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Term 11: December-March 2006 Term Eleven: Love is in the Air

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Old 01-30-2006, 04:03 AM
Biochemkris Biochemkris is offline
Default Potions Mid-Term Exam

Professor Branxton opened up the classroom door and walked inside. Upon his desk, he placed a stack of parchment. Then, he approached the chalkboard and wrote a message for the students:

Originally Posted by The Chalkboard
Please take an exam sheet and continue on to your seat. Speak to no one, eyes on your own parchment, and no charmed quills or notes allowed. Hand in your exams, face down, on the desk when completed.
After writing his note, he charmed the room against cheating and left to take care of something in his office.

Originally Posted by Examination Parchment


Potions Mid-Term Examination
Please keep your answers concise.


1) Why can brewing potions be dangerous?

2) What is ginger used for?

3) What ingredients are used in the Tickling Tincture?

4) Why are Phoenix tears used in some potions?

5) What color and consistency should the Burn Healing Paste be if properly brewed?

6) Which unicorn parts are most often used in potions?

7) Which part(s) of the unicorn are only used in dark potions?

8) What is the 'magic' number for brewing the Sneezing Suffusion?

9) What is the difference between touching and ingesting the Sneezing Suffusion?

10) Why are love potions illegal at Hogwarts?
ooc: Please feel free to RP taking your exam in here but, don't write the answers here, PM me your answers, exams are due Sunday, February 5th by 11:59pm EST
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Julie walked into the potions classroom excited to start yet another potions class, as she sat down she looked at the scribbles on the board.

Please take an exam sheet and continue on to your seat. Speak to no one, eyes on your own parchment, and no charmed quills or notes allowed. Hand in your exams, face down, on the desk when completed.

What!!!!!! We have a midterm today?! She looked around. How come she didn't know, she didn't even study for it. Eyes full of tears she walked to professor Branxton's desk took an exam and went back to her seat.
Flicking through the pages she looked at the questions, some of what she knew. Others she had no idea or cannot remember because of the exam shock.
Julie started answering the questions she knew before the exam time is up and not having answered anything.

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Afton walked in. She read the instrustions and nodded and sat down and began to work.

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Ozzy made his way into the class room and looked to the black board. "An Exam? More like a pop quiz than an Exam..." He thought to himself. "Should be cool though" He added and chuckled slightly before memorizing the instructions and picking up an Exam sheet then finding himself a seat in the front line of desks. He took out his quill and green ink bottle before going to work. He paused occasionally to ponder and beat the answers out of his brain, followed by hastily but neatly scrawling the answers upon his Exam sheet.

A while later he turned the sheet over, face down upon his desk and sighed inwardly with relief at having finished the Exam. He waited for Professor Braxton's return while sitting stock still and going over memories from the years past and present in his mind, a distant look about his facial features, eyes staring blankly at the stone wall before him. To a person that didn't know him might think he'd gone mad, as they wouldn't know that this was his favorite past time.

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Alfred Edgar Milton
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Nikolai Vannacutt
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Nabiya entered the classroom and smiled mirthlessly when she saw the announcement on the board, "Great." She muttered to herself and walked to the back of the class to start on the exam.

Half an hour later she set down the quill and turned her paper over. She doodled on a free piece of paper while waiting for Branxton to come back. She drew little hearts all over the paper and wrote a name over and over..

Nikolai Vannacutt

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Serilda rolled her eyes and jotted down the assignment.
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Gendry Elwes
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Edward Lennox
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Lumus walked in and saw that he had been correct and today was the mid-term. He groaned. But then he perked up when he saw Nabs. He grabbed his parchment ?nd sat down, looked at the questions and thought to himself. "Man, My study skillls are awful. How am I going to pass this exam?"

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Adrienne McFox

Adrienne walked into the eerily quite room. She glanced at the board, then did a double-take. Her shoulders went slack and she let out a small groan. Then she took am exam sheet and walked to her desk. She read the exam, and smiled. 'Piece of cake. Cheesecake, at that.' she thought.

Adrienne then dug in to her exam, her quill making furious scratching noises as it flew across the parchment. Soon she was finished, and she turned her exam over and spaced out until the Professor's return.

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Sonic Wysteria
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Chris McComicka
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Chris walked into the room, happy and ready for another great lesson. He looked up to the board. He re-read through what it was 5 times before finally pinching himself to make sure he was still awake. His eyes filled with tears, not only because he had just pinched himself extremly hard, but because he had not studied at all. None the less, he took a parchment, and started to work on his Exam.
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First Year

Will wlaked in and noticed there was a midterm, sighed adn gt one of the tests and began working on it. Will finished after a few minutes and turned the exam over.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Fancy Taylor
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Fancy walked excitedly into the Potions classroom. She was always glad to come to this class. But, when she looked up at the blackboard to see what potion they would be working on that day, she noticed that there weren't potion ingredients or instructions, but 10 questions for the Potions Mid-Term. Fancy groaned a little as she took her seat near the front of the class. Pulling out her parchment, quill, and ink, she tried to calm herself down. After all, this was her best subject and she had done well in everything so far. If she just took the exam slowly, she would do fine. She glanced up the questions written up on the board for them to answer and started to smile. They were simple! And no essays either! Fancy began scribbling her answers one by one down on her parchment, pausing every once in awhile to think an answer over before she wrote it down. After 30 minutes of almost constant writing, Fancy was done with her midterm. Unsure of what to do, Fancy rolled up her parchment and looked up at the professor for instructions.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Professor McFarlane

Linnea walked into the silent room. She looked and read the board. She grabbed an exam sheet and silently sat down to take the exam.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nikky Suzume
Third Year

Oh my gosh!We have a mid-term!I'm a first year student!I don't even know what I'm SUPPOSED to do!Even if there are instructions on the board!Man!If I don't get a A+ on this test my parents are going to jinx me!Nikky thought as she walked into the room and looked at the board."Good morning Professor Branxton!Um...this is my first year here so, am I supposed to take the test.Even if I'm not, may I?"she asked very flustered.Oh well, it doesn't hurt to take the test.She thought.There are alot of kids here.Oy, I didn't know we had mid terms.I'm dead.Nikky took the test off Professor Branxton's test and sat down in the nearest seat.Hm....what is ginger used for?I don't know!!!!!!!!EEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!10 minutes later she turned over the test.Am I supposed to hand the test back to Professor Branxton?Oh no!What if I didn't get the answer right for question 8?!I checked my answers like 10 times, there shouldn't be a problem.But, what if there is?!NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nikky's face became a pinkish/redish when she saw that she was the only first year in the class, for now.Nikky whimpered.Trying to calm herself she thought of her fellow friends.Caity, Chris, Sam, Jessica, and others.How stupid I must be! If they saw me, oh they would think that I'm a whimp!She smiled at Professor Branxton waiting for him to collect her test and to see whatt to do next.
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Eliza walked through the door, and her eyes fell on the chalkboard. An exam?! Eliza hurried to the front of the classroom and took an exam sheet. She tried to not panic as she ran through all the Potions knowledge she knew. Taking a deep breath, she began...
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Esmeralda Beck
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Maureen walked into the classroom as usual and then saw everyones expression and reaction. She thought, what's going on? What's so bad? and then she saw the board. She shouldn't have... She almost shouted "WHAT?!?! mid-term exam?? no way...... I'm gonna fail..." She tried to calm down a little bit and did all the exercise to calm youself and started working on the exam.
Esmeralda Beck 1st year Gryffindor

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Pandora de Romanus

"mid-term exams"I mutter as I walk into the crowded potions class."great! I didn't study so I can fail" I thought with false cheer.At least the chair in the back row was there...
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Hogwarts RPG Name:

Rose skipped into the classroom excited for class. Her eyes fell on the broad that read: Mid-Term Examination. "WHAT?!?!" she shouted but then quickly covered her mouth and sat down at a desk. Rose carefully reviewed each question and wrote her answers down. She tapped her quill in frustration.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Katie Brownings

Susan was horified.Now?Can it PLEASE be tomorrow? I can't do it now!!!
She took the paper and wanted to rip it but didn't. She stared at her blue nail polish.
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Charmelia Snape aka Zaza

Drusilla feels this ought to be done properly. The Mid-Term Exam of Potions by their HoH!

However, she begins her Mid-Term Potions Exam with spilling most of her ink on the table. Luckily, the parchment stays stainless. She blushes slightly, glances quickly around to see if anybody noticed, and makes a rather complicated wand movement while muttering something. The ink slithers back into the bottle like a tiny little green snake.

She seems a little dizzy after the incident and cannot start answering right away.

The exam doesn´t seem to be very difficult, but you can never tell, and she´d just lost some precious minutes. However, everything seems to be simple until the last question. Why cannot I remember this, she thinks even though she´s sure she has heard about it. She tries to approach the problem logically, and writes something that makes sense to her after biting her silvery quill with concentration for several minutes. She frowns at the parchment reading it through before delivering it.
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