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Chapter Eleven: Searching

"Is this some sort of sick hoax?" Lily gasped after fifteen seconds of silence between them, her eyes were bigger then golf balls as she stared at this Dennis Creevey person." My parents are dead, they.. They died in a car-crash with Mrs Davies."

"It is not a hoax, I swear on my life." Dennis croaked in response." My sincerest apologies, my throat has been sore recently. Anyway, I some how came across this cave that was strongly protected by wards, but I managed to hear some of the voices from in it and it strongly resembled your parents, I believe that they are prisoners of someone wanting revenge on something."

"Have you told anyone else?" Lily asked suddenly, alarmed, her hope that her parents were alive was growing rapidly inside of her chest. Dennis shook his head as his answer, Lily briefly nodded."Thank you, I guess, for this information." She said, sounding a bit broken."I.. I should.. I should get back to the rest, you know, so they don't worry." With out waiting for an answer she walked back over to the other four.

"Hey, you okay Potter-er, Lily, your a bit pale." Septimus queried with genuine worry, making Missy smirk and try not to crack up for some strange reason.

"Um, I'm fine.. I'm great!" Lily said honestly, she didn't really know how she was feeling, other then that there was this tiny speck of hope in her heart that felt ready to explode since it had heard the news from Dennis.

"You sure?" Septimus persisted, and Lily cocked an eyebrow at him, and he went a little red and turned back to the game.

"And yea, I'm sure, Septimus." Lily paused, she realized, she had never called him by his given name to his face before, it actually didn't seem to bad.

"THEY CAUGHT THE SNITCH! THEY CAUGHT IT!" Jacob started yelling at the top of his lungs, making Lily flinch.

"Shh! Calm down Jacob, my uncle is right over there." She hissed at him.

"Oh, yea.." Jacob mumbled, clearly embarrassed.

"Can we get back now? Someone is gonna notice we aren't at Hogwarts soon." Lily quickly told them, nodding in agreement all four of them went and flagged the Knight Bus and rode it until Hogsmeade, they then voyaged up towards Hogwarts."Uh guys, how are we getting back into Hogwarts?"

"Excellent question, I have no idea!" Missy laughed softly.

"Right, let's go back down to Hogsmeade, I know another way, I know a million ways actually." Lily nodded, curious they followed her, and she lead them into Honeydukes which was open for a few more minutes, but still stuffed, as fast as possible she darted in to the storage room and led them in to a hidden crawlspace."Lumos."

"Whoa! What is this place?" Mel asked softly.

"It's a secret passage-way, don't tell anybody about it." Lily responded as they took a sharp turn.

"Are there anymore that lead in to Hogwarts?" Jacob asked curiously.

"At least eight, one of them leads in to the Room of Requirement, another right next to the Whomping Willow. Not going to tell the entrances though." It was obvious Lily had stuck her tongue out at them.

"I did find the one for the Whomping Willow, I didn't know how many other people knew about that though, so I didn't really use it." Septimus spoke up.

"A lot of people, surprisingly, I believe that, Rose, Hugo, Albus, James and maybe Malfoy know about it." Lily nodded to herself."Not to mention our parents and what not."

"Why do you call him Malfoy, if he's dating your cousin?" It sounded as if Missy was ready to go on another tirade of questions.

"I don't like him, but he's good to Rose so I can't object." Lily answered nonchalantly.

"Why don't you like him?" Missy persisted.

"Because he's a Malfoy and Potter's are terribly prejudiced against Malfoy's, and Snape's as well, I guess." Lily finished in quite a bit lower tone then she had intended." And I guess it's the Weasley in me that hates Malfoy more then Sn-Septimus."

"But.." Missy stopped, realizing that she wasn't going to get anything else out of Lily that day.

The Slytherin went back to her common room after they had arrived at Hogwarts, she had already began making plans for where to start searching, and how...

Floating, in the distance.
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