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Default Sorry for the shortish post.. But here it is!
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Dedicated to ALL my readers out there, I love you, with you I wouldn't be anything

Chapter Seven: Hilarity

Amanda “Mel” Melanie Chang-Davies clambered aboard the Knight Bus with her best friend, Jacob Pine, and her cousin, Missy Wood.

“ Hogwarts should be fun this year, don't you think?” Jacob smirked broadly, putting his arms around the two girls, making them laugh.

“ It will be absolutely hilarious!” Mel said, she had cheered up quite a bit over the past few days, Jacob tended to have that effect on people.

“ Ha, I've heard it's always fun.” Missy laughed, she had attended Beaxbaton's, as did her mother, who was Cho Chang's older sister, Aileen Wood.. Aileen married the star keeper for the Chudley Cannons, Oliver Wood, who's back up keeper happened to be, Ron Weasley. There seeker was, the late Harry Potter. And the beaters were George Weasley and Aileen Wood.

“ We should have a party during the feast!” Mel randomly shouted, surprising everyone around her.

“ Er, what?” Jacob sounded rather confused.

“ The feast in memory of Hilary “Hilarity” Taylor, who graduated last year.. Everyone's favorite head girl.” Mel continued.” Oh uh. We should leave the feast and have a party in.. Some unused classroom, unless someone else has a better idea.”

“ Yea! That's awesome. Hilarity was so cool, no one could dislike her, Septimus and Lily both liked her, and that's saying something.” Jacob laughed, relaxing in his seat, only to be thrown out a second later from the large bump the Knight Bus had hit.

“ Uh huh.” Mel suddenly sobered up and glared at Jacob.

“ Idiot!” Missy hissed, punching Jacob so hard he fell off his seat again.

***Hogwarts Express

“ It's not his fault! Will you stop trying to find reasons to get mad at him Rose?” Lily groaned, her temper was running short with her cousin.

“ I'm not finding reasons to get mad at Snape! Why the heck would I.. Okay.. Sorry, Lil, but if he ever does anything to do. Just let me know, okay? I'm not afraid of punching guys.” Rose sighed, giving up.

“ I can punch a guy also!” Lily nearly screamed storming out, hating that everyone treated her like a fragile, delicate person. Everyone except Septimus. She walked around the corridors muttering darkly to herself before hearing a announcement saying that everyone had to find a seat. Unfortunately for her she could only find one compartment with room. Gulping, she peeked in.” Um, could I sit here?”

Amanda Davies, Jacob Pine and Missy Wood all looked at Lily who was looking pretty frightened.” Sure!” Missy said, smiling.

“ Oh, uh, thanks.” Lily smiled weakly and moved in to the compartment.

“ We are playing truth or dare, want to join us?” Jacob asked, smirking.

“ Um, sure.” Lily mumbled, biting her lip, nervous.

The game went on around her and nothing important really happened till.

“ Why do you and Septimus hate each other?” The question was out of Mel's lips before she could stop herself.

“ Because.. Well. We just..” Lily paused, not quite sure why they didn't get along, she was quite for a few seconds till all the memories came flooding back to her.” Because he's an arrogant pig and has some sort of blood feud against me because his grandfather wanted to marry my grandmother.. She refused.”

“ Oh.. That's weird.” Missy somehow said that with out giggling, she was a rather giggly girl..

“ Did you know Hilary Taylor?” Jacob suddenly spoke, breaking the odd tension in the compartment.

“ Yea, she was the really nice head-girl, didn't she graduate?” Lily looked up at him.

“ Cool, us three are throwing a party in memory of her. She was awesome, want to help?” Mel said, getting the gist of what he was trying to say.

“ I uh.. I guess.” Lily was a little surprised, people didn't normally ask her questions like that.

“ YAY!” Missy shouted happily.” Hilarity was the best.”

Floating, in the distance.
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