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Old 08-01-2018, 06:35 PM
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Default Special Abilities

Special Abilities
Because we are role-playing in a fantasy world, it is inevitable that there will be characters who will come up who have a special ability or condition. In the Harry Potter books, we learned of Animagi, Legilimens, Metamorphmagi, Parselmouths, Seers, Squibs, Part-Veelas, Werewolves, and more. These traits are allowed in the SSRPG, but there are some important things to take note of before roaming around the SSRPGs with these characters. This thread is to be used as a reference for how characters with special abilities are controlled on SnitchSeeker as well as allow an open conversation about playing characters with special abilities.

Special abilities are rare in J.K. Rowling's universe. We can base this on that fact that we don't see people changing to animals of their own free will, reading minds, or having furry little problems left and right. To reflect that realistic quality of this fantasy world, there are guidelines in place detailing what is and isn't allowed regarding a character with a special ability (re: Ministry, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts).

The text cut below features a list of magical abilities from HP canon and a brief description of each can be found:

Text Cut: Special Abilities
  • Animagus - a witch or wizard who can morph him or herself into an animal at will; it is a learned skill that requires long and arduous training; many witches and wizards simply feel that their time might better be employed in other ways; required to register with the Ministry of Magic

  • Legilimens - a wizard or witch who can invade and influence another person's mind without a wand; it is a skill that one can learn with training or be naturally born with; there are varying degrees of Legilimency (with or without a wand; verbal or nonverbal; amateur, experienced, advanced)

  • Metamorphmagus - a wizard or witch with the ability to change their physical appearance at will; it is not a skill that can be learned; extremely rare

  • Parselmouth - a wizard or witch who is able to speak to all kinds of serpents; it is a very uncommon skill; it is always hereditary (nearly all known Parselmouths are descended from Salazar Slytherin with the exceptions of Harry Potter and Herpo the Foul)

  • Part-Giant - a wizard or witch with magical ability from their wizarding parent and large height and build from their Giant parent; the result of a cross-breeding between a human and a Giant; there are varying degrees of being Part-Giant

  • Part-Goblin - a wizard or witch with magical ability from their wizarding parent and small height and cleverness from their Goblin parent; the result of a cross-breeding between a human and a Goblin; there are varying degrees of being Part-Goblin

  • Part-Veela - a wizard or witch with magical ability from their wizarding parent and beauty and charm from their Veela parent; the result of a cross-breeding between a human and a Veela; there are varying degrees of being Part-Veela

  • Seer - a wizard or witch who has the ability to see into the future with their Inner Eye; true Seers are extremely rare

  • Squib - a human who is born with at least one magical parent, but does not inherit any magic from said parent aka are 'wizard-born Muggles'; they are rare; Muggle-born witches and wizards are descended from Squibs who married Muggles; the magical ability unexpectedly resurfaces after many generations

  • Vampire - a magical humanoid that is famed for biting people on the neck and sucking their blood; are part of the family of beings known as the Living Dead

  • Werewolf - a human who, upon the complete rising of the full moon, becomes a fearsome and deadly near-wolf; caused by infection with lycanthropy; they cannot choose whether or not to transform; they are able to recall everything they have experienced throughout their transformation upon reverting to their human form; required to register with the Ministry of Magic
With all of this said, what are your thoughts about playing characters with special abilities? What makes these attributes so alluring to give to our characters? Have you played a character in the SSRPG with a special ability? If so, what was the experience like? How can those who decide to give their character a special ability realistically play them across the SSRPGs?
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come and show me the magic | Sacred Twenty-Eight | black cats go with everything | ★

I portray an Animagus by the name of Helena. I chose her to be a black cat for a number of reasons. Firstly, the model of my character shapeshifts into a cat. I am also a fan of black cats and their personality and the supernatural aspect of them. I also wanted to find a way to have a character with a fun and slightly sneaky personality.

Recently, I'm involving Helena in more RPGs so I think I might be using her Animagus form which is something I have yet to do. Knockturn Alley might be an interesting choice.
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I've had two characters with special abilities in the SSRPG (and technically one of my DA characters, although she has yet to be actively played, is an Animagus. Plus, Stasya has been trying to teach herself to become an Animagus as well), and, tbh, I still play one as technically Kendall has latent metamorphmagus abilities. But neither she nor my other character, who was/is a Legilimens, make a big deal over it or even use their abilities overly much. I feel like, at least in both those cases, it's like anyone with a special ability. That the ability isn't something that needs to be showed off or used constantly (even if that is why Kendall has pink hair more often than not)

I've always just played it as an aspect of them as a character but not an overarching/VERY IMPORTANT part of themselves. It can be hard to stop from overusing special abilities, really, so I've always felt it was easier to not focus on that over everything else regarding the character.
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