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Default Eyes of an Angel - Sa13+
Dragon..Dragon..Draco.. | | Sirius Lee Black

This story is dedicated to draco'sgirlraquel! and Miss Evi3e <3 they are such awesome authors and readers! I love you two!

My newest fan fic.. I randomly came up with the thought, Miles is Charlies son by the way.. My friend helped me with the plot, so even if she's not on Snitchseeker I'm saying thank you! Oh and I hope you like my song Down On Me

And a huge thank you to all my past, present and future readers, with out you guys I'd never continue with my strange ideas. You are the BEST! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Disclaimer: I shalt never own Harry Potter, the gorgeous J.K.Rowling invented it with her magnificent brain!

I hope you enjoy reading Eyes of an Angel as much as I enjoy writing it!


Chapter One: Invisible

The brown eyed girl rested against the wooden chair in her parents kitchen, her black pen scratching fast along a yellowed piece of parchment, every now and then she'd pause to suck on the pen's tip in thought. She had already filled several pieces of paper quite like the one she was working on now, they lay in a neat stack next to her on the same mahogany table.

“ Dear Mischievous,

My newest dedication to you, has nearly driven my parents and brothers mad. I'm singing it out every other moment of the day but didn't get a chance to write it to you yet, I do hope you enjoy it.

I look around the world to see what there is to see
There's a whole big world that's welcoming me,

Woah! I can feel the love,
Woah! I can feel the love,
It's falling down on me,
Down on me, oh on me,

There's so much out there that I'm beginning to learn,
And very little I have have already have learned,
Give me a little and I'll give right back,
And I'll take my coat off and put in on the rack,
This is the way life's supposed to be,
It's supposed to come fast and upon you like the sea,
But it will give you great mercy,

Woah! I can feel the love,
Woah! I can feel the love,
It's falling down on me,
Down on me, oh on me,

I've lost my southern blues,
I'm up to the northern news,
I'm so happy I'd ask you to dance,
I'm so glad I'd take up a lance,
And become your night in shining armour,
And as the rain starts to fall I just want more,
Woah! I just want all of it, I want more,

Woah! I can feel the love,
Woah! I can feel the love,
It's falling down on me,
Down on me, oh on me,

It's falling down on me,
Down on me, oh on me...

Today is one of the BEST days in my live Mischievous, there are days like this when I wished you existed! You know, because, your paper, and I want to share this day with you! I really do. It's uh-maze-ling! So are you honey buns! Okay. Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron are at the dinner, write to you later Myst, I love you and your uh-maze-ling-ness!

Mwha! Lily Luna Potter the uh-maze-ling.” The girl read aloud to herself before running over to the door and swinging it open, as soon as she opened the door she could tell something was wrong. Hermione's eyes were red and puffy, and Ron looked dead serious.” What?”

*** Two years later.

The same girl with hazel eyes had turned fourteen, the day before now. It had been two years since she heard her parents died in a car crash. She had grown up quite a bit over those two years, she now lived with her seventeen year old cousin, Miles Humphrey Weasley, Lily often described him as the sweetest thing to ever exist. Lily still wrote to her imaginary friend Mischievous, her only friend outside her family.

James and Albus lived with Ronald and Hermione, they hardly ever saw Lily now, she was quite and a year younger then Albus. Plus, both the boys were in Gryffindor, and Lily was in Slytherin, getting bored to tears by the non stop talk about Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley who had been dating for the past two years, the school still thought it was the couple of Hogwarts.

“ Lily-pie. Is breakfast ready?” Miles called down the stairs to his cousin.

“ Ja, come and get it well it's still hot.” Lily yelled back up to him, jotting a few more lines to Mischievous on the same paper she used two years ago.”

“ Dear Mischievous.

I miss you dearly, I wish you existed! I'm in dire need of help, all the girls at school tease me because I don't have any friends, and definitely not a boyfriend. But, hell, who needs one? At least that's what I tell them, I'm secretly pining for a knight in shining armour to come and save me from this stupid, stupid, stupid life of mine! Gah, I've been longing to know what it's like to kiss someone, to feel there soft and tender lips against mine.. Okay.. Now I'm scarring myself with my mushiness and sappiness. And most likely you.

But that's the sweet thing about you, you'll listen to my rants about how Scorpius is a git, my brothers are annoying, how I'm secretly longing for a guy friend, how I hate all the posh stuck up girls that where mini skirts at school and you don't give a damn for them. And you don't tell me Ohhhh Lily dear that's not nice! How I wish you where real.. How I wish I had my mother to tell me stories, to hold me close when ever I'm feeling down. Ah, those childish dreams of mine and how there sweetness surpassed me long ago with envy and doubt of the destroyed souls, I haven't the foggiest if I'm ranting to you or reciting poetry now darling!

Love Lily Luna.” Lily finished her muttering as she finished writing and Miles came down the stairs with a huge yawn right as she finished.

“ Hey darling, how's life treating you today?” Miles half grinned, half smirked at Lily who shrugged a little bit.” I know what you mean.”

“ Yea, somehow your the only one that understands me other then Mischievous.” Lily giggled slightly passing him a plate of pancakes.

“ Speaking of which, you need to get a friend Lily, I'm graduating this year. You need someone to listen to you, I'm not saying Myst isn't good enough for you, but it get's odd confiding in someone who's invisible and can't give you the advice you need.”

“ Invisible.” Lily murmured quietly, for some reason, to her the word meant so much more to her then not being seen. She spoke the word to herself repetitively in her head musing over it. For some reason, she felt, invisible...

Floating, in the distance.

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