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Chapter Ten: Destiny

" No, this is a completely idiotic idea, I will not participate." Lily sighed, and Missy continued to make baby eyes at her." Mel, Jacob, tell Missy she is completely dense and this won't work."

" COME ON! It's bloody, freaking quidditch LIL!" Missy shrieked, getting glares from the working seventh years around her." Sorry!"

" I won't go!" Lily persisted.

"It's just one game Lils, you know, escaping from school work!" Jacob added on to her.

" It's against the rules." Lily hissed at him angrily.

" We got two extra tickets, come on Lily! Almost everyone is going!" Mel continued.

" Who is the other person your bringing?" Lily asked suspiciously.

" We were thinking Miles.." Missy trailed off.

" He loves quidditch and all, but tonight is 'study night' and if I talk to him he'll explode at me." Lily laughed quietly.

" So you'll come? And what about the other person?" Mel questioned excitedly.

" I guess, and maybe Septimus, he loves quidditch." Lily shrugged.

" How do you know that?" Jacob queried raising his eyebrows.

" He shows up to every practice, but doesn't try out, I'd bet he'd be good.. I think he wants to be a seeker and I've always had that." Lily mumbled to herself." Anyways, I'm dropping quidditch this year."

" WHAT! SLYTHERIN WILL LOSE!" Jacob looked ready to faint.

" So? I just want to sit and watch anyways, go ask Septimus already will you?" Lily said quickly, wondering why in the world she told these three all of the stuff about quidditch, she didn't even tell her family that, but that wasn't saying much.

" Er, okay.. It's gonna be the game of the century!" Missy shrieked jumping up and down and running off to go find Septimus.

" Is there something going on between you and Septimus? You two have been a lot less harsh towards each other this year." Mel asked in a soft tone.

" The year just started, and trust me, before you know it we'll be wanting to try and kill each other." Lily rapped out in response. Jacob raised his eyebrows and nodded." Well, um, I'll go get ready for the game tonight.. Is it going to be cold?"

" Probably not, besides, we got box seat tickets. We are gonna sit with the minister!" Mel cheered.

" The.. The minister is my uncle!! He's going to murder me!" Lily shrieked in a low tone.

" Well, we can hide you from him!" Jacob suggested, and Mel raised her eyebrows at him.

" Oh darn, I'll think of something as I finish my homework? Now, you two scat, I need to think." Mel announced and the other two left rolling their eyes in response.

" So Jacob, why haven't you asked Mel out yet?" Lily asked suddenly after they had left the library.

" I.. What are you talking about?" Jacob blanched, and Lily resisted the urge to laugh.

" You like her, she likes you, you two would be cute together." She persisted, and watched him fight back paling and blushing at the same time.

" How did you know? Did she tell you? And how did you know I like her?" Jacob finally turned a brilliant red making it harder on Lily to not laugh.

" I'm not stupid, I see things like that." Lily responded, before skipping off and whistling merrily to herself. She headed down towards the Slytherin dormitories and came across a slightly confused Septimus." What's up?" She couldn't help but ask.

" Um, this giggling person named Marissa, Wood, I think. Just asked me to go watch a quidditch game with her and her friends." He answered.

" Oh, I told them to ask you.. They had an extra ticket and wanted to know if I knew anyone that enjoyed quidditch." Lily nodded in understanding.

" Ah, well, I guess I'll go then.." Septimus smiled nervously and Lily replied with a large grin.

" Good, cause I'd go insane with them!" She laughed, and continued to skip away towards the dormitories.

*** The Quidditch Game

" Oh my gosh! GO PUDDLEMERE! They are so amazing now that my dad is their keeper!" Missy shrieked happily as Mel erupted in to laughter.

" Ha, Bulgaria will win, no doubt, Krum is still the best seeker in the whole world!" Jacob retorted.

" Krum? Bah! He's in his forties isn't he? He's to old to win." Missy snapped at him.

" He's still as agile as always." Jacob was glowering at Missy now.

" Oh shut up! Krum may or may not catch the snitch, and Missy your dad is just as old as Krum." Mel interrupted." I personally believe that Puddlemere's seeker is not experienced enough, or good enough."

" I think that who ever is gonna win is gonna win!" Lily put in grinning.

" I'm with Lily." Septimus chuckled and Lily smiled at him again.

" We should totally bet money on that!" Lily joked happily, the rest laughed and she joined in with them until someone tapped on her shoulder and she turned around surprised." Do I know you?"

" I knew your parents." The man said quietly." Your mum was a great friend of my brothers in school." He paused briefly." And if it is possible I would like to speak to you alone about your parents?" Lily knew that she shouldn't trust strangers, but it had to do with her parents, so she followed him after quickly excusing herself from the rest." My name is Dennis Creevey, you may have heard of me, may have not."

" I have, but what do you know about my parents?" Lily asked impatiently, she had some sort of hope building up in her chest.

" They are alive, and it is your destiny to find them.."

Floating, in the distance.

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