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Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Darius could understand any sort of hesitation, it was nerve wracking for him to even try out for a team even with his experience. "I get that. Just seems like you'd be a natural with your skills already in football since they translate pretty well," At least, it did for him, "Might even make it as a reserve if not Mascot," Darius couldn't help chuckling, "See, that's fair. She can be tough, but she's cool with giving people a chance," As much he'd love to envision being on the same team, it helped being more realistic. But nothing like dreaming, right?

If there was another thing that got Darius happy was thinking about his boys, "Eloy's 5 and Ted's about 3 now. It's nice but on the bittersweet side. I know I don't have much long before I can't carry them each in one arm let alone whenever they stop asking for rides." Such a feeling though, maybe now he was understanding how sappy his dad got. Especially with the reminder of his brother.. "Sorry, I must be boring you with this." Even though Daire didn't give that impression, Darius didn't want to risk that. Especially with the tease sent his way, "Keep it up and you might be more than a mate." Merlin, did he just say that?

Well, why wouldn't he say that? With a laugh like that, it was contagious. Darius nearly forgot that they were still passing when he heard the impact of the ball being sent. Jogging his way over to reach it, was when he heard the last bit. With the heat of his face blocking his vision, he missed, tripping over landing as the ball rolled off past him. Welp, that was smooth.

Truthfully, it was football itself he would rather play professionally, but Daire especially didn't see a world in that worked - not in a pro league anyways where he had no prior experience. Perhaps one of the lesser leagues, but even then it could be a stretch and probably not enough pay to provide himself. Nah, he was much better off playing that recreationally. But Quidditch he supposed he was something he could still consider. It could be worth a shot right? Worst they could say was no? He smiled at acknowledgement of his natural ability, because whose ego wouldn't focus on that a little. "Thanks, mate. I'll genuinely consider it. As much as I love my job in the alley, can't wrangle heads for forever." Though it was true he did still have a lot of his life left, as pointed out earlier. The perks of being a wizard. But then again... you were never guaranteed tomorrow, were you?

5 and 3 already?? Time certainly went by quickly, though Daire was certain it sped especially for Darius. "That sounds reasonable to me. I always hear parents say time really does seem to fly by when you are one. Do you think that's true too?" Each stage of a kid just went quickly, he supposed. Especially if you were invested and loved them and a little bit wanted each one to last longer. Not that he had any experience with that, but there were so many younger cousins and the like in his family, he'd often heard aunts and uncles (more like distant cousins too, but easier to simplify it) lament on it. At the comment of boring him, Daire looked genuinely surprised for a moment as he blinked. "Why would that be boring me? I asked, remember. I wouldn't have if I wasn't interested in knowing." He assured, replacing the surprise with a reassuring smile. Though, that didn't last long either before it turned more into a smirk as an eyebrow rose. "Is that said to be a threat or a promise? Because it works better as one than the other." Which he wouldn't clarify, but Darius was smart and he was certain he'd know which based on the context of the rest of their interactions.

It had probably been bad timing on his part to flirt as he'd sent the ball, considering it could be a distraction, but Daire hadn't imagined he'd trip him up as he had. There was perhaps a small inner voice that was a bit smug, but considering he'd yet to know if Darius was okay he ignored it entirely as he jogged over instead. "You alright?" He asked, concerned as he reached an arm down to help him to his feet. But then because Daire was, well... Daire, he couldn't resist a smile. "Didn't expect you to fall for me already."
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