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Old 06-13-2007, 12:09 PM
EmmaRiddle EmmaRiddle is offline
Post Final W.O.M.B.A.T. online at J.K.Rowling's site

The "Do not Disturb" sign has disappeared from J.K.Rowling's website. The third and final W.O.M.B.A.T. is now online.

This is more difficult than the previous two - certain answers will LOSE YOU MARKS. Topics covered within the paper include; Magical History, the bodies & laws of the International Wizarding Community, Magical Theory and Dark Magic. The test will take 35 minutes to complete.

For instructions on how to locate the exam paper, click on the spoiler box.

SPOILER!!: W.O.M.B.A.T. instructions

- When the fly lands on the window, click on him.
- He will then turn into a key.
- Drag him to the door to open it, to reveal a desk.
- On the desk, put the circle on top of the line. It should sparkle.
- Then put the triangle on top (this creates the symbol on the Deathly Hallows UK cover art & Bloomsbury's website). This should also sparkle.
- Now take your test.

Good Luck!

Source: The Leaky Cauldron
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Old 06-13-2007, 10:57 PM   #51 (permalink)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:

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Old 06-13-2007, 10:58 PM   #52 (permalink)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Brittany Lynn Ross
Fourth Year
Darth Potter

Wow.. that was kind of difficult... Hope I did alright.
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Old 06-13-2007, 11:50 PM   #53 (permalink)

Blast-Ended Skrewt
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
William Atticus MacGhilliseathenaich-Dwinkendorf IV
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Rodrigo De Lacerda
Magical Law Enforcement
James is my REAL name | Pokah Face | Scheming Marauder | True Marauder | Foster the People

It won't let me open the door....

*goes off to try again*


AHH! I got in...

*goes to finish test*

It won't sparkle...

Last edited by James_Potter; 06-13-2007 at 11:56 PM.
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Old 06-14-2007, 12:33 AM   #54 (permalink)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Aliza (Ali) Martinez
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Michelle Aguilar
Department of Mysteries
K.o. Robert's Hair Loves Everything ECFC

i had the same problem and i don't know how to fix it
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Old 06-14-2007, 12:57 AM   #55 (permalink)

Tonks Is My Woman
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Sakura Maharene Salome Tamaka Lada

That was so fun!
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Old 06-14-2007, 01:59 AM   #56 (permalink)
Mackled Malaclaw
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Ministry RPG Name:
Jermey Jackston
Book Club Babe

Oooooooooooooooo, last one
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Old 06-14-2007, 02:19 AM   #57 (permalink)
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The FORK. Be afraid.

none of the computers in the house will let me drag the bug. the same thing happened with the chimes and the revelation of the "deathly hallows"


My Fanvideos
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Old 06-14-2007, 02:24 AM   #58 (permalink)
Fire Slug
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Hogwarts RPG Name:

It really takes a tad less, so you can check your answers. Some questions are pretty tricky, but it was fun to answer.

Yay! I managed to enter without any help!
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Old 06-14-2007, 04:26 AM   #59 (permalink)
Dark Force Defense League
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Bueller B. Betsworth
Fifth Year
Jor!Jor! Queen Hermidana

Eeeek! So cool! I'm off to do it now! -is a geek....just like everyone else so she doesn't feel bad- O_o

mischief managed.
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Old 06-14-2007, 08:02 AM   #60 (permalink)
Special Services to the School

SS Featured Author
Türk Bilgini
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Sarani Glass

Ministry RPG Name:
Sion Logan Jetza
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I've got to take this one and, hopefully, I won't end up with a Troll.

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Old 06-14-2007, 09:10 AM   #61 (permalink)

"Clue Master"
Minerva's Wit
Graveyard Guru
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Katarina Prewett

Darn that was hard! I'm getting a Troll...
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Old 06-14-2007, 09:58 AM   #62 (permalink)
Isabellatrix's Avatar
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Location: Saving the world :]
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Isabelle Lestrange
French ♥

I can't do it =[ the fly wont turn into the key and i don't know if im on the US version or not.. =[[[

This is slighty disturbing.

I am on the French or Italian one or something, and it works. omfg.

i did it =] in english too

"can you afford to board Chattanooga Choo Choo?

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Old 06-14-2007, 11:54 AM   #63 (permalink)
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Kitty Momma Rachel's Brain Twin

w00t. Just took it!

I wish I could find the first one I took... mom moved it, and I haven't seen it or the code to it since. *Cry*

But yay for having two out of three!
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Old 06-14-2007, 02:20 PM   #64 (permalink)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:

I wish I had taken the first two as well!!!! This was fun...tough though! I don't really know how I did and I took it twice!!!! Anyone know where to go to find that much infor out on the former ministers of magic? Nothing I found would say much at all about them...much less than a centaur tried to assassinate them!!!! I had to guess on a couple of those!

Keeper of Hermione's Wand and Ronald's Pride

Thanks to Laura for resizing for me!
Author of Surprise Letter to Harry and Hermione's Challenge
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Old 06-14-2007, 02:29 PM   #65 (permalink)
Tom's Angel
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Just took it, it was so hard!
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Old 06-14-2007, 06:32 PM   #66 (permalink)
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Jr. Lord of Arda

LOL at one of the options:

SPOILER!!: Question 12
"Persuade Boy Who Lived to front an anti-Dark Arts publicity campaign"

Oooh the mental images XD
“After all this time?”

Last edited by Rovie; 06-14-2007 at 06:32 PM.
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Old 06-14-2007, 07:00 PM   #67 (permalink)

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Christopher "CL" Lee
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Jose Mora
Magical Creatures
|G&T=<3|Snuggles her ALI!| <3's Saz |Master Lurker|

arg i lost my code gotta go find it
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Old 06-14-2007, 07:18 PM   #68 (permalink)
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: u.s.a.
Posts: 299

Wow that was difficult, wish I had know about the first two that would have been fun!
Okay it's still 'submitting answers', what's up with that? *worried*
now I re-entered the site and it didn't give me my student number... do I have to take it again!?

Last edited by T.M.R.; 06-14-2007 at 07:23 PM.
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Old 06-15-2007, 12:01 AM   #69 (permalink)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
First Year

Yay! that was fun!
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Old 06-15-2007, 03:30 PM   #70 (permalink)
ttnmurvul's Avatar
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That one was pretty hard. I hope I passed
Go Hufflepuffs!
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Old 06-16-2007, 03:15 AM   #71 (permalink)
dracosmine**'s Avatar
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Tom: did I mention hott?

I did everything right and then when i clicked on the test to take it everything went like a shadowy black where i can still see the stuff and what not but it is all dark. Is it just loading? Does anyone know??
Siggy under construction!!
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Old 06-16-2007, 06:09 AM   #72 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun 2007
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Hogwarts RPG Name:

I have yet to take one of the tests, the window of opportunity always closes before I get to take the tesst..but now I am going to try again. Wish me luck!!
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Old 06-17-2007, 09:45 AM   #73 (permalink)
Swedish Short-Snout
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I'm taking it now.
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Old 06-21-2007, 12:48 PM   #74 (permalink)
Pygmy Puff
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Emerson Gray.
Fourth Year
G1GGL3R! *giggles* My GarBear

I missed it! -tears hair out-
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Old 06-23-2007, 05:15 AM   #75 (permalink)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Mari Elizabeth Allen
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oohhhhhhh awesome!!
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