coming in at about 4'3" with average brown hair that falls in straight waves to her shoulders with large thickly lashed dark brown eyes, which her mother says are best features saying everyone can read her emotions like an open book. Her mother’s side of the family is very curvaceous but unfortunately in her opinion there are only hints of that as of yet. The most she has advanced to do regarding her abilities was sometimes grow out her hair and maybe lighten and darken it a few shades (although it always went back) but even that took hours upon hours of excruciating concentration.

And so Ivory sought refuge in music and reading...everything from her mother's old transfiguration and charms textbooks to the newest muggle fiction and she was rarely seen without a book in hand and a MEBAD (Musical Earpiece Bewitched for Auditory Duplication) in ear, which she sometimes plays her violin along to. Of course, growing up with 3 younger brothers did not made it any easier on her, and consequently has a few hobbies that aren’t quite as mundane. Playing a rough game of quidditch in the enchanted-to-look-normal backyard, is a favorite pastime when she actually feels like putting up with Artemis and the twins.

Due to her mother’s steady stream of community involvement, she has been an unpaid babysitter for more times than she’s ready to admit and has thus developed a very protective, nurturing side for those she cares about. She is a very good listener although when one does meet her and get her talking there is very little one can do to stop her. She rarely dislikes people and believes you can never "hate" someone only situations and circumstances, and can therefore get along with a variety of people without being judgmental.

Nevertheless, what with sneaking magical books into muggle textbooks and the many unanswered questions about the wizarding world that her parents simply did not answer, she is excited beyond belief to finally be attending Hogwarts. She would greatly miss her mother who was really the only best friend she had, and her fiercely loyal dragonich who usually would have it’s tail securely wrapped around her neck, and of course the terrible three and father who when he was there always had some knowledge to impart. In short, she’d miss them all but luckily she was able to bring her pet Gyr falcon, Gavin who presently resided in the owlery.

Upon visiting Gringotts before attending school, she was astonished to discover that there was a vault left in her name from her father’s side of the family. Which at the time seemed impossible due to the fact that she had always been told her father was muggleborn. And from that deep double digit vault with its intricate door, her mother had removed one single antique for it could only be called that as it appeared that old. It was a very aged wand with intricate carvings that the wonderful shopkeepers at Ollivander’s were able to restore. 11 inches of hawthorn and ivy with a core of Gubraithian fire, that upon being placed in Ivory’s hand constantly results in a tiny flare of blue flame with a purple white center.

Being awfully selfconconcious as she is, she usually hesitates before doing spells in front of people for fear of causing a fire.
Thus far, her favorite subjects that she excells in are Charms and Transfiguration with her least favorite being divinition due to the fact that 'if you don't got it, you don't got it'.
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