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It was Allie’s third year working in the ministry and she had settled into a solid routine that she was comfortable with. The hustle and bustle of the daycare regularly kept her on her toes and despite how much she loved it, it didn’t stop her from looking forward to an hour or so in the much calmer (although equally as busy at times) cafeteria. Her tray of food, a Caesar salad - she had a wedding dress to fit into after all, and a steaming cup of Cappuccino was carefully placed in front of her as she slipped into a seat at a presently empty table.

She didn’t have any reading materials today, the majority of the planning was completed with the wedding only being a month and a half away and so she was resigned to people watching which was one of her favourite activities anyway. She had made a habit of trying to work out which department others belonged to by their lunch order and chosen attire. She’d decided that those with the more active jobs, the Aurors and Hit Wizards, tended to favour meals packed with proteins and healthy carbs whereas those with office jobs seemed to pick the heartier homecooked style meals that your Mum would offer every Sunday and the Mystery lot she suspected were those who slipped in and out without being noticed. Whether her assumptions were correct she’d never know as she hadn’t ever directly asked her fellow Ministry employees where they belonged nor did she have any intention to.

The blonde forked a helping of lettuce into her mouth and gently chewed as she watched the queue of people filtering in and out of the buffet.
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