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I know that Lily is rather weepy and teary, but that's because well, her parent's are dead.. So, as the chapters progress, she will become less weepy (and in case your wondering she cried through out all her other years at Hogwarts as well) And here is a chapter which I hope is kinda long!

Dedicated to everyone who believes that there are never to many Weaseys!

Chapter Nine: Vulnerable

" Lily?" Who ever was speaking, Lily Potter certainly didn't recognize the voice, and felt very vulnerable towards whoever it was, sitting there crying her heart out." Lily, are you okay?" The voice seemed closer now, and more worried, but still, Lily couldn't find it in her to look up.

"Mfie." Lily muttered in to her arms.

" Um, sorry, I haven't learned gibberish yet, could you repeat that?" The person, a female, seemed to be filled with both joy and sorrow at the same time.

" I'm fine!" The words came out sharper then Lily intended them to, and even she blanched. Suddenly she felt cool hands wrap themselves around her face and pulled her head up to face the girls.

She had electric blue eyes that seemed to be racing with beauty, soft pale blonde curls encircled her head in a crown of white gold. Lily thought she looked familiar for some reason, but she couldn't place her finger on where she had seen the girl before, she looked probably her age, if not older." Well.. You don't sound, or look for that matter, fine." She said jovially, ignoring the stinging words that Lily nearly spat.

" It doesn't matter to you does it." Lily felt even more vulnerable, staring in to the girls bright blue orbs.

" Oh gosh! I forgot to introduce myself." The girl laughed musically." Dominique Marigold Weasley, at your service."

" Another Weasley?" Lily accidentally spoke her thoughts out loud.

" Well.. Yea." Dominique didn't seem offended in the least, in fact she seemed to find it amusing." Now.. Let's get you up dear, I just transferred from Beaxbatons. You need to show me around, introduce me to all the cute guys and what not.. Or well, you could go rest, which ever you feel like doing."

" Um.. I'm fine, I don't need rest." Lily tried to keep her tone from being rude, and wasn't sure if she succeeded or not.

" Okay! Let's get back to the party then, oh and.." Dominique muttered a quick spell as she pointed her wand at Lily." Get's rid of red eyes from crying."

Lily took a deep breath and nodded, annoyed that she had been caught crying. They entered the Room of Requirement once more and Dominique began her non stop chatter about what the boys looked like that were there, Lily nodded, not entirely interested until suddenly Dominique gasped and yanked on her arm." What?" Lily said annoyed.

" Who.Is.He?" Dominique gasped, breathless.

Lily followed Dominique's gaze, expecting to see someone like Scorpius Malfoy, but no, he was on the other side of the room, with Rose.

" Oh, Snape, he's taken." Lily said offhandedly.

" That's one lucky girl, who exactly is it?" Dominique groaned in despair.

" Um." Lily paused, in all truth Septimus wasn't taken, she just, didn't know." I dunno, but anyways he's Slytherin bloke."

" I'm Slytherin!" Dominique said, rolling her eyes." What about you?"

" Guilty of being Slytherin as well." Lily said after a moment or two.

" What about that guy with Rose?" Dominique then queried.

" Scorpius Malfoy, he and Rose are both Ravenclaw's." Lily didn't have to look over, knowing exactly who Dominique was talking about.

" And he's clearly taken, are there any good looking boys not taken here at Hogwarts?" Dominique joked.

" Hey! What do you think I am? Ohh. Never mind, hi Dominique." Albus nearly blushed at his mistake, Lily couldn't help but laugh as Dominique wrinkled her nose in obvious disgust.

" Go away Albus, after that I'm ashamed to be related to you." Lily muttered through her laughter.

" Hey!" Albus said defensively.

" Actually, why don't you two catch up.. I'm starting to get tired, well bye." Lily said quickly, disappearing in to the crowds before Albus or Dominique could stop her, she debated on going off to a more deserted area of the castle to mourn more, or whether she should really go back to the Slytherin dormitories and get sleep.

Eventually, she chose to head off towards the Astronomy tower out of boredom. Upon getting there she burst in to tears, then overcome by sleepiness she fell in to a deep slumber only to be awoken by some coughing." What the.." For the umpteenth time that night, Lily felt vulnerable, she had just been found sleeping in the Astronomy tower, by none other then Septimus Snape.

" Um.. You okay?" Septimus asked, hesitantly.

" Uh...." Lily just stared at him, what in the world was he doing up here?" Oh, yea.. Yea. I'm fine." She had said that countless times tonight, but for some reason no one seemed to be buying it.

" It's after hours, you, we, uh, should head back towards the dungeons." Septimus mumbled.

" Oh yea! We should." Lily said in a way to bright tone for the way she felt right now. Septimus raised his eyebrows suspiciously but said nothing as they headed down the stairs from the tower. Their trip was uninterrupted until they heard the all to familiar shuffling of Argus Filch, who was ancient, but still fast." Dammit!" Lily swore under her breath." My brothers are going to murder me!"

" This way." Septimus said quickly, grabbing her hand and running off in a direction that seemed almost random to Lily, but she followed him non the less.

After what seemed hours, but probably in reality only fifteen minutes, of running Lily saw the familiar signs of nearing Slytherin "territory", with ages old threats and taunts plastered against the wall, crudely drawn pictures of Slytherin symbols and what not, even what some idiot thought to be the snake alphabet. It wasn't hard to tell you were getting closer to the Slytherin back door to their common room, but it was only the Slytherin's that knew every single nook, cranny and trap set up in that corridor.

" I gotta admit, that was kinda fun." Lily said breathlessly, quite like Dominique had been earlier, but for a completely different reason.

" Yea.. Be careful, you almost walked in to Timothy Goyle's new dungbomb trap." Septimus said, pulling Lily closer to him and out of the way.

" Oh yea, thanks." Lily blushed the faintest pink.

The rest of the trip they found to be quiet, thankfully, and unhindered. " Oh by the way, thanks for not leaving me in the tower to get detention." Lily mumbled, before turning towards the green marble snake." Parseltongue Prince."

" Who in the world comes up with these passwords?" Septimus chuckled as they quickly sneaked in to the common room.

" Not me.." Lily said." Well, uh, night..."

Floating, in the distance.
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